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					                              DO NOT CHANGE WORKSHEET NAMES OR ORDER!                                                                 This page may be printed.
          Purpose: to place a new column into your existing Excel grade sheet that contains each student’s Blackboard Vista user name. Blackboard requires this
                   name for Coast District Colleges in order to import grades from the spreadsheet into Blackboard.

   One Time Step: From the File menu select Save As…, Selecting Template(.xlt) from the Save as type: dropdown box. Close the current Excel File.
           Step 1 From the File menu select New…, from the New pane (the pane should appear to the right after clicking New…) select On my computer…, from the
                  Templates window select BbV Upload.xlt
           Step 2 On your grade sheet, name the column that contains banner student id numbers: ID and the "letter grade" column: Final
                         Note: If your spreadsheet comes from a ParScore download you do not need to rename the ID column as the ParScore default will also work.
             Step 3 Copy your Excel grade sheet into the Scores worksheet (Green Tab)
             Step 4 Copy the full Banner class roster that includes emails (downloaded as an excel file) into the Class Roster worksheet (Yellow Tab).
                       DO NOT MAKE CHANGES TO THIS ROSTER.
             Step 5 Run the macro. Click the button below. (Alternative: Select Tools\Macro\Macros\Format_4_BlackboardVista and click the run button)
             Step 6 Save as *.CSV From the File Menu perform a Save As, selecting CSV (comma delimited) (*.csv) from the dropdown box.
                       Import into Blackboard

  Important Note: An error message displayed at the conclusion of the macro means one or more student user names must be hand entered into the scores
                  worksheet (error will be the current user name). Find the student’s email from the Banner download. The user name is the portion before the @
                  sign. If there is no email name listed you may later check to see if the user name is listed in Blackboard. If blackboard has no user name, the
                  student’s scores will not be imported. Remember to hand enter these scores.)

About Blackboard: Every class has a Blackboard account even if never accessed. For a new class you must pass two initial screens. On the first screen press
                  continue (set up blank course). On the second screen scroll to the bottom and select Save (no need to add anything). Open the Blackboard
                  account for the class. Select the “Teach” Tab near the top of the screen. Select Grade book from the choices on the side. (See below for onetime
                  set-up of Final Grade Column.) Look for the button near the middle, top of the grade book that says “Import from Spreadsheet”. After import the
                  grades will not yet appear in the grade book. Click “Grade Book Options” at the upper right of the grade book. Then select column settings. The
                  easiest way to display many columns at the same time will be to check the select all box at the left end of the gray/blue title bar then scroll to the
                  bottom and select “release”. If you really are not ready for students to see these yet, repeat the process by checking the select all box but then
                  select “do not release” from the bottom. You may return to your grade book to see your import results by clicking the “back” arrow (under the
                  “teach” tab). Verify your results then follow other instructions you have received on submitting grades from Blackboard.

   Onetime Set-Up Go to the Blackboard Grade Book. Note that the column labeled "Final" is a calculated column. This must be changed to an alphanumeric column.
Blackboard "Final" Select "Gradebook Options" from the top right above the columns. Select "Column Settings". Under "Final" click on "Calc". The box lets you select
          Column a "new value" from a drop-down menu. Select Alphanumeric and SAVE. Scroll to the bottom of the displayed chart and select APPLY.

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