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					                 Hardi Group of Aged Care Facilities
                         Job Specification and Description
                                CATERING MANAGER

Previous experience in cooking and catering
Knowledge and experience in maintaining a catering service that complies with HACCP and
State and Commonwealth regulatory requirements
Knowledge of nutritional needs of the elderly
Previous experience in supervising and coordinating staff desirable

Responsible for the overall management of the catering service seven days a week

Lines of Communication:
 As per facility organisational chart

Management System
 Be aware of and adhere to facility policies and procedures identified within the Management
 To actively participate in the review of all relevant Flow Charts
 To be aware of relevant items in ‘What’s New’

Accreditation and Continuous Improvement
 Support Facility Management Team to maintain maximum status of Accreditation in line with
   the Accreditation and Aged Care Standards Agency
 Support Facility Management Team by contributing to Continuous Improvement Plans (Group
   and Facility)
 Support Facility Management Team in completing the ‘Self Assessment’
 Complete Audits as delegated by Facility Management Team

Performance Management
 Contribute to the Planning and Review Process as requested by the Facility Management Team
 Contribute to Performance Appraisals of Catering staff as requested by the Facility Management
 To initiate the disciplinary process in line with Hardi policies and procedures for staff within the

 Food preparation for all residents in facility adhering to 4-weekly rotating menu
 Ordering of equipment and food items required for effective catering services whilst adhering
   to budgetary requirements
 Direct supervision and direction of catering staff
 To ensure supplies are stored correctly and to conduct stock control in accordance with the
   Nursing Homes policies and procedures
 Ensure diet analysis lists are reviewed and kept up to date
 To consult with and comply with directions from Dietician and Speech Pathologist
 To coordinate auditing program in the catering department
 To assist in stocktaking, rotation, storing and budget requirements in all catering areas
 To ensure all documentation requirements are adhered to according to procedures outlined in
   the management system

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                 Hardi Group of Aged Care Facilities
                         Job Specification and Description
                                CATERING MANAGER
   To participate in the formulation of cleaning programs and to ensure these are carried out
   To ensure confidentiality of all resident related information
   Refer all enquiries by residents and/or their representatives to the Registered Nurse

 To maintain allocated budget results
 To ensure ordering is adjusted in a timely manner to reflect facility occupancy
 To monitor the appropriate use of stock by catering staff

Infection Control and OH&S
 To comply with relevant practices outlined in the NSW Infection Control Policy and HACCP
 To be aware of the environmental safety of residents, staff and visitors to the unit in line with
   Hardi OH&S and Injury Management Policy
 Report any accidents or incidents concerning residents, relatives, visitors or staff immediately
   then complete all required documentation in the required time frame.
 To be aware of the function of the Fire Board and other safety equipment

Concerns and Complaints
 To report any concerns or complaints by residents to the Registered Nurse and actively
   participate in the resolution process under the direction of the Clinical Unit Manager including
   external complaints as required.

Equipment and Maintenance
 Be aware of the appropriate use of equipment within the catering department
 Complete Maintenance Logs as required

Professional Development and Training
 To be guided by Hardi Philosophy and Policies, Resident and Staff Handbooks and Procedure
 Be involved in Performance Appraisals as requested by Facility Management Team
 To present professionally at all times
 Ensure knowledge remains current by attending external or in-service lectures including all
   compulsory training sessions
 Identify own training needs and those of catering staff and refer to Facility Educator
 Participate in relevant Facility Committees and contribute to agenda items
 Read all Facility memos and minutes of meetings

In accordance with Employment Agreement then annually or as required

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