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									                                                       2008 Cater                                                                   Payments: P.O. Box 911974 / Dallas, TX 75391-1974
                                             OUTING CONSIGNMENT AGREEMENT                                                           Correspondence: 2201 Road to Six Flags / Arlington, TX 76011
                                                                                                                                    Phone: (817) 640-8900 ext. 4100 / Fax: (817) 607-6160

Consignee             Tarrant County                                         #92205                                                                               Date       1-22-08

Physical Add.              100 E. Weatherford, Rm 301                                                             Mailing Add.

City        Ft. Worth                           State      TX               Zip      76196                        City                                             State                       Zip

Phone        817-844-1036                                       Fax      817-212-6844                                                         No. of employees/members                 4k

Contact         Ann Farmer                                                                                        E-mail
                                                                                                                                                                                  Children 2 and under admitted free
            1500               One-Day Tickets                   @$       30.95                each + $       0.00              Tax = $       30.95             Total                 MAIL
            1650               Holiday in the Park               @$        0.00                each + $       0.00              Tax = $        0.00             Total              REP DELIVERY BY               9-10-08
              150              Alternate Days/Meal               @$       30.95                each + $       0.00              Tax = $       30.95             Total              SP
               25             Season Pass Meals/Parking                   13.00                               0.00                            13.00                                TE          Form
The terms and conditions of this agreement are as follows:
                 1.     Consignee assumes full responsibility for tickets consigned and agrees to pay SIX FLAGS OVER TEXAS for all unreturned tickets regardless of reason for said non-return.
X                2.     A final accounting of all monies and consigned tickets will be made no later than 30 days after the outing. All money due and any remaining tickets should be mailed by trackable mail (FedEx, UPS,
Initial                 etc.). Consignee will be responsible for paying for any unused park tickets that remain in its possession longer than 30 days after the outing event. A service charge of 1.5% per month (18% per
                        annum) will be applied to accounts outstanding 30 days after their outing date. All payments should be made in the form of one (1) check payable to SIX FLAGS OVER TEXAS and forwarded to : SIX
                        FLAGS OVER TEXAS, Attention: Ticket Office, P.O. Box 911974, Dallas, Texas 75391-1974.
                 3.     Consignee guarantees to purchase a minimum of                   1500           SIX FLAGS OVER TEXAS tickets at                 30.95            each plus sales tax and also agrees to pay for all tickets
                        not returned in excess of                1500                .
X                4.     For catered outings, a final guarantee must be faxed to the Group Sales Office 3 business days prior to your picnic date. You will be billed for no less than 100% of your final guarantee or the
Initial                 number of tickets not returned, whichever is higher. Partial tickets are invalid and considered redeemed.
                 5.     Outing tickets issued to you via this consignment agreement are valid only on the date specified at SIX FLAGS OVER TEXAS, Arlington, TX.
                 6.     Events described in this contract cannot be promoted to the general public.
                 7.     Outside food and beverages are not permitted in the park.
                 8.     Admission to concerts and certain special events may require a surcharge. These tickets do not include admission to such concerts or special events.
                 9.     All above prices include amusement tax. Consignee assumes full responsibility for remitting to the State any additional sales tax due on tickets sold for over the price paid to SIX FLAGS OVER
                10.     All ad and promotional copy must be approved by SIX FLAGS OVER TEXAS before printing.
                11.     This agreement may not be cancelled. Consignee is responsible for payment of at least the minimum guarantee indicated in #3.
                12.     Consignee agrees to accept responsibility for distribution of SIX FLAGS OVER TEXAS promotional materials to promote event awareness. Distribution specifics are as follows:

                              POSTERS               40                                    BROCHURES                                                         OTHER          CD
Specific Information:
Date of outing:            Oct. 12,                 For catered outings:                  Pecan Pavilion #1                    Old Oak Pavilion #2                           Other
         Sunday            2008
Reservations time:             12-5 pm                                             Serving time:         1-2, 2-3, 3-4pm                                 Anticipated Meal Count:
Menu Selection:            Chicken Tenders, BBQ Brisket, Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, Baked Beans, Rolls, Condiments, Tea, Soft Drinks, Cookies

Special Instructions:             “Employee Picnic”                     Fright Fest!               Park Hours 11 am - 7 pm
Includes Free Parking Pass
*Will use 12 – 1 pm serving time if needed*

Agreement of Consignee to all foregoing terms and conditions is indicated by signature below. This                                      Bonny Falcone                            817-980-8854
agreement becomes effective only when signed, received, and approved by SIX FLAGS OVER TEXAS at                                                     SIX FLAGS OVER TEXAS Sales Representative
its home office in Arlington, Texas, whereupon it shall become a binding contract between the parties                    By:        X
here under in accordance with its terms and conditions.                                                                                               Authorized Representative of Consignee (Signature)
     FOR SIX FLAGS OVER TEXAS USE ONLY                                                                                                                              Name (Please Print)
     1. SR Code #        85                                                                                                 X
     2. Account             New  Renew                                                                                                                                      Title
     3. Cater           Non-Cater      Core                                             Destination
     4. Price to Employee                                                                                                Business         X                                            Fax      X
     5. Prior Year Tickets     250                                                                                                              Phone (Include Area Code)
     6. Approved and Accepted by:                                                                                        Emergency        X

                                      Ticket Office                                 File Copy                                  Coordinator                                 Sales Rep

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