1 1 First Name 1 2 Last Name 1 3 Title 1 John Barron VP Marketing 2 Malachy McGuinness VP Sales 3 Dane Juarez Director by bhy19127

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Cdma Gsm Contracts document sample

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									   (1.1) First Name (1.2) Last Name   (1.3) Title
 1 John             Barron            VP Marketing

 2   Malachy       McGuinness         VP Sales
 3   Dane          Juarez             Director of Sales - NA
 4   Louie         Abonador           Director of Sales, CALA
 5   Andrew        Hadenfeldt         Senior Engineer-Planning
                                      DEPARTMENT HEAD - WIRELESS
 7   Mallet        Garbida            Product Manager
 8   Kirby         Coo                Business Management - Bayan Global
 9   Marvic        Molina             Vice President - Bayan Global
                                      Roaming Implementation & Testing
10   William       Pezza              Specialist
11   Todd          Wear               Manager, Corporate Development
12   Quintin       Hall               Roaming Coordinator
13   Deanne        Arnett             Roaming Coordinator
14   ANDRA         POITIER            BUSINESS ANALYST
15   David         Matthews           International Roaming Manager
16   Ricardo       Sarti              Roaming Director
17   Mayank        Patel              Manager - Roaming & Interconnect
18   Courtney      Barrett            Snr. Switch Engineer - Roaming
19   Dermot        Cribbin            Data Engineer
20   Alan          Holzman            CTO
21   Steven        Totty              VP Engineering
22   Marc          DINEE              VP Sales & Marketing
23   John          Perry              Chief Operating Officer
24   Veni          Folta              Senior Manager, Carrier Relations
25   Mayuko        Sawada             International roaming coordinator
26   Daigo         Sawamoto           Assistant Manager
27   Hirofumi      Takenouchi         Network Engineer
28   Kyoko         Uchida             Roaming Coordinator
29   Hiroyuki      Matsumoto          Manager
30   Satoshi       Shirakawa          Manager

31 Jens            Deters             GlobalRoamer Product Manager
32 Edgar           Cha                Manager, Global Roaming
33 Jong Gi         Kim                Manager

34   Ji-Soo        Kim                Senior Manager
35   Ramon         Castillo           Technology Manager
36   Paul          Greenway           Director Sales
37   Linda         Hermansen          VP Sales & Business Development
38   Mark          Poet               Director - Product Development
39   Robin         Thomas             Director Industry Relations & Standards
40   Tory          Tourville          Director Product Management
41   Per Johan     Jørgensen          Roaming Manager
42   Kim           Jakubowsk          Carrier Relations Supervisor
                                       Assistant Vice President, Strategic Mobile
43 Anthony              Chan           Technology

44   Angel              Hui            AVP, Roaming Operations Carrier Relations
45   Sara               Aab            Product Manager
46   Bryan              Cook           Senior Staff Engineer
47   Andrew             Hunter         Senior Director Engineering
48   Libby              Mackay         Staff Product Manager
49   Federico           Nienstadt
50   Daniel             Salek          Staff Engineer

51   Randall            Todd           Carrier Relationship Manager
52   Aaron              An             Roaming manager
53   Jason              Bok            Roaming manager
54   Jackey             Jung           Roaming Manager

55 Brad                 Maughan        National Sales Director, Mobility Solutions
56 Adam                 Arrington      Telecom Design Engineer
57 Mark                 Nittler        Manager- Business Development

58   David              Weixelman      Network Engineer
59   Dave               Wittekind      Roaming Implementation/Quality Manager
60   David              Dukinfield     Senior Network Consultant
61   Nancy              Dwyer          Product Manager
62   Forrest            Harper         Product Manager
63   Jim                Harris         Product Manager
64   Nelia              Lopez          Sr. Sales Executive
65   Devora             Pippenger      Director Business Development

66 Windy                Zou-Kohl       Director of Product Management
67 Chee-Kiong           Ang            Manager
68 Nancy                Hoyem          Director, Wireless Carrier Relations

69   Jeff               Kraus          Enhanced Data Services - Infrastructure
70   Nars               Haran          Network Architect
71   Ken                Boggs          Product Manager- Real-time Roaming
72   Brigido (Briggs)   Cardenas       Support Manager
73   Grace              Cheng          Principal - Wireless Clearing
74   Robert             Duncan         Director of Wireless Planning
75   Lori               Esposito       Sr. Product Manager
76   Paul               Florack        VP - Comms
77   Sarah              Gammon         Event Marketing Manager
78   David              Grootwassink   Principal
79   Henry              Hayter         Solutions Architect
80   Michael     Heneghan         Directore Sales
81   Gary        Hobelmann        Sr. Product Manager
82   Duane       Hubbard          Executie Director
83   David       Kaemmer          Director of Sales
84   Barbara     Kovarick         Director Clearinghouse Services
85   Danh        Lai              Director
                                  Sr. Product Manager Voice and Data
86   Ann Marie   Munno            Network Services
87   Patricia    O''Hara Walls    Product Manager - Clearing Services
88   Carol       Patton           Marketing Manager
89   Manian      Sivaramakrishnan Product Development Manager
90   Cynthia     Tamargo          Trainer
91   Peter       Tracanna         Director - Wireless Clearing & Roaming
92   Lara        Valverde         Senior Product Manager
93   Justin      Blair            Member of Technical Staff
94   Michael     Burns            Director Roaming Services
95   Jeff        Herrigel         Roaming Manager
96   Paula       Scharlach        Manager
97   Roel        Thomissen        Ing.
98   Gustaaf     van Ditzhuijzen  International Marketing Manager
99   William     Armstrong        Consultant
(1.4) Company Name                   (1.5) Email Address                 (1.6) Affiliation
Accuris Networks                     john.barron@accuris-networks.com    Member Vendor
Accuris Networks                     networks.com                        Member Vendor
Aicent, Inc                          dane.juarez@aicent.com              Member Vendor
Aicent, Inc.                         louie.abonador@aicent.com           Member Vendor
Alltel                               andrew.hadenfeldt@alltel.com        Member Carrier

BAYAN TELECOMMUNICAITONS INC         tmcontreras@bayan.com.ph            Member Carrier
Bayan Telecommunications Inc         mbgarbida@bayan.com.ph              Member Carrier
Bayan Telecommunications Inc.        ktcoo@bayan.com.ph                  Member Carrier
Bayan Telecommunications Inc.        mhmolina@bayan.com.ph               Member Carrier

Bell Mobility                        william.pezza@bell.ca               Member Carrier
Bell Mobility                        todd.wear@bell.ca                   Member Carrier
Bermuda Digital Communications       qhall@bdc.bm                        Member Carrier
BTC                                  darnett@btcbahamas.com
BTC BAHAMAS                          apoitier@btcbahamas.com             Member Carrier
CCT Global Communications            dmatthews@cctwireless.com           Member Carrier
CDG                                  rsarti@cdg.org                      CDG
Cricket Communications               mapatel@cricketcommunications.com   Member Carrier
Digicel                              courtney.barrett@digicelgroup.com   CDG
Digicel Jamaica                      dermot.cribbin@digicelgroup.com     Member Carrier
E Oliver Capital Group               aholzman@eocg.net                   Member Carrier
E. Oliver Capital Group              stotty@eocg.net                     Member Carrier
EOCG                                 mdinee@eocg.net                     Member Carrier
EOCG Wireless                        jperry@eocg.com                     Member Carrier
Guamcell Communications              vfolta@guamcell.com                 Member Carrier
KDDI                                 my-sawada@kddi.com                  Member Carrier
KDDI                                 daigo@kddi.com                      Member Carrier
KDDI                                 htake@kddi.com                      Member Carrier
KDDI                                 ky-uchida@kddi.com                  Member Carrier
KDDI Corporation                     hr-matsumoto@kddi.com               Member Carrier
KDDI Corporation                     s-sirakawa@kddi.com                 Member Carrier

Keynote SIGOS GmbH                   Jens.Deters@keynote-sigos.com       Guest
LG Telecom                           edgarscha@lgtel.co.kr               Member Carrier
LG Telecom                           jgkim93@lgtel.co.kr                 Member Carrier

LG Telecom                           jskim6@lgtel.co.kr                  Member Carrier
MACH - Cibernet                      ramon.castillo@mach.com             Member Vendor
MACH CIBERNET                        Paul.Greenway@MACH.com              Member Vendor
MACH Cibernet                        lhermansen@cibernet.com             Member Vendor
MACH Cibernet                        mark.poet@mach.com                  Member Vendor
MACH Cibernet                        rthomas@cibernet.com                Member Vendor
MACH Cibernet                        tto@mach.com                        Member Vendor
Maritime Communications Partner AS   per.johan.jorgensen@mcp.com         Member Carrier
Nex-Tech Wireless, L.L.C.            kjakubowski@ntwls.com               Member Carrier
PCCW Mobile HK Limited          anthony.chan@pccw.com             CDG

PCCW Mobile HK Limited          angel.ok.hui@pccw.com             CDG
Qualcomm                        saab@qualcomm.com                 Member Vendor
Qualcomm                        bcook@qualcomm.com                Member Vendor
Qualcomm                        ahunter@qualcomm.com              Member Vendor
Qualcomm                        lmackay@qualcomm.com              Member Vendor
Qualcomm Representing the CDG   fnienstadt@cdg.org                CDG
Qualcomm Representing the CDG   dsalek@qualcomm.com               Member Vendor

Qualcomm Representing the CDG   rtodd@cdg.org                     CDG
SK Telecom                      anyongil@sktelecom.com            Member Carrier
SKtelecom                       ineo@sktelecom.com                Member Carrier
SKTelecom                       syjung@sktelecom.com              Member Carrier

Sonus Networks                  bmaughan@sonusnet.com             Guest
Sprint                          adam.arrington@sprint.com         Guest
Sprint                          mark.a.nittler@sprint.com         Member Carrier

Sprint                          david.weixelman@sprint.com        Member Carrier
Sprint                          dave.wittekind@sprint.com         Member Carrier
Starent Networks                ddukinfield@starentnetworks.com   Member Vendor
Syniverse Technologies          Nancy.Dwyer@Syniverse.com         Member Vendor
Syniverse Technologies          forrest.harper@syniverse.com      Member Vendor
Syniverse Technologies          Jim.Harris@syniverse.com          Member Vendor
Syniverse Technologies          nelia.lopez@syniverse.com         Member Vendor
Syniverse Technologies          devora.pippenger@syniverse.com    Member Vendor

Syniverse Technologies          Windy.Zou@syniverse.com           Member Vendor
Telecom New Zealand             ang.chee-kiong@telecom.co.nz      Member Carrier
TELUS                           nancy.hoyem@telus.com             Member Carrier

US Cellular                     jeff.kraus@uscellular.com         Member Carrier
USCellular Corp                 nars.haran@uscellular.com         Member Carrier
VeriSign                        kboggs@verisign.com               Member Vendor
VeriSign                        bcardenas@verisign.com            Member Vendor
VeriSign                        gcheng@verisign.com               Member Vendor
VeriSign                        rduncan@verisign.com              Member Vendor
VeriSign                        lgesposito@verisign.com           Member Vendor
VeriSign                        pflorack@verisign.com             Member Carrier
VeriSign                        sgammon@verisign.com              Member Vendor
VeriSign                        dgrootwassink@verisign.com        CDG
VeriSign                        hhayter@verisign.com              Member Vendor
VeriSign           mheneghan@verisign.com                Member Carrier
VeriSign           ghobelmann@verisign.com               Member Vendor
VeriSign           dhubbard@verisign.com                 Member Vendor
VeriSign           dkaemmer@verisign.com                 Member Vendor
VeriSign           bkovarick@verisign.com                Member Vendor
VeriSign           dlai@verisign.com                     Member Vendor

VeriSign           amunno@verisign.com                   Member Vendor
VeriSign           pwalls@verisign.com                   Member Vendor
VeriSign           cpatton@verisign.com                  Member Vendor
VeriSign           msivaramakrishnan@verisign.com        Member Vendor
Verisign           ctamargo@verisign.com                 Member Vendor
VeriSign           ptracanna@verisign.com                Member Vendor
VeriSign           lvalverde@verisign.com                Member Vendor
Verizon Wireless   justin.blair@verizonwireless.com      Member Carrier
Verizon WIreless   michael.burns@verizonwireless.com     Member Carrier
Verizon Wireless   Jeff.Herrigel@VerizonWireless.com     Member Carrier
Verizon Wireless   Paula.scharlach@verizon.com           Member Carrier
Vodafone           roel.thomissen@vodafone.com           Member Vendor
Vodafone           gustaaf.vanditzhuijzen@vodafone.com   Member Vendor
WorldCell          warmstrong@worldcell.com              Member Vendor
(1.7) Interest/Specialty
Data Roaming


Data roaming/SMS-MMS interoperability
Data Network/Services

Reading / Wireless Voice

Trouble Resolution and Testing
Data roaming

Roaming, Carrier Relations



Contract, Settlement

Packet Data
Nework Engeneering/Development
inter-standard roaming (CDMA2GSM) of VF
Interstandard roaming, troubleshooting, data
Wireless data


International CDMA roaming
All things Roaming & Data.
Packet data roaming

Commercial Roaming Management CDMA /

MIP/EVDO Data roaming

I just left VeriSign and joined Sonus to lead
their Wireless sales efforts in the U.S. and
want to experience this meeting to see if it is
a good place to engage as a vendor. I know
many folks involved with this org on the
carrier and vendor side and believe there are
benefits that Sonus can bring to CDG by
becoming a member however; I have to
provide proof through experience.
Data/Data Roaming
Voice/SMS implementations and

data roaming with QoS
Data Roaming
Roaming & Clearing
Signaling & pre-paid

roaming, Clearing, pre-paid, signaling and
related services

Infrastructure troubleshooting/architecture
AAA, PDSN, HA, L2TP, WAN, etc.
Packet Data
PrePaid Roaming

Intercarrier data solutions

Event Mgmt Team

IRT - data
Event Mgmt Team

Network Technical Support

Packet Data Sessions
InterStandard Roaming
Interstandard Roaming

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