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									     _____________Natividad                                                                          COUNTY OF MONTEREY
     A DRUG-FREE WORKPLACE                                                                         A DRUG-FREE WORKPLACE

                                  HOSPITAL NETWORK & SYSTEMS ENGINEER
                                                         $5,776 - $7,885 Monthly
OPEN UNTIL FILLED: Applications will be reviewed as needed until the position is filled. Allow 3 weeks for processing of all application
materials. (Postmarks and faxes not accepted.)                                                                     Exam # 10/41K01/12CR
Natividad Medical Center is seeking a Hospital Network & Systems Engineer to anticipate, develop, design, implement, operate, and maintain Natividad
Medical Center’s (NMC) hospital-grade systems infrastructure and technology components to ensure the goal of 99.99% reliability. They will perform
complex trouble-shooting of the Hospital Computer Information Systems (HCIS) network, and systems, utilizing expert trouble-shooting tools; be
responsible for all aspects of medical data communications equipment and services, including biometrics equipment; and evaluate and test new
technology related to hospital and clinical data communications all in accordance with the Patient Safety and Health Insurance Portability and
Accountability (HIPAA) Acts, The Joint Commission (JCAHO) and other regulatory agencies. They will also perform other duties as assigned.
                                                                  SIGNIFICANT DUTIES
           Designs, implements and maintains NMC’s medical grade network activities to ensure a secure and stable environment for all of its users;
           anticipates NMC’s networking needs as new service lines are envisioned and implemented.
           Installation, configuration, and maintenance of Windows 2000 and 2003 servers.
           Installs, configures and maintains NMC’s advanced medical grade Cisco-based networks Local and Wide Area Network systems.
           Data backup and recovery, Active Directory, Exchange Windows 2003 and 2007.
           Maintains efficient and trouble-free operation of all NMC Local and Wide Area data communications networks.
           Server troubleshooting and documentation.
           Engineers and anticipates network bandwidth and security requirements. Plans and evaluates complex existing network systems and makes
           recommendations for resources required to maintain and/or expand service levels. Develops and conducts network traffic & capacity
           Provides highly skilled technical assistance in network planning, engineering, and architecture; identifies and evaluates new products; provides
           resolution for network problems.
           Assists in providing troubleshooting and/or disaster recovery services to client remote networks as needed.
           Proactively manages and monitors the NMC’s LAN/WAN using performance monitoring tools and alerts, such HP Open View, Solar Winds, Cisco
           Works, Multi Router Traffic Grapher, Network Protocol Analyzers and Fiber Optic Network Diagnostic tools.
           Designs and maintains up-to-date documentation of network design, operations and procedure manuals and other technical documentation.
           Plans and evaluates complex existing network systems and makes recommendations for resources required to maintain and/or expand service
           levels. Anticipates and plans for current and future needs.
           Creates and maintains troubleshooting guidelines and associated support documentation on problem identification, fault isolation, estimation
           of effort hours required to complete problem resolution, and systems restore in the event of a critical system failure.
           Conducts portions of and/or assists other in preparing materials for technical presentations made to staff.
                                                             MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS
Thorough knowledge of: WAN Communications Protocols (Frame Relay, ISDN, ATM), IP Routing Protocols (IGRP, OSPF, EIGRP, BGP); Windows 2000 and
2003 hardware/software enterprise architectures, including servers, SAN and NAS and working knowledge of: Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Secure ID,
IPSec, and Token Authentication-based technologies; medical terminology; standard Telecommunications Circuit designations such as DS-0, T-1, DS-3, OC-3,
and OC-12; Data Communications network design, integration, configuration principles and practices; use of data packet analyzers and network
troubleshooting utilities, such as Sniffers, first level Protocol Analyzers, Trace Routes, PING (basic and extended) NBSTAT, ARP; in depth knowledge of personal
computers, data communications and mid-range file servers running Windows 2000, XP, and 2003 operating systems on Active Directory (AD) structure; and
skill and ability to: Incorporate security requirements into hospital network architecture; work with clinical and management staff to understand business
requirements and help them understand how technology tradeoffs influence strategy; learn and apply new technologies to NMC network infrastructure;
communicate effectively with medical staff, both orally and in writing; maintain strict confidentiality of data and information processed; work under pressure,
with tight deadlines, and minimal supervision; take initiative; work independently and in team environment; effectively analyze, identify, and diagnose data
networks related problems and take corrective measures or make recommendations that lead to problem resolution; and, assemble technical documentation
of network site surveys, project plans, Visio network diagrams depicting network physical layouts, and wiring schemes.

                                                             DESIRABLE QUALIFICATIONS
Education & Experience: Four (4) years working on general LAN support, desktop support, file server installation, administration and support which includes:
Three (3) years experience with installation, configuration and programming of routers and switches, AND three (3) years of experience working with network
management and monitoring tools, such as: HP Open View, Cisco Works, Network Observer, Solar Winds, Sniffer Protocol LAN/WAN Analyzer, and SNMP.
Extensive experience in LAN/WAN integration, maintenance and troubleshooting, and extensive experience configuring and maintaining routing protocols, such
as EIGRP, BGP, OSPF and RIP. Two (2) or more certifications from Cisco, such as CCNA, CCDA, CCNP, CCDP and Microsoft, such as MCSE for Windows 2000, or
certifications in UNIX or Linux are desirable. Certification in Network Architecture such as Cisco Certified Network Architect (CCNA) or Certified Wireless
Network Architect (CWNA); and thorough knowledge of: Public infrastructure connections and interconnections to LANs and WANs; multi-layer switching,
Optical Network Systems (ONS) integration, configuration and troubleshooting in an enterprise LAN/WAN environment; and working knowledge of: ATM
and Voice Technologies, IP Telephony, DSL, VHDSL; principles, practices, and current trends in hospital and clinical organization and administration; principles
and practices of project management; requirements of the Patient Safety Act and HIPAA regulations, as related to information networks in a clinical/hospital
setting; TCP/IP protocols RIP, BGP, OSPF, EIGRP, SNMP and RMON based network management and monitoring tools; OSI Layers 1 through 4 and associated
equipment: Digital Transmission Systems, switching and routing equipment, circuit termination equipment, V.35, T1, DS-3, Frame Relay; Wireless Technologies
based on: IEEE 802.11a/b/c, 802.11g, and broadband 2.8/ 5.8 GHz bands; Team dynamics and team building; and HL7 protocol.

                                                Monterey County is an Equal Opportunity Employer
                                                       DESIRABLE QUALIFICATIONS (cont'd)
Skill and Ability to: Design and integrate multiple platforms and protocols including Intel, Solaris, HPUX, Linux, Voice Over IP, LAN and WAN networking
environments, both for SNA and TCP/IP applications; work with applications development teams/vendors to identify and mitigate network impacts of
application changes upgrades and implementations; utilize project management tools; and understand the functionality and mechanics of IPV4 sub-netting,
route summarization and network protocols practical applications on a LAN/WAN environment.
                                                                WORKING CONDITIONS
During the course of work incumbents may come in contact with infectious organisms and other potentially hazardous substances. Position also requires
occasional on-call responsibilities during off-hours and carrying of cell phone at all times.
                                                           CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT
Natividad Medical Center requires that all incumbents pass a pre-employment physical/medical assessment and background check.

The screening process is tentative. Should a change be made, applicants will be notified. The competitive process includes:

1.   APPLICATION & SUPPLEMENTAL QUESTIONS SUBMISSION: A completed Monterey County Application and responses to the
     attached Supplemental Questions must be submitted to the Natividad Medical Center Human Resources Office, 1441 Constitution
     Blvd., Bldg. 300, Salinas, CA. 93906. Application will be considered on an as-needed basis until the position is filled. On-line
     applications may be submitted at Resumes will be accepted in addition to, but not in lieu of
     the required application materials and need to be submitted to For more information or to receive
     application materials, you may also visit Monterey County’s website or contact the Natividad Human Resources Office at (831) 755-
     4282. Office hours are Monday-Friday, 8a.m.-5 p.m.
2.   QUALIFICATIONS APPRAISAL: Completed application materials will be competitively evaluated. The best- qualified applicants will
     be invited to participate further in the process.
3.   QUALIFICATIONS ASSESSMENT: To further assess applicants’ possessions of required qualifications, this process may include an oral
     examination, pre-exam exercise, performance exam, physical ability exam, or written examination.
4.   ELIGIBLE LIST: Applicants successful in the Qualifications Assessment process will be placed on an eligible list for possible final
     selection interview. This eligible list will be used to fill current and future vacancies.

                                                           COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS
Monterey County offers an excellent benefits package including (J Bargaining Unit):
 •   Health insurance: Flexible Benefit Allowance
 •   Life Insurance: The County Provides coverage of $10,000
 •   Vacation: Accrues at the rate of 3.7 hours per pay period to a maximum of 12 days per year. The rate increases after 2, 10, 18, 21 and 25 years
 •   Sick Leave: Earned at the rate of 3.08 hours per pay period to a maximum of 10 days per year.
 •   Holidays: 10 days per year.
 •   Retirement Plan: 100% of PERS retirement contributions paid by the County.
 •   Social Security/ Medicare: The County participates in these programs.
 •   Deferred Compensation: The County has a voluntary deferred compensation program.

More information regarding benefits may be obtained from our web site at
The information listed above is a general summary of benefits for this position. This information is not legally binding, nor does it serve as a contract. The
benefits listed in the Monterey County Personnel Policies and Practices Resolution or MOU prevail over this listing.

                                                                      SPECIAL NOTES
 •     If you believe you possess a disability that would require test accommodation, please contact the Personnel Analyst for Natividad Medical Center at
       (831) 796-1625.
 •     Employment is contingent upon acceptable documentation verifying identity and authorization for employment in the United States.
 •     If you are hired into this classification in a permanent position, as a condition of your employment, you will have 30 days to join the union and
       authorize a union dues deduction or a salary deduction of appropriate fees.
 •     If you are hired into this classification in a temporary position, your salary will be hourly and you will not be eligible for the benefits listed above.

Natividad Medical Center (NMC) is a 172-bed, full service teaching hospital affiliated with the University of California at San Francisco School of Medicine.
In addition to providing acute care, NMC also services an extensive outpatient population, provides mental health treatment, and offers extended care. A
county owned facility with a 120+ year heritage of delivering family, - oriented care, NMC is fully accredited by The Joint Commission. Natividad Medical
Center strives to foster a culture of service excellence and seeks candidates who have demonstrated the ability to provide and to continually improve the
quality and responsiveness of that service. Guest relations at Natividad Medical Center recognize, respect and understand the rich diversity, which is an
integral part of the health care environment. It is the responsibility of each employee to contribute to the development and implementation of practices,
and patient care that guarantees the delivery of quality, timely, and courteous service.
                                     Monterey County
                                 SUPPLEMENTAL QUESTIONS


For a guaranteed review, responses to the following Supplemental Questions must be submitted with
your application materials. Application materials will be considered on an as-needed basis until the
position is filled. Invitations to participate in the Qualifications Appraisal will be based on an
evaluation of your application, the responses to these questions, and your resume (optional).
Applications received without a Supplemental Questions Response will not be considered. A resume,
letter, application, etc. will not be accepted as a substitute for a response to these questions.

Please number your responses and address each question separately. Include your name and the title
of the position for which you are applying at the top of each page submitted.

1. Describe your training, education and/or experience that demonstrates your ability to design,
   implement and maintain a hospital or similar grade network. (Include in your response an example
   that shows your ability to ensure a secure and stable environment for all users and anticipate
   networking needs as new service lines are envisioned and implemented)

2. Describe your training, education and/or experience that demonstrates your ability to install,
   configure and maintain advanced medical grade networks (Local and Wide Area Network systems).

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