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                               KINGDOM OF B AHRAIN

                                      NEWS UPDATE
Dear Parents,

Here is the latest update from the school desk.


        The first Padmashri award winner from Bahrain and Saudi Arabia Dr. Ravi Pillai was
         felicitated by NMS-DPS family on 13th May 2010. Inaugurating the reception, Mr. Arun
         Kuumar Sharma, Principal urged youngsters to follow the path of Dr. Ravi Pillai, the
         legend, Managing Director, Mrs. Geetha Pillai was the Guest of honour. Various cultural
         programmes including a fifteen minutes presentation on Mr. Pillai’s highly inspiring life
         were presented. The students and staff members were proud and highly inspired to
         follow the illustrious life of Dr. Ravi Pillai.
 Nineteen students from grade IX to XII participated in 16 th BAHMUN organized by
  the Rotary Club of Adliya, from 6th to 8th May 2010, at the Bahrain Polytechnic,
  representing different countries. Among all the private schools in Bahrain and two
  schools outside Bahrain, nine students received the award of excellence.

   Mercy Ebenezer – grade XII

   Aishwarya Dhume and Arunita Praharaj – grade XI

   Kalpak Dhake, Sahil Navani, Misbah Sherin and Soumya Chowdhry – grade X

   Jyotsna Gurumurthy and Simran Lamba – grade IX

   Other Participants in the council were:

   Ankita Netraganti, Saminah Amin, Mithali Thakkar, Abdul Samad Siddique, Kiran
   Dash, Saniyah Hashmi, Nikhil Bolar, Sampriti Gupta, Nainika Dinesh, Naintara

 Inte r House Competitions

   Basketball competition:
 Inter House Table Tennis Competition

    Children of KGII enjoyed their field trip to Little Caesars where they sang, danced and
     baked yummy pizzas!
              Children of KG made beautiful cards on the occasion of mother’s day.

 Children of KG enjoyed Puppet Show – “Story – Little Red Hen”. They learnt the values of caring
  and sharing through the puppet show.

 Syllabus for the Weekly Test to be held on 23rd May 2010.

Grade VI –

Maths – Chapter -1 Knowing our Numbers , Chapter-2 Whole Numbers.

Grade VII- S. ST-

Civics – Chapter 1- On Equality
History- Chapter 1- Tracing Changes through a thousand years
Geography- Chapter 1. Environment

Grade VIII    saaih%ya laaK kI caUiD,yaa^M , Bagavaana ko Daike
               samast vyaakrNa ,Apizt gad\yaaMSa
Grade IX : Mathe matics : Chapter 5: Introduction to Euclid‟s Geometry
                          Chapter 6 : Lines and Angles.
Grade X :
S.S. T: Economics : “People As A Resource”.
       Geography : “Forest & Wild Life Resources”.
       History    : “The Age of Industrialization”.

Grade XI:
Physics : “Motion in a Straight Line”
Accounts : Accountancy Introduction, Theory Base of Accounting, Accounting Equations,
Books of Original Entry – Journal.

Grade XII : English :
          Reading Skills: Note Making
         Writing Skills: Letter writing and Advertisement.
         Literature :     The Rattrap , A thing of beauty, Deepwater

Please Note : Students willing to go to their friend’s house after the school hours, need to
have a written note from their parents.

CCE in Grades I toV for the Academic Session 2010-2011

As per the CBSE guideline the new system of evaluation CCE (Continuous Comprehensive
Evaluation) will be followed. The CBSE is determined to provide a stress- free education to the
Primary students. The objective is to bring continuous improvement in the performance of a
learner through constant diagnosis of gaps and difficulties in learning and helping the learner in
overcoming them through remediation of instructions.

Each of the three terms of the academic session 2010-11 will have 2 Formative Assessments
and 1 Summative Assessment (Term-End Written Assessment). Formative assessments in all
the subjects will be based on class response / performance in regular classes, project work,/
home-assignments / individual or group activities carried out in classes.

Each Formative Assessment will be subject specific and will be, based on 3 parameters (from
grades III to V) and 2 parameters (grades I & II)
which will be decided by the subject teachers. In order to relieve the children from the burden
of a “formal test”, no prior intimation will be given and the students will be evaluated in their
regular classes only.

In case the child misses any of the formative assessments or does not fare well, the teacher has
the liberty of taking it again. In case of a student being absent from a Summative Assessment,
there remains no scope for taking it again.
The percentage of the Formative and Summative Assessments per term are given below.

First term – Formative 1 + Formative 2 + Summative 1
Second term – Formative 3 + Formative 4 + Summative 2
Third term – Formative 5 + Formative 6 + Summative 3

Term Total %

Term 1 – F1+F2+S1       -- 30%
Term 2 – F3+F4+S2       -- 30%
Term 3 – F5+F6+S3       -- 40%

Assessment will be indicated in Grades as per notification in page 6
of the almanac.


 Grade I :

Englis h: The spaceman: The children were told to imagine, to be a spaceman and were asked,
What they did after that ? Difficult words were introduced and explained.
„a‟ and „an‟: More exercises were done to make the children comfortable.

Hindi : Upavan : The children spoke about the garden, they have at home or seen elsewhere..

Mathematics : 1 Digit addition was introduced through pictures objects and by forward

EVS : My Family: Exercises were done to make the lesson understand.

Computer : Use of curve line tool.

 Grade II :

   Englis h - The vocabulary enriching exercises based on synonyms and antonyms
   were thoroughly drilled during the week. Each child made two cards, one with synonyms
   and the other with antonyms of the given word.

   Mathematics - Even and odd numbers were explained. The concept was correlated with
   the even and odd organs in our body. Children quickly understood skip counting with the
   help of the number chart. Skip counting in 2's, 5'sand 10's were drilled. Children learn
   better when they co-relate the learning with their experiences like playing Hopscotch to
   skip count.
   EVS      - Mothers Day and the role of mothers in their life was explained to the children.
   Beautiful Mother's Day cards were made by children.
   Children admired their Senses when they were made to close their eyes to listen to the
   sounds around them.
   Views were exchanged about life of Bahrain.

   Hindi : 'Ee' ki matra' words were drilled & practiced in textbook and
   notebooks. Coloring of Hindi activity worksheet was thoroughly enjoyed by the students

  Grade III
  Englis h : – Dramatization of the lesson “Kokila‟s Wonderful Pot.
  Hindi – Students collected pictures and pasted pictures of common nouns and proper nouns
  in the note book.
  Mathematics – Students did worksheet on large numbers.
  EVS - Differentiation between living and non- living things done by collecting pictures and
          pasting them.

  Grade IV
  Englis h – Students wrote a paragraph on “The person I admire most”
  Hindi –     Students made moon by using cardboard.
  Mathematics – Worksheet was given on large numbers and roman numerals.
  Science – Students understood the structure of the earth through demonstration using a
  boiled egg.
  Social Science – Students found information on two places of pilgrimage on the banks of
  Ganga and pasted their pictures in the note-book.

  Grade V
  Englis h – Students pasted pictures of social workers in the notebook.
  Hindi – Worksheet was given on unseen passage comprehension.
  Mathematics – Exercises on large numbers .
  Science – Human skeleton is explained with the help of a model.
  Social Science – Students found more information on industrial revolution and the
  distinction between invention and discoveries.

 Grade VI
  Mathematics: Properties of whole numbers
  Englis h   : Activity on Formal Letter
  Physics :    Measuring curved line with calipers and thread
  Geography : Movie showed about Solar System

 Grade VII
  Mathematics : Drawing Double Bar Graph using glitters, pulses or matchsticks
  Englis h:         Activity on Word Web “Trees are Great”
  Hindi:            Discussion on puppets and drawing on the basis of lesson kathputli.
  History/ Civics –Students were asked to collect information on political parties and their leaders.
  Geography-       Group discussion.
 Grade VIII
  Mathematics: Table showing Squares of 1-50 numbers, Properties of Square and Square
  Englis h: Activity on Phrasal Verbs Assign. Book Q. 3, 4 (pg10)
  Hindi: Discussion on role of Postman in the ancient time and the present time and drawing
  on the basis of lesson Science Bhagwan ke Dakea-
  Science: How air pressure can hold water in inverted glass (experiment)

 Grade - IX
  Englis h: Students collected information on Vales and Vales of Scotland. General
  discussion on features of rustic life and highlands of Scotland.

  Englis h:
  Discussion on Christian values .Listing the seven cardinal sins and Christmas symbols.
  Physics – Classes taken.
  Work experience (Grade X- B)
  Students learnt to stitch and sew buttons.

 Grade XI:
Physics – Classes taken.
Engineering Drawing(ED) – Students were asked to do practical models.
Entrepreneurship - Students discussed on famous entrepreneurs.
Economics – Global recession and its effect on Greece. The cause of Greece currency turmoil.
Biology – Prepared T.S of Monocot and Dicot stems.

 Grade XII:
Business Studies:
Discussed regarding Enzo Ferrari, Lakshmi Mittal and some business questions-HCL-Jack
Welch as CEO.

Students are gearing up for the L.S campaign. They are preparing songs and speeches to get the
support of their friends.

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