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					                                      WIN A TRIP TO THE 2011 MRS. AMERICA AND MRS. WORLD PAGEANT

I hereby apply as an entrant for the title of Mrs. Kansas – America Date of Entry_________________________

Name                                                                 Phone                                                       Email

Home Address                                                                        City                                         State                         Zip

Age                        Birth Date                                Birthplace                                                  U.S. Citizen

Height                     Weight                                    Color Eyes                                   Color Hair

Marriage Date                                                        Occupation

Business Address                                                                                   Business Phone

Husband’s Name                                                                                                                                                 ________

Children’s Names (If Applicable)                                                                                                                                                 _______

Describe current and recent community involvement



Hobbies, Talents and General Background


                                                                                  RULES AND REGULATIONS

      1.     Entrant must be married as of the date of entry and throughout the state and national competitions
      2.     Entrant is and always has been a female and is at least 18 years of age as of the date of entry
      3.     Entrant will continue to be a person of good moral character; affirms that she has not committed and will not commit any act inconsistent with the highest standards of public morals
             and conventions or that will reflect unfavorably on the Pageant, its representatives, sponsors and or/licensees; that during her majority (18 years of age or older), she has not willingly
             appeared in provocative and sexually explicit photographs for any film, video, or publication prior to, during the state pageant, or during her reign as a state winner or as “Mrs.
      4.     Entrant must be a U.S. Citizen and a resident of the State she represents and must have permanently resided there for at least three consecutive months immediately prior to her entry
             into the State Competition (residence at a military installation is acceptable.) If the “State” Entrant seeks to represent in the District of Columbia, she must either (a) reside in the
             District of Columbia (residence at a military establishment is acceptable) or (b) work in the District of Columbia on a full-time basis (live within a 25 mile radius) and she must have
             done (a) or (b) for at least the last three (3) months prior to her entry into the Competition
      5.     Entrant is only permitted to enter one state pageant per pageant year, and must follow rules outlined above (number 4)
      6.     Entrant agrees to look solely to the State Director with respect to all matters relating to the State Pageant, including her application to enter the State Pageant, the preparation, rehearsal,
             performance and selection process relating to the State Pageant and all other matters relating to the State Pageant. Mrs. America, Inc., its officers, directors, agents and employees are
             not liable to entrant for anything whatsoever in connection with the State Pageant
      7.     Entrant will attend the Mrs. America Pageant (sometimes referred to as the “National Pageant”) if selected as the Winner in the State Pageant and further abide by all the required
             services, rules and regulations governing this National Pageant
      8.     Entrant may have a modeling, personal management and/or agency contract, which contract, however, does not include, authorize, or permit the use of the name of “Mrs. America
             Pageant” or any title designation or reference with respect to the Pageant in any manner. Entrant may not have any commercial tie-up or endorsement agreement or commitment of any
             kind whatsoever
     9.      Entrant agrees to be bound by the rules, regulations and the Contestant Agreement required by Mrs. America, Inc.
    10.      No person may compete in the National Pageant more than once ever. A Contestant may enter the State competition more than once if she is not the winner. A State winner may not
             enter the same state pageant again. If a contestant moves to a different state, she may enter her new state of residence only if she has never competed at the National Pageant
    11.    The winner of the state competition is required to purchase, at her own expense, a full page advertisement in the Mrs. America program book.

I agree to be bound and abide by all the Rules and Regulation herein set forth. Signature of Applicant.____________________________________________________________

                                                         Mrs. America is a registered trademark of Mrs. America Productions, Inc.

                                                                   Please include your photo and $200 Registration Fee.
                                              Please understand it is our long-standing policy that there are no refunds on any fees that you or someone paid on your behalf.)
              This could be you. But first you must enter!

    This is your chance to join us
  for one of the most exciting and
   fun events for Kansas women!
  We are looking for bright, positive, married
  women who want to challenge themselves,
  gain more self-confidence, and be
  recognized for their achievements. The
  Mrs. Kansas America Competition is an
  exciting and rewarding program that
  recognizes Kansas’s married women and
  is the only official state preliminary to the
  prestigious Mrs. America Pageant. Mrs.
  Kansas will join 50 other state winners at
  the national Mrs. America Pageant.

  This is Your Invitation to join us as a
  contestant in the 35th Annual Mrs. Kansas
  Pageant to be held in Guthrie,Oklahoma,
  January 21-22, 2011.
                                                                                                        Sponsors Help Cover Expenses
                                                                                               Fees cover the opening number outfit, contestant
                                                                                               meals, the official photo package, official Mrs.
 Entering Is Easy — Just …                                                                     Kansas 2011 video, Husband and Wife Party,
                                                                                               Complimentary Husband Ticket to the Final
                                                                                               Show, and a complimentary copy of the Mrs.
 Download an application at www.MrsKansasAmerica.com                                           Kansas Official Souvenir Program. The
 Type or print your application.                                                               participation fee is $545, and may be shared by
 Enclose a snapshot or photo. Please put your name on the back of photo.                       businesses, friends, and family members. The
 Sign your application.
 Enclose the $200 Registration Fee. (Refunded if you are not selected as a Contestant.
                                                                                               participation fee is in addition to the registration
 Please understand it is our long-standing policy that there are no refunds on any fees that   fee. Sponsors are advertised in the Official
 you or someone paid on your behalf, once you have been accepted.)                             Program book. Upon issuance of your title, you
                                                                                               will be awarded a beautiful satin, custom
 Make Check or Money Order payable to The Crist Co. and mail to:                               embroidered banner bearing your local title.
                           Mrs. Kansas
                           2308 Nettleford Way
                           Virginia Beach, VA 23453
                                                                                               RULES AND REGULATIONS:
                                                                                               Delegate must be at least 18 by date of state pageant. She must
                                                                                               have been born female, married, a resident of Kansas and a US
  PLEASE RETURN YOUR APPLICATION WITHIN 14 DAYS. If you                                        citizen. Delegate must be of good moral character and never
 need more time, please call 785-539-5727 Office hours are Monday-Friday                       convicted of a felony. Delegate must pay in full the registration and
 8AM-6PM. If you are selected as a Contestant, you will be notified within two                 participation fees. Delegate must sell five (5) tickets to the 2011
 weeks and receive your Official Registration Packet.                                          Mrs. Kansas pageant. Each ticket is $35 and includes the official
                                                                                               Mrs. Kansas Program book (a $10 value)

                                                                                               AREAS OF COMPETITION:
AWARDS:                                                                                        *Personality and Communication skills = 50%
The following awards are presented: Congeniality, Photogenic, Director's                            -A panel of judges will critique each delegate’s ability to communicate, her
                                                                                                    personality, her self-expression, her achievements and her beauty.
Award, Ticket Sales, Memory Book Award, Evening Gown Award, Non-Finalist
                                                                                               *Fitness and Health = 25%
Evening Gown Award, Fitness Award, Non-Finalist Fitness Award, Interview                            -Delegates will compete in lime green, one or two piece swimsuit of their own
Award, Non-Finalist Interview Award, Community Service Award, Contestant's                          choice.
Choice, Marriage Longevity, Best Smile Award, Ambassador Award, Career                         *Poise in Evening Gown = 25%
Achievement Award, Top Five and Mrs. Kansas.                                                        -Delegates will be judged in an evening gown of their own choice.

 Mrs. Kansas Pageant ~ 2308 Nettleford Way ~ Virginia Beach, VA 23453 785-539-5727 www.MrsKansasAmericacom

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