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									                                         Question                                                                Response

                                                                                       That is correct. LP SB & LP NB estimated
                                                                                       consolidation period is 200 days with an estimated
1. Verify that the surcharge placed on LPNB and LPSB will take 200 days for settlement settlement of 5”. It is 30 days where no surcharge
of 5". Does the time begin after all surcharge is placed.                              is required. See Sheet 1-GDDT-01.

2. I would really appreciate seeing your phasing plan. It will save me a lot of time even if
we decide to change a few things. UDOT has looked at this project for a long time and I
am sure a lot of challenges with this segment have been worked out in your phasing plan. Posted to the website.
                                                                                             1. Yes- that was the intent of that requirement- the
First: Special Provision section 02831S "Retaining Walls-Alternate Systems" Section          Contractor can have one wall company for single-
1.3B states that only one MSE wall system will be allowed for the contractor-selected        stage panel walls and another for 2-stage walls.
alternate system............We are assuming that this restriction applies only to the MSE
systems as defined in 02833S and 02834S and does not apply to the Two-Stage MSE
walls, Section 02837S. That is each segment may have two firms supplying the MSE
systems, one, either 02833S or 02934S and the other under 02837S.
                                                                                             2.We are inclined to allow an acceptable 2-stage
                                                                                             ARES system, provided it has been used
Second: Tensar designs and supplies a two-stage wall system. Therefore we ask that a         successfully for other DOT’s and that the details of
provision for Two-Stage MSE.........and Geogrid Reinforcing Elements be included in the      it are acceptable to us. Please see new spec.
bid package.
                                                                                         3.We would be willing to consider full-height
                                                                                         panels for 2-stage walls only on the Project. But in
                                                                                         doing so, be aware that the panel appearance
Third: One of our options for the 2-stage walls is the use of full height panels for the must still be consistent with the selected pattern
facing system. This minimizes the number of connection pieces required for attaching the developed by the Legacy aesthetic people.
panel to the MSE volume thereby minimizing the number of corrosion points. Will this
facing be acceptable?
Requested At one time there was a gant chart on the website that gave a timeline for the
Legacy project including bid dates, mobilizing, d construction timelines, etc. Where can I
find that now?                                                                             On the web, under the PS&E information.
                                        Question                                                                 Response

Segment 3 Special Provisions Section 02831S Retaining Wall-Alternate Systems.
Section 1.1.A in part states:........Contractor will be required to select from the following
wall systems,................ Option G-MSE Wall-Mesa Retaining Wall (refer to Section
02836S)On plan sheet R-487, 1 of 7, General Notes Item 5. Use Keystone Manor Wall
System. This specificity of wall type effectively precludes Mesa from bidding on this work.
Selecting a proprietary design to the exclusion of other systems based solely on aesthetic
issues should not be allowed. You are effectively eliminating competitive bidding for the
supply of that bid item. Please review this specification to ensure that the competitive bid I agree with your issue- a proprietary wall system
process is not compromised. Thank you for your consideration. Please call me if you           should not have been specified. The spec will be
have any questions.                                                                           changed in an addendum.

The Project’s “Special Provision” section for ATMS Conduit calls for the Bridge Parapet
Multi-Cell Duct to be four-way Schedule 40 PVC with minimum 1-1/4” ID with factory
installed spacers and extended bell ends. We suggest OMNI’s OPTI-COM Multi-Duct
system which is a 20 foot, 4” PVC conduit with bell-ends and comes in Schedule 40, 80       Yes, this product is fine. They still need to meet
or C-Duct wall thicknesses. The multi-cell conduit system contains 4- 1-1/4” factory        the expansion requirements across the joints and
installed HDPE innerducts in assorted colors for easy ID if desired. This multi-duct        PVC schedule. I had spec'd out the individual
system’s material and labor cost savings are substantial as well as its raceway             raceway (4- 1-1/4" ducts) to allow more concrete
performance. Please find the attached OPTI-COM Multi-Duct Spec Sheet.                       around it.
                                                                                            All segments had demolition, ranging from
Which segments had demolition.                                                              residential to bridge structures.
Will there be domestic requirements on steel? Can material be imported?                     No requirement
                                                                                            Requirements provided, but the contractor must
rRequested plans and specs for the prefabricated steel ped bridge at city drain.            provide the design.

                                                                                          We believe that our entire bid schedule was not
                                                                                          correctly printed for segment 1, the bid schedule
                                                                                          printed was an older bid schedule with incorrect
1.) There is no 24" hdpe sdr-11 on bid schedule. Where in the bid document does this      verbiage and not all components are added. In
fall? 2.) Irrigation summary sheet qty.'s and station #'s do not match what is shown on   addition, the irrigation summary sheets were not
irrigation profile sheets. Are the prints wrong or are the summary documents wrong? 3.) printed in the construction documents. All of these
No mainline stub out assy. Shown in bid sch. Where do they belong?                        items will be address with an addendum.
                                                                                          Posted clarifications on 10/4 regarding MOT in
Questions regarding closing I-215 for the duration of construction, and was that allowed? segment 1.
                                       Question                                                             Response

The expansion joints would connect and be part of the OPTI-COM Multi-Duct System
where needed with no adhesive required. To increase the cost effectiveness and
because the OPTI-COM Multi-Duct System provides added protection since the 4- 1-1/4”
HDPE innerducts are enclosed within PVC conduit and the 4” PVC conduit will be
encased in concrete within the bridge parapet, may the outer clad PVC conduit be C-Duct
with a minimum wall thickness of .15” versus a Schedule 40’s outer clad with a min wall The C-Duct (4" thin-walled outer conduit/cladding)
thickness of .237”. AT&T uses a tremendous amount of OMNI’s C-Duct OPTI-COM multi- should be acceptable because it is only protecting
duct for fiber installation and it doesn’t encase it within cement. PVC conduit which is the inner 1.25" ducts while concrete is placed
encased in concrete usually has a thinner wall thickness then the C-Duct conduit we      around it and it will save you about 25% cost. I
suggest. Please find the attached and advise.                                            would approve it.

Sheet R-487, 7 of 7 appears to be the detail sheet for the modular block walls for this
segment. However the details are not typical but related to one proprietary wall system
which is not on the approved UDOT products list. There is also no information on the
minimum embedment required for the wall. We would ask that the standard details for
the UDOT modular block wall systems replace the sheet shown in the plans. Please call
me if you have any questions. The details shown on sheet 7 of 7 refer to a system that is
manufactured only by Keystone. It is also not the approved Genesis System. In order to
allow competitive bidding the bid documents must refer to the approved modular block
systems and detail a wall facing which is not the approved wall facing. I would be happy The embedment depts for the walls are on the
to discuss this with Jim if he would be OK with that.                                     typical sections
Requested lump sum quantity for Environmental Controls.                                   Item drafted and posted on the website.
                                        Question                                                               Response

                                                                                           You had a few questions regarding the spec for
                                                                                           Crash Cushions 02873M. Your first question was
                                                                                           for finding Federal Color paints. You can take the
                                                                                           federal color number to any paint supplier and
                                                                                           they can tell you the equivalent paint. In this case
                                                                                           we are using self weathering steel for our roadside
                                                                                           elements, so the paint should match the self-
                                                                                           weathering steel. You next question regarding
                                                                                           three-part system. This is referring to a three-part
                                                                                           coating system. This is described in the UDOT
                                                                                           Standard Spec 09972 Painting for Structural Steel.
                                                                                           This describes the 3-part coating of a Zinc primer,
                                                                                           Epoxy Urethane intermediate coat and aliphatic
Clarification on the paint color and process to do the coloring on the crash cushions.     Urethane top coat.
 The specification 02834S Article 1.3.B States: "Provide verification that the design of the
upper 10 feet of wall has been completed at the locations where the design earthquake
peak horizontal ground acceleration coefficient is 0.3g or greater. The
specifications require that the walls within 50 feet of the bridge be designed for an 0.7g
acceleration. Is there a reference document we can use to perform this calculation? We
want to assure ourselves that we are performing this calculation in accordance with          This item will be removed from the spec and can
UDOT's requirements.                                                                         be seen in Addendum 2.

                                                                                           This will be clarified in the addendum issued this
Question regarding the quantity of sign structures that are needed. The sheet says 1       Friday. We are only building G-291 V, the other
each, but 24 are shown.                                                                    structures were built as part of the Design-Build.
On the utility conflict sheet it indicates conflict completed by others. The ones not      The conflicts not marked as done by others are
marked, are they in the contract to be done by the contractor?                             the responsibility of the contractor.

                                                                                         We will be posting the soil parameters for wall R-
The project spec, Section 02831S doesn't provide the soil parameters for retained and    487 today. It will be located in the clarifications
foundation soil for R-487 Walls. Soil parameters were provided only for Walls R-484. Can tab for Segment 3. This information will also be
you verify and provide the soil parameters that we should use for design of Walls R-487? part of the addendum.
                                        Question                                                              Response

In Special Provision Section 02776M project # sp-0067(11)0 it calls for an integral color
for the concrete. The color specified is Flagstone Brown #461. This is a Davis color.
Geneva has installed in their batch plants liquid color systems that utilize Solomon Color.
There is a correlation from Davis Flagstone Brown to Solomon Sandalwoood. My                Yes we would accept Solomon Sandalwood as a
question is can we substitute the Solomon color for the Davis color.                        substitute.
                                                                                          Seed schedule locations for each segment:
                                                                                          Segment 1: Volume II sheet LSDT-35 Segment 2:
                                                                                          Volume II sheet LSDT-10 Segment 3: Volume II
                                                                                          sheet LSDT-07 Upland Seed Mix: Same mix for all
                                                                                          three segments
                                                                                          Wetland Marshand Meadow Seed Mix: Same for
                                                                                          all three segments.
                                                                                          500 South and Center Street: (Segment 1 only)
Spec 02922M describes a single seed mix. The plans reference wetlands marsh,              Wetland Playa Mix: (Segment 1 only)
wetlands playa, upland and 500 South/Center Street mixes. Where are these different       Broadcast Turf Seed-Gateway Mix: (Segment 3
mixes described, and are they the same for all segments.                                  only)
                                                                                          The plants in question are not going to be
On Pages 3-LS-01 & 3-LS-02 & at various points throughout the plans, there is shown       irrigated. These riparian plants will be located in
plantings along the top of the banks of Stead & Davis Creek with no irrigation drawn to   the field close enough to the stream to get them
these plantings. Is there to be irrigation for these plantings? Please Clarify.           established.

                                                                                          We have concerns with changing to precast
                                                                                          girders in place of cast-in-place. It is not
                                                                                          something that can be decided without additional
                                                                                          information about the precast system. And since
                                                                                          the request is coming from a fabricator, there may
                                                                                          not even be any interest from the Contractors,
                                                                                          who are the ones who really make the decision on
                                                                                          whether to use it. For these reasons, we suggest
                                                                                          that the Contractors bid the plans as detailed (cast-
                                                                                          in-place) and if a Contractor wants to use a
Currently this is shown as a CIP Post Tensioned Box structure. We fabricate (Precast)     precast option, they can submit a Value
curved tubs, which are similar in shape, and are post tensioned together. Would we be     Engineering proposal and we can evaluate it at
allowed to propose this as an alternate way to construct this structure?                  that time.
                                        Question                                                                 Response
Regarding the Cleaning and Repainting of Structural Steel, Section 09991M pg 1 of 1
Note 3 states"Contractor is responsible for handling and moving fabricated girders,
diaphragms and bolsters for UDOT inspection and making necessary repairs" Item "E"
states Method of payment is to be by the hour for repairs. Cost of equipment to handle
girders for repairs is to be included in the hourly price" Question - UDOT does not state
when the hourly rate begins to occur & be paid for. At the time the girder, diaphragm or
bolster is picked up by the crane and taken out of storage or when the repair actually
begins. Note: Since we do not know how much repair will be required on a given piece,        The method of payment will be clarified in the
the hourly rate needs to apply from the time the piece is picked up and taken out of         Addendum #2. The handling is taken from the
storage because UDOT may not want any repair done on a given piece and the                   hourly price and is left in the Structural Steel
contractor would not get paid for the time to move it position it and wait for it to be      (Owner Furnished). This was already in the M&P
inspected. All of the cranes & equipment etc will be required to remain mobilized whether    for owner furnished steel. The addendum
they are used or not                                                                         addresses the hours are for actual repair time.
From the time the UDOT inspectors are notified that a piece is ready for inspection how
long should we figure until the piece is inspected by UDOT for repair and then again how     Times of response are given in the addendum.
long should we figure for UDOT to do a final inspection & release after the paint repairs    UDOT has 1 hour from notification to inspect the
are complete?                                                                                fabricated pieces for repair and final acceptance.

                                                                                             The pop-up heights for all pop-up sprinkler
On page 1-RDT-05 in particular the detail for the pop up sprinkler, note 1 calls out a 12"   assemblies are 12-inches for Segments 1, 2, and
pop up height. Was this 12" High Pop up intended for all the lawn heads ? On                 3 per Pop-Up Assembly detail. Please note that
Segment 3 the plans call out for a 6" High Pop up. Please clarify where we use each          the Pop-Up Bubbler Assembly detail for Segments
size pop- up.                                                                                1, 2, and 3 requires a 6-inch pop-up height.
                                          Question                                                                Response

                                                                                          Yes, the materials testing on the project will be
                                                                                          done the same as all other projects we do. UDOT
                                                                                          crews will perform all tests. The HMA will be the
                                                                                          Paired - T testing which means we will randomly
                                                                                          tests the material and if we correlate, all is well. It
                                                                                          would be up to the contractor to hire someone for
How will the Quality Control be handled for this project? Will it function as normal UDOT the testing but on the projects I've been on, the
jobs where UDOT will perform the testing and inspection on embankments, base course, contractor generally hires an independent agency,
etc, and the contractor can provide for an independent agency to perform testing for      but not necessarily, sometimes they do it
HMA? I'd assume that with a large project such as this with quality bonus potential that themselves. They usually hire (or do themselves)
the contractor would want to have an independent agency working with UDOT to assure testing on about all the material (embankment,
a quality project.                                                                        GB, UTBC...).

Segment One spec section 02056s Part 1.8 C…states "The approximate location of the
sites is shown on Sheet 1-DT-61" It appears that drawing has not been included as part       Drawing 1-DT-61 will be included in addendum #
of set of drawings. Could you please provide us with a copy of that drawing?                 2. It is the same Segment Two drawing 2-DT-41.
Segment 1. Pg. 1-IR-21In the small planting area due west of the trailhead parking lot       Tree - Ulmus Parvifolia-Lacebark Elm. Shrubs -
across the stream labeled TML at the south end of the planting group there is a tree that    Amelancier Utahensis-Utah Serviceberry. This
is unidentified, and 3 shrubs unidentified that will be watered with bubblers. In order to   will be clarified in Addendum 2 posted October
know which bubbler to use, can you identify these plants please?                             25th.
Segment 2 - verify quantity for asphalt cement. He believes that bid item 126 Asphalt
Cement if too high, about 300-400 tons.                                                      This will be corrected in Addendum 2.
                                                                                             Station and offsets are called out in the bid item
                                                                                             callouts in the sheets. The striping types are also
1. The striping plan does not call out the stations that skips end and dotted begin.         called out by a leader.
2. Are the limits of surcharge shown in the drawing the toe/catch point or the top of
surcharge                                                                                    The Limits of Surcharge indicate the catch point
                                                                                             The station limits are defined on sheets 1-GDDT-
                                                                                             01, 1-GDDT-02, and 1-GDDT-15 through 1-GDDT-
3. Very difficult to get limits of surcharge without stations and offsets given for each     15. The offsets are defined by typical sections on
alignment. Plans are vague in offset locations.                                              sheet 1-GDDT-11
                                         Question                                                                  Response
                                                                                               4a. The pay item should include the fence.
4. The drawings for the tunnel E-2570 show both a sidewalk moment slab and barrier             Addendum #2 will reflect the change. Also, the
moment slab with ornamental fence attached. The pay item for these 143 and 144 does            sidewalk moment slab and barrier moment slab
not include the fence. The E-2570 drawings show the Moment continuing on the south             will be combined into a single pay item in
and north side across the tunnel, but they do not deal with what happens when the MSE          addendum #2. 4b. The moment slab continues
wall stops and the moment slab crosses the headwall                                            uninterrupted across the headwall.

5. The typical section for center street calls for 1-C-02 for the RT side slope detail. This   Yes, this is drawn wrong. We will revise that 1-C-
detail only shows a 2’ Barrier moment slab with EOP connecting to top of moment slab           02. Please see addendum 2.
                                                                                               Plans modified to include bar schedule. Provided
6. There is not a Reinforcing Steel Schedule for the Pedestrian Rail Moment Slab.              in Add #2
7. There is no information where for fence/railing when pedestrian bridge ends at the
approach slab. It says to see wall plans for this section and there is nothing in the wall     This is depicted in Addendum One, sheets R-477
plans.                                                                                         13,15,17,19
                                                                                               Correct! Sheet 1-LT-02, the contractor will have
                                                                                               to visit the location of the power supply at 2100
                                                                                               North to measure the 700 feet +/- distance to the
                                                                                               power supply from the exit ramp. The line break
10. Line breaks in conduit on page LT-02 & LT-09 make it so contractor can't determine         on sheet 1-LT-09 has no impact to scope or
length of conduit and wire.                                                                    budget.
                                                                                               Correct! The parking lot lighting design was
                                                                                               accidentally omitted from bid package and will be
11. Conduit and lights are missing from sheet LT-19, LT-23 & LT-25                             included in the next bid addendum # 2.
                                                                                               Incorrect! The luminaire quantities are per
                                                                                               photometric calculations to meet the 10 to 20
12. Luminaire quantity on overhead signs seem excessive. Check for possible error.             footcandle average for sign lighting. The signs
(example, LT-04 a half size structure has 7 lights on it).                                     are approximately 37 feet and 20 feet long.
                                                                                               The 00555 specification for segment 2 states that
                                                                                               the Contractor will maintain the access. The haul
                                                                                               road will be constructed by the Segment 1
                                                                                               contractor and maintained by the Segment 2
13. After construction of access road to Segment 2 who provides maintenance                    contractor.
                                       Question                                                                Response
                                                                                          Remove Concrete Pavement and Remove
                                                                                          Asphalt Pavement will be paid by the SY. This
                                                                                          item is completely independent and exclusive from
14. Clarification of payment for removal of concrete pavement.                            Roadway Excavation.
15. Clarification of payment for Granular borrow.                                         In Place, by the Ton - per Tickets.
                                                                                          The Segment 1 list of Special Provisions and
                                                                                          Supplemental Specifications does not list this
                                                                                          supplemental and the supplemental does not
16. Specifications indicate a supplemental for 2752 which is not provided.                exist.
17. Will the UDOT verify acceptance of using owner supplied expansions joints for the     Yes, UDOT has the material certifications, so the
structures?                                                                               material is accepted.
18. Request reducing ATMS LD to $5,000.00 per day.                                        No, liquidated damages remain as stated.
                                                                                          A wash station for invasive weed control is simply
                                                                                          a designated area to wash off equipment with
                                                                                          water when moving it out of a designated weed
19. Please provide additional information of wash stations for invasive weed control.     area.
20. Justification of waiting 15 day after granular borrow placement to place pavements in The purpose of the waiting period is to allow for
non surcharged areas                                                                      settlement of the embankment prior to paving.
                                                                                          A slope was looked at, however, the analysis
                                                                                          indicated that additional surcharge height with a
21. Surcharging on top of MSE walls indicate a vertical temporary wall. Will a 1.5 to 1   1.5 to 1 slope would not adequately surcharge the
slope be accepted with an increase in height to accommodate the load factor?              soil beneath the MSE walls.
23. Boundary survey and plat - are they required?                                         Yes, see Standard Spec 02896.
24. Stream Alteration Permit - A stream alteration permit has been obtained for Mill
Creek. Is a Stream Alteration Permit needed for work in and around the Jordan River? If     Yes, a stream alteration permit is required. UDOT
so, has it been obtained?                                                                   is in the process of obtaining the permit.
25. Appendix 1: USACE Section 404 Permit, Page 8 - Is archaeological sites 42Dv2 and        Yes, archeological sites are included in the plans
42Dv94 shown on any of the construction plans? In not, can their location and               as "environmentally sensitive areas" on the
boundaries be readily provided by UDOT?                                                     erosion control sheets.
26. Page 9 - Under "Hazardous Waste Sites" - Relative to the Bountiful Sanitary Landfill,   In Segment 2, Spec. section 013555
will removal and disposal of existing wastes be necessary for the construction of the
project? If so, who is responsible for this work?
                                        Question                                                                Response
27. Appendix 3: USF&WS coordination letter dated 7-21-06, Page 2 & 3 - For both minor
and major construction and maintenance activities, continuous monitoring of raptor
activity is required during the entire period of the activity. What is meant by continuous
monitoring, i.e., once per day, periodically during the course of the day, or full time      UDOT will provide raptor nest monitoring as
monitoring?                                                                                  needed.
28. Page 3, 1st paragraph - Who is responsible for conducting the raptor nest survey in
the spring of 2007 and 2008? If the contractor is to undertake this work, how many           UDOT is responsible to provide raptor nest
inspection events constitute "periodically" as stated in this paragraph.                     surveys.
29. Page 4, last paragraph - Who is responsible for compiling and submitting the annual      UDOT is responsible for preparing and submitting
monitoring report to the USF&WS?                                                             annual report to USFWS.

                                                                                            Contractors are responsible for fugitive dust
                                                                                            control within their contracted segment
30. Fugitive Dust - The construction of the haul road for use by contractor of Segment 2 boundaries. Additionally, contractors are
is undertaken by the contractor for Segment 1. Who is responsible for monitoring fugitive responsible to mitigate any dust they generate in
dust conditions on this road?                                                               accordance with the Fugitive Dust Control Plan.
31. Appendix 7: September 2005 SHPO Memorandum of Agreement Regarding the
Legacy Parkway Project (SHPO MOA) - Section 1: Environmental Control Supervisor -
Please clarify the role of the ECS relative to the MOA. Will the ECS for each segment
responsible for a specific segment of will UDOT's ECM take the overall lead relative to     UDOT will serve as the lead contact for SHPO for
providing a single contact source?                                                          the entire project.
32. Appendix 8: Segment Specific Cultural Resource Monitoring Plan dated 8-11-06 -
Stipulation8.7.2 page 1, 2nd paragraph: This requires inspection of silt fence installation
when installed in native soils. This is labor intensive! My question is, is this really
necessary? If so, we need to re-evaluate the 60 to 90 day total days that we originally     Yes, cultural monitoring is required as described in
discussed for excavation.                                                                   Special Provision 01574 S.
33. Appendix 1 - Mitigate 103 acres - Appendix F of Final Supplemental: Is not covered UDOT is responsible for wetland mitigation
by segment 1 contract docs?                                                                 described in the 404 permit.

34. Item No.(s) 20-22, 24, 94 Payment in Final Position – is this paid by scaled tickets or All bid items specified to be measured and paid
by survey? Please clarify.                                                                  for by the Ton, will be paid by scaled tickets.
                                                                                            The Berm Embankments are to be built to the
                                                                                            contours and elevations as detailed in the Grading
35. Item 23, “Berm Embankment” – LS. Build to contours, this must mean it is paid to        Plans. Quantities for this Lump Sum item are
neat line to design quantities?                                                             estimated in the Summary Tables.
                                        Question                                                                  Response
                                                                                             There is an error in the M&P, this should say
36. Item No. 28, “Remove Fire Hydrant”, How does overlap apply to Hydrants?                  REMOVED.
                                                                                             Removed the word "salvage" from the M&P and
37. Item No. 37, “Remove Pipe Culvert”, What is required for salvage?                        replaced with "dispose"
38. Item No. 39, “Remove Asphalt Driveway, A. Does not include discontinued roads
within the limits of the new roadbed or roads that are disturbed in performing other items   As noted on sheet RM-31, SM-59, and Spec
of work. B. Excluded from measurement and payment under “Roadway Excavation.” Is             0221M (Pg. 2 of 2) - There are two driveways on
there anywhere that the removal of Asphalt Driveways is not incidental to other items of     Center Street (C-Line) which this Bid Item apply
work?                                                                                        to.
                                                                                             Remove Concrete Pavement and Remove
                                                                                             Asphalt Pavement will be paid by the SY. This
                                                                                             item is completely independent and exclusive from
                                                                                             Roadway Excavation. Removal locations are as
                                                                                             shown in the Removal Sheets and the Summary
39. Item No.(s) 42 and 43 - Same question as for item No.39                                  Sheets.
40. Item No. 44, Stabilize Abandon Pipe – Paid by the Cubic Yard?                            Take tickets.
                                                                                             This Bid Item will paid by the CY per Plan
41. Item No.46, “ Roadway Excavation” Is this paid as design quantity or surveyed            Quantity as specified in the Contract Plans and
quantities?                                                                                  Standard Specification 02316.

                                                                                      M&P has been revised. Text describing "overlap
42. Item 50, “Embankment for High Strength Geotextile” – How does overlap and         and stitching" does not apply to this Bid Item and
stitching apply to this item?                                                         has been removed. See addendum 2.
                                                                                      Compaction is required throughout the entire
                                                                                      surcharge area (locations and heights) as
43. Item 52 and 54, “Surcharge (Borrow and Granular Borrow)” – Is compaction required specified in the Contract Plans and in Special
throughout the entire surcharge, or just to the limit of anticipated settlement?      Provision 02411S (Pg. 2 of 2).
                                                                                             Quantities will be by the SY as measured for
                                                                                             actual work performed. Panel REPAIR /
                                                                                             RESTORATION does not apply to this Bid Item
                                                                                             and subsequently Section 3.3 has been removed
44. Item No. 95, “Crack and Seat Existing Concrete Pavement” – What does it mean             from Special Provision 02738S. See addendum
accepted quantities? Why repair spalls in crack and seat concrete?                           2.
                                        Question                                                                 Response
                                                                                            Payment for Granular Backfill Borrow does not
                                                                                            include any of the "fixed costs related to Driven
45. Item No. 175, “Granular Backfill Borrow” – Include all fixed costs to Driven Piles in   Piles". This text has been removed from the
this item. Is this the real intent?                                                         M&P. See addendum 2.
46. Is the UDOT borrow site considered on-site and is this location covered by OCIP for
insurance purposes.                                                                         The UDOT pit, if used, is covered by OCIP.
                                                                                            See spec 00555 for requirements for haul road,
47. Access Road for Segment 2 at 500 South Bountiful, what are the surface                  article 1.9 paragraph G subparagraph 2. Surface
requirements and maintenance? Cost is incidental to Mob.                                    requirements will not be provided.
                                                                                       Text has been added to the M&P of the Spread 4
                                                                                       inch Topsoil and Spread 12 inch Topsoil Bid Items
                                                                                       to state that payment for these Bid Items will
                                                                                       include "removal and disposal of any roots or
                                                                                       debris larger than 2 inches in diameter or 12
48. Items 363-364 “Spread Topsoil” - How is UDOT going to pay for any debris           inches in length from the owner furnished topsoil."
encountered within the existing stockpiled topsoil?                                    See addendum 2.
49. Spec 00555S 1.9.K; “Right of Way Limitations” – Work restrictions of 3 parcels. No Hard copy maps of the ROW available for pick-up
right of way drawings available. Where are the 3 parcels?                              at the Legacy Office 4001 South 700 East Suite
                                                                                       As stated in the spec, if the warranty work requires
50. Spec 00555S -1.9.G.2 ,1.14.B.1; “Failure to Complete on Time” Why are LD’s being closure of Legacy Parkway, liquidated damages
charged for warranty work?                                                             will be assessed.

51. Spec 00555S - 1.9.G.3; “City and County Contacts” – Can the State provide contact
names for city and county permits and/or required permits and associated costs?             No, this is the responsibility of the contractor.

                                                                                        The spec states that now work will be preformed
                                                                                        within 1000 feet of an occupied dwelling. This
52. 00555S 1.9.B-C – No construction performed within 1000’ of occupied residential     includes dwellings built during construction. It will
dwelling. Will UDOT provide a map of areas that fall within this limitation? What about be the contractors responsibility to determine if
those that will be built during construction?                                           work is within 1000 ft.
                                                                                        The tolerances for the berm construction are listed
53. 00726S –“Quality Performance Evaluation” What accuracy do the berms need to be in the 01721M Survey Special provision Article 3.5
constructed to?                                                                         Paragraph C.
                                         Question                                                                 Response

                                                                                             The Incentives Program as put forward is based
                                                                                             on what is important to the Department, and that
                                                                                             is to have the whole roadway/project completed
                                                                                             on time. If the entire project is not complete, there
54. 00726S 3.1.C – “Early Substantial Completion Incentive” Why is this paid based on        is no benefit for the Department, therefore it is
all 3 segments being substantially complete? Concept will not work.                          based on all segments being complete.

                                                                                             The Incentives Program as put forward is based
                                                                                             on what is important to the Department, and that
                                                                                             is to have the whole roadway/project completed
                                                                                             on time. If the entire project is not complete, there
55. 00726S 3.2 – Is this incentive based on all 3 segments, or does segment 1 stand          is no benefit for the Department, therefore it is
alone?                                                                                       based on all segments being complete.
                                                                                       If the utility is unknown it is an unforeseen
                                                                                       condition. See UDOT Standard Specifications
                                                                                       00727 1.8 G. Work due to unforeseen conditions
56. 00727M, K “Control of Work” – How can the contractor be responsible for utility    will be compensated as negotiated with the
conflicts if they are unknown at the time of bid?                                      segment manager.
                                                                                       As the specification states, it is the contractor's
                                                                                       responsibility to coordinate with the developer and
                                                                                       the city. As the specification states, the
57. 00727M, 1.9.H - “Control of Work” – 4 30” pipes to be placed to service Foxborough construction will occur concurrently with Legacy
Subdivision. What are the time constraints?                                            Parkway.

                                                                                             The DRB is for the entire project, and the cost is
                                                                                             shared by all segments. There may be times a
                                                                                             segment is not involved, yet they still pay, but
                                                                                             there may be other times when they are involved
58. 00730S 1.6.A – “Compensation for Dispute Resolution Board” – Why are we                  but another segment is not. Also, having a single
accountable for costs incurred by other segments?                                            DRB ensure consistency, which is a cost benefit.
59. 01554S; 3.9.A – “Maintenance & Reconstruction of Roads” – Request the design             See clarifications for design information on SR-68.
section and loadings for all of the UDOT roads that lead to the project that will be used as If haul roads are city streets this information will
haul roads.                                                                                  need to be requested of them.
                                          Question                                                                 Response
                                                                                       01554S 3.9A describes working with the
                                                                                       Department and local governments regarding haul
                                                                                       roads. The results of this coordination must be
60. 01554S, 3.9.B. – Does this imply the presence of a maintenance crew for excavation implemented, which may or may not mean the
and reconstruction portions of the road as they fail under truck traffic?              presence of a maintenance crew.

                                                                                         Moving or modifying the location of the temporary
                                                                                         fence at the direction of the engineer is included in
61. 01561S, 1.5.B – “Relocation of Temp Environmental Fence” – How will this be paid? the unit cost for the fence.
62. 01571S, 1.5.B – Do we have to maintain and repair erosion control measures until     As stated in the spec, yes.
2010 (through 70% of the establishment period)?
                                                                                         No. If you choose to use the USBQ and LPS site,
63. 02056S, 1.8.A.6 – Will water utilized at the UBSQ and LPS be paid for under the dust the unit price of the material should reflect water
control and watering item?                                                               usage.
                                                                                         All equipment, materials, and labor required to
                                                                                         operate the site and maintain environmental
                                                                                         compliance for the site will not be paid for
64. 02056S, 1.8.A.7 – How will the no trespassing signs be paid for?                     separately.
                                                                                             Material that supports the trail is paid for in the unit
                                                                                             cost for borrow. The material that does not
                                                                                             support the trail is paid for a Berm Embankment.
                                                                                             Berm Embankment may be on-site material or
65. 02056S, 2.9.A – “Berm Embankment” – Does existing material meet the                      imported and is paid for as Lump Sum. All
specifications outlined in 2.9A & B? If not, how will imported material be paid for?         material must meet specs.
66. 02056S, 3.2.A – Does the 30 day waiting period apply to the UBSQ site?                   Yes

                                                                                             As the specification states, sew the joint to provide
                                                                                             a seam that develops the ultimate strength of the
67. 02075S, 3.7.B – Is overlapping of the high strength geotextile acceptable?               high strength stabilization geotextile.

68. 02075S, 3.7.G-H – Do we need to use LGP Dozers to spread the first 18” of                The contractor should select the type of
material? Spec states trucks may not travel on an area until there is at least 18” of fill   equipment required to meet the specification.
                                        Question                                                                Response
                                                                                           We do not know of any asbestos-cement pipe but
                                                                                           in the case that some is discovered spec 02221M
69. 02223S, 3.2.A – “Asbestos Pipe” – Is there any asbestos pipe? If so, how is it paid.   is being modified. Please see addendum 2 for
(02221M does not clarify)                                                                  modifications.

                                                                                          There is no reason why the test fill could not be
                                                                                          constructed in the final position if the fill area
70. 02331S, 3.2.A – “Test Fill” Can the test fill be constructed in final position?       meets the dimensions stated in the specification.
                                                                                          It is included in the Lump Sum cost of the
71. 02332S, 3.1.B – How is sub-excavation paid?                                           retaining wall.
                                                                                          It is paid for by the pipe. The biggest costs are
72. 02617S, - “Cleanout Existing Pipe Culvert” – Shouldn’t this be paid based upon lineal incurred in bringing the proper equipment and
footage and diameter?                                                                     crews on-site to complete the work.
                                                                                           The contractor should determine the type of
73. 02738S – “Crack and Seat” – Is the use of a concrete breaker mounted on an             equipment necessary to meet the requirements in
excavator acceptable?                                                                      the specification.
74. 02738S, 3.2.C – Any soft spots, rocking pieces, unsuitable material will be removed.
How will this be paid?                                                                     This is covered under the Soft Spot Repair item.
75. 02765M, 3.4.A – Is grinding permitted?                                                 As stated in the spec, no.
76. 02812S, 3.3.J – Where do we dispose of excess backfill? Conflicting instructions       It should be incorporated in the existing site
have been provided.                                                                        grades.
                                                                                           It is included in the Lump Sum cost of the
77. 02832S, 3.1.A.4 – How is the sub-excavation paid?                                      retaining wall.
                                                                                            We are not inclined to consider this alternative
78. 02831S - Will UDOT allow an alternate for precast cantilever wall sections?            this time.
                                                                                           Absolutely NOT. Only those listed in article 1.1-A
                                                                                           of 02831S will be accepted (although we are
                                                                                           adding the Tricon wall system to each segment in
79. 02831S – May we use alternate established MSE wall companies?                          the 2nd addendum).
                                                                                           Technically, all of our MSE wall systems are D/B,
                                                                                           in that the wall company is responsible to design
                                                                                           them for all internal stability conditions. But again,
                                                                                           no variations from our approved wall systems list
80. 02831S – Will UDOT allow for design build MSE wall systems?                            will be accepted.
81. 02831S,1.5.A.1 – Will the dept. allow precast coping meeting the drawings?             No
                                         Question                                                                    Response
                                                                                                This does not give an option, it clearly states the
82. Section 00820M - States that we have the option to bid job using either OCIP or our         contractor is to use the OCIP. This is an OCIP
own insurance. Is this correct? If so, you need to set up a bid item accordingly.               project.

                                                                                              It is required that the irrigation controller
                                                                                              manufacturer provide the converter mounted
                                                                                              inside the satellite controller assembly. The
                                                                                              irrigation control system manufacturer has
                                                                                              confirmed that they will provide and install the
                                                                                              converter in the satellite controller assembly in
                                                                                              their production facility. The General Contractor
                                                                                              must have either the irrigation control system
83. The irrigation system Ethernet line is connected to the fiber optic line via a converter. authorized representative or fiber optics contractor
Our sprinkler suppliers will not bid that converter. We would appreciate it if Hunt electric complete only the final connection of fiber optics to
could bid this purchase and installation.                                                     converter in the field.
                                                                                              The boulder quantity needs to be revised to 421.
84. The Bid shows 363 boulders and we count 445 boulders.                                     This will be shown in Addendum 2.
                                                                                                There are surplus properties along the ROW that
                                                                                                may be available to the contractor but the
                                                                                                contractor will be responsible for any material
                                                                                                stored on-site. There are several buildings
                                                                                                located along the project, consult with the
                                                                                                segment manager to determine if there is an
85. Sprinkler irrigation parts and pipe bids are not held by our suppliers longer than 30       available location. Regarding payment see the
days. If awarded the project, we will need a secure location to immediately ship these          UDOT Standard Specifications 01282 1.15
materials to. Will there be one on site? Will the owner pay for materials stored on site?       Payment for Materials on hand.
86. The topsoil is stockpiled in areas where it must be moved to accommodate
construction of the roadway (i.e. sheets 1-DT-30, also 26-29). Is there room to pile it         It is the contractors responsibility to stage the
near the fence line where it will not have to be moved until spreading?                         stockpile locations in the most efficient locations.
87. There are piles of debris filled soil near stockpiles of topsoil. We were told during our
on-site tour that those piles are debris from the environmental protection area and they        Per the Site Clearing and Grubbing Specification
will need to be hauled off.. Are we to assume that those piles will be hauled off by            (Section 02231 and 02231M) it is the contractors
others?                                                                                         responsibility to remove debris.
                                          Question                                                                   Response
88. Of the specified trees we are not finding a source for the 1-1/2 inch caliper
Cecocarpus ledifolias, Acer grandidentatum, or Quecus muehlenbergii. Are we to                   The estimated time for the planting of trees is the
assume another variety will be allowed, or does the owner have a source for these trees?         fall of 2008 early 2009. The owner does not have
Perhaps we will have time to grow them from 5 gal size. When do you suppose that we              a source for these trees. No other varieties will be
will be planting trees?                                                                          allowed at this time.
                                                                                                  "Yes." For contractor furnished driven piles, use
Question on the Contractor supplied pipe pile.....Can the Pipe be API 5L X-65 with No            API 5L X-65, except hydrostatic testing is not
Hydrostatic Testing ???                                                                          required.

Pages 1-IR-20 and 1-IR-21 refer us to see Page 1-IR-73 for the irrigation on Center
Street west of the new Parkway. However there is no Page 1-IR-73 in the plan set for              The sheets for 1-IR-72 and 1-IR-73 were not
Segment 1 Also further west is shown to be landscaped on Page 1-LS-73 and 1-LS-72,               printed with the segment 1construction
however once again no irrigation is shown on any of the detail sheets or irrigation sheets.      documents. The sheets were added to addendum
Please clarify the irrigation in this area or supply the missing irrigation sheets.              1.
                                                                                                 There are 3 prefab bridges. There are 2 in
                                                                                                 segment 2 and 1 in segment 1. The ones in
                                                                                                 segment 2 are in Volume 3, C-946 and C-947.
Could you please tell me if there are prefab pedestrian bridges on all of these phases?          Segment One has one prefab bridge, structure
Also what is the drawings number and in what volume can I find them in.                          number C-943, Multi-use trail over City Canal.
1.    I would like to know if the Transverse Joints are Doweled all the way across the
road way or is just the main line reinforced. I’m having trouble interrupting the standard
PV 4.                                                                                            Dowel bars in shoulders: Not required.
2.    I’m also questioning the size of Dowel for the various depths of pavement for 10”,         For the different concrete pavement depths use
11”, 11.5” and 12.5”. The standard PV 4 is only saying 1 ¼”Ø x 18” and I just want to            the 1 1/4" diameter bar for all of the depths of
verify that for sure.                                                                            concrete.

1. Structure F-644 NB & SB have an Aesthetic drawing sheet 10 & 11 of 11- F-644A
These plans do not reflect the type of bridges that are F-644. It appears to be a general
drawing used for the larger structures. The problem is that it is difficult to quantify the SF   Plans were modified for Construction Add. No. 1
of color and stain or exactly which areas need the color treatment. There is no slope            The exposed area of concrete abutment and
paving or end pieces on this structure either. Please clarify this issue.                        wingwall must receive the color treatment.
2. Structure F-644 shows RipRap and yet there is no item in the structure for this. The
summary sheets show riprap at Jordan river but the stationing is incorrect based on the          The rip-rap is shown and paid for in the DR
structure drawings.                                                                              sheets.
                                        Question                                                                   Response
3. Structure F-644A on sheet 6 of 11 it shows soil improvements. How is the excavation        Excavation is paid for by Roadway Excavation,
paid for. The roadway exc. does not show excavation at Sta. 6002.235 also how is the          and import backfill material is paid for as
import backfill materials paid for?                                                           Embankment for Bridge.
4. Items 186, 200 & 214 for Repair Primer Coat Items which normally are associated with
a steel girder bridge are at a precast concrete beam bridge with steel W-Beam                 Yes, this item covers the galvanized steel
diaphragms which according to the plans are galvanized. Are these 3 paint items for           diaphragms. Stell Diaphragms and hardware are
painting the steel diaphragms? Who has the steel diaphragms and hardware?                     owner furnished.
5. Measurement and Payment for items 184, 198, & 212 owner furnished items refer to
steel plate girders but the weight and/or qty is very small in the 3 items so I assume that
theses are the steel diaphragms for the concrete beams. Please clarify. Do they get           Yes, this item covers the galvanized steel
paint?                                                                                        diaphragms.
The index to sheets pg 2 shows UDOT Half Barrier BA2, but I can't find it in the plan         The index sheet is incorrect. The is some cast-in-
anywhere??? It is not listed in the barrier summary sheets SM43 44 45. Have I missed          place half barrier, but there is no precast half
it?                                                                                           barrier in Segment 3.
1. The specifications call for a the truss to be a "modified bowstring truss" (05125S 3 B)
and the plans clearly are showing a Pratt style truss (C943 Sheet 1 of 9). Which is
correct?                                                                                      This was fixed in addendum 2.
2. The plans (C-943 Sheet 2 of 9) show the floor beams attached to the bottom of the          The contractor must submit shop drawings of their
truss. Is this required or can and H-style truss be utilized? An H-truss could be a more      proposed bridge for review and approval. Thus,
efficient design, but would require the backwall height (C-943 Sheet 6 of 9) "12"+/- Verify   designs may require modifications to abutment
with Bridge Manufacturer" to about 30".                                                       backwall.
3. Plans (C-943 Sheet 2 of 9) call for a 1 1/4" O.D. Pipe Handrail, the specifications
(05125S 3.2-K) call for a wood surfaced S4S timber rail to be placed 2'-10" above the         Specs have been revised for Construction Add
deck. Which is correct?                                                                       No. 2
4. Specifications (05125S 3.2-J) are calling for vertical safety rails and are calling for
them to be placed on the inside of the truss. The plans (C-943 Sheet 2 of 9) are showing
horizontal railings placed on the outside of the structure. Which is correct and if           Specs have been revised for Construction Add
horizontal rails are desired, can we place them on the inside of the truss?                   No. 2

                                                                                          Pipe distance between mainline pipe and isolation
                                                                                          gate varies depending on locations. The isolation
                                                                                          valve must be placed off the trail and coordinated
1. Drawing 3-IPDT-02, Submainline Stub-out, note 3, says to refer to offset between       with the installation of the "Irrigation submainline
isolation gate valve and flushing hydrant. What is the connection to stub-out? Also what connection". The connection to the stub out is
is distance between tee and valve? The detail says refer to plans for dimension, but plan shown on the "Connection to submainline stub-out
sheets do not show this distance.                                                         assembly" detail.
                                          Question                                                                    Response
2. Spec. section 02621S-3.2E calls for grout plug in casing. Drawings show end seals for Install mainline casings with seal per "Casing End
irrigation mainline. Please clarify.                                                     Seal" in details.

                                                                                                 All utilities must first be verified to be abandoned
                                                                                                 and can be removed for the installation of new
                                                                                                 HDPE casing for irrigation system. Abandoned
3. Can abandoned utilities at HDPE casings be removed to install casings?                        utilities cannot be used for casing materials.
4. Are all splices for tracer wire to be within valve boxes? Drawing 3-IPDT-11 (Tracer
Wire Detail) does not call out valve box, but 3-IRDT-11 (Tracing wire concept – note 1)
calls for splicing in valve box (refers to submainline).                                         All tracing wire splices shall be in valve boxes.
                                                                                                 The thrust block shall be constructed with Class A
5. What class concrete is required for thrust blocks? Spec. section 02812S-2.4G refers to concrete with a 28 day compressive strength of
UDOT spec. 03055.3.2.A Table 3, but does not specify class.                                      3000 psi.
6. Is entire depth of backfill for irrigation mainline to be placed in 6” lifts as called for in
Spec. 02812S-3.3G? Or does this just refer to pipe bedding?                                      All backfill will be placed in 6" lifts and compacted.
                                                                                                 Segments 1 and 2 are the only segments that
                                                                                                 have 6" pipe, these segments specifications show
                                                                                                 the allowable leakage for 6" mainline. Segment 3
7. What is the allowable for leakage for 6” mainline? Table 1, Spec. 2812S-1.6F only             has no 6" pipe so there is no leak data in the
shows 8” pipe.                                                                                   specifications.
                                                                                                 The risk of finding unsuitable material is the
8. If unsuitable material is encountered below irrigation or other pipe, will payment be         contractors. You need to evaluate that and put
made under Stabilization Rock bid items if it is required to provide an adequate                 that in your bid items. It is not paid for under
foundation?                                                                                      unsuitable rock.

                                                                                                 If the waste is rejected UDOT will negotiate costs
9. In Segment 2, Spec. section 013555, pg. 5 of 16, para. C1.b, if waste is rejected by          with the contractor to get paid for disposal. This is
Bountiful Landfill and needs to be disposed of at an alternate site, how will this be paid       a risk that falls to UDOT. There are no other
for? Are you aware of other waste sites available if this situation is encountered?              know sites of hazardous material.
Hi I'm trying to figure out why you are requiring API pipe piling on the Legacy project,
when all you have to do is order A 252 Gr 3 with 65,000 yield and you would get the same         The owner furnished piles are ASTM A252, Grade
material, I furnished all the other pipe for the Legacy project that you have on the ground      3 ERW piling with a modified 65ksi minimum yield
now, which was A 252 Gr 3 with 65,000 yield, you are now costing the state a extra $             strength. The plans call for new piles to conform
250.00 a ton, which would come out to be about $500,155.00 on just 48,000 lf of 16 X             to the API 5L X-65 spec, which includes a yield
.500,                                                                                            strength of 65ksi as required by design.
                                        Question                                                               Response

                                                                                      The intent of special provision 05834S is that
                                                                                      either new, pressure-treated timber or reclaimed
                                                                                      timber are acceptable for use as part of the
                                                                                      boardwalk structures. Also note that the Design
                                                                                      Data on the drawings show the timber to be
                                                                                      Douglas-Fir-Larch, No. 1 or better which is
                                                                                      consistent with the calculations; however, the
1. Segment 2, Spec. section 05834S (Timber Boardwalk), para. 2.1, names Trestlewood special provisions indicate that Douglas-Fir, Grade
as an Acceptable Supplier for Reclaimed Timber. Para. 2.2 specifies new pressure      No. 2 or better. The drawings are correct and the
treated timber. Is either reclaimed lumber from Trestlewwod, or new, pressure-treated special provision should be revised, see
lumber acceptable for the boardwalks?                                                 addendum 2 for revision.

                                                                                            Sheet 13 details are applicable for the abutment
                                                                                            bearing pads and Sheet 28 details pertain to
                                                                                            bearing pads at the piers. The 18"x 18"x6" will be
For the Pedestrian Trail over Legacy Parkway (DWG NO. P-21) sheet 13 of 49 the              comprised of 11- 1/2 " internal pads, 2- 1/4 "
bearing is noted as the following: 18" x 18" x 6" (elastomer only) reinforced elastomeric   external layers and 12 14 gage laminates. The
bearing pad bonded to plate On sheet 28 of 46 the bearing is noted as the following: 22"    22"x 22" x 3" pads will be comprised of 5 - 1/2"
x 22" x 3" (elastomer only) reinforced elastomeric bearing pad There are no details for     internal pads, 2 - 1/4" external pads and 6- 14
the bearing pads. Is it a plain pad? If it is laminated, how many shims, what are the       gage laminates. Addendum 2 drawings have been
external layer thickness and internal layer thickness?                                      updated with this info.

                                                                                            Segment 1 has a pay item for "Remove and
                                                                                           Salvage Chain Link Fence". However in Segment
                                                                                           3 we only have a pay item for "Remove Fence",
This question is regarding the special provisions on removal and storage of chain link     the 12,500 feet of fence removal is not all chain
fencing within segment 3. Where is it to be stored? Address please and hours the           link fence. There was only a small amount of
location is to be accessible. This is a major bidding consideration due to the 12,500 feet chain link in segment 3 so we did not intend on
of removal. Two hours have been spent trying to find any information within the special salvaging any of the chain link. All of the fence
provisions documents! If the information IS within the documentation, please inform me removed in Segment 3 will become the property of
specifically where it is.                                                                  the Contractor for them to dispose of.
what is the plan for QA and QC testing on all of the soils and concrete for this project?
What percentage of this materials testing is UDOT going to do themselves and or is this
still a mandatory requirement for the general contractor as per UDOT-Sampling and          The QC testing is being done by the contractor
Testing Frequency (performed by contractor)?                                               and the QA testing is being done by UDOT.
                                       Question                                                              Response
Seg 3 1. Under Spec. Provisions 00555S, 1.9K, Right of Way Limitations, provide dates
when the Department expects release for entry of each of these parcels.                  See addendum 3 for dates.

Seg 3 2. Under Spec. Provisions 01554S, Para 1.6T, Maintenance of Roadways, limits
and requires the Contractor to maintain existing number of lanes during peak weekday
and weekend periods. This appears to be an unreasonable restriction given the amount
of work required at I-15 and US-89. Pursuant to Spec. Provisions 01554S, 1.10,
Payment Procedures, B. Price Adjustments, the Department reduces payment for a
number of reasons to include failure to meet the requirements of the 01554S
specification, citing Liquidated Damages in accordance with proration of the Contractor's
bid for traffic control or the Table in Section 00555S. Is it the Department's intent to
charge damages pursuant to this schedule for failure to provide the minimum number of
lanes? If so, does the Department charge the higher cost of 60,000,000 contract at
$8000/day in the Liq. Damages Table in Section 0555S or Daily cost of Traffic Control?    Specification clarified see addendum 3.

Seg 3 3. Under Spec. Provisions 01554S, Para. 1.6T, Maintenance of Roadways, limits
the Contractor to 10 nighttime closures of I-15 and 4 nighttime closures of US-89. This
appears to be an unreasonable restriction given the amount of time of structure erection
across I-15 and US-89. Pursuant to Spec. Provisions 015545, 1.10, Payment
Procedures, B. Price Adjustments, the Department reduces payment for a number of
reasons to include failure to meet the requirements of the 01554S specification, citing
Liquidated Damages in accordance with proration of the Contractors bid for Traffic
Control or the Table in Section 00555S. Is it the Department's intent to charge damages
pursuant to this schedule for exceeding the maximum number of closures? If so, does
the Department charge the higher cost of 60,000,000 contract at $8000/day in the Liq.
Damages Table in Section 0555S or Daily cost of Traffic Control?                         Specification clarified see addendum 3.
                                        Question                                                                Response

 Seg 1 1. Under Spec. Provisions 01554S, Para 1.6T, Maintenance of Roadways, limits
and requires the Contractor to maintain existing number of lanes during peak weekday
and weekend periods. This appears to be an unreasonable restriction given the amount
of work required at I-215. Pursuant to Spec. Provisions 01554S, 1.10, Payment
Procedures, B. Price Adjustments, the Department reduces payment for a number of
reasons to include failure to meet the requirements of the 01554S specification, citing
Liquidated Damages in accordance with proration of the Contractor's bid for traffic control
or the Table in Section 00555S. Is it the Department's intent to charge damages pursuant
to this schedule for failure to provide the minimum number of lanes? If so, does the
Department charge the higher cost of 60,000,000 contract at $8000/day in the Liq.
Damages Table in Section 0555S or Daily cost of Traffic Control?                            Specification clarified see addendum 3.

2. Under Spec. Provisions 01554S, Para. 1.6T, Maintenance of Roadways, limits the
Contractor to 2 closures of I-215. This appears to be an unreasonable restriction given
the amount of time of surcharge work in I-215. Pursuant to Spec. Provisions 015545,
1.10, Payment Procedures, B. Price Adjustments, the Department reduces payment for a
number of reasons to include failure to meet the requirements of the 01554S
specification, citing Liquidated Damages in accordance with proration of the Contractors
bid for Traffic Control or the Table in Section 00555S. Is it the Department's intent to
charge damages pursuant to this schedule for exceeding the maximum number of
closures? If so, does the Department charge the higher cost of 60,000,000 contract at
$8000/day in the Liq. Damages Table in Section 0555S or Daily cost of Traffic Control?     Specification clarified see addendum 3.
3. What is the Department's anticipated construction schedule, by phase, for the            We provided a concept plan, but we did not
constructability scenario outlined in Segment 1 CLARIFICATIONS: Segment 1                  provide time tables. This is the responsibility of
CONSTRUCTABILITY?                                                                          the contractor.
4. Does this schedule anticipate that the full settlement periods will be required for the Yes, full settlement periods were examined and
surcharges between approximately station 2058+00 and 2074+00.                              used in evaluating our schedule.

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