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									                                Rainer Schwabe
Kellogg School of Management                                          Phone: (732) 429-9411
Northwestern University                        Email: r-schwabe@kellogg.northwestern.edu
5100 Jacobs Center                                                                Sex: Male
Evanston, IL 60208                                         Citizenship: Mexico and Germany
www.rainer-schwabe.info                                              U.S. permanent resident

Current Position
Postdoctoral Fellow, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University (2010-2011).

Princeton University, Ph.D. in Economics (2010).
Princeton University, M.A. in Economics (2006).
Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM), M.A. in Economic Theory (2004).
University of Notre Dame, Bachelor of Business Administration with Finance Concentration

General Examination
Political Economy and Microeconomic Theory (2006).

Research Interests
Political Economy, Microeconomic Theory, Game Theory, Decision Theory.

Job Market Paper
Reputation and Accountability in Repeated Elections
Abstract: This paper studies a model of infinitely repeated elections in which voters attempt
simultaneously to select competent politicians and to provide them with incentives to exert
costly effort. Voters are unable to incentivize effort if they base their reelection decisions
only on incumbent reputation. However, equilibria in which voters use reputation-dependent
performance cutoffs (RDC) to make reelection decisions exist and support positive effort. In
these equilibria, politicians' effort is decreasing in reputation, and expected performance is
decreasing in tenure. Like the equilibria in Ferejohn 1986, RDC equilibria rely on voters
being indifferent between reelecting incumbents and electing challengers. I show that this
voter-indifference condition is closely related to renegotiation-proofness.

Other Working Papers
“Does Exposing Corrupt Politicians Reduce Corruption?” with Gustavo Bobonis and Luis
“Super Tuesday: Campaign Finance and the Dynamics of Sequential Elections.”
“Preference for Variety” with Karen Kaiser.
“Recruiting, Elections, and the Quality of Government.”

Other Research Experience
Research Assistant for Prof. John B. Londregan, Princeton University (2010).
Research Assistant for Prof. Roland Benabou, Princeton University (2007).
Research Assistant for Prof. Sangeeta Pratap, ITAM (2002-2004).

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Teaching Experience
Masters level:
Values Based Leadership. Teaching Assistant for Prof. Tim Feddersen (2010).
Poverty, Inequality and Health in the World. Teaching Assistant for Prof. Angus Deaton
Undergraduate level:
Microeconomic Theory: A Mathematical Approach. Teaching Assistant for Prof. Stephen
Morris (2010).
Microeconomic Theory. Teaching Assistant for Prof. Smita Brunnermeier (2009).
American Economic History. Teaching Assistant for Prof. Elizabeth Bogan (2007).
Strategy and Information. Teaching Assistant for Prof. Dilip Abreu (2007).
Ethics and Economics. Grader for Prof. Thomas Leonard (2006).

Other teaching experience:
Junior Summer Institute, Woodrow Wilson School, Tutor and Grader for Statistics and
Microeconomics (Summer 2009).
Grader for MBA Microeconomics course, ITAM (2003).
English as a second language instructor, Polish University of Lithuania (Summer 1997).

American Political Science Association (APSA) 2009 annual meeting.
Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) – Center for Economic Research (CIE).
University of Toronto – Department of Economics.
Princeton University – Microeconomic Theory and Political Economy Seminars.

Professional Experience
Equity Research Analyst, EFG Hermes (2001-2002)                              Cairo, Egypt
Financial Advisor, Prudential Apolo (2000-2001)                    Aguascalientes, Mexico

Fluent English and Spanish.

John Londregan                Scott Ashworth                 Stephen Morris
Woodrow Wilson School         The Harris School              Department of Economics
Princeton University          University of Chicago          Princeton University
217 Bendheim Hall             1155 E. 60th Street            211 Fisher Hall
Princeton, NJ 08544           Chicago, IL 60637              Princeton, NJ 08540
jbl@princeton.edu             sashwort@uchicago.edu          smorris@princeton.edu

Adam Meirowitz
Department of Politics
Princeton University
040 Corwin Hall
Princeton, NJ 08544


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