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					    PSM Technical Briefing Seminar:
           Day One report
 From 3 by 5 to Universal Access
        Information flow key for programs involving chronic
         management: need for strategic information sharing on
         PSM at national level
        Need to invest in the health care delivery systems
        Opportunity to develop pharmaceutical sector
        Build on existing capacity
        HR: Task shifting training HR for additional
        Increasing lead times with increasing chances of
         wastage: need for companies to invest in increased
    PSM Technical Briefing Seminar:
           Day One report
 From 3 by 5 to Universal access
       Harmonization of country level PSM planning,
        budgeting and reporting
       Universal access should address a package of
        continuum of care: prevention, treatment and
        care for all who need it. Countries could set
        own targets.
        PSM Technical Briefing Seminar:
               Day One report
 GDF – role in Universal access to TB treatment
     Addressing increasing demand of raw materials for TB drugs
     Need to support and encourage R&D for development of new
     NRAs have final say on what can be imported in the countries
     Harmonization of management of consultants through audit
        PSM Technical Briefing Seminar:
               Day One report
 MMSS – role in Universal access to Malaria Rx
     Short shelf life of ACTs
      Quantification and Forecasting constraints
     Controversial MoU between WHO and Novartis – to get low
      priced supplies of ACTs
     Presence of only one pre-qualified supplier of ACTs
     GF accepts procurement of products pre-qualified by WHO or
      any other stringent NRA in ICH/PICS countries
     Issue of making ACTs available through private sector was
     Debate on the need for continued production of monotherapy
      artemisinin derivatives while shifting to ACTs
     No sufficient data on safe use of ACTs in pregnancy- SP still use
      despite resistance
           PSM Technical Briefing Seminar:
                  Day One report
   Key principles:
          transparent and competitive procurement
          Best prices available
          Follow international and national laws
          Ensure product quality – WHO pre-qualified, ICH/PICS
     PSM plans to be ready before grant signing
     PSM plans can be reviewed as long the budget ceiling
      does not change
     Countries are encouraged to include TA in their plans
       PSM Technical Briefing Seminar:
              Day One report
 Price Reporting Mechanisms
   GF requires countries to report price and sources of
    products bought using GFATM funds
   Prices of innovator medicines are publicly available
    unlike generics
   Weak reporting from country level procurement to
   Plea: share PRM with clients but ask them to report to
   PRM currently only for ARVs
     PSM Technical Briefing Seminar:
              Day One report
 Supply Chain Management Systems
     New partnership for SC mechanism for PEPFAR
     It is a partnership made of profit and nonprofit NGOs
      and FBOs
     Meant to augment and support existing system: Not
     Wide consultation made and endorsed by many focus
     Not meant to create parallel system but work with
      public, faith based and private commercial
     PSM Technical Briefing Seminar:
            Day One report

 Happy Hour for the consultants – continued
 Long, windy and     freezing   walk   to   Adina
  Apartment Hotels
 Day one was done!
  Thank you

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