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    JOB ID #: 157                                                            Posting Date: 04/27/10

POSITION:           Director of Training

                    SimCom Training Centers offers business and general aviation pilots the best quality
                    simulator training. We are currently seeking a Director of Training for our Lee Vista
                    Orlando Training Center to join our team of professionals.

JOB DESCRIPTION:    To follow the guidance of the Training Center Manager in the operations of the Orlando
                    Lee Vista Training Center in order to maximize profits and produce satisfied customers.
                    1. Assist the Training Center Manager with all Orlando Lee Vista training operations and
                    2. Maintain appropriate instructor pilot ratios to best utilize staffing and profitability.
                    3. Responsible for appropriate personnel staffing to inc lude recruiting and hiring.
                    4. Oversee the maintenance of existing training programs and development of new
                        training programs.
                    5. Working with the Director of Compliance and Standardization in maintaining the
                        simulators in a ready for training status.
                    6. Assuring compliance with FAA and other regulations.
                    7. Act as first point of contact for all instructor issues and needs as well as day to day
                        schedule modifications (that require approval) for both Prop and Jet.
                    8. Responsible for insuring time sheets and pay changes for instructors at the Orlando
                        Lee Vista Training Center is entered and submitted to the Human Resources
                        Department in an accurate and timely manner. Responsible for keeping the Work
                        Activity record accurate and up to date.
                    9. Responsible for customer satisfaction by delivering the product they want and expect.
                        Project to them our genuine care and concern. Proactively seek out their problems and
                        immediately solve them to their complete and total satisfaction. Maintain the keys to
                        quality. Never let the quality of our product be inappropriately compromised by
                        customer request, instructor competence, ability or energy, or by corporate economic
                        pressures. You are the keeper of the quality keys to our business.
                    10. Assist the Training Center Manager in insuring that the employees understand:
                        - The Mission and Goals of SimCom – the big picture of where we are going.
                        - The rules of our game – our culture, ethics and sense of fairness.
                        - What specific contribution they can make to SimCom’s success.
                        - Exactly where they stand, at all times, and how they can do better in the
                             performance of their responsibilities.
                        - That you want them to succeed and will be their coach and cheerleader.
                        - That they have a way to provide feedback, ideas, solutions, input and ask questions
                             about any aspect of our business.
                        - What is in it for them.
REQUIREMENTS:                   Operations background a must, 10 years minimum experience in aviation.
                                5 year minimum experience managing a 24 hour facility of 15 + employees.
                                Operational experience in high performance piston and turbo props and type rated
                                 in at least one of the business jets
                                Ability to work in a team environment and support cultural diversity.
                                Must have a high level of both written and verbal communication skills.
                                Customer service oriented.
                                Will require proficiency in MS office, e-mail systems including minimum
                                 computer operating skills.

POSITION                  Full Time salary position. Excellent compensation and benefits package

LOCATION:                 SimCom Training Center
                          6989 Lee Vista Blvd
                          Orlando, FL 32822

CONTACT:                  Tom Evans, Training Center Manager
                          Fax: 407-275-1062

SimCom Training Centers offer stability, growth and excellent pay and benefits. If you would like to learn
more about how to join the SimCom team of professionals contact us at:

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