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									    HARRIS COUNTY
                                                                            Job No. 97/0158
      Cover Sheet                                                           April 29, 1997
                                                                             DUE NO LATER THAN 1:00 P.M.

                                                                            Proposals received later than the date
                                                                            and time above will not be considered.

 PROPOSAL FOR: To Implement a Call Center for the Harris County District Clerk’s Office

                                                OFFERORS NOTE!!
Carefully read all instructions, requirements and                     Please return proposal in the envelope provided or in a
specifications.  Fill out all forms properly and                      comparable size envelope. Be sure that return envelope
completely. Submit your proposal with all appropriate                 shows the Job Number, Description and is marked
supplements and/or samples.                                           "SEALED PROPOSAL."

                                         RETURN PROPOSAL TO:
                                 HARRIS COUNTY PURCHASING AGENT
                                   1001 PRESTON AVENUE, SUITE 670
                                         HOUSTON, TEXAS 77002

For additional information, contact Sam Hughes at (713) 755-6597.

You must sign below in INK; failure to sign WILL disqualify the offer. All prices must be typewritten or written
in ink.
                    Total Amount of Proposal $____________________________

Company Name:             _________________________________________________________

Company Address:          _________________________________________________________


Telephone No. __________________________                     FAX No. __________________

Print Name: ____________________________________________________________________

Signature: ______________________________________________________________________

[Your signature attests to your offer to provide the goods and/or services in this proposal according to the published provisions of
this Job. When an award letter is issued, it becomes a part of this contract. Contract is not valid until Purchase Order is issued.]

ACCEPTED BY:_____________________________________________                                  Date:______________________

                                                                                             Page 1 of 23
                                                                  TABLE OF CONTENTS

Items checked below represent components which comprise this bid/proposal package. If the item IS NOT checked, it is NOT APPLICABLE to this
bid/proposal. Offerors are asked to review the package to be sure that all applicable parts are included. If any portion of the package is missing, notify the
Purchasing Department immediately.

It is the Offeror's responsibility to be thoroughly familiar with all Requirements and Specifications. Be sure you understand the following before you
return your bid packet.

   X      1.         Cover Sheet
                     Your company name, address, the total amount of the bid/proposal, and your signature (IN INK) should appear on this page.

   X    2. Table of Contents
                     This page is the Table of Contents.

   X 3. General Requirements
                 You should be familiar with all of the General Requirements.

   X    4. Special Requirements/Instructions
                     This section provides information you must know in order to properly make an offer.

   X    5. Specifications
                      This section contains the detailed description of the product/service sought by the County.

   X    6. Pricing/Delivery Information
                    This form is used to solicit exact pricing of goods/services and delivery costs.

   X    7. Attachments
                      X       a.          Residency Certification
                                          Be sure to complete this form and return with packet.

                     ______     b.        Bid Guaranty & Performance Bond Information & Requirements
                                          This form applies only to certain bids/proposals. Please read carefully and fill out completely.

                     ______     c.        Bid Check Form
                                          This form applies only to certain forms. Please read carefully and fill out completely.

                     ______     d.        Vehicle Delivery Instructions
                                          Included only when purchasing vehicles

                                e.        Minimum Insurance Requirements
                                          Included when applicable (does not supersede "Hold Harmless" section of General Requirements).

                              f. Workers' Compensation Insurance Coverage Rule 110.110
                                          This requirement is applicable for a building or construction contract.

                     ______     g.        Financial Statement
                                          When this information is required, you must use this form.

                     ______     h.        Reference Sheet

                        X       i.        Other
                                          From time to time other attachments may be included.

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                                                GENERAL REQUIREMENTS
                                                    FOR PROPOSALS


General Requirements apply to all advertised requests for proposals, however, these may be superseded, whole or in part, by the SPECIAL
REQUIREMENTS/INSTRUCTIONS OTHER DATA CONTAINED HEREIN. Review the Table of Contents. Be sure your proposal
package is complete.

Offeror is advised that these requirements shall be fully governed by the laws of the State of Texas and that Harris County may request and
rely on advice, decisions and opinions of the Attorney General of Texas and the County Attorney concerning any portion of these

Fill out and return to Purchasing, ONE (1) complete proposal form, using the envelope provided. An authorized company representative
should sign the Cover Sheet. Completion of these forms is intended to verify that the offeror has submitted the proposal, is familiar with its
contents and has submitted the material in accordance with all requirements.

Offerors must return all completed proposals to the Harris County Purchasing Department reception desk at 1001 Preston Avenue, Suite
670, Houston, Texas before 1:00 P.M. on the date specified. Late proposals will not be accepted.

In the event of any conflict between the terms and provisions of these requirements and the specifications, the specifications shall govern.
In the event of any conflict of interpretation of any part of this overall document, Harris County's interpretation shall govern.

When specifications are revised, the Harris County Purchasing Department will issue an addendum addressing the nature of the change.
Offerors must sign it and include it in the returned proposal package.

Contractor, the successful offeror, shall indemnify and hold Harris County harmless from all claims for personal injury, death and/or
property damage resulting directly or indirectly from contractor's performance. Contractor shall procure and maintain, with respect to the
subject matter of this proposal, appropriate insurance coverage including, as a minimum, public liability and property damage with
adequate limits to cover contractor's liability as may arise directly or indirectly from work performed under terms of this proposal.
Certification of such coverage must be provided to the County upon request.

Offeror and offeror's insurance carrier waive any and all rights whatsoever with regard to subrogation against Harris County as an indirect
party to any suit arising out of personal or property damages resulting from offeror's performance under this agreement.

If any section, subsection, paragraph, sentence, clause, phrase or word of these requirements or the specifications shall be held invalid, such
holding shall not affect the remaining portions of these requirements and the specifications and it is hereby declared that such remaining
portions would have been included in these requirements and the specifications as though the invalid portion had been omitted.

If this proposal requires submission of proposal guarantee and performance bond, there will be a separate page explaining those
requirements. Offers submitted without the required proposal bond or Cashier's Check are not acceptable.

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Harris County is exempt from all federal excise, state and local taxes unless otherwise stated in this document. Harris County claims
exemption from all sales and/or use taxes under Texas Tax Code §151.309, as amended. Texas Limited Sales Tax Exemption Certificates
will be furnished upon written request to the Harris County Purchasing Agent.

A multi-year lease or lease/purchase arrangement (if requested by the specifications), or any contract continuing as a result of an extension
option, must include fiscal funding out. If, for any reason, funds are not appropriated to continue the lease or contract, said lease or
contract shall become null and void on the last day of the current appropriation of funds. After expiration of the lease, leased equipment
shall be removed by the contractor from the using department without penalty of any kind or form to Harris County. All charges and
physical activity related to delivery, installation, removal and redelivery shall be the responsibility of the offeror.

Prices for all goods and/or services shall be negotiated to a firm amount for the duration of this contract or as agreed to in terms of time
frame. All prices must be written in ink or typewritten.

The apparent silence of specifications as to any detail, or the apparent omission from it of a detailed description concerning any point, shall
be regarded as meaning that only the best commercial practice is to prevail and that only material and workmanship of the finest quality are
to be used. All interpretations of specifications shall be made on the basis of this statement. The items furnished under this contract shall
be new, unused of the latest product in production to commercial trade and shall be of the highest quality as to materials used and
workmanship. Manufacturer furnishing these items shall be experienced in design and construction of such items and shall be an
established supplier of the item proposed.

Offerors are responsible for including all pertinent product data in the returned proposal package. Literature, brochures, data sheets,
specification information, completed forms requested as part of the proposal package and any other facts which may affect the evaluation
and subsequent contract award should be included. Materials such as legal documents and contractual agreements, which the offeror
wishes to include as a condition of the proposal, must also be in the returned proposal package. Failure to include all necessary and proper
supplemental materials may be cause to reject the entire proposal.

Under the "Hazardous Communication Act", commonly known as the "Texas Right To Know Act", a offeror must provide to the County
with each delivery, material safety data sheets which are applicable to hazardous substances defined in the Act. Failure of the offeror to
furnish this documentation will be cause to reject any bid applying thereto.

Evaluation shall be used as a determinant as to which proposed items or services are the most efficient and/or most economical for the
County. It shall be based on all factors which have a bearing on price and performance of the items in the user environment. All proposals
are subject to negotiations by the Purchasing Department and other appropriate departments, with recommendation to Commissioners
Court. Compliance with all requirements, delivery and needs of the using department are considerations in evaluating proposals. Pricing
is NOT the only criteria for making a recommendation. A preliminary evaluation by Harris County will be held and appropriate
proposals will be subjected to the negotiating process. Upon completion of the negotiations, Harris County will make an award. All
proposals that have been submitted shall be available and open for public inspection after the contract is awarded except for trade secrets or
confidential information contained in the proposals and identified as such.

Harris County reserves the right to inspect any item(s) or service location for compliance with specifications and requirements and needs of
the using department. If an offeror cannot furnish a sample of a proposed item, where applicable, for review, or fails to satisfactorily show
an ability to perform, the County can reject the offer as inadequate.

                                                                                                     Page 4 of 23
Harris County reserves the right to test equipment, supplies, material and goods proposed for quality, compliance with specifications and
ability to meet the needs of the user. Demonstration units must be available for review. Should the goods or services fail to meet
requirements and/or be unavailable for evaluation, the offer is subject to rejection.

Upon signing this proposal document, an offeror offering to sell supplies, materials, services, or equipment to Harris County certifies that
the offeror has not violated the antitrust laws of this state codified in Section 15.01, et seq., Business & Commerce Code, or the federal
antitrust laws, and has not communicated directly or indirectly the offer made to any competitor or any other person engaged in such line of
business. Any or all proposals may be rejected if the County believes that collusion exists among the offerors. Proposals in which the
prices are obviously unbalanced may be rejected. If multiple proposals are submitted by an offeror and after the proposals are opened, one
of the proposals is withdrawn, the result will be that all of the proposals submitted by that offeror will be withdrawn, however, nothing
herein prohibits a vendor from submitting multiple offers for different products or services.

Harris County reserves the right to award this contract on the basis of LOWEST AND BEST OFFER in accordance with the laws of the
State of Texas, to waive any formality or irregularity, to make awards to more than one offeror, to reject any or all proposals. In the event
the lowest dollar offeror meeting specifications is not awarded a contract, the offeror may appear before the Commissioners Court and
present evidence concerning his responsibility.

The successful offeror may not assign, sell or otherwise transfer this contract without written permission of Harris County Commissioners

If the contract is intended to cover a specific time period, the term will be given in the specifications under SCOPE.

Maintenance required for equipment proposed should be available in Harris County by a manufacturer authorized maintenance facility.
Costs for this service shall be shown on the Pricing/Delivery Information. If Harris County opts to include maintenance, it shall be so
stated in the purchase order and said cost will be included. Service will commence only upon expiration of applicable warranties and
should be priced accordingly.

Harris County Commissioners Court must award the contract and the County Judge or other person authorized by the Harris County
Commissioners Court must sign the contract before it becomes binding on Harris County or the offeror. Department heads are NOT
authorized to sign agreements for Harris County. Binding agreements shall remain in effect until all products and/or services covered by
this purchase have been satisfactorily delivered and accepted.

Title and Risk of Loss of goods shall not pass to Harris County until Harris County actually receives and takes possession of the goods at
the point or points of delivery. Receiving times may vary with the using department. Generally, deliveries may be made between 8:30
a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Offerors are advised to consult the using department for instructions. The place of delivery
shall be shown under the "Special Requirements/Instructions" section of this proposal and/or on the Purchase Order as a "Deliver To:"

Offerors shall furnish all data pertinent to warranties or guarantees which may apply to items in the proposal. Offerors may not limit or
exclude any implied warranties. Offeror warrants that product sold to the County shall conform to the standards established by the U.S.
Department of Labor under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. In the event product does not conform to OSHA Standards,
where applicable, Harris County may return the product for correction or replacement at the offeror's expense. If offeror fails to make the
appropriate correction within a reasonable time, Harris County may correct at the offeror's expense.

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The successful offeror shall not deliver products or provide services without a Harris County Purchase Order, signed by an authorized
agent of the Harris County Purchasing Department. The fastest, most reasonable delivery time shall be indicated by the offeror in the
proper place on the proposal document. Any special information concerning delivery should also be included, on a separate sheet, if
necessary. All items shall be shipped F.O.B. INSIDE DELIVERY unless otherwise stated in the specifications. This shall be understood
to include bringing merchandise to the appropriate room or place designated by the using department. Every tender or delivery of goods
must fully comply with all provisions of these requirements and the specifications including time, delivery and quality. Nonconformance
shall constitute a breach which must be rectified prior to expiration of the time for performance. Failure to rectify within the performance
period will be considered cause to reject future deliveries and cancellation of the contract by Harris County without prejudice to other
remedies provided by law. Where delivery times are critical, Harris County reserves the right to award accordingly.

Renewals may be made ONLY by written agreement between Harris County and the offeror. Any price escalations are limited to those
stated by the offeror in the original proposal.

Offerors shall submit invoices in duplicate on each purchase order or purchase release after each delivery, indicating the purchase order
number. Invoices must be itemized. Any invoice which cannot be verified by the contract price and/or is otherwise incorrect, will be
returned to the offeror for correction. Under term contracts, when multiple deliveries and/or services are required, the offeror may invoice
following each delivery and the County will pay on invoice. Contracts providing for a monthly charge will be billed and paid on a monthly
basis only.

Harris County reserves the right to terminate the contract for default if Seller breaches any of the terms therein, including warranties of
offeror or if the offeror becomes insolvent or commits acts of bankruptcy. Such right of termination is in addition to and not in lieu of any
other remedies which Harris County may have in law or equity. Default may be construed as, but not limited to, failure to deliver the
proper goods and/or services within the proper amount of time, and/or to properly perform any and all services required to Harris County's
satisfaction and/or to meet all other obligations and requirements. Contracts may be terminated without cause upon thirty (30) days written
notice to either party unless otherwise specified.

Harris County encourages the use of products made of recycled materials and shall give preference in purchasing to products made of
recycled materials if the products meet applicable specifications as to quantity and quality. Harris County will be the sole judge in
determining product preference application.

If in its response, offeror either electronically scans, re-types, or in some way reproduces the County's published proposal package, then in
the event of any conflict between the terms and provisions of the County's published proposal package, or any portion thereof, and the
terms and provisions of the response made by offeror, the County's proposal package as published shall control. Furthermore, if an
alteration of any kind to the County's published proposal package is only discovered after the contract is executed and is or is not being
performed, the contract is subject to immediate cancellation.

If offeror obtained the specifications on a floppy disk in order to prepare a response, the proposal must be submitted in hard copy
according to the instructions contained in this Request-for-Proposals package. If, in its response, offeror makes any changes whatsoever to
the County's published specifications, the County's specifications as published shall control. Furthermore, if an alteration of any kind to
the County's published specifications is only discovered after the contract is executed and is or is not being performed, the contract is
subject to immediate cancellation.

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 1.0   Objective

 2.0   Project Requirements

 3.0   Follow-up Reporting Requirements

 4.0   Financial Services

 5.0   Experience

 6.0   Recommendations

 7.0   Technical Design

 8.0   Communications Design

 9.0   Performance Standards

10.0   New Site Testing

11.0   Disaster/Crisis Recovery

12.0   Time Table/Implementation

13.0   Premise Visit

14.0   Training

15.0   Help Desk

16.0   Pricing

17.0   Renewal


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Request for Proposal to Implement a Call Center for the Harris County District Clerk's Office

                              SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS/INSTRUCTIONS

The following requirements and specifications supersede General Requirements where applicable.

Harris County is seeking proposals for a vendor to Develop a Call Center for the Harris County District Clerk's
Office, hereafter referred to as DCO, 301 Fannin, Suite 400, Houston, Texas, 77002, as specified. For technical
information contact Clay Cossey at 713-755-5762, or Ron Dear at 713-755-4566. For additional proposal
information contact Sam Hughes at (713) 755-6597.

Renewal Option
Harris County may consider two (2) renewal options for a one (1) year period at a time, based upon the same
terms, conditions and pricing as the original year. Renewal is subject to approval by Harris County
Commissioners Court each period. Once renewal option is exhausted, the contract must be rebid. If a bidder
does not wish to consider a renewal, write "N.A." in the space for the year indicated.

Harris County retains the option to rebid at any time if in its best interest and is not automatically bound
to renewal or rebid.

Special Requirements

Transmittal Letter
Responses must include a transmittal letter which must be typed on vendor's 8-1/2 " x 11 " stationary and
include the following: 1) The identity of the organization submitting the proposal. 2) The name, title, phone and
fax number of the person or persons authorized to contractually obligate your organization with this proposal
and in future negotiations. 3) The names, titles, and phone numbers of the persons to be contacted for
clarifications. 4) A table of contents or a detailed list reflecting the order or organization of the proposal. 5)
Indicate acceptance to the general requirements and contract terms as described within this request for proposal;
and 6) Acknowledge receipt of all amendments to this Request for Proposal (hereinafter referred to as RFP).
The letter must be signed by a person authorized to contractually obligate the vendor in a contract offer.

Vendor Instructions
Responses to this request for proposal shall be formatted as follows:
All proposals must be typed on standard 8-1/2 " X 11 " paper, indexed and placed in a binder or folder. The
complete proposal, including cost forms, should be sealed in envelope for delivery to the Harris County
Purchasing Agent. All items whether required or optional must be priced. All documents included in the
proposal and the outside of the envelope and or box must be labeled with the vendor's name and the job number
which corresponds to this RFP.

Each proposal shall be organized so as to respond paragraph by paragraph to each section and sub section and
all questions listed in the RFP following the RFP sequence and format. Each and every section, sub-section and
question in the RFP requires a response. The vendor should follow the proposal sequence and format,
                         SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS/INSTRUCTIONS - (Continued)

                                                                                Page 8 of 23
stating the question or specification followed by the response. Responses should be carefully considered by the
vendor as they are critical to the evaluation process. Evaluation will consider the adequacy and completeness of
responses. While Harris County appreciates a brief straightforward concise reply, the vendor must fully
understand that the evaluation is based on the information provided. Merely stating an understanding of, or
compliance with the specification is not adequate.

Responses must reference vendor supplied technical material or provide detailed technical descriptions which
substantiate the response. References must be specific; i.e. page, paragraph, and line number. The vendor must
supply the manufacturer's documentation and the technical reference which validates that all of the requirements
and specifications have been met. This documentation must reference by page and paragraph the specific
requirement(s) or specification(s) to which it applies.

Other materials which may improve the quality of the response should be included as items attached in a
separate appendix.

Accuracy and completeness are essential. Omissions and ambiguous or equivocal statements may be construed
against the vendor. The proposal response may be incorporated into any contract resulting from this RFP.
Vendors are cautioned not to make claims or statements which they are not prepared to commit to contractually.
Failure by the vendor to meet such claims may result in a requirement that the vendor provide resources
necessary to meet submitted claims.

The vendor is expected to examine all documents, forms, specifications, standard provisions and all
instructions. Failure to do so will be at vendor's risk.

All proposals must provide cost figures in detail, including separate costs for all items proposed.

Under the Request for Proposal process, sealed offers will be received and opened in the Office of the
Purchasing Agent. At and after opening, proposals will NOT be part of the public record and subject to
disclosure, but will be kept confidential until time of award. When such award is completed, proposals will
be available for public inspection including those portions marked confidential and/or proprietary.

All proposals are open to negotiation until a contract is executed.

Harris County will not be liable for any costs incurred by any vendor in preparing a response to this RFP.
Vendors will submit proposals at their own risk and expense. Harris County makes no guarantee that any
services will be purchased as a result of this request for proposal, and reserves the right to reject any and all
proposals. All proposals and their accompanying documentation will become the property of Harris County.

All correspondence relating to this RFP, from advertisement to award shall be sent to the Harris County
Purchasing Department. All presentations and/or meetings between Harris County and the vendor relating to
this RFP shall be coordinated by the Harris County Purchasing Department.

No award or acquisition can be made until Commissioners Court approves such action.
                      SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS/INSTRUCTIONS - (Continued)

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Harris County will not be obligated to the vendor for services until completion of a signed contract approved by
Commissioners Court, and issuance of a purchase order.

Submission of a proposal implies the vendor's acceptance of the evaluation criteria and vendor recognition that
subjective judgments must be made by the evaluating committee.

This request for proposal in no manner obligates Harris County or any of its agencies to the eventual rental,
lease, purchase, etc. of any services described, implied or which may be proposed, until confirmed by a written
contract. Progress toward this end is solely at the discretion of Harris County and may be terminated at any time
prior to the signing of a contract.

Legal Documents
Vendor must submit any agreements for services, etc. which may be required by their organization to enter into
a contract with Harris County. These agreements must be completed, executed by vendor's authorized
representative and submitted with the returned proposal, and are subject to review and amendment by the Harris
County Attorney's Office, and to approval by Commissioners Court.

Vendor Responses
Each response must reference vendor supplied technical material or provide a detailed technical description to
substantiate the response. References must be specific, i.e., page, paragraph and line number. Failure to
substantiate responses may be sufficient reason to eliminate any bid as non-responsive.

If a proposal represents offerings to be made, or is provided by different firms or organizations, the County will
do business only with responder and will require the offering organization to assure responsibility for the total
project for the entire contract period. Joint proposals may be accepted but both offers must sign the proposal
and contract, and they will be jointly and severally responsible.

One (1) original and six (6) copies of the proposal, sealed in an envelope or box, must be submitted by
the date indicated on the front of this RFP. Original must be marked "original" and copies marked

Vendor Demonstration
After submission of proposals and review of these proposals by the Evaluation Committee, the Committee shall
invite proposing vendors that meet the requirements set forth in this RFP to a meeting in person with the
evaluation committee.

Evaluation Criteria
The award of the contract shall be made to the responsible vendor whose proposal is determined to be the best
evaluated offer resulting from negotiations, taking into consideration the importance of the services; price, and
other factors set forth in the R.F.P.

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                      SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS/INSTRUCTIONS - (Continued)

Harris County reserves the right to contract with the vendor best meeting the needs and requirements of Harris
County and may use reference and site visit information to make judgments directly affecting the award of this

Completeness, clarity and brevity should be stressed. The vendor's responses to this proposal must be organized
and indexed, and include all pertinent information relating to this RFP, whether specifically requested or not.

Evaluation Process
All proposals will be examined by an evaluation committee. Proposals which do not conform to the instructions
given or which do not address all questions and/or requirements as specified may be eliminated from
consideration. However, Harris County reserves the right to accept such a proposal if it is determined to be in
the County's best interest to do so.

Harris County may initiate discussions with vendors. Discussions and/or presentations may not be initiated by
vendors. Harris County expects to conduct these sessions with vendor personnel authorized to contractually
obligate the vendor with an offer.

Vendor presentations will develop into negotiating sessions with the successful vendor as selected by the
evaluation committee. If Harris County is unable to agree to contract terms and conditions, Harris County
reserves the right to terminate contract negotiations with that vendor and initiate negotiations with another

Description of Proposal Evaluation Process

Vendor responding to this Request for Proposal must agree that all prices quoted are valid and these prices must
be listed in the RFP under an appendix.

The vendor will be required to absorb all up front costs associated with start-up of the call center, with
repayment schedule beginning once the system is operational.

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                       SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS/INSTRUCTIONS - (Continued)

Current Process/General Information

The general public calling the Harris County District Clerk's PBX lines are attempting to ascertain information.
Roughly 80% of the calls to our PBX are for checks on Criminal and Civil case history background. This
information is for Harris County case files only. Our weekly criminal/civil check call volume averages 28,000
to 32,000 calls a week. Currently, we are capable of answering 1500 calls per day or 7500 calls a week. The
average call is in queue 5 minutes before getting to an operator, our abandonment rate is about 300 calls per day.
The DCO wants the call center to handle 5000 to 6000 inbound calls daily. There are four main user groups,
using this information on a repetitive basis, calling anywhere from 3-15 times daily.

The heaviest repeat users are the 85 Bail Bonding agencies within Harris County. These agencies call anywhere
from 5 to 20 times daily. The nature of their business necessitates that they gather information quickly and
reliably. Other heavy users include apartment complexes, employers and employment agencies. The vast
majority of users request the criminal background check function.

Information is accessed through the county main frame, Justice Information Management System and fed to
dummy terminals using 3270 emulation screens and identifiers that drive the search process and include: Name,
Social Security #, Texas Drivers License #, or Date of Birth. Searches are conducted from a (SPN) System
Persons Number. An individual may have multiple SPN'S, these SPN's each represent a case, which can be
pending or disposed. The average call lasts approximately 2 1/2minutes per check and many of our frequent
users ask for the maximum 3 checks per call. There is a growing trend that while conducting a criminal
background check, that a civil check is also requested.

**See ATTACHMENTS (Three (3) pages with 5 Figures) for sample screens **

1.0    Objective

       Currently, the District Clerk's Office (DCO) provides background check services to persons calling into
       our PBX center free of charge. The District Clerk wants to outsource this function to a private vendor
       with an established call center record. The DCO wants to charge for this service on a per call basis or
       minute to minute basis. In the outsourcing, the vendor must provide the DCO with a local phone
       exchange or 800 number. The vendor will be responsible for collecting all charges and disbursing
       revenue in excess of payments to Harris County.

       The following is an example of a routed phone call to obtain Criminal or Civil background information
       under the new call center scenario.

1.1    The caller dials either a local exchange or 800 cloud and is greeted by an automated menu prompting
       the caller to press 1 to enter their account number.

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                       SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS/INSTRUCTIONS - (Continued)

1.2    Customer enters account number, account is verified and customer is transferred to operator queue.
       (Goto 1.5) Queue message needs to include announcements about services offered and what to have
       ready to speed the process. If wait is more than 1 minute, the system needs to inform the caller of
       waiting time in queue. When in queue between recorded messages, music should be played.

1.3    If the caller does not have an account number they are prompted to press 2. (Goto 1.4)

1.4    The caller is transferred to an IVR or live operator for authorization. Operator or IVR takes down all
       pertinent information, gains authorization for charges on credit card and issues an account number along
       with a pin number. The authorization process will be done while the customer is waiting. (Goto 1. 5)

1.5    After authorization has been granted, the call is rolled to operator queue. While in queue, customers will
       be informed through a recorded message, services we offer and information to have ready when an
       operator answers. If wait is greater than 1 minute, system will inform caller of average waiting time.
       Between messages music will be played.

1.6    Operator answers call "Harris County District Clerk's Office, how may I help you" and waits for
       response. (Goto 1.7)

1.7    Customer requests either Civil or Criminal background check.

1.8    Operator requests First and Last name and an identifier (Social Security number, Date of Birth or Texas
       Driver's License). Information is entered into computer.

1.9    Operator reads back case history (if applicable).

1.10   Operator then may be asked to elaborate on individual cases (bond amount, prison sentence, felony or
       misdemeanor, pending or disposed, date of court etc.).

1.11   Operator offers fax back option for non-certified copies and offers certified copies for a fee.

1.12   Requests for certified copies are handled by filling out a certified copy request, informing customer of
       fee for this service and obtaining authorization for an additional fee.

1.13   Operator thanks the customer for calling "The Harris District Clerk's Office."

1.14   Operators download daily requests for certified copies to the District Clerk's Office to be mailed out.
       The vendor is required to notify the DCO daily, of certified copy requests.

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                     SPECIAL REOUIREMENTS/INSTRUCTIONS - (Continued)

2.0   Project Requirements

      The goal of the District Clerk's Office is to develop an advanced telephone system providing the public
with improved customer service while reducing Human Resource costs and providing an             efficient
response. The following are objectives supporting this goal:

2.1   The vendor will combine the interface of the previously mentioned 3270 emulation screens with the
      following requirements. (Service will be provided 24 hours a day 7 days a week.)
      a) The caller transport will be an 800 number or local exchange with ANI capabilities.
      b) The call will be routed to an IVR or operator to obtain authorization for charge by credit card.
      c) If the caller is a frequent user (Calling card or account already established),
           the caller will enter his account number and pin number. Then sent into operator queue.
      d) Customer database information will be maintained by the vendor via ANI and supplied to the county
           via a data dump, which will be supplied either bi-weekly or monthly.
      e) The customer is allowed three inquires per call with a charge for each.
      f) This pricing will include a fax back option for customers requesting non-certified copies with an
           additional cost for certified copies. Certified copy request will be provided by e-mail or other
           written notification to the DCO's for preparation to mail daily.
      g) The vendor in the first phase will provide call center services for both the criminal and civil
           background check process.

2.2   Each transaction should be completed on average within 2.5 to 3.0 minutes per criminal inquiry, and
      Civil transactions taking 3.5 to 5.0 minutes on average.

2.3   Performance Standards of no less than 80% of the phone calls answered in 30 seconds, with an
      abandonment rate of less than 7% are required.

2.4   The vendor will incorporate the DCO's Call Center into an existing center with experienced call center

2.5   The vendor will obtain an approval rating of no less than 75% as determined through monthly customer
      satisfaction surveys.

2.6   The vendor will forge a working partnership with the District Clerk's office, while constantly looking for
      new ways to improve customer service and satisfaction.

2.7   The vendor will identify customer needs and suggested improvements with the capability to expand
      services as deemed necessary by the District Clerk.

2.8   The vendor will provide a "help desk" for customer concerns or complaints.

2.9   Implementation of call center by July 1, 1997 is desired.

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                     SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS/INSTRUCTIONS - (Continued)

3.0   Follow-up Reporting Requirements

      The vendor will submit reports on the following information in regular intervals:

3.1   Daily call volumes

3.2   Average time in queue

3.3   Average handling time of calls

3.4   Abandonment call statistics

3.5   Agent ID number

3.6   Date

3.7   Time

3.8   Group/Agent

3.9   After-work time in seconds (How much time an operator spends)

3.10 Average talk time in seconds

3.11 Average handling time in seconds

3.12 Average speed of answer in seconds

3.13 Average positions staffed

3.14 Average positions required

3.15 Individual Agent Performance Statistics

3.16 Classification of callers by grouping (Bondsmen, Apartments, Employers, Employment agencies, Law
     firms, General public, any miscellaneous categories

3.17 Number of inquiries by customer (daily/weekly/monthly)

3.18 Interval exception reports

3.19 Monthly exception reports

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                      SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS/INSTRUCTIONS - (Continued)

3.20 Weekly exception reports

3.21 Daily exception reports

4.0   Financial Services

4.1   The vendor will be responsible for providing credit card transaction services, including merchant
      number to collect payments, authorization of payments, verification of payments, tracking of frequent
      user account balances, transfer of payments to the primary vendor and District Clerk's office.

4.2   Harris County reserves the right to use a merchant services firm of its choosing, when deemed to be in
      the best interest of the county.

5.0   Experience

5.1   List your company's experience in the call center industry.

5.2   Include all partners taking part in this process.

6.0   Recommendations

6.1   List (4) customers who have or are using your services. Include in referral: name of company, contact
      name, date of implementation, address and phone number.

7.0   Technical Design

7.1   Include in your proposal an explanation of the technical structure you would use to deliver and operate
      this call center.

8.0   Communication Design

8.1   Include in your proposal a detailed analysis of the communication structure for the customer,
      communication with the mainframe, GUI (Graphical User Interface) and communication with the
      District Clerk's office.

9.0   Performance Standards

9.1   The District Clerk's Office has set a performance standard of 80% calls answered in 30 seconds or less,
      with an abandonment rate of 7% or less. Additionally, monthly customer satisfaction survey's shall be
      conducted with no less than 75% approval rating. The District Clerk's Office will require the vendor to
      supply the Clerk's office with regular reports on performance standards, abandonment rates, time in
      queue, etc.
                     SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS/INSTRUCTIONS - (Continued)

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9.2    The District Clerk’s Office will develop a set of rotating customer satisfaction questions to be used in
       random sample surveying. All parameters are at the discretion of the District Clerk’s Office.

10.0   New Site Testing

10.1   The District Clerk's office will require the vendor to test and show positive proof that the system works
       together as one integrated system before bringing on-line.

11.0   Disaster / Crisis Recovery

11.1   Explain your plan for disaster recovery. This should include everything from hurricanes destroying the
       center to the trunk at the County's main frame being cut.

12.0   Time Table/Implementation

12.1   Explain your time frame for development, testing and implementation of call center and all related tasks.

13.0   Premise Visit

13.1   Harris County may require an on-site visit by the evaluation committee of vendor business location at no
       cost to Harris County before awarding the contract. If your company is out of the Houston/Harris
       County explain in detail how your company will provide this possible request.

14.0   Training

14.1   The vendor will be required to furnish their annual turnover rate for the past three years.

14.2   Explain how you will train your employees on 3270 screens and use of the system.

14.3   Explain who will pay for churn training.

14.4   The DCO will provide a person from their office to assist in screen and system identification for two
       weeks in Houston on site in the county complex.

14.5   The vendor will be required to conduct background checks on all call center personnel.

15.0   Help Desk

15.1   Please include in your proposal a help desk to answer customer complaints and questions.

16.0   Pricing

                       SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS/INSTRUCTIONS - (Continued)

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16.1   Explain how you would bill for your services and what your hourly rate per operator and minute rate per
       operator will cost.

16.2   Break down startup costs, monthly service costs, credit card transaction costs and any other costs.

16.3   Break down price including transport service, long distance and dedicated lines to Harris County
       equipment and any other costs associated with providing this service.

16.4   Harris County reserves the right to provide its own transport and 800 number if deemed in the County’s
       best interest.

16.5   Harris County will require the 800 number to remain property of Harris County.

17.0   Renewal

17.1   Vendor agrees to continue this contract for the time frame stated on the following page under the same
       terms and conditions and pricing as the original contract. If bidder does not wish to renew, write "N.A. "
       in the space provided on the bid sheet.

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                                 PRICING/DELIVERY INFORMATION

Based on information provided via this R.F.P. what would you project your turnkey cost to set up a Call Center
as specified for the District Clerk’s Office?


Based on information provided via this R.F.P. what would you project the monthly gross income to be generated
from the Call Center as specified for the District Clerk’s Office?


Based on information provided via this R.F.P. what would you project your charge to the customer on a per call
and/or per minute basis to be?

$__________________/per call                $_____________________/per minute

Based on information provided via this R.F.P. what percentage (%) of the monthly gross revenue generated by
the call center would you pay Harris County District Clerk’s Office?



Vendor agrees to continue this contract for the time frame stated below under the same terms and conditions and
pricing as the original contract. If bidder does not wish to renew, write "N.A." in the space provided.

Renewal Year 1 (1998-1999): _________________________

Renewal Year 2 (1999-2000): _________________________

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QNAM (Query: Name Inquiry):

The example below (figure 1) shows how we run one of our basic criminal background checks using the
QNAM screen. Operators need to have at least a last name, first name, and either a date of birth (DOB) or a
social security number to run a check on a particular individual.


LAST NAME: ___________________________
FIRST NAME: ____________
MIDDLE NAME: ________
PTY: _
SEX: _
AGE: __
DOB: ______
DRIVER'S LICENSE NUMBER: _________________
STATE ID NUMBER: __________

Figure 1
Our weekly criminal check call volume averages 28,000 - 32,000 calls a week. Currently, we are capable of
answering 1500 call per day or 7500 calls a week. The average call is in queue 5 minutes before getting to an
operator, our abandonment rate is about 300 calls per day.

The Call Center approach is the most efficient manner in answering questions with call volume that we
experience on a weekly basis. The District Clerk envisions the call center being set up to handle 5000-6000
incoming calls daily. With all information on calls being stored on a data base to be maintained for at least 24

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QCAS (Query Case History):

The example of the QCAS screen (Figure 2) on the next page is an example of what appears on an operators
screen once the system finds a match for the identifiers that were placed in the QNAM screen above.

.2=N 01076250                                      **QCAS(QINQ)** PG 1
 LINE       NAME               PTY RAC SEX DOB            SPN & CLS
    BRADBERRY, EDDIE GENE       D   N M 091264          01076250998
    BRADBERRY, EDDIE GENE       D   N M 091264          01076250999


*****            CASE INFORMATION                *****
01 003 062432401010 208 DEF 021992 THEFT        092992 A R FID DADJ-092992

Figure 2

 Once the operator has a match for the caller’s inquiry, the operator in this particular example only one case was
found. By selecting the appropriate line number (line 01) the operator is able to pull up more detailed
information on a particular case number.
QCOC (Query Connection to Case):

The QCOC screen (Figure 3) is a listing of all the individuals involved with this particular case. Possibilities
that could be shown are individuals such as the defendant, bondsmen, attorneys, etc.

01076250                                                     ** QCOC **
          CASE NUMBER INQUIRY                                  PAGE 1
CASE # 062432401010 FILNG-DT 021992 CRT 208 BOND $2000 CST R DST A CLI

          NAME                          CON NTY SPN        CLS   SNU
 WILLIAMS, CONNIE BROWN                HAT   P   71521500 212   995
 PERSONAL BOND PTR                      BAB   O 00002406 490   996
 PATTESON, E.W. (JUDGE)                JGE  P   00197116 472    997
 ABEL, CLIFFORD STUART                  PAT  P   50800200 042    998
 BRADBERRY, EDDIE GENE                  DEF   P   01076250 995   999

Figure 3

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QSET (Query Case Setting):

The QSET screen (Figure 4) is a listing of all of the court settings for a particular case. As seen in the example
below the most recent case setting is listed first.

01076250                                                              ** QSET **
 CASE 062432401010                                                      PAGE 1
 COURT 208              OFFENSE THEFT BY RECEIVING $750-$20000

 092992   0900 208   MD    PLEA             DEFERRED ADJ               5 YEARS DAG   Y 983
 071792   0900 208   MD    DISPOSITION      RSET BY CRT     090292                   Y 987
 062392   0900 208   MD    DISPOSITION      RESET          071492                  Y 989
 052292   0900 208   MD    NON-TRIAL        RESET          061892                  Y 991
 052092   0900 208   MD    NON-TRIAL        RESET          052292                  Y 992
 042992   0900 208   MD    NON-TRIAL        RSET DEF REQ   052092 ATTYNCAPMURDER N 993
 042292   0900 208   MD    NON-TRIAL        RESET          042992 ATTYNCAPMURDER N 994
 031892   0900 208   MD    ARRAIGNMENT RESET               040792 TO HIRE ATTY     Y 996
 022792   0900 G177  GJ    GRAND-JURY                               LE                   997
 022692   0900 208   MD   ARRAIGNMENT RSET PROS RQ           031892                  Y 9 98
 022092   0900 208   PC    PLM INT APPR P-C FOUND            022692                   Y 999


Figure 4

The QDOC screen (Figure 5) is a listing of all the transactions made on a case. The judgment information is
generally what most inquiries are searching for. As seen in this example the defendant received 5 years Deferred
Adjudication (Probation).

=N 01076250                                                           ** QDOC **
           CASE TRANSACTIONS                                           PAGE 03
CASE # 062432401010 FILNG-DT 021992 CRT 208 BOND $2000 CST R DST A
FOR NEW QDOC ENTER NEW CDI/CAS ___________________ PF10-03=QDOC

09/29/92 MOTIONS    MO PROBATION                       SNU: 998    09/29/92
09/29/92 MOTIONS    FILED                               CFI 208    09/29/92

09/29/92 MOTIONS    REQ WAIVER PSI                     SNU: 999    09/29/92
09/29/92 MOTIONS    FILED                               CFI 208               09/29/92

09/29/92 PENALTY    PROBATION 5 YEARS ENDING 09/28/97        09/30/92
09/29/92 RECORDED   VOLUME 803 PAGE 634 APP MINUTES CM                09/30/92
09/29/92 OFFENSE    THEFT BY RECEIVING $750-$20000  LEVEL F3          09/30/92

09/29/92 ORDER       REQ WAIVER PSI GRANTED          SNU: 997          09/29/92
09/29/92 RECORDED    VOLUME 802 PAGE 864 APP MINUTES CM                09/29/92
09/29/92 OFFENSE     THEFT BY RECEIVING $750-$20000  LEVEL F3 09/29/92
Figure 5

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                             RESIDENCE CERTIFICATION

Pursuant to Texas Government Code §2252.001 et seq., as amended, Harris County requests Residence
Certification. §2252.001 et seq. of the Government Code provides some restrictions on the awarding of
governmental contracts; pertinent provisions of §2252.001 are stated below:

      (3)    "Nonresident bidder" refers to a person who is not a resident.

      (4)     "Resident bidder" refers to a person whose principal place of business is in this state,
      including a contractor whose ultimate parent company or majority owner has its principal place of
      business in this state.

 I certify that ______________________________________ is a Resident Bidder of Texas as
                            [Company Name]
      defined in Government Code §2252.001.

     I certify that ______________________________________ is a Nonresident Bidder as defined in
                       [Company Name]
      Government Code §2252.001 and our principal place of business is
               [City and State]

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