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                     Self Banking Terminal i-Serve (SBT)

   Today banks have transformed themselves into Retail Financial
   Institutions by offering a wide range of products like Insurance, Loan,
   Mutual Funds, Credit Cards, as well as other value added services.

Need for Self Banking Terminals

 Increasing number of services provided by banking institutions
 Make every visitor walk out with the highest possible purchase
 Difficulty in finding and retaining knowledgeable employees
 Innovative competitor strategies to reduce wait time and increase
  customer service experience
                            Self Banking Terminals

 Information and transaction kiosk reduces employee-customer
  interaction and increases product and brand awareness

 Automates most routine transactions and provides banks with
  interactive marketing tools for generating additional revenues

 Provision to browse information on products and services

 Offers high level of security for banking transactions

 Can include EMV, card readers, Triple DES PIN PAD and a host of
  configurable options
               How i-Serve works?

                                                         Customers enter
                                          Cheque Deposit Automation
                                                                Card No. & Password
           Teller Enquiries                  Revenue Generation
                                            I-SERVE can automate your entire
                                            cheque deposit process. It accepts
                                            the cheque, endorses the cheque bill
          All routine teller enquires can be Banks can house aggregators forand
                                              provided including balance
                  Marketing Tool Support    serially stacks it in aThey requests.
                                             paymentor stop cheque can tie up
          enquiry, Detailed/Mini Account statement services. specially
                                             with utility and cellcos to offer
                                            designed box. The customer is bill
                  Help Desk Agent can be reached via e-topup services, thus
                  All three steps - from product
                                            presented and a
                                             payment with
     Internet Banking-reaching Out to information, printed
                                            acknowledgement ofrevenue
                                             enabling additional the
                  product research to fulfilment of the transaction- cheque.
     the Unbanked conferencing; to answer any
                  can be fully automatedqueries.
                  of your service related with a kiosk. I-SERVE
                                            The image of the cheque
                  can be engineered for providing opportunities to is sent to
     I-SERVE enables you to connectyour products.
2                 up sell and cross sell to the back office. An Intelligent back
     the Internet and carry out transactionsoffice software enables the bank to
     through E-banking.                     apply various sort methods for
                 Promotes Financial speedy reconciliation.
  Customer enters Account
3                Products & Services
           Details                               CustomerWater Desired
                   Loans                                 Telephone
                   Mutual Funds
4                                                        Taxes
                                                         Prepaid Recharge

                   Demat Service
                                                         Credit Card Payment
                                       Balance Information Displayed
                                                      Ins. Premium
                                                   Desired Services
i-Serve Features
                                  Services/Configurable Options

Cheque deposit automation
i-Serve (SBT) can automate the entire cheque deposit process

Teller Enquiries
All routine teller transactions such as balance enquiry, detailed/Mini account statement, fund
transfer, chequebook request or stop cheque requests available at customer’s convenience

Internet Banking
i-Serve (SBT) enables customers to carry out transactions through e – banking such as
account details, fund transfer, etc.

Customer tool support
Help desk agents can be reached via video conferencing to answer service related queries

Marketing Tool
i-Serve (SBT) fully automates the three steps: product information, product research and
transaction providing opportunities to up sell and cross sell products

Revenue Generation
Additional revenues by offering bill payment and e-top up services for utilities and cell phone


   24 x 7 customer self-service
   Increased customer satisfaction
   Personalized banking experience
   No frustrating queues or human interaction
   Superior service experience
   Automatically generates receipts


 Effectively manage space at branches
 Migrate customers to alternate channels for routine
 Meet the challenges of competition and increase customer
 Fulfill the promise of true anytime, anywhere and anyplace
 Increased selling opportunities for financial products
 Faster and easier clearance services

1. Bill payment
2. Retail Kiosk
3. Prepaid recharge
4. Job application Kiosk
5. Ticketing Kiosk
6. Information and Marketing Kiosk
7. Gaming and Redemption Kiosk
8. Directories and way finding Kiosk
9. Healthcare centers
10. Government office
11. Insurance companies
                                  Other Related Products

  It is an entry level cheque deposit automation
  solution which allows customers to deposit their
  cheque while providing them with a printed
  acknowledgement receipt.

 Read MICR Code
 Generates acknowledgement with user-defined
  input & MICR No. of deposited cheque
 Free fall stacking of cheques
                                Other Related Products

  It offers an image-based cheque
  clearing system, which replaces the
  physical cheque flow with electronic
  information throughout the clearing cycle.

 Prints serial number at the rear of the
  cheque and scans both sides of the
 Generates acknowledgement with user-
  defined input & image of the cheque
 Serial stacking of cheques
                                Other Related Products

  It offers an image-based cheque
  clearing system for processing
  multiple cheques.

 Prints serial number at the rear of
  the cheque and scans both sides
  of the cheque
 Generates acknowledgement
  with user-defined input & image
  of the cheque
 Serial stacking of cheques
                                        Other Related Products

4. Bulk Cash Acceptor- i-Serve (BCA)
   Bulk cash acceptor from Intellvisions is a self service banknote deposit
   system, which accepts and processes banknotes deposited in loose bundles
   of up to 100 banknotes per transaction.

 Banknote identification system for short-edge feeding and processing of loose bundles of cash
 Large database of banknote adaptations, covering around 400 valid denominations in 50
   currencies, ensuring fast rollout Worldwide
 Cashbox locking system with key or security seal
 Incorporate advanced features and standards to provide scalability and 24x7 working
 Electronic cashbox identification
 Extensive pool of counterfeit adaptations
 Retract-box to store forgotten banknotes
 Free fall cassette capacity up to 5000 banknotes

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