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									                              LTHS Chemistry 1 Calendar, 2010-11 (Draft)

Monday                   Tuesday                    Wednesday                 Thursday                   Friday

23   School Begins       24                    B     25                  A    26                         27                   A
                                                    Safety Procedures;        B                          Safety Procedures;
Check prerequisites;                                Temperature scales;                                  Graphing Skills;
Personal info;                                      Scientific notation;                                 Practice Sig Figs;
Syllabus, website;                                  Percent error;                                       Density (water’s
Safety Contract                                     Uncertainty in                                       density);
(Assign safety poster,                              measurements;                                        Specific gravity;
due 9/2-3);                                         Significant figures in
Chapter 3:                                          measurements and                                     Lab Activity:
Metrics: Base Units,                                calculations;                                        Beverage Density
Mass vs. weight;                                    Worksheet on SigFigs
Metric prefixes;                                    Demo: Flaming Ramp
Derived units: rate,                                (hexane) & Floating
area, volume                                        Coke cans
                                                                                                         Tonight’s HW:
(1 dm3=1 liter);
Demo: Whoosh Bottle;                                Lab Activity:
Could you eat a 20 cm                               Significant Figures
Activity:                                           Tonight’s HW:
Preview Equipment                                   Read Chapter 10
Tonight’s HW:
Read Chapters 2-3

Monday                         Tuesday                  Wednesday                  Thursday                     Friday

August 30            B   August 31             A    September 1           B   2                      A   3                    B
                         Safety Procedures;                                   Safety Procedures
                         Chapter 2:                                           (Safety Poster due);
                         Matter: elements,                                    Chapter10:
                         compounds, mixtures;                                 (save KMT for later)
                         Phy/chem properties                                  Nature of gas: gas
                         and phy/chem change                                  pressure (pascals,
                         (incl. distillation,                                 atm, no conversions
                         tarnishing, fermenting,                              at this point), vapor;
                         electrolysis, digestion,                             Liquids: vaporization,
                         precipitation)                                       evaporation, boiling;
                         Conservation of Mass;                                viscosity; vapor
                         Demo: (CO2/Candle)                                   pressure); Solids
                         “Put out the light”                                  (allotrope, crystal
                                                                              lattice, unit cell,
                         Tonight’s HW:                                        amorphous,
                                                                              buoyancy); Changes
                                                                              of state (define
                                                                              normal b p,
                                                                              Tonight’s HW:
                             LTHS Chemistry 1 Calendar, 2010-11 (Draft)
6                       7                          8                          9                    A   10                  B
     Labor Day          A                          B                          Test
       Holiday          Heating curves;
                                                                                  Chapters 2, 3,
                        Phase diagram, triple
                        point                                                         and 10
                        Quiz: Matter,                                              Measurement;
                        properties and change                                     Properties and
                        Video: Lab Accident at                                States of Matter
                        Jefferson High;                                       Tonight’s HW:
                        Safety review;                                        Read Chapter 5
                        Quiz: Safety
                        Test Review

September 13      A     14                  B      15                    A    16                   B    17                   A
Open House                                         Practice basic atomic                                Quiz: Basic structure
Tonight!                                           structure;                                           Chapter13:
Lab Activity:                                                                                           Wave properties;
                                                   Percent abundance;                                   Dalton’s, Thomson’s,
Observing a Chemical                               Intro to periodic table;                             & Rutherford’s
Reaction (Al + CuCl2)
Chapter 5:
                                                                                                        Atomic emission &
Subatomic particles
                                                                                                        absorption spectra;
Early atomic models
                                                                                                        Bohr’s model (energy
Atomic number
                                                   Tonight’s HW:                                        levels)
Mass number
Atomic mass                                                                                             Activity:
Tonight’s HW:                                                                                           Atomic spectra &
Read Chapter 13                                                                                         Bohr model

20                 B    21                    A    22                   B     23                   A    24                   B
                        Planck and quantized                                  Practice electron
                        energy; standing                                      configurations
                        waves; particle/wave                                  (emphasize difference
                        nature of light;                                      between energy level,
                        Einstein and the                                      sublevel, orbital);
                        Photoelectric effect; de                              Exceptions to the
                        Broglie’s matter                                      aufbau order (Cu, Cr
                        waves; Heisenberg’s                                   only);
                        Uncertainty Principle;                                Worksheet on
                        Schrödinger’s wave                                    electrons;
                        functions (atomic                                     (Pre-AP: Quantum
                        orbitals); Electron                                   numbers)
                        configurations using                                  Lab Activity:
                        aufbau diagram;                                       Flame Test Lab
                        Pauli excl./Hund’s rule                               (splints)
                        Demo: Standing wave                                   Tonight’s HW:
                        generator                                             test review sheet

27                 A    28                   B     29                   A     30               B        October 1            A
Test review                                        Test                                                 Chapter14:
Quiz: Electron                                     Chapters 5 and 13                                    Mendeleev, Moseley;
configurations                                                                                          Periodic Law;
                                                    Atomic Structure
                                                                                                        Patterns in electron
                                 LTHS Chemistry 1 Calendar, 2010-11 (Draft)
Lab Activity:                                                                                             configurations (with
Properties of Mg                                     Tonight’s HW:                                        periodic table);
(formal lab report)                                  Read chapter 14                                      Configurations of
                                                                                                          Group A ions/Group B
                                                                                                          Activity: Cut and tape
                                                                                                          periodic table

       Monday                     Tuesday                 Wednesday                   Thursday                    Friday

4                           5                   A    6                     B     7                    A   8                    B
B                           Activity:                                            Quiz: Periodic trends
                            S,P,D,F Bingo;
                            Periodic trends:                                     Lab Activity:
                            atomic radii,                                        Density of Group 4
                            ionization energy
                            ,ionic radii, electron
                                                                                 Test Review
                            affinity, and
                            (Explain trends with
                            structure of atoms)
                            Howling gummy bear
                            Tonight’s HW:

October 11              A   12                  B    13                     A    14                   B   15                    A
Test                                                 Chapter15:                                           Chapter16:
Chapter 14                                           Ionic vs. molecular                                  Single, double, triple
                                                     compounds;                                           covalent bonding;
                                                     Lewis dot structures                                 Sigma and pi bonds;
                                                     Octet rule                                           Bond properties…
Tonight’s HW:                                        Ionic bonding,                                       bond order, bond
Read chapter 15                                      properties of ionic                                  length;
                                                     compounds                                            Coordinate covalent
                                                     Metallic bonding                                     bond (NH4+, CO);
                                                     Properties of metals:                                Resonance (O3, CO32-)
                                                     malleability, ductility,                             Tonight’s HW:
                                                     conductivity; Crystal
                                                     structure (brief), alloys
                                                     Tonight’s HW: Read
                                                     chapter 16

18                  B       19                   A   20                    B     21                  A    22   End of 9-wks
                            Practice drawing                                     Practice drawing         B
                            molecules;                                           molecules;
                            Structural pairs and                                 Bond polarity and
                            VSEPR theory;                                        electronegativity;
                            Predicting bond angles                               Molecular polarity;
                            worksheet                                            Worksheet on polarity;
                                                                                 Quiz: Molecular
                               LTHS Chemistry 1 Calendar, 2010-11 (Draft)
                                                                            Lab Activity:
                                                                            3-D molecular Models
                          Tonight’s HW:                                     Tonight’s HW:

25                A       26                  B   27                  A     28                   B    29

Quiz: Molecular                                        Released TAKS
shapes and polarity;                                    Practice Test                                       Teacher
Chapter 16.3:                                          (Window 10/25-                                      Inservice/
Intermolecular Forces:
Dispersion forces,
                                                            11/5)                                          Workday
dipole interactions,
hydrogen bonding;
                                                  [If time allows, review
Effect of IMFs on mp
                                                  metric system units
& solubility;
                                                  and prefixes.]
Test review
                                                  Tonight’s HW:
(Hand out polyatomic
                                                  Read Ch. 6; study
ion sheet)
                                                  polyatomic ions

       Monday                   Tuesday                 Wednesday                Thursday                    Friday

1                     A   2                   B   3                   A     4                   B     5                    A
Test                                              Chapter 6:                                          Review polyatomic
Chapters                                          Ionic vs. Molecular                                 ions;
                                                  Compounds;                                          Naming & formulas
15 and 16
                                                  Formula units vs.                                   for Group B
Chemical Bonding                                  molecules;                                          compounds; Ternary
                                                  Laws of proportions;                                ionic compounds
                                                  Review charges &                                    Ionic formula writing
                                                  naming ions;                                        practice
                                                  Polyatomic ions;                                    Quiz: Ionic
                                                  Formulas for Group A                                nomenclature
                                                  binary ionic comp.
                                                  Tonight’s HW: study                                 Tonight’s HW: read
                                                  polyatomic ions                                     p. 577- 579, study
                                                                                                      your polyatomic ions

November 8            B   9                  A    10                    B   11                   A    12                  B
                          Ionic compound                                    Quiz: Polyatomic ions
                          practice                                          Naming and formulas
                                                                            for binary molecular
                          Lab Activity:                                     compounds;
                          Patterns in Formulas;                             Acid nomenclature
                                                                            and properties (p. 577-
                                                                            579), practice

                                                                            Tonight’s HW:

15                A       16                 B    17                    A   18                   B    19                 A
Nomenclature                                      Test                                                Review metric system
                            LTHS Chemistry 1 Calendar, 2010-11 (Draft)
flowcharts                                        Chapter 6 and p.                                 Chapter 4:
(p.161-162)                                       577- 579                                         Dimensional analysis;
Quiz:                                             Chemical Formulas                                Define unit factors
Nomenclature of                                                                                    based on equalities;
mixed                                                                                              One-step metric
                                                  Tonight’s HW:                                    conversion problems
                                                  Study metric prefixes
Test review
                                                  & Read chapter 4

22                     23                         24                      25                       26
        Teacher                Teacher                 Thanksgiving             Thanksgiving            Thanksgiving
      Inservice               Inservice                  Holiday                  Holiday                 Holiday
     No School               No School

        Monday               Tuesday                   Wednesday                 Thursday                 Friday

November 29       B    November 30            A   December 1          B   2                   A    3                      B
                       Two-step metric                                    Converting complex
                       conversion problems                                units (ratio units,
                       Worksheet on unit                                  squared and cubed
                       conversions                                        units)
                                                                          Worksheet on unit
                       Tonight’s HW:                                      Demo: Elephant’s
                                                                          Tonight’s HW:
                                                                          Read chapter 7

6                 A    7                      B   8                   A   9                    B   10                 A
Quiz:                                             Mole-mass                                        Percent composition
Metric conversions                                conversions;                                     from exp. data, from
Chapter 7:                                        Molar volume of a gas                            formula;
The mole, Avogadro’s                              at STP; Avogadro’s                               Empirical formulas;
number,                                           hypothesis (p.347),                              Molecular formulas
Representative                                    Gas density;
particles, diatomic                               Complex molar
elements;                                         conversions                                      Tonight’s HW:
Mole-particle                                     Lab Activity:
conversions;                                      Rock and Mole
Molar mass (define                                Tonight’s HW:
gam, gmm, gfm)

December 13       B    14                     A   15                  B   16                   A   17                     B
                       Practice calculating                               Test
                       formulas                                           Chapters 4 and 7
                       Empirical and
                                                                           Mole Concept and
                       molecular formulas;
                                                                               Problem Solving
                       Test review
                       Pre-AP Lab
                             LTHS Chemistry 1 Calendar, 2010-11 (Draft)
                        Copper Lab [Part 1]                                  Hand out review for

20                      21                        22                         23                        24
     Winter Break            Winter Break              Winter Break               Winter Break               Winter Break

27                      28                        29                         30                        31
     Winter Break            Winter Break              Winter Break               Winter Break               Winter Break

       Monday                  Tuesday                  Wednesday                   Thursday                      Friday

3                   A   4                     B   5                    A     6                     B   7                     A
TAKS review                                       TAKS review                                          TAKS review
Go over Released                                  Lab Activity:                                        Lab Activity:
TAKS Results
Lab Activity:

10                  B   11                  A     12                   B     13                   A         14   End of 9-wks
                             Midterm Exams             Midterm Exams              Midterm Exams             Midterm Exams
                                                                                  Early Release              Early Release

17                      18                  A     19                   B     20                  A     21                    B
       Teacher          Define: hydrates,                                    Chapter 8:
      Inservice         effloresce, desiccant,                               Review evidence of
      No School         deliquescent                                         chemical reactions,
                        Lab Activity:                                        Law of Conserv. of
                        Percent Water in                                     Mass;
                        Hydrate                                              Symbols used in
                        (CuSO4 hydrate)                                      equations;
                        Tonight’s HW:                                        Balancing equations
                        Read chapter 8

January 24          A   25                  B     26                    A    27                   B    28                A
Practice balancing;                               Quiz: Balance                                        Reaction types:
Reaction types                                    equations                                            Combustion
overview                                          Detailed discussion                                  Demo: Whoosh bottle
Detailed discussion                               of...
of...                                             Single-replacement                                   Lab Activity:
Combination                                       (including metal                                     Types of Chem Rxns
(including oxides and                             activity series and
water);                                           halogen series)
Decomposition                                     Double-replacement
(distinguish from                                 [including
dissociation);                                    precipitation
                                                  (solubility rules, using
                                                  p.887), gas-forming,                                 Tonight’s HW:
Tonight’s HW:                                     and                                                  read Ch 22.1-22.2
                                                  acid-base reactions];
                                                  Demos: Brimstone;
                                                  dehydration of sugar;
                               LTHS Chemistry 1 Calendar, 2010-11 (Draft)
                                                    Cu + AgNO3
                                                    Tonight’s HW:

       Monday                   Tuesday                   Wednesday                 Thursday                    Friday

January 31                1                     A   2                  B       3                  A    4                   B
B                         Chapter 22.1-22.2:                                   Worksheet on
                          Define oxidation and                                 oxidation numbers;
                          reduction (in terms of                               Identifying redox
                          adding /removing                                     reactions (p.660-663)
                          oxygen,                                              Tonight’s HW:
                          hydrogen, loss/gain of
                          Rules for assigning
                          oxidation numbers;
                          Define oxidation and
                          reduction in terms of
                          increase/decrease in
                          oxidation state;
                          Corrosion and

7                    A    8                   B     9                  A       10                  B   11                  A
TAKS Warm-ups                                       Test                                                    Released TAKS
Identifying oxidation                               Chapter 8 and 22                                         Practice Test
and reduction in
                                                    Chemical Reactions                                     (window 2/7-2/18)
reactions, Identify ox.
agents, reducing                                         and Oxidation-
                                                                                                       Tonight’s HW:
agents                                                     Reduction
                                                                                                       Read Chapter 9
Quiz: Redox
Lab Activity:
Electrochemical Cells;
Test Review

14                   B    15             A          16                     B   17                 A    18                  B
                          TAKS Warm-ups                                         TAKS Warm-ups
                          Chapter9:                                            STP gas
                          Interpreting equations;                              stoichiometry;
                          Mole-mole                                            Avogadro(p.347-349);
                          calculations;                                        Other stoichiometric
                          Mass-mass                                            calculations
                          calculations                                         Tonight’s HW:
                          Tonight’s HW:
                          Read p. 347-349 and
                          p. 615-618

February 21               22                  A     23                     B   24                 A    25                  B
                          TAKS Warm-ups                                        TAKS Warm-ups
                          Quiz: Mass-mass                                      Quiz: Other
Bad Weather Day           calculations                                         stoichiometric
                               LTHS Chemistry 1 Calendar, 2010-11 (Draft)
                          Practice calculations                                 Limiting reagents;
                          Lab Activity:                                         Percent yield
                          Paper                                                 Tonight’s HW:
                          (filter paper circles)

       Monday                    Tuesday                    Wednesday                 Thursday                     Friday

February 28           A   1                        B   2                   A    3                    B   4                      A
TAKS Warm-ups                                          TAKS Warm-ups                                     TAKS Warm-ups
                                                       Quiz:                                             Quiz: Percent yield;
                               TAKS Test –             Limiting reagents;                                Test review
Lab Activity:                  Reading; 9th;           Practice percent yield
Percent Yield                                          Tonight’s HW:                                     Lab Activity:
                                 ELA; 10th
                                                                                                         Rocket Stoichiometry;
                               & Exit Level
                                                                                                         Test review sheet

7                     B   8                        A   9                   B    10                   A   11                     B
                          Test                                                  TAKS Warm-ups
                          Chapters 9                                            Chapter 10.1:
                                                                                Gas pressure units,
                          and p. 347-349
                               Stoichiometry                                    Factors affecting gas
                                                                                pressure [syringes];
                          Tonight’s HW:                                         Variables: P, V, T, n;
                          Read chapter 10.1 and                                 Dalton’s Law;
                          12                                                    Boyle’s, Charles’s,
                                                                                Gay Lussac’s Law;
                                                                                Combined Gas Law
                                                                                Tonight’s HW:

14                        15                           16                       17                       18

     Spring Break              Spring Break                 Spring Break             Spring Break             Spring Break

March 21              A   22                       B   23                  A    24                   B   25                     A
TAKS Warm-ups                                          TAKS Warm-ups                                     TAKS Warm-ups
Quiz: Gas laws                                                                                           Lab Activity:
Review Avogadro’s                                      Practice Gas Laws                                 Boyle’s Law Lab
hypothesis;                                                                                              (Vernier Lab-Pros)
Kinetic Molecular                                      Lab Activity:                                     Test review
Theory (Ch. 10);                                       Charles’ Law Lab                                  Demo: Bell jar,
Ideal Gas Law;                                                                                           vacuum pump
Real vs. Ideal Gas;
Tonight’s HW:                                                                                            Tonight’s HW:

28                    B   29                       A   30                  B    31              A        April 1            B

                          Test:                                                    End of 9-wks
                                 Chapters                                       TAKS Warm-ups
                                LTHS Chemistry 1 Calendar, 2010-11 (Draft)
                                10.1 and 12                                   Review IMFs
                                Gas Behavior                                  Chapter 17:
                                                                              Properties of Water
                                                                              Aqueous solutions
                           Tonight’s HW:                                      “Like dissolves like”
                           Read chapter 17                                    Electrolytes
                                                                              Colloids, suspensions
                                                                              Chapter 18:
                                                                              Factors affecting rate
                                                                              of dissolving; Factors
                                                                              affecting solubility;
                                                                              Henry’s Law;
                                                                              Lab Activity:
                                                                              Electrolytes and
                                                                              Conductivity (Lab-
                                                                              Tonight’s HW:
                                                                              read chapter 18

       Monday                    Tuesday                 Wednesday                 Thursday                      Friday

4                    A     5                   B    6                    A    7                       B   8                  A
TAKS Warm-ups                                       TAKS Warm-ups                                         TAKS Warm-ups
Saturation;                                         Molality
Concentration units:                                Worksheet on                                          Calculations involving
Molarity, dilutions,                                concentrations                                        colligative properties
percent solutions,                                  Review vapor                                          Lab Activity:
mole fraction                                       pressure; Colligative                                 Beer’s Law?
Lab Activity:                                       properties (vapor
Supersaturation;                                    pressure lowering, b.p.
                                                    elevation f. p.
                                                    depression);                                          Tonight’s HW:
Tonight’s HW:
                                                    Moles of solute vs.
                                                    moles of particles (the
                                                    van’t Hoff factor);
                                                    Tonight’s HW:

April 11           B       12                  A    13                   B    14                   A      15                  B
                           TAKS Warm-ups                                      Test
                           Worksheet on                                       Chapters 17, 18
                           colligative properties
                                                                                   Water and
                           Quiz: Colligative

                                                                              Tonight’s HW:
                                                                              Read Ch. 20-21
                                                                              (section 20.1 to 20.3
                                                                              and section 21.1)

18                     A   19                   B   20                  A     21                   B      22
TAKS Warm-ups                                       TAKS Warm-ups             [Postpone A day
                               LTHS Chemistry 1 Calendar, 2010-11 (Draft)
Chapter 20.1 to 20.3:                                 Quiz: Acid-base         lesson]
Acid, base properties,                                calculations;
acid nomenclature,                                    Strong vs. weak acids   TAKS Review
Effect of acids/bases                                 and bases               Go over Released
on ecological systems                                 Arrhennius acid/base,   TAKS Results
Ion product constant                                  (mono-, di-,
for water (Kw); [H+],                                 polyprotic);            Lab Activity:
[H3O+], [OH-]                                         Bronsted acids/bases,   pH of Household
Acid, base or neutral                                 (conjugate acid-base    Acids and Bases (Lab-
The pH concept                                        pairs)                  Pro)

Tonight’s HW:                                         Tonight’s HW:

25                  A     26                      B   27                  A   28                  B    29                  A
TAKS Review                    TAKS Test –                  TAKS Test –            TAKS Test –               TAKS Test –
Go over Released                Math 10th                  Math Exit level           Math 9th;             So. Studies 10th,
TAKS Results
                                                                                   Science 10th,              Exit Level
Lab Activity:
                                                                                     Exit Level
pH of Household
Acids and Bases (Lab-

        Monday                  Tuesday                     Wednesday               Thursday                    Friday

2                  B      3                       A   4                   B   5                    A   6                   B
Quiz: Acid-base           Practice Acid Base                                  Test
calculations;             calculations;                                       Chapters:
                          Chapter 21.1:
Strong vs. weak acids                                                         20 (p.577-599);
and bases                 Neutralization
                          reactions, titration;                               21 (p.613-624)
Arrhennius acid/base,
(mono-, di-,              Test review                                         Acids, Bases, and
polyprotic);              Lab Activity:                                       Neutralization
Bronsted acids/bases,     Indicators
(conjugate acid-base
pairs)                    Prelab: titration
Lab Activity:             procedure; preparation
pH of Household           of solutions for lab
Acids and Bases (Lab-     (KHSO4, NaOH)
Tonight’s HW:

May 9              A      10                      B   11                  A   12                   B   13                   A
Lab Activity:                                         Lab Activity:                                    Post lab
Acid-Base Titration –                                 Acid-Base Titration –                            Chapter 11.1 to 11.3:
Part A (standardization                               Part B (analysis of                              Heat vs. temperature
of NaOH solution)                                     vinegar solution)                                Heat capacity and
                                                      (formal report)                                  specific heat
                                                                                                       Heat transfer problems
                                                      Tonight’s HW:                                    Lab Activity:
                                                      Read Ch. 11.1 to 11.3                            How Hot is the Nail?
                             LTHS Chemistry 1 Calendar, 2010-11 (Draft)
                                                                                                       Tonight’s HW:
                                                                                                       Specific heat

May 16            B     17                   A    18                      B   19                  A    20                 B
                        Review heating curves                                 Chapter 28:
                        Heat transfer in phase                                Discovery of
                        changes                                               radioactivity:
                        Calorimetry                                           Becquerel, Curie,
                        Heat of solution                                      Rutherford;
                                                                              Types of decay: alpha,
                                                                              beta, gamma, positron;
                        Hand out review for                                   Decay equations
                        final exam                                            Transmutation rxns;
                                                                              Decay series;
                                                                              Half-life (worksheet)
                        Tonight’s HW:
                                                                              Radiocarbon dating
                        Calorimetry worksheet
                                                                              Demo: Geiger counter
                        Read Ch. 28
                                                                              Tonight’s HW:

23                A     24                    B   25                      A   26                   B   27                 A

Quiz: Nuclear                                     Test
reactions and half-                               Chapters
                                                                                                            Final Exams
lives                                             11.1 to 11.3 & 28
Einstein and mass
defect (E=mc2);
Energy worksheet;                                     Thermochemistry
Fission, fusion;                                           and
Nuclear reactors;                                 Nuclear Chemistry
Nuclear bombs;
Test Review: heat and
Tonight’s HW:

     Monday                   Tuesday                  Wednesday                     Thursday                 Friday

May 30                  May 31                B   1                   A       2                    B   3

                                                                                                       Bad Weather Day
                              Final Exams               Final Exams                 Final Exams
 Memorial Day                                                                       (Last Day of            Teacher
     Holiday                                                                          School)
                                                                                   District Wide
                                                                                   Early Release

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