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									Basic Visionary Proposal – Ross University

       Michael J. Fimian, Ph.D. Ed.S.

       November 2, 1999
Project Goals
    Develop medical training modules

     – …based on present Ross University curriculum
     – …based on anticipated Ross University curriculum

    Distribute medical training modules

     – …to Ross University clientele
     – …to a world-wide market

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Project Philosophy & Web Resources
    A detailed overview of considerations to be accounted for
     when mounting an operation such as this has been developed
     and can be found at:
     – http://InstructionalTech.Net/HTMLs/cyberuniversity.htm

    A treatise on techniques for keeping people – notably faculty -
     - involved in the development process has been developed
     and can be found at:
     – http://InstructionalTech.Net/HTMLs/putting_people.htm

    A sample resource list pointing to other distance education
     initiatives can be found at:
     – http://InstructionalTech.Net/HTMLs/distance_education.htm

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Relationship to Other Projects
    There are a number of development groups starting
     to access this particular clientele…

    Most are starting to do so on a strictly CD-only
     basis, to avoid bandwidth issues:

     – DenEdCo CD -- Cosmetic Dentistry
     – Pathlore CD -- Medical Terminology

          • These products are presented for illustrative purposes only
          • They may not be representative of the entire medical market…

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    Populations Served

     – The products and services would initially address the needs of Ross
       University students…
     – The products and services would next address the needs of a wider
       global market

    Development Costs

     – Initially, development costs would be high, incorporating start-up costs…
     – With distribution to other clients other than Ross, development costs
       would flatten with time…

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Planning Considerations
    The resulting products would teach skills that are
     universal to the training of physicians…

     – Assumption: There is a core set of skills that are universal
          • Transcending yet complying with medical schools requirements
          • Transcending and complying with certifying agencies’ requirements

     – Disadvantages: Upfront initial costs of developing said materials
     – Advantages: An open and available market of medical personnel:
          •   …who have little free and available time
          •   …whose schedules allow for only JIT (just-in-time) training
          •   …who have higher-than-average fiscal supports for training
          •   …who are required to train on an ongoing basis, given the changes in, the breadth
              of, and the scope of what skills need to be learned…

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Development Considerations
    The products that would be distributed would be developed
     (initially) using a variety of different media and authoring

     – Advantages: On the long term, save significant financial resources that
       are being paid to “outhouse” web course development services
       (;, Course-in-a-Box, etc.)

     – Disadvantages: Would entail the employ, contracting and sub-
       contracting of a variety of software development personnel, all on the
       short term, some on the long term…
          •   Assumption I: the world of technology is evolutionary and ever-changing.
          •   Assumption II: as technology solutions become more available, their adoption can improve
              the speed of development-to-delivery while significantly reducing the cost of development.

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Development Considerations (cont)
    The products to be distributed would be initially developed
     using a variety of different media and authoring tools:

     – Advantages
          •   A short-list variety of formats would be available for trial for the first couple of years, that
              can be directly compared to Blackboard and eCollege….

          •   Users would have a chance to test out and evaluate file types, look and feel, and
              functionality of courses developed using different products, providing developers with data
              that would allow them to focus in on one or two development products within the first
              couple of years. Factors would include: ease of use, development features, user features,
              rapidity of development, data security, and others.

     – Disadvantages:
          •   Multiple (2 or 3) versions of the same course would be developed during the first two years;
              the upside is that the development between packages would parallel each other on a page-
              by-page basis, allowing for faster development…

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    The products and services would initially be distributed via a
     number of media routes:

     – CD – Compact Disc would provide the bandwidth for media and audio,
       supporting text and graphics; may have to be used under certain

     – Internet – Would be the maim means of transmitting bandwidth-friendly
       media – primarily graphics and text
          •   Bandwidth constraints limit the effective use of video and audio on any media except CDs
          •   Embedded links in each of the CD products would jump the user to web sites with non-audio and
              non-video media.

     – As bandwidth issues become resolved over the next three-to-five years, the
       need for CDs would decrease as the capacity of the Internet increases.
          •   Introduction of alternate broadband technologies will improve the quality of audio and video over
              the Internet; presently that quality is lacking…

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Target Audiences I & II
    Target Audience I -- Ross University Students

     – Advantage: Captive audience
     – Disadvantage: Small N; ability to pay; interest is focused on
       only course requirements

    Target Audience II – Other medical students

     – Advantage: Greater numbers; media can be reused.
     – Disadvantage: Ability to pay; training needs may be beyond
       what is offered

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Target Audiences III & IV
    Target Audience III – Physicians, Physician
     Assistants, Nurse Practitioners , Nurses, and other
     medical staff
     – Advantage: Greater numbers; media can be reused
     – Disadvantage: various “spins” placed on the content tailored to
       specific user population

    Target Audience IV – Patients in waiting rooms
     – Advantage: Clientele is linked to physicians’ or clinic offices;
       usership could be potentially limitless
     – Disadvantage: Instruction would be needed to be “watered

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Benefits of Using the Technology
    Software Benefits

     –   Improved streaming capabilities on the part of software.
     –   Improved ease-of-use of newer software
     –   Reduced software costs as packages become more readily available.
     –   Improved functionality of software

    Hardware Benefits

     – Enhanced bandwidth as broadband technologies become more widely
     – Benefit: No need to be an early adopter.
     – Reduced costs of units.

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Resources: People
    People

     – a core staff of one or two presently exist; this number will grow
       to approximately fifteen by the end of Year One

     – Note the Organizational Table on Slide 15

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Resources: Organizational Table

                                                               Director Of Tech Services

  Asst Director:                                                 Asst Director              Administrative Assistant              Asst Director:
 Student Services                                              Learning Network                                        Northeast America & Global Programs

 Student Services    Manager: Digital Video Services   Manager: Instructional TV Services   Producer/Director                     Asst Director:
     Advisor                                                                                                                     Ross Programs

 Student Services        Digital Audio Engineer               Broadcast Engineer
 Office Assistant

 Student Services       Digital Video Technician             Broadcast Technician
 Evening Assistant

                             Graphic Artist                 Senior Video Technician

                          Production Assistant               Production Assistant

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Resources: Equipment
    Equipment

     – Assumed to be in place -- Windows NT or Unix servers, internal
       raid arrays w 50 GB capacity; mirrored servers placed in
       separate sites; optical or tape library for scheduled backups.

     – Distribution equipment
         • NT 4.0 servers, Pentium III class or better, 500 MHz or better, 32 GB drives, 128
           MB AM or better; T1 or satellite delivery.

     – Development equipment
         • NT 4.0 servers, Pentium III class or better, 500 MHz or better, 32 GB drives, 128
           MB AM or better.

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Resources: Locations & Services
    Locations
     – two locations:
          • #1) for development and distribution services;
          • #2) for mirrored sites.

    Outside Services
     – medical staff contracted on a routine basis to critique the training
     – voice and film talent for video purposes
     – project appraiser to review the development activities and shop
       at Ross U.

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Schedule: Year One
          Employ staff, target audiences
          purchase development equipment
          start parallel development
          define, test distribution routes
          alpha/beta test first courses;
          revise protocols, templates as necessary
          consult with RU faculty on ongoing basis
          ID subcontractors.

                Year 1
                                                  Year 2
                                                                             Year 3

Jul       Oct    Jan     Apr   Jul          Oct    Jan     Apr   Jul   Oct       Jan   Jul
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Schedule: Year Two
          broaden range of courses
          field test developed courses with other medical personnel
          focus and define use of parallel development products
          evaluate courses across a number of parameters
          originate initial market plan
          secure external funding to support future development activities

                Year 1
                                                  Year 2
                                                                             Year 3

Jul       Oct    Jan     Apr   Jul          Oct    Jan     Apr   Jul   Oct       Jan   Jul
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Schedule: Year Three
          open edited/altered versions of course on a national and
           international bases
          strengthen marketing plan
          broaden range of courses
          establish Fee-for-Use policy on materials placed on the Internet
          choose to continue, discontinue “course in a box” contract(s).

                Year 1
                                                  Year 2
                                                                             Year 3

Jul       Oct    Jan     Apr   Jul          Oct    Jan     Apr   Jul   Oct       Jan   Jul
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Development Shop – Functions
                                                 Ross University has already committed to
                                                 Blackboard for a limited – yet expensive – trial
                                                 run of their software; experimenting with the
                                                 others will allow both staff and users determine
  Core Development Team
                                                 which combination they like best; losers get
                                                 phased out within the second and third year…
 Open-ended     Replication
   Tryouts       Services                        See an example of online evaluation tools…

                                                              Tier 1

                                                                           Tier 2
                                             Authorware 5 Attain
                                            Dreamweaver 2 Attain
                                             Flash 4, Fireworks 2

                                                                                        Tier 3
                                                        MS FrontPage 2000
                                                         MS Office 2000
                                                         Photodraw, ASP

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    Marketing plan
     – To be determined…

    Budget
     – To be determined…

    Detailed Proposal
     – To be determined…

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