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									                                   2008 – 2009
                          DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY
                              820 N. WASHINGTON
                              MADISON, SD 57042

RESIDENT:_______________________________                  Apt #:_______________________
SEMESTERLY RENT PER STUDENT: (will be set in March, 2008)

Residents are responsible to know and abide by this agreement. The information included
in the current DSU Student Code of Conduct also applies as an addendum to this
agreement. Any clause of this agreement found to be null and void shall not invalidate the
remaining terms of this agreement.

I.     Eligibility Requirements
        A. Have completed a minimum of two (2) semesters of enrollment at a post-high school
       educational institution.
        B. Be officially admitted at DSU during the academic year covered by the dates of this
        C. The Department of Residential Life may alter eligibility requirements to serve the
       educational, facility or fiscal needs of the University.

II.    Policies
       A. Only residents signing an agreement may occupy an apartment.
       B. All residents must meet and maintain the eligibility requirements defined in Section I.
       C. All residents living in an apartment must be of the same gender.
       D. The maximum number of residents per apartment is five in a (3) bedroom unit and
           four in a (2) bedroom unit.
       E. Waterbeds are not permitted.
       F. Due to health considerations, fish are the only pets permitted anywhere in the
       G. Residents may not:
                a. Use an apartment for any commercial purpose or solicit within the apartment
                b. Change oil or work on their motorized vehicles in the parking lot.
                c. Change lock cylinders on any doors.
                d. Install washing machines or clothes dryers in their apartment.
                e. Inscribe or affix signs or notices to any public area of the apartment building
                    or its premises without approval from the Resident Assistant
       H. Residents may be required to immediately and permanently vacate an apartment
           and/or face disciplinary action when code violations exist. If the apartment is
           vacated due to disciplinary action, the resident is still liable for the per semester rent
           until the ending date of their agreement.
       I.   Residents of the University Apartments are expected to conduct themselves in a
            manner that shows respect for the rights and privacy of others, the University,
            University personnel, and local, state and federal law.
       J.   The possession of any weapons or explosives in the apartments are prohibited and
            will likely result in the termination of the agreement.
       K.   The possession, use, or sale of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs on University
            property is a violation of the laws of South Dakota.
       L.   Smoking is prohibited in all campus housing.
       M.   Failure to abide by the regulations in this agreement or any other University policy
            may result in the department of Residential Life terminating this agreement. If the
            apartment is vacated, Section IV Part C of the agreement shall apply.

III.   Damage liability
       A. Any damage charges in the apartment common areas (living room, kitchen, hallway
          and bathroom), not claimed by a specific resident, will be billed equally among all
          the residents.
       B. Charges assessed at check-out will be billed to each resident and a hold will be
          placed on their University records until the payment is received.

IV.    Penalties for Agreement Breakage (first time assignment)
       A. Once an agreement has been signed, the resident is liable for the per semester rate
          from the date this agreement starts until the ending date as listed on page 1.
       B. If a resident becomes ineligible to live in the apartments for one of the following
          reasons, they will be released from their agreement:
               a. Withdrawal.
               b. Transfer to another school.
               c. Marriage.
               d. Academic suspension.
       Penalties for Agreement Breakage (currently living in an apartment)
       A. Once an agreement has been signed, the resident is liable for the per semester rate
          the date this agreement starts until the ending date as listed on page 1.
       B. If a resident becomes ineligible to live in the apartments for one of the following
          reasons, they will be released from their agreement:
               a. Graduation before end of the agreement term.
               b. Academic program requirements (i.e. student teaching, clinicals, internships,
               c. Withdrawal
               d. Transfer to another school
               e. Marriage
               f. Academic suspension
       C. The University may terminate the agreement with the right of immediate possession
          for the following reasons:
               a. False statements made in application for housing, or ineligibility for such
                   housing (i.e. not enrolled for the necessary number of semesters).
               b. Student fails to abide by policies of the University.
               c. If the student, or guest, commits or maintains any nuisance, breach of the
                   peace, or disorder or upon the premises or the environs thereof.
       D. This agreement may be cancelled only in the case of extenuating circumstances,
          which are considered only in the form of a written appeal to the Director of
           Residential Life. Any abandonment of apartment space without obtaining approval
           through the appeal process will result in the automatic forfeiture of all per semester
           rent until the ending date as listed on page 1.
        E. Residents must move out of their apartment by the date this agreement ends. If a
           resident moves out after this agreement ends, they may be liable for additional rent.

V.      Keys
        A. The resident is responsible for all keys received during their tenure in the apartments.
        B. If a resident loses a key, University personnel will make new keys as necessary and
           charge the student a $20 replacement fee.
        C. Residents are not to give keys to guests.

VI.     Apartment Decorating
        A. Some products have been found to remove the paint, drywall covering and other
           finishes and use of these products will result in damage charges for the resident. The
           following adhesives/wall hangers are recommended and may be used to hang items
           on apartment walls/ceilings:
                a. Re-useable adhesive Plasti-tak.
                b. UHU Holdit plastic adhesive.
                c. Scotch Wallsaver Removable poster tape.
                d. Scotch Wallsaver Removable Mounting Foam Squares.
        B. Wallpaper, contact paper, self-sticking shelf paper or paint may not be used on
           cupboards, doors, walls, ceilings or other surface in or around the apartment.
        C. All furnishings ( including shelving, storage units, etc.) provided by the resident to be
           used inside the apartment must be free-standing and cannot be attached to, resting on
           or touching walls, ceilings, shelves, counters or University furniture.

VII.    Insurance
        A. The University does not carry insurance for resident’s personal belongings.
        B. Residents are encouraged to insure their own personal belongings.

VIII.   Maintenance/Repairs
        A. Residents should refer any maintenance problems to the Resident Assistant on duty
           or other Department of Residential Life personnel. If an emergency exists and the
           Resident Assistant and Residential Life personnel are not available, then start calling
           personnel listed on the maintenance calling tree posted in your apartment.
        B. When a resident makes a request for repair work, they automatically give
           authorization for University personnel to enter their apartment, whether or not
           anyone is home, to complete the repairs.
        C. Only University personnel may do painting, wiring, repairs, etc. in the apartments.

IX.     Entry of Apartments by University Personnel
               Residents will receive a twelve (12) hour notice prior to their apartment being
               entered by University personnel with the following exceptions:
               1. When a resident initiates a work order for repairs.
               2. When there is an emergency which endangers life, safety, health or property.
               3. When a campus judiciary agent has authorized a search.
               4. Law enforcement agents executing a search warrant.

X.      Damages/Financial Responsibility
         Except for normal wear, residents are responsible for all damages to the apartment,
furnishings, appliances and public area damage. Charges may result from but are not limited to
the following violations:
                 1. Unauthorized detachment or movement of attached furnishings or screens.
                 2. Removal of furnishings from an apartment.
                 3. The improper use and/or negligent use of University appliances, furniture or
    XI.      Parking
             A. All vehicles parked in the University Apartment parking lot must have an
                 appropriate University parking permit.
             B. Motorized vehicles of any type may not be present within the Apartments or be
                 driven or parked on University lawns, sidewalks or other non-parking lot areas.

    XII.    Safety
            A. Residents are responsible for the proper care and cleanliness of their apartment.
            B. Items may not be stored outside of the apartment.
                     1. To prevent accidents, all public common areas (including hallways)
                         need to be kept free of debris and items such as bikes, furniture, boxes,
                         garbage sacks, etc.
                     2. Because of the fire safety hazard, University personnel will remove
                         any bikes parked in the hallways and lobby areas. Bikes may be stored
                         in the outside bike racks or inside the apartment.

    XIII.   Guests
            A. A guest is defined as someone visiting in a University Apartment who has not
               signed an agreement for that apartment.
            B. Guests are allowed to stay in an apartment for no more than two days per week
               only with the consent of all apartment residents.
            C. The resident is responsible for the behavior of their guests and for any damage to
               the apartment facilities and/or grounds caused by their guests.

    XIV.    Check-out Procedures
            A. Residents must schedule a check-out time with the Resident Assistant. Failure to
               check out with their Resident Assistant will result in an improper check-out
               charge of $50.00.
            B. Residents must return all apartment keys at the time of check-out or they will be
               charged to make new keys.
            C. Vacating residents must leave the apartment clean or they may be assessed
               cleaning charges.
            D. Any items left in the apartment after check-out, or the termination of this
               agreement, will be removed from the apartment and stored for 30 days. If the
               items are not claimed within 30 days, University personnel will dispose of them.
               Charges will be assessed against the resident based on the cost of storage,
               disposal (landfill fees, etc) and the number of hours spent by University

    XV.     Administrative Decisions
            The Director of Residential Life reserves the right to make exceptions to the above
            stated policies for the proper functioning of the apartments.
My signature below indicates that:
       A. I have received and read the policies stated in this University Apartment Agreement.
       B. I understand the policies stated in this agreement and agree to abide by them.
       C. I understand that failure to abide by any of the above standards may result in
          cancellation of this agreement and/or disciplinary action.

RESIDENTS SIGNATURE:__________________________________DATE:_____________

RESIDENTIAL LIFE OFFICIAL: ____________________________DATE:_____________

                                                                            REVISED 2-22-06

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