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									                          Canton Street Antique Market
                                    970 Canton Street, Roswell, Georgia 30075


In consideration of the agreements between the Dealer(s), known as _______________
_______________________. Owner, known as Canton Street Antique Market, hereby rents the dealer:
a booth identified as #_________located at 970 Canton Street, commencing on the ____ day of
__________________, _______.

Rental rate:             Rent is computed by booth size on a monthly basis. Rent will be:
                         $________ for booth number _______.
Lease Terms:             Lease term is 6 months, then month to month thereafter. Canton Street Antique
                         Market must be given a 30 day WRITTEN notice if dealer wishes to vacate.
                         A month is recognized as a calendar month. If rent is unpaid and there has
                         been no attempt at communication between the dealer and owner by the
                         15th of the month, merchandise left in dealer’s booth becomes the property
                         of Canton Street Antique Market.
Late Charges:            A $25.00 late fee will be assessed for each day after the 5th.
Commission:              A 10% management fee will be charged on all sales.
Revenue Checks:          Dealer revenue checks will be available at the customer service counter on
                         or after the 5th of each month. Rent must be current in order to receive this
                         check. Merchandise tickets will be included with this payment.
Hours of Operation: Monday through Saturday, 10am – 6pm; Sunday, 1pm -5pm. We will be
                    closed New Year’s day, Easter Sunday, July 4th, Thanksgiving day and
                    Christmas day. Weather/nature may play a part in some store hours.
                    Some hours may be modified with or without notice.
Booth Space:             Booth space will be clearly defined. Dealers are responsible and
                         encouraged to make any improvements in their space. This may include,
                         but not limited to paint, drapery, etc. Dealer must obtain approval from
                         Canton Street Antique Market beforehand. Dealer’s cannot advertise or
                         promote themselves for other store locations.
Merchandise Tickets: It is the dealers’ responsibility to provide tickets within acceptable format.
                     To ensure all sales are credited to the proper dealer, dealers must use the
                     following format:

                                 Dealer Number

                            Also, merchandise tickets must be removable to aid in customer checkout.
                            Some adhesive stickers are not removable. Merchandise tickets must be
                            written legibly.
               p 770-518-7860 - - f 770-518-7861                 1
Discounts:            A 10% discount will be given upon request from customer for any item
                      marked $20 or more. If dealer doesn’t wish to extend discount, the price
                      ticket must be marked “FIRM.” Dealers are encouraged to offer a 10%
                      discount to the trade.

Booth Sales:          If you wish to run a booth-wide sale, please obtain a “Sale” flyer from
                      customer service to post in the booth.
Requirements:         All merchandise is subject to the approval of Canton Street Antique Market. The
                      goal of our shop is to present products to our customers that are consistent
                      in quality and appearance. We are NOT a flea market. Such merchandise
                      is not allowed. Dealers must create a story or theme with their products
                      and booth décor. We suggest dealers rotate and replace merchandise on a
                      regular basis. Canton Street Antique Market reserves the right to ask a dealer to
                      reorganize or pull some products. Photographs and a brief description of
                      your merchandise are required at time of application.
Lost, Stolen or
Damaged Items:        Canton Street Antique Market assumes no liability for lost, stolen, or damaged

Insurance:            Dealers’ merchandise is NOT covered under any store policy. Dealers are
                      not required to have insurance, but is left to your individual discretion.

The undersigned dealer acknowledges receipt of a copy of this lease and agrees with
it’s terms and conditions:

Owner: _________________________________________ Date:___________________

Dealer: _________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________ Hm Phone: __________________

         ___________________________________ Cell Phone: __________________

Email:   ___________________________________ Other Phone: _________________

Additional Contact Information: _____________________________________________



                       Canton Street Antique Market
                                  970 Canton Street, Roswell, Georgia 30075

             p 770-518-7860 - - f 770-518-7861                       2
Dealer Profile:
Dealer: _________________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________ Hm Phone: __________________

         ___________________________________ Cell Phone: __________________

Email:   ___________________________________ Other Phone: _________________

Do you have a store or other booth rental locations? Yes / no

If yes, name and location(s): _______________________________________________


Please list the type of merchandise you wish to carry at Canton Street Antique Market: ________



What size booth are you interested in? ________________________________________

How did you hear about Canton Street Antique Market? ________________________________

Do you wish to participate in any themed or holiday events? Yes / no

Please list degree of availability for such events: ________________________________


Please note that booth size, merchandise, quality and factors other than date of application
determine available space. Thank you for your interest in Canton Street Antique Market.

Please attach photo(s) to show example of merchandise:

            p 770-518-7860 - - f 770-518-7861                   3

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