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                       OF THURSDAY, MAY 17 2007
Board members present                       Board members absent
Maureen Donnelly                            JoAnn Reddick Guest
Anthony Esposito                            Elaine Rittinger
Angel Granison                              Jose Rodriguez
Dorothy Mayner                              R. Eudora Winston
Sidney Stone
                                            Others present
                                            Christine Dansereau
                                            W. Keith McCoy
                                            Jit Renjen

        The president called the meeting to order at 8:36 pm. He announced that the
meeting was in compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act. In the absence of the
secretary, the director was appointed secretary pro tem. Mr. Esposito presented a
resolution of thanks to Jit Renjen, owner of Hard Rock Marble and Granite, for his
donation of the memorial stone; the board then recessed from 8:39 to 8:50 for some

       Board Reports: The director reported on the recent council meeting, and the citizen
proposal to rename the Library for the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The Board
deferred discussion to the June meeting. Ms. Mayner reported on the Oprah Book Club,
and asked that we submit a listing to the Star-Ledger. Dr. Granison volunteered to attend
the 2007 Trustee Institute.

        Programs and Services: The director reported on his solicitation of quotes for
digitizing the local newspaper, and recommended that the Library contract with Innovative
Document Imaging LLC of East Brunswick, in an amount not to exceed the county History
Grant; the board voted to approve the recommendation (Stone/Donnelly). Mr. McCoy
also presented reports from staff who attended the recent NJLA conference; the director
also presented his reports for NJLA and the Library Futures Conference, and the 2007
NJLA President’s Award which he was given at the conference. The director also
reviewed the recent statistics from the State Library. The Library will receive a Verizon
Walk for Literacy collection, valued at $250.

        Finance: The Board voted to approve the May bill listing (Stone/Donnelly), the
April financial report (Donnelly/Mayner), and, after discussion, the six year capital
improvements plan (Stone/Donnelly).

       Buildings and Grounds: The Board was updated on the remaining projects.

      Planning: The report from the recent staff planning session was distributed, with
some commentary by the director. No action was taken.

       Personnel was postponed to the end of the meeting.
       Fundraising: There was no report.

        Old Business: After discussion, the Board voted to rescind its vote of August 22
2006 to purchase equipment for passport photos, due to the heavy volume and the low
return (Granison/Donnelly). The Board voted (Mayner/Stone) to accept the revised
recommendations from the special committee on board resolutions, as follows: retiring
trustees must have served at least a year on the Board; must have attended at least eight of
the twelve monthly meetings; must have serve on one or more of the standing committees.
Councillor Dansereau asked to be added to the 70th Anniversary Committee.

       New Business: Councillor Dansereau alerted the Library to a Relay for Life on
June 9-10, to raise funds for cancer research, and said that she was trying to put together a
Roselle team to participate.

        Personnel: The Board went into executive session at 9:56 pm (Granison/Stone),
and returned to regular session at 10:04 pm (Stone/Donnelly). The Board presented the
director with his annual evaluation, and the voted to give him a 3% salary increase to
$82,833, effective July 2 (Stone/Donnelly). The Board also voted to post the position of
library page (Stone/Mayner).

      The minutes of April 19 were approved (Stone/Donnelly), with the correction of
Ms. Mayner’s name.

      There was no further business, and the meeting was adjourned at 10:12 pm

                                                      W. Keith McCoy
                                                      Secretary pro tem

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