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									                                   Focus Suites Solutions & Services Pvt. Ltd.
             11/12, Green Building, Raiker Marg, Ram Mandir Kapad Bazar Road, Mahim (West), Mumbai – 400 016. India
                                Ph:- (91 22) 24443957, 24443947, 24444691 website : www.focus-suites.com

Our Background
FSPL is India’s Independent Marketing research firm specializing in Multi-Country Studies. It is Asia’s Largest
  Qualitative Research Facilities Service Provider with State of the Art Focus Group Suites across major cities in
  India and Asia, all of which are centrally located in their respective cities.

It is India’s only research facility provider with one way mirror facilities across Asia.
It is India’s only research facilities provider with usability testing services across all major cities.

What we are and capable of :
  We undertake projects of outsourcing solutions for market research data processing and market research data
  We have undertaken simple projects as well as large scale and multi-country projects in the area of market
  research data processing and analysis.
  We have expertise across industry standard packages and tools such as SPSS and Quantum

Advance Analytics Practice, Techniques & Process
Our services for market research data processing and analysis include:

    Data preparation (includes data entry, cleaning, coding, aggregation, merging and summarization)
    Open ended coding
    Data Tabulation
    Data Analysis using a wide variety of statistical methods, multivariate analysis supported with statistical tools &

Advance Analytical Practice
Data Processing
Data Preparation:
   Data entry
   Merging and summarization
   Clients can send across the data file in ASCII / DBF/ XLS / SPSS (.SAV) or any other format with the
   questionnaire and tab plan.
   Our team reports data inconsistencies, if any and then cleans the data to make it consistent across data
   sources by merging data from different formats.
   Our market research data processing services have benefited many clients, across North America, Europe and
   APAC, not only in reducing costs but also in reducing turnaround time and standardizing processes across
                                  Focus Suites Solutions & Services Pvt. Ltd.
            11/12, Green Building, Raiker Marg, Ram Mandir Kapad Bazar Road, Mahim (West), Mumbai – 400 016. India
                               Ph:- (91 22) 24443957, 24443947, 24444691 website : www.focus-suites.com

Open ended coding:
  Conduct full listings of open-ended questions
  Ensure accuracy of coding listing wise
  Ensure accuracy of coding question wise
  Our coding team can carry out any kind of coding.
  On receipt of a suitable number of questionnaires, full listings of open-ended questions are made by inhouse
  coding department.
  Coding is carried out by a team of coders, usually on a 'question' basis, whereby one coder will code one
  question in order to ensure consistency of interpretation.
  Coding is independently checked to ensure accuracy.

We can provide translation services for all major Asian and European languages under the supervision of
   localization specialists.

Data Tabulation
   Data tabulation can be done using SPSS and Quantum
   Standard outputs include cross tabulation, pivot tables, and row and column percent.
   From the simplest projects to large scale and multi-country projects, our team of analysts can handle it all.
   We can also handle hierarchical data and complex weighting.
   We are able to inter-operate between SPSS, Quantum, Excel, SAS at the data and tab level.

Data Analysis
Our market research data analysis services involve sophisticated analytics procedures and a wide variety of
   statistical methods. Some of the many techniques we use, include:
   Multivariate Analysis: to identify the relative importance and underlying relationships among sets of variables;
   methods included OLS regression, multiple regression, etc.
   Statistical Tests: Chi-Square Testing, Analysis of Variance,
    t-test, z-test, etc.
   Factor Analysis & Market Segmentation: to identify and profile customer segments in order to devise marketing
   strategies that target each segment individually to promote or sell a product
   Conjoint Analysis: methods used to estimate trade-off decisions made by the customer and relative importance
   of attributes in arriving at a buying decision
   Discrete Choice Modeling: methods to predict a decision made by an individual as a function of any number of
   Multiple and Logistic Regression: methods used to describe the relationships between different variables
   Discriminate Function Analysis: methods to determine the variables that discriminate between two or more
   naturally occurring groups
   Cluster Analysis: methods used to reduce a large data set into meaningful subgroups
   Multidimensional Scaling: methods to transform consumer judgments of similarity into distances represented in
   multidimensional scale
   Econometric & Statistical Modeling: employing various methods of statistical inference to produce quantitative
   economic statements that can explain observed variable behavior or forecast unseen behavior.
We have undertaken market research data analysis for concept testing, advertising -related studies, pricing
   studies, continuous tracks, customer satisfaction studies, churn analysis and for several other study types.
                                  Focus Suites Solutions & Services Pvt. Ltd.
            11/12, Green Building, Raiker Marg, Ram Mandir Kapad Bazar Road, Mahim (West), Mumbai – 400 016. India
                               Ph:- (91 22) 24443957, 24443947, 24444691 website : www.focus-suites.com

Advanced Data Analytics and Data Mining :
  FSPLAdvanced Data Analytics offering analyzes and explores structured, domain-specific information using
  knowledge discovery techniques to detect trends or patterns, thereby deriving insights and drawing
  conclusions. It is an interactive, on-going process that includes communicating findings and effecting change.
  We analyze data and provide information / recommendations in accordance with specifications regarding
  content, formats and time schedules provided by our client.
  Our outsourced data analytics services have benefited global clients to support their strategic decision making
  and to scan their business performance.

The Deliverables
The deliverables of our outsourced data analytics services can be categorized into:
    Strategic data analytics that will have impact on business strategies. These could be need-based.
    Monitoring services to deliver summary reports, multi-dimensional analytical reports, charts and exception
   reports with comments to support assessment of business performance. These could be ongoing assignments
   with periodical (daily, weekly, monthly) deliveries.

Blend of Advanced Analytical Techniques & Solutions
Tools used
Most of our analysis is undertaken using :
   SPSS Clementine
   Insightful Miner

Techniques used :
Our sophisticated data analytics procedures utilize a wide variety of statistical methods and models. Some of the
   many techniques we use, include:
   Multivariate Analysis
Methods include OLS regression, multiple regression, Statistical Tests - Chi-Square Testing, Analysis of Variance,
   t-test, z-test, etc
Factor Analysis & Market Segmentation, Conjoint Analysis, Discrete Choice Modeling, Key Driver Analysis,
   Multiple and Logistic Regression, Discriminate Function Analysis, Cluster Analysis, and Multidimensional

Reporting :
Most of our reporting, ad-hoc or ongoing, is in the form of Excel Spreadsheets, PowerPoint Presentations, PDF
  files, files in any database format or via the web - FSPL Portal for Survey Results, Analysis, and Reports.

Action :
We evaluate the results against the project objectives, the organization's overall strategy and business objectives,
   so that the results can be translated into action.
Armed with this business intelligence, the client can gauge their company's performance, identify weak points, take
   advantage of competitive strengths, anticipate trends, reassess their business strategy, and chart a course
   leading to competitive advantage and increased shareholder value.
                                  Focus Suites Solutions & Services Pvt. Ltd.
            11/12, Green Building, Raiker Marg, Ram Mandir Kapad Bazar Road, Mahim (West), Mumbai – 400 016. India
                               Ph:- (91 22) 24443957, 24443947, 24444691 website : www.focus-suites.com

In-house Capabilities
FSPL has a wide spectrum of in-house analytical capabilities:
     25 dedicated stations, In-house DP team centrally located at Nagpur, research analysts to code and analyze
     the data
      Innovative team of researchers and designers to guide the analysis team, on the basis of Client’s brief
     Team of knowledge head researchers to prepare the final analysis and report of the projects.

Uniqueness of FSPL
FSPL Analytics team blends deep analytical skills with the capability to deal with high volume complex data
    sources, integrate data across platforms, and extract business intelligence using-high end data mining tools
    and techniques. This enables clients to take better informed decisions at a strategic, tactical, and operational
We provide best in class Marketing Analytics solutions to global clients across diverse industries that include
    Banking, Consumer Finance, Retail, Telecommunication, Information Technology, and Contact Centers. Our
    solutions span across the customer life cycle, enabling our clients to get a better understanding of their
We use a combination of modeling techniques such as, Statistical modeling, Operation Research, Mathematical
    modeling along with Advanced Data Mining methods, to provide top-notch decision support to our clients. Our
    talent pool has expertise in varied analytics tools like SAS, SPSS, STATA, CART, CHAID (Knowledge
    Seeker), MARS, Treenet, Minitab, Neuralware (Neural Networks tool), and many more.

Tabulation & Advance Analysis Procedures
In-house Analysis
Important aspects of Tabulation and Advance Analysis process
   Kick off meeting which gives the entire team the idea and the overall objective and analysis plan for a analysis.
   Security of the data.
   Supervisor Assistance
   Adhering to the Study Specifications
   Following all DP Plans, study procedures and Instructions

Confidentiality and Security of the Data Collected
  The Questionnaires and responses along with the materials used in the survey are kept confidential.
  Total Confidentiality is maintained on the personal details of the respondents.
  Confidentiality is maintained and so is the survey contents and results.

   In Briefing, the entire job is discussed in detail, giving both the Supervisor and Interviewers an opportunity to
   study carefully the job specifications.
   DP plan, coding instructions will be reviewed and practice session is also conducted to familiarize the agents
   with the questionnaire
   Individuals will be assigned quotas and specific duties with the job.

Supervisors Assistance & Work efficacy
  Each research project has an adequate supervision.
  Supervisor is a very important communicator between the project manager and the Interviewers.
  The Supervisor ensures pilots before the actual analysis and makes sure that the agents are well trained to go
  live on the project.
  The Q.C team checks them through all possible questions to ensure quality reports and sends the report to the
  project manager. The QC team reports to the upper management.

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