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									                      Surrounding the historic Hendricks County Courthouse
                                           Danville, Indiana
                                Saturday, September 12 * 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
                                Sunday, September 13 * 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

     Terri McCoy, Booth Space Chair
     PO Box 247
     Danville, Indiana 46122-0247                   Email:
     Phone: 1-877-TRI-2008                

          *   Craft, Antique, or Collectible Vendor Application                         *

 NOTE: Previous vendor applications must be postmarked on or before June 30, 2009.

Date: _______________

Contact Person (s): ______________________________________________________

Your booth is: Craft/Handmade:         _____        Manufactured: _____

                  Antique:             _____        Collectibles:      _____

Complete mailing address:_________________________________________________

City/State/Zip:              __________________________________________________

Daytime phone (with area code): ____________               Evening phone: _______________

                       Cell phone: ____________             Email address: _______________

Theme or Business Name of your booth:______________________________________

Brief but detailed description of booth: _______________________________________


Would you prefer Friday evening setup?*:            Yes: _____              No: _____

*NOTE: Read Vendor Instructions & Guidelines Section: Security.
There are no one-day booth rentals. All vendors are required to participate
both days of the fair.

Previous booth section/number:___________________________________________

Would you prefer another booth section/number? (Re-location will be approved provided
the previous booth renter does not return.)
If yes, indicate new section/number or street: _______________________________

*Recent years in attendance (please indicate each year in attendance): ___________


*NOTE: In 2009, we will not allow any duplication of items (Avon, Cookie Lee,
Tastefully Simple, Mary Kay, Home Interiors, Tupperware, etc). Those who have been
at the show the longest will have priority if application is postmarked before June 30th.
After June 30th, the application received first will be given priority.

Booth Rental:

15 ft. (wide) by 20 ft. (long) = $75.00         # Requested ____* Total _____________

15 ft. (wide) by 10 ft. (long) = $50.00         # Requested ____* Total _____________

Electricity ONE 110 volt hookup provided @ $20.00                     Total _____________

*Note: All vendors must be off the square by 7pm on Sunday evening to allow the town
enough time to clean the streets. Please keep this in mind when requesting booth
                                         TOTAL AMOUNT REMITTED: ______________

        MAKE CHECKS OR MONEY ORDERS PAYABLE TO:           Delta Kappa
Send to: Danville Tri Kappa, Fair on the Square, PO Box 247, Danville, Indiana

                       Sorry, no refunds after August 12, 2009

  Limited booth space is available to local not-for-profit organizations free of charge (normal
electricity fee does apply). In some cases, documentation and/or verification may be required.
Delta Kappa makes every effort to provide space for fund-raising efforts of other organizations.
     These spaces are limited and awarded on a first come, first serve basis. Not-for-profit
            organizations will adhere to all Rules & Guidelines established for the fair.

  Upon receipt of any application/monies, participation is approved. Confirmation and booth
space assignments will be forwarded via US mail or email (preferred) by August 1, 2009 for all
                               requests received prior to July 15.


    The booth occupant and operator, and its, his, or her employees and agents shall
indemnify Delta Kappa Chapter of KAPPA, KAPPA, KAPPA, INCORPORATED against any and
all claims arising from any accidents, injury, or damage whatsoever, howsoever caused to
any person or to any property occurring during the “Fair on the Square” in the present
calendar year in, on, or about the booth or booths or on the area adjoining the booth rental
space, and against all expenses, counsel fees, and liabilities incurred in connection with any
such claim or any action or proceeding brought on any such claim. No booth occupant and
operator, and its, his, or her employees and agents shall be under the age of eighteen (18)
years of age.

By execution of this application, the booth vendor herein acknowledges its, his, or her
indemnification agreement as herein provided.

Signed: ______________________________________________
   Date:     _________________
        Booth Owner/Operator

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