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					          Project: Project Name
 Project Number: OSU-123456
Dated Submitted: December 15, 2010

                    Project Schedule
                    Date                                   Task

                    March 6, 2008                          BoT approval

                    March 12, 2009                         Construction Documents Complete

                    May 18, 2009                           Advertise for Bid

                    June 16, 2009                          Open Bids

                    August 13, 2009                        Award Construction Constracts

                    August 16, 2009                        Notice to Proceed/Start Construction

                    December 14, 2009                      Construction Complete


                    Timeframes referenced are for the normal process and do not account for problems in the
                    following areas:

                    Unable to reach concensus during interview process
                    Issues with the Controlling Board
                    Resolution of Back Check set issues
                    Associate and Contractor Contracting issues
                    Requirement of a Responsible Bidder Analysis

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                                                                Project Name
                                                           FDC Schedule Worksheet
Estimated Project Schedule                                                                                                                          OSU - XXXXXX

Description                                   Planned        Duration Planned    Actual       Schedule Notes
                                              Start Date     (calendar Completio Completion
                                                             days)     n

BoT Approval/Project Initiation                                          03/06/08             See Board of Trustees Schedule for listing of when the board
                                                                                              meets and deadlines for submittals - Select approval date

Advertisement for A/E                           03/06/08          45     04/20/08             Typical advertisement of an RFQ takes 2 weeks to write obtain
                                                                                              approval for an RFQ and a three to four week advertisement
                                                                                              period in the Ohio Register for a 45 day time frame.

Process 0330's                                  04/20/08           5     04/25/08             Distribution through Contracts -5 days.

0330 review and shortlist approval              04/25/08          30     05/25/08             14 to 30 days depending on user invovlement and project size
                                                                                              and complexity

Set up and schedule interviews                  05/25/08          30     06/24/08             Contract Processing 14 to 30 days - PM decision

Interview date                                  05/25/08           0     05/25/08             interview date

Approval of selected firm                       06/24/08           7     07/01/08             routing of approval letter - 7 days typically

Technical Proposal                              07/01/08          14     07/15/08             7 days for submittal of Technical Proposal from Associate and 7
                                                                                              days for negotiations and modifications to proposal

Contract Signed                                 07/01/08          46     08/16/08             includes writing of contract, signature by Associate, submittal of
                                                                                              required documents including insurance by Associate,
                                                                                              verifications by Contracts and processing of signatures through
                                                                                              FDC, FOD, A&P and Attorney General's office. Also may
                                                                                              include time for controlling board.

S.D. (30%)                                      08/16/08          30     09/15/08             SD period to be determined by PM

Review & Comments                               09/15/08          14     09/29/08             Review through TSG

D.D. (60%)                                      09/29/08          60     11/28/08             DD period to be determined by PM

Review & Comments                               11/28/08          14     12/12/08             Review through TSG

C.D. (100%)                                     12/12/08          90     03/12/09             CD period to be determined by PM

Review & Comments                               03/12/09          14     03/26/09

C.D. review meeting                             03/26/09           2     03/28/09             Submit a complete set of the CD specifications to BSS for

BoT Construction Approval                       03/28/09           0     03/28/09             Final CD estimate to be submitted to BoT for approval if
                                                                                              required. PM needs to determine if this process will add time to
                                                                                              the schedule

Backcheck Set                                   03/28/09          14     04/11/09             To be submitted before expected BoT approval (this includes
                                                                                              responses to CD comments and PM confirmation that everything
                                                                                              has been addressed). Plan for between 7 and 14 days
                                                                                              depending on project size and complexity

Permit application                              04/11/09          30     05/11/09             permitting can take up to 30 days

Cover sheet Signatures                          05/11/09           7     05/18/09             routing for User, OIT, UA and SrDirector's signatures

Advertise for Bids                              05/18/09          29     06/16/09             Projects with TPCs under $50K may be constructed with a PO, if
                                                                                              so time fram is 14 days bidding

Bid Opening                                     06/16/09           0     06/16/09

Associate Responsibility Analysis               06/16/09           7     06/23/09             If a full Responsible Bidder's Analysis is required, several weeks
                                                                                              need to be added to the schedule.

Apparent Low Bidder approved                    06/23/09           7     06/30/09             The request to accept the apparent low bidder goes A&P for
                                                                                              signature (this is the Recommendation of Award letter and is
                                                                                              what allows the request for the release of state funds from the
                                                                                              Controlling Board).

Intent to Award letter                          06/30/09           3     07/03/09             Based on the Recommendation to Award letter, a letter is issued
                                                                                              to the contractor indicating OSU's intent to award them the

Contractor Signature and BSS contracts verification and processing
                                         07/03/09         26      07/29/09                    10 days for contractor to return documents and signed contract.
                                                                                              Also BM to verify all of the appropriate information/forms.

Contract Signature                              07/29/09          15     08/13/09             The contract is sent to A&P and OAG for signature.

Notice to Proceed                               08/13/09           3     08/16/09             BM issues the Notice to Proceed letter allowing the contractor to
                                                                                              start construction.

                                        Design Duration           542   days                  (17.8 months)

Start Construction                              08/16/09                                      PM to determine the construction period for the project for
                                                                                              planning purposes.
                                 Construction Duration            120   days                  (3.9 months)

Complete Construction                                                    12/14/09

                                 Total Project Duration           662   days                  (21.8 months)

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