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					                        Final Minutes of the third Executive Board
       Meeting of the European Technology Platform for Global Animal Health
                                Friday 25 November 2005



Members:                                              Invited:
IFAH-Europe / Declan O’BRIEN (Chair)                  DG R / Isabel MINGUEZ -TUDELA
BBSRC / Paul-Pierre PASTORET                          IFAH-Europe / Jim SCUDA MORE (A dviser)
COPA COGECA / Paul DE WINTE R                         IFAH-Europe / Mireille CHATON-SCHAFFNER
FVE / Jan VAARTEN                                     (Secretariat support )
OIE / Christianne BRUS CHKE                           IFAH-Europe / Hervé MA RION (Secretariat
VMD-HMA / Steve DEA N                                 support)
                                                      IFAH-Europe / Sophie FRE DERICKX
                                                      (Secretariat support )
Intervet / Paul VAN AARLE (Invited)
Universidad Complutense, Madrid / J.M. SANCHEZ-


Session 1: Adoption of the minutes/actions of the 2 nd EB teleconference meeting

Session 2: Outcome of the first EWGs meeting

Session 3: Preparation of the 2 nd EWGs meeting
    1) Adoption of the agendas proposed by the chairmen
    2) Participation

Session 4: Presentation of the draft SRA

Session 5: Update on the publication of the Vision Document

Session 6: Next steps
    1) Next draft of the SRA
    2) Stakeholders meeting propose date: Tuesday 15 February 2006
    3) Delivery of the SRA to the Commission: 30 March 2006

Version 19/12/05                                  1
Session 7: Finances

Session 8: Proposed date for the 4 th EB teleconference meeting:
            Monday 30 January 2006 at 14.30 (Brussels time)


Session 1: Adoption of the minutes/actions of the 2nd EB teleconference meeting

- The chairman, Declan O’Brien, Managing Director of IFAH-Europe, opened the meeting by welcoming
- Agenda was agreed.
- Minutes of the 2nd Executive Board teleconference meeting were confirmed and adopted as final.
- The list of actions of the 2nd Executive Board teleconference meeting was reviewed:

Vision paper:
- All done. Document on print and expected by Monday 28 November.

Contract IFAH-DG R:
- The contract is on its way for signature.

- The Executive Board members agreed the Actions.

Session 2: Outcome of the first EWGs meeting

- It was agreed that the 1st meetings of the 3 WGs were going very well.
- Prioritisation will be for the next meeting.
- Isabel Minguez-Tudela raised the concern of DG Enterprise about the position as vice-Chairman of the
WG 3 by Peter Jones as Peter no longer represents EMEA. The presence of Peter was based on his
experience and not on his position.
EMEA suggested that Kornelia Grein would represent it on the platform.
- It was mentioned that the new replacement of Peter Jones at EMEA, David Mackay, is a member of
WG 3.
- Declan O’Brien thanked Jim Scudamore for the Draft SRA he provided.

Version 19/12/05                                      2
Steve Dean reported a comment of DG enterprise to make sure that the platform will not be used to
criticise the regulatory system.
- It was confirmed by the EB that the platform will propose positive research to complement and support
the regulatory process.

Session 3: Preparation of the 2nd EWGs meeting

    1) Adoption of the agendas proposed by the Chairmen

- Working Group 1:
             -     The 4 chairmen of the subgroup of the previous WG 1 meeting will present their
             -     The 4 subgroups will prepare prioritisation.

- Working Group 3: The Experts will work on comments and review the draft SRA and explore
 horizontal issues in greater details.

- Working Group 2:
             -     The experts will work on:      Prioritisation
                                                Technical Transfer

                                                           -   Improvement of Technical Transfer
                                                           -   Instrument to be used
                                                           -   I.P.R
                                                           -   Collaboration
             -     Paul van Aarle was working on a priority list of diseases and will circulate it.

- Steve Dean reported to the group that the platform for “Human Medicine Initiative” have finalised their
 SRA and have analysed whether they consider the IPR as an issue.
- Isabel Minguez-Tudela and Jim Scudamore will try to obtain more details.

    2) Participation

- The participation to the next WG meetings was reviewed. The list of attendees will be sent by the
secretariat to the WG chairmen.

Version 19/12/05                                          3
Session 4: Presentation of the draft SRA

- Jim Scudamore was thanked for his preparation of the draft SRA.
- It is a very good document guide the experts of the 3 WGs:
                      Chapter 1,2,3,8,9 are general
                      Chapter 4,5 are most relevant to WG 1
                      Chapter 6 is most relevant to WG 2
                      Chapter 7 is most relevant to WG 3
- Some comments were given concerning the different chapters as biotechnology is a Technique and not a
Research Topic. Isabel Minguez-Tudela suggested to include Vaccinology to cover the different
- When prioritisation of diseases will be done , the different technologies (Immunology, biotechnology,
molecular biology...) will be considered.
- All these aspects will be discussed during the WG meetings and the presentation of the SRA will be
reorganised afterwards.
- Isabel Minguez-Tudela will e-mail the “Human Medicine Initiative” SRA which could be helpful.
- Question was raised concerning timing, as only next week meetings are planned for the WGs; it was
decided that if there are still points to be discussed, it could be done by e-mail exchanges to get the imput
of the experts of the WGs.

Session 5: Update on the publication of the Vision Document

- The printing has started:        4000   copies will be printed.
                                 150   must be available for next week for distribution to the experts of the WGs.
- The document will be circulated to all the stakeholders.
- As the platform is a “Global alliance”, we will send a large number of copies to FAO and OIE as well
as DG Research for wide circulation.
- The Vision Paper can also be circulated to other countries (US, Australia) having similar organisations.

Version 19/12/05                                              4
Session 6: Next steps

- Funders: when the SRA will be sufficiently elaborated, it will be appropriate to have a meeting with
potential funders. 16th of February 2006 could be a good opportunity as on the 15th of February the
Stakeholders meeting will be held.

- To be decided after the WGs meetings:
                      The SRA will be redrafted after the WGs meeting and the chairmen’s meeting on 20th of
                       December 2005.
                      The Stakeholders meeting will be held on 15th of February 2006 in Brussels. Isabel
                       Minguez-Tudela will confirm if DG Research is able to host this ETPGAH Stakeholders
                    Delivery     of the final SRA to the Commission by 30th of March, after endorsement by the
                       Steering Council.

- Declan O’Brien thanked the Commission for hosting the WG meetings next week.

Session 7: Finances

- The contract will be signed as soon as received.
- The WGs meetings were not as costly as anticipated.
- Main cost will be for the Stakeholders meeting in February 2006.

Session 8: Proposed date for the 4th EB teleconference meeting:
                   Monday 30 January 2006 at 14.30 (Brussels time)

- The date for the 4th EB teleconference meeting on 30 January 2006 at 14.30 (Brussels time) was agreed
and confirmed by the members of the Executive Board.

Version 19/12/05                                           5

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