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									                                                                                                               APPENDIX 3

                                              COMPLAINTS MONITORING

                                                           Social Care

Formal Complaints made to Departments

                                                     Complaints at Stage 1
     Date      Complainants         Subject Matter             Department/       Date           Outcome                  Comments/
                  Name                                           Division/     Concluded                             Improvements Made
     1/4/03      SS/00258      Agency failed to provide       Older People’s    29/4/03     Agency contacted        Agency recognised that
                              prearranged sitter service     Services/extern               and reminded about         the service was not
                                                                al provider                    conditions of        adequate and agreed to
                                                                                                  contract           make improvements.
     2/4/03      SS/00259      Insufficient support from      Intermediate       7/4/03     Written response;             Challenge of
                                the department & failure          Care                         review to be           communicating the
                                   to conduct regular                                        arranged; leaflet        difference between
                                        reviews                                               about services       service users’ wishes and
                                                                                                 included                    needs
    10/4/03      SS/00260      Unacceptable behaviour           Learning        10/4/03      Matter dealt with
                               by another service user          Disability                 under Protection of
                                                                Services                    Vulnerable Adults
    14/4/03      SS/00261      Concerns about support          Children &       28/4/03     Consideration of           Level of support
                                 being provided to           Young People’s                 actions taken and          considered to be
                                      children                  Services                    written response             appropriate
    14/4/03      SS/00262      Insufficient assessment        Occupational       1/5/03       Explanation of               Challenge of
                                    for equipment            Therapy Service               criteria for services       communicating the
                                                                                                                       difference between
                                                                                                                   service users’ wishes and
    16/4/03      SS/00264      Insufficient consultation       Children &       22/4/03    Explanation of need     Planned improvements to
                                     with parents            Young People’s                    to balance the        information packs for
                                                                Services                      requirement for         parents and children
                                                                                             consultation with
                                                                                            the requirement to
                                                                                               meet statutory
23/4/03   SS/00265      Plans for respite in    Older People’s      6/5/03     Respite booked in     Ongoing consideration to
                       accommodation that          Services                    more appropriate        find ways to balance
                       cannot meet service                                      accommodation           resources and need
                           user’s needs
16/4/03   SS/00266   Inadequate care package     Intermediate       17/4/03       Explanation
                        for discharge from           Care
29/4/03   SS/00267   Standard of service from   Older People’s      3/6/03     Acknowledgement           Better lines of
                        external home care      Services/extern               of some late/missed       communication
                              provider            al provider                  calls and apology      established between
                                                                                                     department and agency
2/5/03    SS/00268   Inadequate assessment       Occupational       5/5/03      Reassessment
                                                Therapy Service                   arranged to
                                                                                 satisfaction of
                                                                                  service user
7/5/03    SS/00269     Insufficient financial     Children &        16/5/03    Verbal and written         Need to confirm
                     support from department    Young People’s                 explanation of the       decisions clearly in
                                                   Services                   service on offer and    writing to eradicate the
                                                                              input required from         opportunity for
                                                                                  service user          misunderstanding
8/5/03    SS/00270   Poor standard of room in      Learning         22/5/03         Apology           Improvements made to
                            residential           Disability                                                    room
                         accommodation             Services
2/5/03    SS/00271     Insufficient support     Older People’s    13/5/03      Review of needs
                                                   Services                    made to service
                                                                              user’s satisfaction
9/5/03    SS/00272    Insufficient support to   Older People’s    16/5/03     Explanation – did
                     arrange respite care and      Services                   not meet eligibility
                      inadequate advice pre                                         criteria
                     discharge from hospital
1/5/03    SS/00273    Timing of transport to       Learning       19/5/03      Times agreed and
                            Day Centre            Disability                      confirmed
13/5/03   SS/00274     Insufficient support     Older People’s    5/6/03       Verbal and written
                                                   Services                   apology – additional
                                                                              support and review
7/5/03    SS/00275     Lack of clarity about      Children &      12/6/03         Explanation        Planned improvements to
                          future plans for      Young People’s                                         information packs for
                       accommodation and           Services                                             parents and children
                         financial support
21/5/03   SS/00276       Change to service         Intermediate     2/6/03    Explanation of new       Leaflets about the
                                                       Care                         legislation      changes were already
                                                                              responsible for the          available
21/5/03   SS/00277      Relative expressed           Learning       27/5/03   Discussion between    Service user did not wish
                     concern about support to        Disability                 service user and          to complain
                           service user              Services                  Home Manager –
                                                                              service user happy
                                                                                   with service
27/5/03   SS/00278     Insufficient care taken     Intermediate     27/6/03       Investigation
                         during respite stay           Care                     showed suitable
                                                                                standard of care
4/4/03    SS/00279     Assessment does not         Occupational     19/5/03      Reassessment
                           meet needs             Therapy Service
2/6/03    SS/00281       Accessibility of           Children &      10/7/03   Discussion between    Plans to move the service
                      department’s premises       Young People’s              Team Manager and       are under consideration
                                                     Services                    service user –
                                                                                 problems with
5/6/03    SS/00282     Department failure to        Children &      11/6/03    Lengthy response
                       provide appropriate        Young People’s                 noting support
                       support to child and          Services                 offered and in many
                             family                                              cases rejected
12/6/03   SS/00283       Accessibility of           Children &      10/7/03      Problems with      Plans to move the service
                      department’s premises       Young People’s                     access          are under consideration
                                                     Services                    acknowledged
10/6/03   SS/00284    Inadequate standard of      Older People’s    24/6/03      Response and        Training need identified
                     care from external home      Services/extern                   apology              by provider and
                           care provider            al provider                                             addressed
4/6/03    SS/00285       Refusal to provide         Equipment       18/6/03     Explanation that
                        equipment and poor           Services                       equipment
                          customer care                                       requested would be
                                                                                 appropriate for
                                                                                   service user
17/6/03   SS/00288      Concern about care        Older People’s    17/7/03       Investigation
                        during respite stay          Services                 showed appropriate
                                                                                 care provided
17/6/03   SS/00289   Staff ignored family after     Children &      27/6/03        Response –
                     Court hearing                Young People’s               decision informed
                                                     Services                  by children’s best
25/6/03   SS/00290        Confusion over         Older People’s     9/7/03       Full written          Communication issue
                     arrangements for respite       Services                     explanation               identified
4/7/03    SS/00291     Failure to take agreed      Children &       23/7/03   Acknowledgement        Monitoring brief to ensure
                               action            Young People’s                 of failure and            future action is
                                                    Services                   apology given.               appropriate
                                                                              Situation rectified
18/6/03   SS/00292     Standard of driving of      Equipment        23/6/03   Written response
                        departmental vehicle        Services
17/6/03   SS/00294       Standard of care at     Older People’s     16/7/03    Written response      Referred to National Care
                             residential            Services                                          Standards Commission
23/6/03   SS/00295   Standard of care provided        Quality       15/7/03    Written response        Arrangements agreed
                       by external home care     Services/extern                from agency             with service user to
                              provider              al provider                                           improve service
13/6/03   SS/00296            Finance            Quality Services   8/7/03       Explanation
26/6/03   SS/00297    Inadequate assessment       Older People’s    13/8/03      Explanation               Service user
                         and unclear advice          Services                                        responsibility of another
                                                                                                          local authority
3/6/03    SS/00298   Consultation and contact      Children &       29/7/03      Explanation
                              issues             Young People’s
23/6/03   SS/00299   Staff spoke                    Learning        11/8/03      Investigation         Check all information
                     inappropriately               Disability                     showed that              before visit
                                                    Services                        nothing
                                                                              inappropriate had
                                                                                   been said
23/6/03   SS/00300      Unfairly treated by        Children &                 discussion but no
                           department            Young People’s                formal response
17/7/03   SS/00301      Request for respite      Older People’s     30/7/03    Offer of respite in
                      assistance turned down        Services                        residential
                                                                                  turned down
24/7/03   SS/00302   No clear explanation for      Children &       24/7/03    Telephone call to        Reminder that staff
                     stopping contact. Social    Young People’s                  complainant to      should provide direct dial
                      worker never available        Services                    clarify situation.           numbers
                                                                                Social worker’s
                                                                               direct dial number
                                                                              given for future use
23/7/03   SS/00303     Department has gone         Children &       26/8/03        Explanation
                       back on an assurance      Young People’s
                       made to service user         Services
24/7/03   SS/00304    Poor standard of home       Older People’s     30/7/03    Written response –               New procedure
                        care from external        Services/extern                 staff member             introduced by agency to
                      provider– calls missed        al provider                     dismissed               ensure that calls are not
22/7/03   SS/00305   Standard of cleanliness at      Learning        5/8/03      Written response          Meeting with contractors
                            Day Centre              Disability                                             to discuss improvements
1/8/03    SS/00306   Incorrect assessment of      Older People’s     13/8/03       Does not meet
                               need                  Services                   eligibility criteria for
                                                                                further intervention
31/7/03   SS/00307      Refusal to provide         Occupational      14/8/03     Advised is kept on
                           assistance             Therapy Service                 waiting list to be
                                                                                dealt with in priority
30/7/03   SS/00308    Service does not meet          Learning        3/9/03          Assessment
                      needs and puts service         Disability                  considered again
                           user at risk              Services                       and specialist
                                                                                 placement is now
                                                                                    being sought
7/8/03    SS/00309      Condition of lifts at     Quality Services   12/8/03         Explanation            Representations to lift
                        Queensway House                                                                     company to expedite
7/8/03    SS/00310   Poor customer care from      Quality Services   12/8/03          Apology                   Staff training
                          frontline staff
27/7/03   SS/00311     Lack of respect for         Intermediate      27/7/03          Apology                 Disciplinary action
                      service user’s dignity            Care
27/7/03   SS/00312        Staff rudeness           Intermediate      27/7/03          Apology                 Disciplinary action
8/8/03    SS/00313       Other methods of         Quality Services   4/9/03         Explanation
                       payment of home care
                      invoices not advertised
29/7/03   SS/00314        Lack of support            Children &
                                                  Young People’s
31/7/03   SS/00315   Care package failed to        Older People’s    28/10/03     Explanation and
                     meet service user’s             Services &                 apology for delay in
                     needs                          Intermediate                    response to
                                                        Care                         complaint
6/8/03    SS/00316   Failure to assess for         Occupational      11/9/03     Explanation about
                     equipment to enable          Therapy Service                  eligibility and
                     service user to return                                     advice about other
                     home                                                             services
28/7/03   SS/00317   Poor standard of home           Home Care      12/8/03    Change of provider
24/7/03   SS/00318   Care staff not suitably       External Home    2/10/03       Explanation           Change of provider
                     trained. Late and             Care Provider
                     sometimes missed visits
19/8/03   SS/00319   Information                     Children &     15/10/03     Explanation &
                     inappropriately disclosed     Young People’s                  apology
15/8/03   SS/00320   Change to service              Intermediate    28/8/03    Explanation of new        Leaflets about the
                     without consultation               Care                       legislation         changes were already
                                                                               responsible for the           available
21/8/03   SS/00321   Father not kept informed        Children &     2/10/03      Full explanation
                     about son’s placements        Young People’s
22/8/03   SS/00322   Lack of interest from         Older People’s   16/9/03     Apology and full     Staff development
                     social worker                    Services                    explanation        identified and addressed
21/8/03   SS/00323   No explanation for              Children &     27/8/03    Explanation given
                     decision                      Young People’s               in meeting with
                                                      Services                   senior officer
21/8/03   SS/00324   Contact cancelled without       Children &     25/8/03       Apology and
                     notice                        Young People’s              additional contact
                                                      Services                     organised
18/8/03   SS/00325   Insufficient effort made to     Children &     28/8/03       Full written
                     secure permanent              Young People’s                  response
                     placement                        Services
1/9/03    SS/00326   Contact with daughter           Children &     1/9/03      Explanation and        It is usual practice to
                     cancelled without prior       Young People’s                    apology.        notify about cancellations
                     notification                     Services                     Exceptional          and this message is
                                                                                 circumstances          reinforced with staff
                                                                               meant that contact
                                                                               could not go ahead
11/8/03   SS/00327   Social worker spoke              Learning      11/8/03     Investigation did
                     inappropriately                 Disability                     not uphold
                                                      Services                      complaint
2/9/03    SS/00328   Too many foster                 Children &     9/9/03       Acknowledged
                     placements                    Young People’s                  concern and
                                                      Services                  outlined plan for
                                                                                  future care in
28/8/03   SS/00329   Insufficient support for       Learning        2/9/03     Full explanation and
                     parents/ carers                Disability                    leaflet. Carers
                                                    Services                        assessment
8/9/03    SS/00330   Poor service from           Older People’s     14/10/03     Poor standard of         New procedures
                     external home care            Services &                          service          introduced and staff
                     providers                   External Home                  acknowledged and              training
                                                 Care Provider                    apology made
8/9/03    SS/00332   Failure to keep relative       Learning        23/10/03       Apology and
                     informed                       Disability                      information
                                                    Services                        provided in
                                                                                 accordance with
9/9/03    SS/00332   Contribution towards        Quality Services
                     home care charges
16/9/03   SS/00334   Unclear information         Hospital Social    18/9/03      Full explanation     Leaflet is available about
                     about top up funding for     Work Team                                             residential charges
17/9/03   SS/00335   Insufficient support to      Occupational      22/9/03     Written response
                     child with disabilities &   Therapy Service               and visit from Team
                     staff rudeness                                                  Manager.
10/9/03   SS/00336   Incorrect invoices and      Quality Services   17/9/03      Explanation and         Staff development
                     reminders                                                       apology
19/9/03   SS/00337   System letting son down       Children &       22/9/03      Meeting with all
                                                 Young People’s                 parties and future
                                                    Services                    actions identified
                                                                                   and agreed
27/8/03   SS/00338   Department refusing to         Learning        19/9/03         Response
                     increase funding for           Disability                      explaining
                     residential placement          Services                        budgetary
                                                                                 constraints and
                                                                               possible alternative
26/8/03   SS/00339   Standard of driving of        Equipment        10/9/03          Apology            Exploring corporate
                     Council vehicle                Services                                            standard setting for
                                                                                                         drivers of Council
                                                                                                      vehicles and equipment
                                                                                                         to monitor driving
16/9/03   SS/00340   Failure to agree funding      Social Care      10/10/03     Funding agreed
                     to service user to move
                     from hospital ward to
23/9/03   SS/00341   Insufficient support from      Learning        25/9/03    Written response to
                     the department to secure       Disability                    father - service
                     suitable housing for           Services                     user’s behaviour
                     service user                                              has made it difficult
                                                                                to secure suitable
                                                                                    housing but
                                                                               support is ongoing
25/9/03   SS/00345   Standard of assessment        Children &       2/10/03        Explanation –
                                                 Young People’s                     issues to be
                                                    Services                   addressed in Court
18/9/03   SS/00349   Failure to inform             Children &       8/10/03    Meeting to discuss        Discussion with staff
                     appointment cancelled –     Young People’s                and apology made.          member to ensure
                     insufficient support           Services                                                improvement in
29/9/03   SS/00350   Unacceptable standard of    External Home      10/10/03     Apology from          Improved staff induction
                     service provided by home    Care Provider &                    agency &                   training
                     care agency                 Older People’s                disciplinary action
                                                    Services                          taken

                     Incorrect assessment                                      Current assessment
26/9/03   SS/00351   Unacceptable standard of     External Home     21/10/03   Apology and written         Meetings with care
                     service provided by home     Care Provider                confirmation of care       providers to discuss
                     care agency                                               plan and assurance        improved handling of
                                                                                of commitment to        complaints and service
                                                                                provide service as             provision.
                                            Complaints at stage 2
5/8/03    SS/00280   Standard of care during      Older People’s                                       Investigation completed –
                     respite stay                    Services                                                report pending
5/8/03               Standard of care             Mental Health                                         Investigation completed
                     provided, lost records          Service                                              & report submitted –
                     and misleading                                                                        response pending

11/8/03   SS/00286   Care package does not         Intermediate                                        Investigation completed –
                     meet service user’s               Care                                                 report pending
10/9/03   SS/00331   Failure to address           Children &                                         Investigation in progress
                     problems with foster       Young People’s
                     placement. Support            Services
                                           Complaints at stage 3
15/7/03   SS/00224   Inadequate response to       Learning         30/7/03   Panel agreed with        Consideration has been
                     correspondence leading       Disablility                stage 2 findings to     given to this matter when
                     to confusion.                 Services                  uphold first part of    drawing up terms of new
                                                                                 complaint.           contracts with external
                     Refusal to fund holiday                                                           residential providers
                     for service user in                                       They agreed with
                     residential                                                  finding not to
                     accommodation                                            uphold the second
                                                                                    part of the
                                                                                  complaint but
                                                                              recommended that
                                                                             the department take
                                                                                    a proactive
                                                                               approach to liaise
                                                                                 with provider of
                                                                              accommodation to
                                                                                facilitate holiday
                                                   COMPLAINTS MONITORING

Formal Complaints made to Department of Social Care re Social Services function – 1/10/03 – 31/3/04

These complaints were addressed under the Social Services statutory complaints procedure

Complaints at stage 1
     Date      Complainants       Subject Matter               Department/       Date        Outcome              Comments/
               Name                                            Division/         Concluded                        Improvements Made
     1/10/03   SS/00343           Timing of visits of carers   External          7/10/03     Requested no         All complaints about
                                  erratic and not acceptable   Provider                      response - service   home care services are
                                  Poor standard of hygiene                                   user moved to        fed into contract quality
                                  Some visits missed                                         residential          monitoring
                                                                                             Referred to agency
                                                                                             for comment –
                                                                                             service user had
                                                                                             refused calls and
                                                                                             was verbally
     6/10/03   SS/00344           Occupational Therapist       Occupational      21/10/03    Written response     Original worker reflected
                                  who visited to assess the    Therapy Service               and apology          on how his manner was
                                  service user's needs at                                                         perceived and offered to
                                  the new property, was                                                           visit again but service
                                  very rude and gave the                                                          user requested another
                                  impression that he didn't                                                       worker and one was
                                  want to be there. Service                                                       allocated
                                  user was left feeling very
     2/10/03   SS/00347           Workers in supported         Children &        18/12/03    Referred to          Although complaint not
                                  accommodation do not         Young People’s                manager of           substantiated, it is noted
                                  treat complainant with       Services                      supported            that there was a delay
                                  respect and are not                                        accommodation for    with the response from
                                  supportive                                                 response –           the manager of the
                                                                                             complaint not        accommodation.
                                                                                             substantiated        Working with Policy and
                                                                                                                  Procurement Unit to
                                                                                                                  improve through contract
1/10/03    SS/00348   Department disclosed          Children &        1/10/03    Telephone call to        Complainant still
                      personal information to a     Young People’s               complainant to           dissatisfied – seeking
                      third party                   Services                     explain process          legal advice.
                                                                                 under section 47
                                                                                 and department’s
                                                                                 duty to protect
3/10/03    SS/00352   Service user's daughter       Older People’s    7/10/03    Written response to      Families’ opinions do not
                      disagrees with result of      Services                     explain that the         always concur with those
                      the assessment of need.                                    department is not        of potential service users.
                      Believes that her father                                   able to impose a
                      needs personal care.                                       service on someone
                                                                                 if they do not want
6/10/03    SS/00353   Agreed times for home         Older People’s    23/10/03   Meeting arranged
                      care visits not adhered to    Services                     between all parties
                                                                                 to seek resolution –
                      Insufficient support from                                  decision not to
                      the department - no                                        pursue complaint
                      social worker
13/10/03   SS/00354   Incorrect invoices sent       Finance Section   27/10/03   Situation rectified      Absence of information at
                      and failure to invoice in a                                and full explanation     outset flagged as training
                      timely manner                                              given                    issue
20/10/03   SS/00355   Carer failed to use           Intermediate      3/11/03    Written explanation      Department has a duty of
                      common sense to remedy        Care                         that situation in        care to employees
                      situation that meant that                                  kitchen presented
                      service user could not                                     Health & Safety risk.
                      have a hot drink                                           Staff’s offer to fetch
                                                                                 in a hot drink was
31/10/03   SS/00357   Complaint against             Children &        3/12/03    Written explanation
                      member of staff for           Young People’s               of need to share
                      comments and                  Services                     relevant information
                      accusations made that                                      to fulfil
                      relate to complainants                                     department’s duty
                      past.                                                      to protect children
17/10/03   SS/00359   The department has failed     Children &        18/11/03   Issue addressed at       Complainant raised
                      to provide support for        Young People’s               Child in Need            concerns again 21/4/04,
                      service user and family       Services                     Conference               and requested that they
                      leaving service user and                                                            be addressed at stage 2
                      her siblings at risk

                      Social worker ignored
                      complainant's concerns
                       about family her daughter
                       was allowed to stay with.
3/11/03    SS/00361    Misadministration of         Learning         19/11/03   Written response        Further letter sent
                       medication                   Disability                  sent                    requesting complainant
                                                    Services                                            feedback and comments
                                                                                                        on current service – no
7/11/03    SS/00362    Has been charged by          Intermediate     23/12/03   Letter of               Ongoing work on
                       residential                  Care                        explanation – since     improving
                       accommodation                                            there was no            communications
                       incorrectly as service                                   contract between
                       user should not have                                     the private
                       been self funding                                        residential home
                                                                                and the local
                                                                                authority, the matter
                                                                                does not rest with
                                                                                the department

10/11/03   SS/00363    Complaint that calls         Children &       5/2/04     Team Manager            Reminder to staff of
                       aren't returned and          Young People’s              visited complainant     importance of returning
                       actions aren't taken.        Services                    to discuss and          calls
                       Feels unsupported by                                     address issues
                       child’s social worker.
10/11/03   SS/00364    Complaint against            Children &       29/12/03   Written response –
                       change of social worker.     Young People’s              apology for delay.
                                                    Services                    Original social
                                                                                worker reallocated
                                                                                in line with
11/11/03    SS/00365   Complaint from son           External         23/12/03   Concerns referred       All complaints about
                       about irregular visits,      provider                    to agency and           home care services are
                       carelessness and poor                                    investigation           fed into contract quality
                       attitude of staff and lack                               undertaken -            monitoring
                       of action taken when                                     acknowledged that
                       service user needed                                      there had been          Service user contacted
                       medical attention.                                       missed visits but       and was happy with
                                                                                other issues were       service
                                                                                not substantiated.
11/11/03   SS/00367    Complaint about              External         13/11/03   Department to find      With complainant’s
                       standards and care in        provider                    new placement for       permission, complaints
                       residential home                                         service user            about private registered
                                                                                                        homes are referred to
                                                                                                        National Care Standards
                                                                                                      Commission (now
                                                                                                      Commission for Social
                                                                                                      Care Inspection)
29/10/03   SS/00369   Complaint about contact      Children &        14/11/03   Complainant now
                      with children.               Young People’s               seeking legal
                                                   Services                     advice.
23/10/03   SS/00370   Service user discharged      Intermediate      28/10/03   Mistake made over     Staff reminded to be very
                      from hospital and            Care                         dates – apology       clear about dates of
                      expected carers on day of                                 given                 discharge
                      discharge & am of next
                      day - did not arrive.
11/11/03   SS/00371   Service user has waited      Occupational      27/11/03   Work had been
                      two years for the            Therapy Service              completed that
                      installation of a shower                                  week and unwanted
                      Delay in removing                                         equipment removed
                      unsuitable aids
21/11/03   SS/00372   Difficulty in arranging      Older People’s    25/11/03   Respite place found
                      respite care required for    services
                      complainant's father.
12/12/03   SS/00373   Attitude of social worker    Children &        12/12/03   Further information
                      undertaking review           Young People’s               requested from
                                                   Services                     complainant to
                                                                                allow complaint to
                                                                                be investigated –
                                                                                not supplied
22/12/03   SS/00374   Evening carer did not        External          22/12/03   Agency aware of       All complaints about
                      arrive until 12:20am for a   provider                     problems with that    home care services are
                      9pm call. The carer did                                   round and rang        fed into contract quality
                      not know the round and                                    complainant to        monitoring
                      had the wrong address.                                    apologise
19/12/03   SS/00375   Carers' failure to           External          14/1/04    Agency admitted       All complaints about
                      administer medication        provider                     problem with carer    home care services are
                                                                                and sent supervisor   fed into contract quality
                                                                                to monitor.           monitoring
                                                                                Problem not
                                                                                resolved and care
                                                                                provider was
24/11/03   SS/00376   Missed home care calls       External          24/12/03   Agency sent           All complaints about
                      and standard of care         provider                     supervisor to         home care services are
                      provided                                                  observe standard of   fed into contract quality
                                                                                care. Written         monitoring
                                                                                response to
29/12/03   SS/00377   Department failed to take   Older People’s   29/12/03   Emailed response –
                      action in response to       services                    apology. Advised
                      concerns expressed                                      social worker
                      about need for a service                                allocated
17/12/03   SS/00378   Neighbour is disturbing     Intermediate     24/12/03   Written response –
                      complainant because of      Care                        apology and
                      lack of support from the                                assurance that
                      department.                                             concerns receiving
                                                                              consideration. Data
                                                                              Protection prevents
                                                                              further disclosure
8/12/03    SS/00379   Mother not consulted or     Children &       24/12/03   Meeting scheduled
                      kept informed               Young People’s              but complainant did
                                                  Services                    not attend and
                                                                              failed to respond to
                                                                              contact from the
22/12/03   SS/00380   - Social worker used key    Older People’s   26/2/04    Written response
                      code and walked into        services                    from Head of
                      service user's home                                     Service – complaint
                      without knocking                                        not substantiated.
                      - Comments of service
                      user were ignored
                      - Service user was asked
                      to sign papers that she
                      could not read because
                      she has glaucoma
                      - Service user was left
                      frightened and distressed
24/11/03   SS/00381   Issues surrounding          Older People’s   13/2/04    Written response
                      assessment and charges      services                    and further contact
                      for services                                            offered
                      Delays in arranging
16/12/03   SS/00382   - Missed calls              External         15/1/04    Referred to agency     All complaints about
                      - Failure to undertake      provider                    – response made        home care services are
                      certain tasks                                           and arrangements       fed into contract quality
                      - Inappropriate comments                                made to find regular   monitoring
                      from carer                                              evening carer
19/11/03   SS/00383   Department failing to       Occupational     3/12/03    Remedial action
                      provide OT assessment       Therapy                     taken. Worker
                      for service user's           services                    visited to assess
                      discharge from hospital                                  need
13/11/03   SS/00384   Carer sent to accompany      Learning         23/11/03   Written apology and    Staff guidance developed
                      service user to see his      Disability                  outline 5 steps that   - all staff must read, sign
                      family did not provide       Services                    have been taken to     and comply with
                      adequate assistance                                      remedy matter and      guidance
                      He did not speak to                                      prevent recurrence
                      service user or family and
                      made them feel
13/11/03   SS/00385   Notes and forms from         Older People’s   21/11/03   Written response –     Training need identified
                      assessment were lost and     services                    apology and            for individual social
                      carer had to complete                                    another social         worker
                      forms again                                              worker allocated
                      Carer felt that social
                      worker accused her of
                      lying and she cannot deal
                      with him any more
27/10/03   SS/00386   Complaint that night         External         29/10/03   Referred to agency     Carer will not be
                      sitter fell asleep and was   provider                    for investigation.     permitted to work nights
                      drinking alcohol                                         Carer denied           for a period of six months
                                                                               drinking though        and will receive
                                                                               may have drifted in    supervision and one to
                                                                               and out of sleep.      one training session with
                                                                                                      the Home Care Manager
                                                                               Letter of apology

27/10/03   SS/00387   Missed home care calls       External         29/10/03   Visit by supervisor    All complaints about
                      and late attendance          provider                    – concerns             home care services are
                      Keys have been lost                                      addressed and put      fed into contract quality
                      Does not wish to have                                    right                  monitoring
                      male carers
27/10/03   SS/00388   Failure to administer        External         29/10/03   Referred to agency     Carer booked on
                      medication on 2              provider                    for investigation.     refresher course for
                      occasions                                                Complaint not          Administration of
                                                                               substantiated          Medication.

                                                                               Written response to
3/11/03    SS/00389   Social worker failed to      Older People’s   11/11/03   Meeting and written
                      keep appointment -           Mental Health               response and
                      telephoned at last minute                                change of social
                      to reschedule                                            worker
                      Appears to wish to cause
                      complainant stress and
12/11/03   SS/00390   Social worker failed to      Older People’s   26/11/03   Apology and new       Staff development
                      make appropriate             services                    social worker
                      arrangements for                                         allocated
                      confirmation of
                      placement review; made
                      unreasonable demands of
                      the care home.
17/11/03   SS/00391   Financial support for        Children &       21/11/03   Telephone call to
                      daughter and baby has        Young People’s              complainant to
                      been withdrawn and out       Services                    address concerns
                      of borough placement
                      arranged instead
8/1/04     SS/00392   More support needed          Children &       9/1/04     Visit by social       Staff reminded of
                      from department to care      Young People’s              worker to address     importance of returning
                      for children who are on      Services                    concerns              calls
                      Child Protection Register

                      Department fails to keep
                      mother informed and
                      often doesn't return calls
4/12/03    SS/00393   Believes care staff have     Older People’s   13/1/04    Complaint not
                      breached confidentiality     Mental Health               substantiated
5/1/04     SS/00394   Missed calls                 External         13/1/04    Referred to agency    Spot checks on carers
                      Fluctuating arrival times    provider                    – written response    and member of staff
                      Staff not willing to take                                acknowledging         dismissed
                      responsibility                                           communication
                                                                               Apology given
8/1/04     SS/00395   5 days' missed calls in      External         13/1/04    Referred to agency.   All complaints about
                      October - agency             provider                    Offer of meeting      home care services are
                      apologised and gave                                      with Care             fed into contract quality
                      assurance there would be                                 Brokerage Manager     monitoring
                      Further missed visit on 21
                      December - contacted
                      agency - no call back
                      Further missed visits
                      over Christmas and New
                      Year - contacted agency
                      and again no calls back
9/1/04    SS/00396   Poor standard of           External agency             Awaiting response
8/1/04    SS/00397   Rushed visits and missed   External          15/1/04   Referred to agency     Referred to social worker
                     calls from home care       provider                    for investigation.     to review care package
                     provider                                               No missed visits,
                                                                            though accepted
                                                                            that sometimes may
                                                                            be late. There are a
                                                                            lot of tasks to be
                                                                            completed in
                                                                            allocated time so
                                                                            may feel rushed
6/1/04    SS/00398   Lack of support for son    Learning          13/1/04   Written response –     Need to ensure that
                                                Disability                  advising multi         partnership working is
                                                services                    agency meeting to      effective
                                                                            be arranged to
                                                                            address concerns
15/1/04   SS/00399   Medication not             External          26/1/04   Referred to agency     Carer placed on
                     administered correctly     provider                    – medication given     Administration of
                                                                            on all but one         Medication course and
                                                                            occasion when          spot checks to be made
                                                                            carer was confused     of her work
19/1/04   SS/00400   Service user is a diet     External          23/1/04   Referred to agency     All complaints about
                     controlled diabetic and    provider                    for investigation –    home care services are
                     needs regular food and                                 complaint not          fed into contract quality
                     drink. The timing of the                               substantiated. On      monitoring
                     home care calls have                                   one occasion, late
                     been erratic sometimes                                 lunch call for which
                     leaving the service user                               an apology made.
                     16 hours without a call
16/1/04   SS/00401   Medication not             External          13/2/04   Information not
                     administered correctly     provider                    provided to allow
                     Home care calls late                                   complaint to be

                                                                            Referred to agency
                                                                            for internal review
20/1/04   SS/00402   Lack of support for        Learning          24/2/04   Written explanation
                     service user and carer     Disability                  – carer assessment
                                                services                    offered but refused
21/1/04   SS/00403   Missed and late calls      External          22/4/04   Referred to agency     Agency reminded of
                                                provider                                           importance of prompt and
                                                                            Department’s offer     full response
                                                                              to change provider
22/1/04   SS/00404   Department agreed            Learning          28/1/04   Full investigation    Provider to submit
                     individual support. It has   Disability                  showed that           revised invoices and
                     not been provided but        services                    incorrect invoices    consider how support is
                     invoices for payment                                     had been presented    provided
                     have been received.

                     Individuals' support
                     hours are put together to
                     provide additional
                     communal cover and this
                     is not acceptable
26/1/04   SS/00405   Landlords believed they      Asylum Seekers    2/2/04    Explanation
                     had been misled by the       Team
27/1/04   SS/00406   Failure to invoice despite   Finance Section   4/2/04    Explanation &
                     repeated requests                                        apology
30/1/04   SS/00407   Complainant believes her     Learning          23/2/04   Explanation and       Carers Forum information
                     views were disregarded.      Disability                  apology. Preferred    pack to be sent to
                     She was presented with a     services                    service provided      complainants
                     service for her daughter                                 and meeting with      Comments about
                     and more or less told to                                 Head of Service       information to be fed
                     take it or leave it.                                     offered and           back to inform work on
                                                                              accepted              an information pack
                                                                                                    Staff to be reminded that
                                                                                                    it is their responsibility to
                                                                                                    try to sort out problems
                                                                                                    rather than pushing
                                                                                                    people towards the
                                                                                                    complaint procedure as a
                                                                                                    first option

26/1/04   SS/00408   Inappropriate                Children &        26/1/04   Meeting with          Speak with staff about
                     communication between        Young People’s              complainant. Case     effective communication
                     social worker and            Services                    reviewed and
                     children's mother                                        reallocated
28/1/04   SS/00409   Insufficient support for     Children &        5/2/04    Meeting and full      Changes to team’s duty
                     child looked after by        Young People’s              response, outlining   system to improve
                     grandparents under Court     Services                    support offered by    communication channels
                     Order                                                    department.
                     Social worker fails to                                   Acknowledged
                     undertake statutory visits                               difficulty of
                     Family has not been                                      contacting social
                     introduced to new social                                worker who works
                     worker                                                  part time.

                                                                             Another social
                                                                             worker allocated
27/1/04   SS/00410   Department not providing     Children &       2/2/04    Full response –
                     adequate respite care for    Young People’s             advised about
                     complainant's disabled       Services                   eligibility criteria -
                     daughter                                                worker allocated to
                                                                             the family to
                                                                             explore options for
12/2/04   SS/00411   Social worker does not       Intermediate     5/3/04    Complaint not
                     fulfil his role eg no        Care                       substantiated – full
                     regular contact                                         response given
                     Did not resolve issues
                     with safety of house while
                     in hospital thereby
                     prolonging his stay.
                     Family and care company
                     had to undertake the
9/2/04    SS/00412   Weekly money to support      Children &       18/2/04   Full written
                     service user is never        Young People’s             response –
                     ready for collection.        Services                   complaint partly
                     Delays affect her                                       substantiated and
                     attendance at school                                    apology given

26/2/04   SS/00413   Lack of support from         Intermediate     23/4/04   Remedial action
                     social worker to sort out    Care                       taken
                     direct payments
1/3/04    SS/00414   Service user's daughter      Home Care        10/3/04   Assurance that
                     said that a carer spoke      Team                       carer will not attend
                     threateningly to her                                    service user again
3/2/04    SS/00415   Claims that service user     External         1/3/04    Referred to agency
                     was left in dirty and        provider                   – complaint not
                     unhygienic condition                                    substantiated
2/2/04    SS/00416   Department has failed to     Learning         4/2/04    Written explanation
                     take action to secure a      Disability
                     place for complainant's      Services
                     sister who has a learning
                     Dissatisfaction with
                     social worker
11/3/04   SS/00417   Complainant has been         Children &                 Awaiting response
                     looking after young          Young People’s
                     person found on street       Services
                     for 11 weeks. No formal
                     arrangements made by
                     social care.
22/3/04   SS/00418   Complaint about level of     Older People’s   6/4/04    Visit to service
                     care - lack of exercise      services                   user- has no
                     and stimulation.                                        concerns about
                                                                             standard of care
                                                                             and is able to self

                                                                             Response to
                                                                             complainant with
                                                                             service user’s

29/3/04   SS/00419   Problem with arranging       External         12/4/04   Referred to agency      All complaints about
                     carers for Saturday visit    provider                   for response.           home care services are
                     to high dependency                                      Acknowledged that       fed into contract quality
                     sister. Complainant                                     situation was not       monitoring
                     stressed that complaint is                              ideal but
                     about management and                                    arrangements had
                     administration and not                                  been made at short
                     about the carers.                                       notice to cover
30/3/04   SS/00420   Missed calls                 External                   Awaiting response
30/3/04   SS/00421   Service ended without        Intermediate     30/3/04   Response by             Breakdown in
                     advising carer as            Care                       telephone and           communications – staff
                     previously agreed.                                      apology that            reminded to check if
                     Appeared to be failure in                               daughter was not        agreement that carer will
                     communications                                          invited to review       be notified or invited to
30/3/04   SS/00422   Too many changes of          Children &       1/4/04    Explanation with list
                     social worker                Young People’s             of social workers
                                                  Services                   and visits made
2/2/04    SS/00424   Poor communication           Intermediate     16/4/04   Meeting with            Teams to reflect on
                     between department's         Care                       complainant to          current procedure to see
                     staff                                                   address concerns        if improvements can be
                     Complainant found staff                                                        made
                     attitude rude and                                        Some concerns
                     overbearing                                              refer to Health       Contingency plan for
                                                                              services              similar situation to be
31/3/04   SS/00425   Inappropriate behaviour       Equipment        2/4/04    Written apology       Subject of investigation
                     from member of staff          Service                                          under formal internal
29/3/04   SS/00427   Care package cancelled        Intermediate     8/4/04    Written explanation   Need for clear
                                                   Care                       of assessment         information when there
                                                                              under Fair Access     are changes to service
                                                                              to Care Services
26/3/04   SS/00428   Missed calls                  External         14/4/04   Referred to agency
                                                   provider                   – acknowledged
                                                                              mistake and
29/3/04   SS/00429   Home care seems to            External                   Awaiting response
                     break down at week-ends       provider
                     resulting in missed and
                     late calls
31/3/04   SS/00430   Insufficient attention paid   Children &       16/4/04   File reviewed by      Reminder to staff of
                     to concerns raised about      Young People’s             service manager       consulting with both
                     child                         Services                   and written           parents where
                                                                              response provided     appropriate
                                                                              – assurance that
                                                                              appropriate action
                                                                              had been taken but
                                                                              acknowledged that
                                                                              complainant had
                                                                              not been consulted
                                                                              and apologised for
29/3/04   SS/00431   Daughter’s contact            Intermediate     21/4/04   Written response      Changes made to system
                     arrangements not              Care                       and apology.          for recording special
                     followed when                                                                  contact arrangements
                     emergency occurred
31/3/04   SS/00432   A member of frontline         Customer         8/4/04    Complaint not         All staff invited to launch
                     staff rude to complainant     Services                   substantiated –       of corporate customer
                                                                              written response      contact standards
                                                                              referring to
                                                                              Customer Contact
     25/2/04    SS/00433   Missed and late visits        External         5/3/04    Referred to agency     Supervision order on
                           from external home care       provider                   – written response     member of staff
                           agency                                                   accepting failure in
                           Dismissive attitude of                                   service and apology    Reminder about clear
                           staff                                                    given                  communication between

Complaints at stage 2
     11/11/03   SS/00368   Complaint about member        Children &       8/12/03   Allegation of abuse
                           of staff at private           Young People’s             referred to local
                           residential unit physically   Services and               Child Protection
                           abusing complainant.          external                   service – no
                                                         provider                   grounds for
                                                                                    commissioned for
                                                                                    child and meeting
                                                                                    held. Department
                                                                                    checked and
                                                                                    confirmed that
                                                                                    appropriate action
                                                                                    had been taken in
                                                                                    line with its own
     23/2/04    SS/00426   Complainant believes that     Older People’s             Independent
                           proposals have been           services                   investigation in
                           explored to move her                                     progress
                           mother from residential
                           home without any
                           discussion with family

                           Staff from other homes
                           have talked with mother
                           without daughter being
                           present and information
                           about her has been
                           disclosed to these staff
                           without permission.
     21/4/04    SS/00359   Lack of support for her   Children &                Independent           Escalated from stage 1
                           daughter and the family   Young People’s            investigation         complaint last year
                                                     Services                  commissioned

Complaints at stage 3
     16/12/03              Lack of support           Mental Health    5/3/04   Review Panel          This complaint refers to a
                           Senior staff misled       Services                  Meeting held          case in 1998 when the
                           complainant                                         24/2/04               Mental Health service was
                           Report flawed                                                             the responsibility of
                           Staff failed to report                              Recommendations       Southend Borough
                           concerns                                            made by Panel and     Council.
                           Case files cannot be                                responded to by
                           located                                             Director              To ensure that notes of
                                                                                                     interviews in
                                                                               Copies of Cabinet     investigations be signed
                                                                               reports sent to       of by interviewees
                                                                               complainant as
                                                                               requested, taking     Undertaking to explore a
                                                                               account of Data       safe mechanism for
                                                                               Protection Act 1998   tracking the storage and
                                                                                                     transfer of files, possibly

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