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									Initials:                                                                                       1

    Please initial the bottom of each page, then sign twice, once where indicated to agree to the

lease, and again shortly after agreeing that you received the state mandated lead warning.

                          Philadelphia Residential Lease

   1. Parties
      This Agreement, made this (date)                                 between Jeff Abra-

   2. Premises

   3. Conditions
      hamson, 4411 Pine Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104, Lessor (also known as Landlord),
                                         , hereinafter called Tenant.

      Lessor agrees to rent to the Tenant the first floor apartment / second rear apartment
      at 4411 Pine Street in the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania upon the following terms
      and conditions:

       (a) Total rent for entire length of lease payable to Lessor is
           prorated amounts.
       (b) Rent shall be paid in advance on the first day of each month beginning on the
           starting day of this lease in the amount of                     . First and last
           months’ rent shall be paid in advance of the beginning date of this lease. An
                                                                                        plus any

           optional discount on monthly rent is described in section 3(m)ix below.
        (c) Rent shall not be pro-rated for first or last month unless specifically agreed in
            writing between Landlord and Lessee.
       (d) Security deposit:                       .
        (e) Additional fees:
              i. Late charge if rent not paid in full within grace period of five (5) days is $100.
                 An additional late fee of $100 will be due for each additional month that any
                 given rent payment remains wholly or partially unpaid, said fee to be applied
                 on the first of each subsequent month. If Tenant is more than one individual,
                 only one late fee shall apply to each month’s rent, and all such individuals
                 bear full responsibility for the entire rent and any fees imposed.
             ii. Fee for returned checks is $45 per check, whether returned for insufficent funds
                 (”NSF”) or for any other reason whatsoever.
            iii. Tenant shall reimburse Lessor upon demand for any bank fees incurred by
                 Lessor due to Tenant.
            Money received from Tenant shall be applied against any outstanding balance in
            the order of accumulation of that balance.
        (f) Length of this lease:               months.
Initials:                                                                                       2

       (g) Beginning date of this lease:                        .

       (h) Ending date of this lease:                       .
        (i) Premises will be occupied only as residence.
        (j) Largest number of occupants under this lease:                  .
       (k) Payments to be made promptly (without being demanded) when due to Lessor at
           4411 Pine Street.
        (l) For the leased premises Lessor will pay for cold water and sewer fees. Tenant will
            pay for gas, electricity, hot water, and heat if metered separately. In particular,
            tenants will pay for electric, gas, heat, and hot water.

       (m) Further rules and regulations are as follows:
                i. Tenant shall not use a space heater without approval of Landlord.
               ii. Anyone smoking on the property must dispose of all butts in the trash and not
                   on the ground. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building (including
                   the basement) at any time. For purposes of this contract, the burning of
                   incense shall be considered smoking.
             iii. Tenant will keep the vestibule, hallways, porch, and grounds clear at all times.
              iv. Lessor will provide Tenant with a trash can, to be kept behind the building,
                   for disposal of trash. Tenant is responsible for putting out his/her trash on
                   trash day (usually Tuesdays), removing trash receptacles from the sidewalk
                   after emptied by the city, and keeping the yard and common areas, including
                   porch and hallways, clean of debris and trash of whatever origin. Trash can
                   remains property of Lessor.
               v. (For 4411 Pine Street only) Tenant has access to the bicycle storage room in
                   the back of the house. Such access shall be solely for the purpose of storing
                   bicycles (and such other equipment, such as helmets, pumps, etc. as is deemed
                   reasonable and associated with the bicycle). The door to the bike room must
                   be kept locked at all times. The first floor tenant bears responsibility to keep
                   the door between her/his apartment and the bike room locked.
              vi. Neither the basement nor the attic may be used for storage without written
                   permission of Landlord. Non-motorized bicycles may be stored in the base-
                   ment without special permission, but any bicycle with two flat tires may be
                   considered trash without further inquiry. In any case, too many people have
                   access to the basement for Lessor to make any reasonable claim of security for
                   that space: Tenant is advised to lock bicycle wheels to their frames, but under
                   no circumstances may a bicycle in the basement be locked to pipes, conduits,
                   or any part of the house
                   Tenant may use washer and drier in basement.
             vii. Pets are not permitted without express written consent of Landlord.
            viii. Tenant agrees to keep music and other noise to reasonable levels while other
                   residents of the building are sleeping. Tenant understands that other residents
                   of the building have agreed to do the same. The intent of this clause is to
                   avoid disturbing people’s sleep. No assumption is made about when people
                   might want to sleep.
Initials:                                                                                     3

                Tenant agrees moreover to keep noise to reasonable levels at other times, and

                in no case to play radios or other sound reproduction devices in the hallways,
                porch, or yard.
            ix. If rent is paid before 12:01 a.m. of the first of the month in which the rent
                is due, the rent due that month shall be $75 less than stated in section 3b of
                this lease. Any prior balance must be paid before this discount shall apply.
                Money presented before the first of the given month but post-dated on or after
                the first of the given month shall be deemed presented on the date shown on
                the check. No discount shall be granted for checks post-dated on or after the
                first of the given month.
                Returned checks shall incur the late fee described in section 3(e)ii and shall,

                moreover, not be considered to have been presented before the first and shall
                not be eligible for the discount described in this clause 3(m)ix.
                No exceptions shall be made to this policy.
             x. For purposes of fire safety, Tenant agrees not to leave doors within the apart-
                ment closed when the apartment is unoccupied. (Closing doors decreases the
                ability of the monitored and unmonitored fire detectors to detect smoke.)
                Tenant agrees to inform the Landlord promptly of failing batteries or other
                problems, and never knowingly to leave smoke or fire detectors inoperable.
                Tenant acknowledges that smoke detectors are hard-wired and that attempt-
                ing to remove them may damage them and incur repair charges.
                Tampering with, disabling, or removing smoke or heat detectors or any other
                part of the fire warning or prevention equipment is prohibitted. Tenant shall
                reimburse Lessor for costs related to repairing any fire detection equipment
                when damage is related to Tenant’s actions. In no case shall this charge be
                less than $100 per incident and per device.
       (n) If this lease is for a term of more than one year, the Tenant agrees to pay with
           the rent the proportionate share of any increase in real estate taxes and water and
           sewer rates assessed or imposed on the leased premises in excess of those imposed
           at the time of making this lease. This share shall be based on the square footage
           of the leased premises divided by the total square footage of the building. The
           leased premises square footage is 900 square feet per floor, 450 square feet per half
           floor (floor containing two separate rented spaces), the building square footage is
           2700 square feet. One twelfth of the increase shall be payable each month with
           the rent. (When there is a metered water connection to the leased premises, the
           Tenant agrees to pay with the rent all water and sewer rent charges in excess of
           the minimum meter charge.)
       (o) The Tenant agrees to pay with the rent any increase in the insurance premiums
           on the leased premises, if the insurance increase is the result of the conduct of the
           Tenant, Tenant’s children, guests, or pets.
       (p) Before the beginning of this lease, the Landlord agrees to make the repairs, re-
           placements, or installations, if any, as listed at the end of this lease. Failure to
           comply with the terms of this section will entitle Tenant to exercise the following
           options. Tenant may:
Initials:                                                                                        4

              i. End this lease, at which time Landlord must return all money paid under this

             ii. Wait for Landlord to make the agreed upon repairs, replacements, or instal-
                 lations for up to sixty (60) days. After sixty (60) days this lease is ended
                 and Landlord must return all money paid under this lease. Should tenant
                 want to continue to wait for Landlord to make the repairs, replacements, or
                 installations, or rent the premises in its current condition, after the sixty (60)
                 day period has ended, a new lease must be signed.
            If Tenant chooses to occupy the premises, the Lessor will still be obligated to make
            above repairs, replacements, or installations, but this section 3p shall otherwise

            be voided.
       (q) Lessee will pay any expenses for landlord and tenant complaints filed, susequent
           court fees, lawyer’s fees, and any other expenses incurred once an eviction process
           is begun because of late rental payments. It is further agreed that all late charges,
           service fees, and legal costs are due and payable as additional rent when assessed
           and that all susbsequent monies received will be applied first to any such charges,
           fees, and costs and the remainder applied toward the then current or past due
           This means that unpaid late charges from the prior month will result in the cur-
           rent month’s rental being treated as being only partially paid and subject to late
           charges and fees.
        (r) Lessee expressly waives a formal 30, 15, or 5 day written or other notice of non-
            payment of the monthly rent due under this lease and hereby agrees that Lessor
            may initiate eviction proceedings any time the entire rent due is not paid in full.
            Tenant may, at Tenant’s sole option, recover these rights of notice by paying Lessor
            an amount equal to one month’s rent as specified in section 3b. This money will
            be held by Lessor as prepayment of rent at the end of this lease or any renewal of
            this lease if this lease is renewed. Tenant must be current in rent payments and
            have a zero balance under this lease in order to exercise this option.
   4. End of Lease Notice.

       (a) For leases for a term longer than one month Lessor and Tenant agree that if neither
           of them gives required written notice to end this lease, or any renewal, this lease
           or renewal shall automatically be extended for the length specified under Section
           4e and under the same terms and conditions agreed to in the last renewal.
       (b) Month-to-Month Lease Only: A month-to-month lease may be ended by either
           Lessor or Tenant giving thirty (30) days’ written notice before the beginning of
           any monthly term.
        (c) Sixty (60) days written notice by either party is required to end this lease at the
            ending date.
       (d) Sixty (60) days written notice by either party is required to end any renewal of
           this lease at the ending date, or by the Lessor to change any of the terms and
           conditions of any renewal, at the ending date.
Initials:                                                                                      5

        (e) If this lease is not renewed or canceled by either party by the required date, this

            lease shall continue in full force until August 31 following the ending date of this
            lease, with renewal and notice as specified here.

   5. Rent.
      A Tenant who is dependent on biweekly governmental assistance payments may, with
      the consent of the lessor, be permitted to pay one-half of the monthly rent when the
      rent is due and is required to pay the remaining one-half no later than 18 days after the
      first half is due. In this case, the discount in section 3(m)ix does not apply, and both
      due dates (the first and the eighteenth of the month) shall be subject to separate $100
      late fees. In any case, no governmental support arrangement by Tenant shall have the

      power to change any term of this lease without express written consent of both parties.

   6. Effect of Undelivered Lease.
      The Lessor agrees, consistent with §9-804(5) of the Philadelphia Code, not to accept
      any rent under this lease until a fully executed copy of this lease has been given to all
      the parties signing this agreement.

   7. Inability to Give Actual Possession.
      If Lessor is unable to give the Tenant actual possession of the leased premises at the
      beginning of the lease, for any reason not caused by the Tenant, the Tenant shall have
      the choice of (1) ending this lease and recovering rent and/or security deposit (without
      charge or interest) or any other consideration already paid (except for non-refundable
      application fee), or (2) delaying acceptance of actual possession until the Lessor is able
      to give it for a period not to exceed thirty (30) days; in such event no rent shall accrue
      until the Lessor is able to give actual possession. Lessor shall not be liable for damages
      where failure to deliver possession is due to conditions beyond lessor’s control.

   8. Fire or Casualty Damage.

       (a) If, through no fault of Tenant or Tenant’s guests or invitees, the building is de-
           stroyed by fire or casualty or damaged to an extent that use of the leased premises
           is substantially impaired, the Tenant may:
               i. immediately move out and within 24 hours, or before the end of the next
                  business day, make a reasonable attempt to notify the Lessor that the lease is
                  ended in which case this lease shall end as of the date of moving out; or
              ii. if continued occupancy is permitted by the Philadelphia Code, continue to
                  occupy that part of the leased premises still usable, in which case the Tenants
                  liability for rent shall be reduced proportionately from the rent due under
                  the lease before the damage until such time as the damages are repaired. If
                  continued occupancy is not permitted by the Philadelphia code, this lease
                  shall terminate forthwith.
       (b) If the lease is ended the Lessor shall return all prepaid rent plus the security
           deposit in accordance with section 16 of this lease. The amount of prepaid rent
           to be returned shall be calculated as of the date of the fire or casualty.
Initials:                                                                                       6

        (c) Notwithstanding any of the provisions of this section 8, both the Lessor and the

            Tenant shall be and remain responsible for their own negligence and that of their
            respective invitees, licensees, or agents.

   9. Sale of Premises.

       (a) Upon completion of settlement for sale of the premises, Seller shall give written
           notice to Tenant specifying:
              i.   the name of the new Lessor;
             ii.   Philadelphia address of new Lessor and/or Agent, if any;
            iii.   telephone number of new Lessor an/or Agent, if any;

                   where rent is payable;
                   that the security deposit, if any, has been assigned and transferred to the new
                   If such information is not available, check for security deposit shall be made
                   out to Tenant and Buyer and sent to Tenant.
       (b) A lessor and his agent who transfer the premises and comply with section 9a above,
           are relieved of liability under this lease as to events occurring after settlement and
           notice to the Tenant, including liability to any party to disposition of any security
        (c) If Lessor transfers the premises, Lessor shall require that any purchaser or trans-
            feree agree in writing to assume all the obligations of the Lessor under this lease.
            Notwithstanding the provision of sections 9b above, failure to comply with this
            section 9c shall make the transferring Lessor liable for any damages suffered by
            Tenant that are directly attributable to such failure.

 10. Rules and Regulations.

       (a) Any and all rules and regulations attached to this lease must be in writing and
           must be consistent with the main body of this lease.
       (b) If a rule or regulation is established by the Lessor after this lease has been signed,
           and it works a substantial modification of the Tenant’s bargain, it shall not be
           valid without the Tenant’s written consent.

 11. Tenant Promises.
      The Tenant agrees that Tenant and all persons on the premises with Tenant’s consent

       (a) comply with the governmental building and housing codes as they apply to Ten-
       (b) keep the leased premises clean and safe;
        (c) dispose from dwelling unit all trash, garbage, rubbish, and other waste in the
            manner established by Lessor and the Philadelphia Code;
Initials:                                                                                       7

       (d) use in a reasonable manner all electrical, plumbing, sanitary, heating, ventilating,

           air conditioning, and other facilities and appliances including, where applicable,
           elevators in the premises;
        (e) not deliberately or negligently destroy, deface, damage, impair, or remove any
            part of the premises or the property containing the premises or knowingly permit
            his/her invitees, licensees, or agents to do so;
        (f) conduct himself or herself in a manner that will not unreasonably disturb his/her
            neighbors’ peaceful enjoyment of the premises;
       (g) make no substantial alteration to the premises including, but not limited to, paint-
           ing, rebuilding, removing, or repairing, without the prior consent of the Lessor.

           Unless the Lessor gives written permission to remove an alteration, such alteration
           shall be the property of the Lessor;
       (h) promptly notify the Lessor of all necessary repairs;
        (i) neither keep nor store hazardous or combustible materials on the leased premises;
        (j) give access to the leased premises, at reasonable hours, to Lessor, his business invi-
            tees (excepting prospective tenants) or prospective purchasers for any reasonable
            and lawful purpose. Except in situations of emergency, Lessor shall give Tenant
            at least twenty-four (24) hours notice of intention to seek access, the date and
            approximate time at which access will be sought, and the reason therefor. When
            access has been made by Lessor or his business invitee in an emergency, and the
            Tenant is not present, the Lessor shall notify the Tenant within twenty-four (24)
            hours of such access, that it has occurred, who entered, for what purposes, and at
            what time. If the Tenant is present during such access, the Lessor need not notify
            the Tenant as above;
       (k) allow the Lessor to authorize prospective tenants to inspect the premises at rea-
           sonable times during any period after notice of termination has been given by
           either Lessor or Tenant under section 4 of this lease. No inspection shall take
           place unless the Tenant is present or unless Tenant has been given a reasonable
           opportunity to be present. The Tenant may refuse entry to any prospective tenant
           not accompanied by a representative of the Lessor unless the prospective tenant
           produces written authorization to inspect from the Lessor;
        (l) permit Lessor at any time or times to erect and maintain, on or near the leased
            premises, ”Sale,” ”Rent,” or ”Information” signs that inform the public that the
            premises are available and direct the public to the owner or agent.
       (m) surrender possession peaceably at the ending date or proper earlier termination of
           this lease;
       (n) comply with all rules and regulations attached, if any.
       (o) keep doors and windows closed and secured during cold and inclement weather,
           and to maintain screens on windows left open during warm weather, and generally
           to secure the apartment and building against weather and unauthorized entry.

 12. Lessor promises.
      The Lessor agrees to:
Initials:                                                                                     8

       (a) maintain the leased premises and common areas in such a manner as to comply

           with all state and local codes, statutes, ordinances, and regulations governing the
           maintenance, operations, and use of the premises.
       (b) maintain the roof, windows, doors, locks, floors, steps, porches, exterior and
           interior walls, ceilings, foundations, and all other structural components of the
           premises in good repair and good working order;
        (c) maintain in good working order and safe condition all electrical, plumbing, sani-
            tary, drainage, heating, water heating, air conditioning, ventilating, elevator and
            security systems, and all other facilities, appliances, and services supplied or re-
            quired to be supplied by the Lessor;

       (d) maintain adequate extermination services to keep the premises reasonably free
           from insects, rodents, and other pests. This provision shall not apply to single-
           family dwellings.
        (e) if the Lessor is required to provide heat in accordance with section 3l, then a
            minimum temperature of 68 ◦ F shall be supplied continuously from October first
            through April thirtieth, inclusive; and in addition, during the months of May and
            September when the outside temperature falls below 60 ◦ F. This paragraph shall
            not apply where failure to provide heat is due to circumstances beyond the Lessor’s
        (f) pay all public utility bills for which the Lessor is responsible, in accordance with
            section 3l, to prevent interruption of service because of nonpayment of bills.
       (g) take all reasonable steps to provide a means for access to all utilities serving the
           leased premises in the event of an emergency.
       (h) Lessor’s duty shall not include making those repairs necessitated by the Tenant’s
           unreasonable or negligent conduct, or willful misconduct of the Tenant or any
           other person on the premises with Tenant’s consent.

 13. Lessor’s Remedies.

       (a) Lessor may file a complaint to evict the Tenant in accordance with applicable
           law if the Tenant has failed pay rent in accordance with section 3b or any other
           charges provided for in this lease if and only if the Lessor has given the Tenant
           five (5) days’ written notice to vacate for failure to pay such rent or charges, at
           which time this lease shall terminate. The eviction complaint may be filed on the
           sixth day; however, no hearing on the Lessor’s eviction complaint shall be held
           until twenty-five (25) days after the expiration of the notice period.
       (b) If the Tenant should fail to perform any of the terms or conditions of this lease,
           other than those pertaining to the payment of rent, the Lessor shall give the Tenant
           written notice informing the Tenant of the nature of the objectionable conduct,
           giving the Tenant five days to stop the objectionable conduct. If the objectionable
           conduct has not been stopped within the five-day period or reoccurs before the
           ending date of this lease, and if the Lessor wishes to terminate this lease, the
           Lessor shall then give the Tenant five days written notice of the termination of the
           lease. An eviction complaint may be filed at the expiration of this second five-day
Initials:                                                                                      9

            period; however, no hearing on the Lessor’s eviction complaint shall be held until

            twenty days after the expiration of this second notice period.
        (c) The remedies given to the Lessor are not exclusive, and no termination of the lease
            or taking or recovering possession of the premises shall deprive Lessor of any of its
            remedies or actions for rent or any other charges due at the time or which shall
            otherwise become due in the future.

 14. Tenant’s Remedies for Lessor’s Unlawful Ouster.
      If the Lessor unlawfully removes or excludes the Tenant or the Tenant’s possessions from
      the premises, or unlawfully reduces services to the Tenant by interrupting or causing
      the interruption of heat, running water, hot water, electricity, gas, or other essential

      service, the Tenant may regain possession and restoration of any interrupted services or
      terminate the rental agreement and, in either case, shall be entitled to recover damages
      for any and all injuries resulting therefrom. If the Tenant chooses to terminate this lease
      agreement, Lessor shall return the security deposit or the balance thereof in accordance
      with section 16e of this lease.
 15. Retaliatory Conduct Prohibited.
      Lessor may not increase rent or decrease services or bring or threaten to bring an action
      for possession in retaliation against the Tenant because:

       (a) the Tenant has complained to a government agency, charged with the responsibility
           for enforcement of a building or housing code, of a violation applicable to the
           premises materially affecting health and safety;
       (b) the Tenant has complained to the Lessor of a violation of such code;
        (c) the Tenant has organized or become a member of a tenants’ union or similar
       (d) the Tenant has exercised any other legal right in a lawful manner.

 16. Security Deposit.
      In accordance with the Landlord and Tenant Act of 1951, as amended, if the Tenant
      has paid a security deposit to the Lessor:

       (a) The amount of the deposit shall not be more than two (2) months’ rent for the
           first year and not more than one (1) month’s rent in succeeding years. After five
           (5) years the deposit may not be increased even if the rent is increased.
       (b) The security deposit shall be held in escrow by the Lessor, but if more that $100.00
           it shall be deposited into a bank escrow account. The Tenant will be notified as
           to said deposit’s location and paid any appropriate interest all in accordance with
           the Landlord and Tenant Act.
        (c) Without the written consent of the Lessor, the Tenant may not apply a security
            deposit toward any rent payment.
       (d) The security deposit may be applied by the Lessor to unpaid rent and to damages
           for which the Tenant is responsible except for normal wear and tear.
Initials:                                                                                       10

        (e) After the Tenant moves out and the Lessor accepts the premises:

              i. the Tenant shall give the Lessor his new address in writing;
             ii. the Lessor, within thirty (30) days thereafter, shall provide the Tenant with a
                 written list of any deductions for damages and unpaid rent, and shall return
                 the balance of the security deposit with any applicable interest.
        (f) In the event that Tenant breaks this lease, damages shall be at a minimum the
            amount of the security deposit plus last month’s rent.

 17. Condemnation.
      If any part or the whole of the leased premises is taken by any authority having power

      of condemnation, this lease shall, as to the part so taken, automatically terminate as of
      the date of the taking, and the rent shall abate proportionately as to the part so taken
      or shall cease if the entire leased premises be so taken. No part of any condemnation
      award, however, shall belong to the Tenant. The foregoing provisions shall also apply
      if a sale or other transfer of said premises or part thereof is made in lieu of, or to settle
      or avoid, condemnation proceedings. Upon any such taking, sale, or other transfer, the
      Tenant shall peaceably surrender possession of said premises or part thereof, and if the
      Tenant does not so surrender the Lessor shall have all remedies set forth under section
 18. Subleasing and Assignment.
      The provisions of this lease shall be binding upon, and shall inure to the benefit of,
      the respective heirs, executors, administrators, successors, and assigns of the parties;
      provided, however, that the Tenant shall not assign this lease, or sublet the leased
      premises or any part thereof, without the prior written consent of Lessor, which consent
      shall not be unreasonably withheld by Lessor.
 19. Subordination.
      This lease is subject and subordinate to the lien of any mortgage now on or hereafter
      placed on the leased premises, or on the premises of which the leased premises are a
      part. If this is a sublease, it is also subject and subordinate to the terms of any prior
      lease which covers the leased premises or the premises of which the leased premises are
      a part. If any legal documents are necessary to make the subordination effective, the
      Tenant agrees to execute and acknowledge such documents if and when submitted to
      the Tenant for that purpose.
 20. Other Details.

       (a) Tenant grants Lessor permission to provide information to prospective landlords
           without further permission from Tenant. Tenant may revoke this permission by
           providing written notice to Lessor. This permission survives this contract and
           remains in effect until canceled, even if this contract is otherwise terminated.
       (b) Tenant acknowledges that at the time of taking possession the interior of the
           premises is in good condition and repair. Tenant acknowledges the obligation to
           maintain the premises in good condition and repair, and to report promptly to
           Lessor any maintenance or other problems with the property.
Initials:                                                                                     11

        (c) Tenant agrees to assume all liability and hold landlord harmless from any and all

            injuries to persons or damage to property which shall occur on the premises. This
            specifically includes, but is not limited to, snow removal (or lack of snow removal)
            and to any damages when smoke detectors are not working and the tenant has
            not in writing notified the landlord. The tenant agrees to to pay any costs and
            attorney fees incurred by the landlord in defending any lawsuit or other action
            brought. The landlord and tenant hereby agree to waive subrogation in the event
            of such injuries or damage.
       (d) The tenant agrees to obtain a tenant’s insurance policy with minimum liability of
           $100,000. Said policy will name the landlord as an additional insured and require
           a 30 day notice to cancellation. The landlord may require the tenant to furnish a

           certificate of insurance.
        (e) All personal property on the premises is at the tenant’s risk and the landlord shall
            not be liable for any damages to it, nor is the landlord responsible for insuring
            the property or other loss of any kind whatsoever or any consequential damage
            incurred by the tenant, tenant’s guests, invitees, or passersby that could be covered
            by a tenant’s insurance policy, whether such damage or loss is a result of the
            landlord’s negligence, the negligence of the landlord’s agents or invitees or for any
            reason whatsoever.
        (f) Nothing in this provision shall alter or change the landlord’s obligation to make
            necessary repairs to premises upon being given reasonable written notice by the
            tenant. The landlord’s liability is limited to making repairs in a timely fashion
            and shall not incur any liability for personal property, damage or consequential
            loss of personal property for failure to make the repairs in a timely fashion. In
            particular, Lessor is not responsible for maintenance for which Tenant has not
            given written notice.
       (g) Tenant shall be supplied with at least one set of keys upon payment of all rent
           and security and agrees to make at least one copy to store with a close friend or
           relative. Lockout fee shall be $100.00.
           Tenant will not change or add locks to the house or apartment without permission
           from the Lessor. Tenant shall immediately provide agent with keys to premises
           should any locks be changed. Failure to do so makes Tenant responsible for all
           consequential damages from an emergency condition or from forced entry. This
           includes costs of gaining access to the interior of the unit and its later repair
           should forced entry be necessary. Tenant agrees that owner or agent alone will
           decide when to use that force. The minimum charge for Lessor to gain access to
           an apartment whose locks were changed without authorization shall be $100 per
           lock cylinder.
           If any keys are not returned to Lessor by noon on the last day of the lease, Lessee
           will be charged for the cost of lock changes.
       (h) Tenant acknowledges the premises are clean, and agrees to vacate them in clean
           condition. Clean includes range hood, under the lift-off stove top, the refrigerator,
           oven and broiler, and inside and outside of all kitchen cabinets, as well as floor
           cleaning and bath scrubbing. Tenant acknowledges that cleaning a refrigerator or
Initials:                                                                                       12

            freezer with a sharp object may damage the refrigerator or freezer, and that Tenant

            will be responsible for replacing a refrigerator or freezer so damaged by Tenant.
            In particular, a freezer in need of defrosting should be defrosted by leaving the
            freezer door open in such a way that any melt water will not cause water damage
            to the floor or to other parts of the building.
        (i) No fluid filled furniture is permitted.
        (j) Tenant gives Lessor explicit permission to show apartment to prospective tenants
            with no notice whatsoever between the hours of 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. Monday
            through Friday. Lessor will, where practicable, notify Tenant (by email or tele-
            phone) to provide notice of same-day showings.

            Tenant may require Lessor to provide 24 hours notice for all apartment show-
            ings by requesting of Lessor in writing and paying a fee equal to one month’s
            (undiscounted) rent as specified in section 3b.
       (k) Tenant agrees to pay the full cost of all repairs necessitated by Lessee’s carelessness.
           This includes damage from water, including water from a backed up drain, that
           Lessee fails to mop or otherwise remove.
           Where a blocked drain is cleared using only a plunger, Lessee will be charged a
           $10 fee. Where a drain is snaked and the snaking reveals that the source or cause
           of the blockage was any item other than human waste or toilet paper, Tenant will
           be assessed the full cost of clearing the drain.
           (Tenant is advised to a buy a good plunger. They don’t cost very much. They last
           a long time. And never use your toilet as a trash can. Never flush facial tissue,
           dental floss, sanitary napkins or other menstruation-related articles, or general
           trash down the toilet.)
        (l) If the occupancy of the leased unit is found to be greater than the stated occupancy,
            Tenant shall be responsible for additional rent of $100 per month per person above
            the stated limit, retroactive to the beginning date of this lease.
       (m) Tenant is expected to have at least occasional access to email and the web, such
           that communications between landlord and tenant may be conducted electronically
           when a phone message or a note left in the mail slot would be considered adequate.
           In particular, tenant understands that certain rules and regulations may from
           time to time be posted at http://www.purple.com/apt/private/welcome.html.
           When quitting the apartment at the end of this lease, Tenant agrees to con-
           sult the document at http://www.purple.com/apt/private/before_you_go.
           html for guidance on leaving the apartment in good condition.
       (n) Tenant acknowledges that mice and other pests are not permitted, and a reason-
           able remedy for their presence may involve killing them.
       (o) This lease is written with the understanding that neither Tenant nor any guest or
           invitee of Tenant shall smoke on the premises, including the porches and basement.
           Tenant may choose to permit smoking in his own apartment, but under no circum-
           stances in common areas, by giving Landlord notice and increasing the monthly
           rent by $300 effective immediately and prorated. If Tenant allows smoking on the
Initials:                                                                                      13

            premises without providing notice, the rent shall be raised $300 effective retroac-

            tively to the starting date of this lease; in such event a grace period of fifteen (15)
            days shall be given for payment of back rent due to the retroactive increase.
       (p) This lease terminates at 11:59 p.m. on the last day of the lease. Tenant shall have
           a grace period of nine hours to vacate, after which a daily fee equal to 20% of the
           monthly rent specified above shall be due for each day thereafter that tenant has
           not vacated the premises. The per day fee shall be reduced to 15% of monthly
           rent if notice is given at least 24 hours in advance. The per-day fee has no early
           payment discount and no grace period for payment. A late fee of $30 per day will
           be due for per day charges not paid by 5 p.m. of the day due.

 21. Arbitration.

 22. Captions.
       (q) Tenant may assume that a coin-op washer and drier will be made available, but
           no promise is made beyond the Landlord’s good faith attempts to provide such
           laundry facilities.
        (r) Tenant may, at Tenant’s option, have premises tested for lead-based paint within
            ten (10) days of signing this contract.

      Both Tenant and Lessor may jointly agree to submit any dispute concerning the inter-
      pretation or application of this lease agreement to final and binding arbitration, with an
      arbitrator or arbitrators to be chosen by mutual agreement of both Tenant and Lessor.
      The award shall be enforceable in the Philadelphia Municipal Court.

      The captions used herein are for the purpose of convenient reference only and are not
      intended to express the full meaning of the clauses they introduce.

 23. Entire Agreement.
      This lease represents the final and complete agreement between Lessor and Tenant.
      Any oral or written promise made by either party prior to the signing of this lease and
      not included in this lease is not enforceable. If any part of this lease is found by a court
      or other body having jurisdiction to be unenforceable, that part shall be considered
      struck and the rest of the contract shall remain in full force.
Initials:                                                                                14

    I/We acknowledge receipt of copy of this lease.

     Name (print)                     Name (sign)                    Date

     Name (print)

     Name (print)
                 AF                   Name (sign)

                                      Name (sign)

            Certification of disclosure form (Lead contamination)


   Housing built before 1978 may contain lead based paint. Lead from paint, paint chips,
and dust can pose health hazards if not taken care of properly. Lead exposure is especially
harmful to young children and pregnant women. Before renting pre-1978 housing, landlords
must disclose the presence of known lead-based paint hazards in the dwelling.
                             another statute, another wording:
    Many homes built before 1978 (meaning most of Philadelphia) contain lead-based paint.
To make sure that you understand the risks related to lead poisoning and how to minimize
or avoid those risks, this lease is accompanied by a lead-based paint pamphlet. In addition,
Philadelphia law requires you to acknowledge the following statement:
    In accordance with §6-806 of the Health Code I certify that I have:

   1. received either the results of a comprehensive lead inspection and risk assessment of
      this property by a certified lead inspector or received a statement by the Philadelphia
      Department of Health concerning the risk of lead-based paint and or lead-based paint
      hazards in housing built before 1978;

   2. received and read the lead warning statement in my lease;

   3. received the attached lead hazard information pamphlet;
Initials:                                                                               15

   4. been provided a ten day opportunity to obtain an inspection for the presence of lead-

      based paint and/or lead paint hazards.

     Name (print)                    Name (sign)                     Date

     Name (print)

     Name (print)
                                     Name (sign)

                                     Name (sign)


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