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									Session Name:                               CIN Workshop: Leveraging 802
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Date:                                       Wednesday, February 03, 2010
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when it reaches CAC whats the               Thank you for the question. We will shortly be covering
message the latter user gets?               this but essentially you will see a video not available type
What is the minimum PHY and MAC             It depends on the spectrum that is used. Its the highest
layer throughput need to support            data rate for the spectrum in use
when we keep wireless router b and          Legacy clients (such as 802.11b/g) can be supported on
g, if 5 computers using g mode then         the 2.4GHz radio. 802.11n can operate in both bands
router transmits at 54Mbps, but when        (2.4 or 5), and Cisco recommends to move 802.11n
b mode laptop joins the network             clients to 5GHz to eliminate any slowdowns induced by
Is the "AutoQoS" specified in the           This is very much inline with teh AutoQOS for the
discussion different than the               switchports.
What is the best starting point link for    You can find more information on this topic at
further reading?                  
What is the recommended number              The number of users depends on the stream size. For
of users per AP? And what is the            example the AP could support 20 users watching a
Any limitations of number of
simaltaneous multicast channels?            No limitation. We can configure as many Mcast address
Can VideoStream "re-purpose"
streams on the fly for different            No
If we keep wireless N in 300Mbps            Yes, 802.11n is backwards compatible. In addition,
mode will b and g laptops works?            Cisco uses ClientLink to provide beam forming to
If there are wireless devices only, is it   Multicast can be used for all wireless peer-to-peer
possible to use multicast over              applications such as Bonjour. A wireless client can also
Will video demands require more             Depending on your current WLAN usage, additional
AP's to support the client base?            access points will be needed if you plan to support high
What is Cisco's recommended                 Generally this is an it depends" answer based on what
forumla for N-to-# of clients?              type of application you are using. Cisco's typical
How would VoWLAN and                        We designed our VideoStream logic ontop of the
VideoStream coexist? and is there a         exisiting VoIP CallAdmissionControl. You can fully
Can Cisco 11n AP only support               Cisco 802.11n AP supports 300MB data rates with real
20Mbps bandwidth or does it support         throughput upwards of 200MB. We support well beyond
                                            Yes, VideoStream allows Multicast video streams to use
Can multicast work over wireless N?         802.11n data rates.
Is Videostream technolgy included in        Yes, VideoStream will be available in the 7.0 software. It
the WLC?                                    is a standard WLC feature with licencing or module
Has there been an update to                 Yes there are enhancements made in our platform for
AutoQos for incorporating video qos?        support for both video along with voice.
We currently have autonomous BG             Note this feature is supported ONLY in Centralized
APs deployed approx every 40-50             architecture. It again depends on the coverage. A 1 to 1
Do you have a matrix chart showing          We will be providing deployment guidance to help scale
the number of clients supported             video stream size (based on codec, compression, etc) to
can 6 MB multicast streams can be           Not without having a transcoding server on the network
degraded to 4MB to increase the             to downconvert the stream.
Is the new code going to be available       Yes, the CUWN 7.0 code will be supported on many of
for the full line of controllers? I.E.      the controllers from Cisco's portfolio including the WISM,
How much of this feature depends
on client capability?                  The feature is client agnostic.
Does 802.11n support or work with
tandberg devices ?                          802.11 supports any Wi-Fi enabled device.
assuming all clients are viewing the        With the VideoStream technology it does send a unique
same media stream, can you have             stream to each client so that it can maintain quality and
why aren't 802.11n and Wireless             You can manage 802.11n and outdoor mesh
mesh supported simultaneously ???           simultaneously in Cisco Wireless Control System
cisco AP's work at fast ethernet            Cisco's 1140 and 1250 access points operate using a
speeds and wireless controller work         Gigabit Ethernet ports.
Will this also work in a mesh
environment, such as running DMSin          Work in progress
I saw the reference to Bonjour. The
problem with Bonjour is that it uses a      Yes that's correct for Bonjour.
Are there plans for 5500 controller
with 10G option?                            We cannot comment publically to this at this time.

This number is for only AP?                 This number currently being displayed is for 1 AP.
Is there a timeframe for when the           Please talk with your Cisco account manager about
WLC release with VideoStream (I             future release dates.
How do you enable BandSelect?               config band-select ?" on the controller CLI." There is also
Can you point me to a url?                  this whitepaper:
Can it also support the real-time           Assuming you are asking can Cisco WLAN support real-
video?                                      time video and the answer is yes it can support either
will the videostream be just an extra       It will be a feature included with the 7.0 release and will
feature in 7.0 or will it be licensed       not require any additional license or additional
Can we put videostream on 2.4 GHz           Yes, you can. We designed VideoStream to support
Wi-Fi (a,b,g,n), or do we really need       port 11n and non-11n access points and clients. It works
Wireless access points, wireless
controllers - everything is gigabit, that   Yes
Would it pay to use simultaneous 2.4        Yes, Cisco recommends you use both radios on our dual-
and 5.0 GHz Wi-Fi 'n' to allow to two       band (1140 and 1250) access points. This increases the
Does VideoStream work with H-               In this implementation it is not supported with H-REAP
REAP access points?                         mode.
Where can the report be downloaded          The Miercom report is available at
What about access points with               VideoStream does not require any special antenna
sector arrays throuput?                     technology as it utilized core 802.11 technology
with 802.11n, it can only support up        ClientLink technoloyg in Cisco's 802.11n access points
to 7 ip phones registered with Cisco        provide better link quality and increase the quality in the
so, would Videostream also benefit          As long as the application uses an IGMP join to connect
multicast for voice-based                   to the multicast stream it should work. We also support
what is the maximum number of real-         VideoStream includes the RRC engine to ensure only
time video can be supported                 the optimum number of clients are allowed on the radio
Are there any indepth documentation
on VideoStream technology?                  on.html

Is 6.0 the minimum rev?                     Videostream will be on Release 7.0
If I deploy 100% wireless access on         That would be a reasonable estimate with a video bitrate
AP 1142 (MS office applications,            of 1Mbps
If I have 400 access point , which is       This is more of a Network design question that should be
best redundant controller ?                 directed to your account team.
In order to optimize my current Cisco       No additional appliances, client software or Cisco APIs
802.11n for video, are there any            are required for VideoStream.
i saw the comparison for aruba and          Cisco always strives to lead in innovation and provide
other simliar architectures similar to      customer with best of breed solution such as ClientLink,
i saw the comparison for aruba and          We are also evaluating other solutions as well..
other simliar architectures similar to      Interestingly enough only Arube and Cisco answered the
How does this work with remote              This works with LWAPP APs accross the WAN, however
LWAPP APs with centralized                  bandwidth will be used most efficiently if multicast is
What about companies such as                Xirrus does not have video specific features to address
Xirrus...whose architecture is totally      the limitations with 802.11 multicast. While Xirrus uses
Is 6.0 the minimum rev for
BandSelect?                                 Yes - 6.0.188
Any improvements in IPv6 support in
release 7?                                  IPv6 will continue to be supported in pass-through mode.
How does enabling multicasting on           Current code has multicast on best effort. Videostream
the current version of WLCs                 has priority and QOS marking for Video.
Is QoS needed in the LAN/WAN and            VideoStream provides an extra level of prioritization that
can the marking be configured?              can override existing QoS. You do not need LAN/WAN
what is radius coverage of 802.11n          This depends on the enviroment, but Cisco recommends
with omnidirectional antenna ??             deploying 1 AP every 3000-5000sqft to ensure ample
what's the one-way delay
requirements between H-REAP AP              The requirement for H-REAP is currently 300ms RTT
do you have more info on the                Yes you can find more information about Cisco's
location service that the previosu          Location/Context Aware solution at
Not a Q, but live video signing of          Thank you we are very delighted to have worked with
audio for deaf and hard of hearing is       RIT to really take advantage of technology for various
Does Beam-Forming (ClientLink)              Yes - if the client is 802.11a/g-only, then ClientLink will
interoperate with the Videotream            deliver VideoStream packets using beam forming.
Thanks:Looks promising:                     We use a separate videomulticast between the WLC
How does this integrate with the            and AP. This allows the WAAS engines to handle the
Is there anyway to avoid interuption        Yes, we support L3 roaming in our controller architecture
in layer 3 roaming ??                       and support it with VideoStream
Is a 3750 required, and if so, what         A 3750 is not required. However it does provide the
model?                                      benefit of providing enhanced POE to APs and gigabit
If you have 1 AP it seems to be             VideoStream addresses the delivery of video from even
unclear how multicast can really help       a single AP to multiple clients. It also scales up to
If you have 1 AP it seems to be             Even with 1 AP, videostream overcomes the problems
unclear how multicast can really help       with sending multicast as a broadcast (per 802.11
Reliable multicast will work for non-       Yes, as long as the applications use an IGMP join to get
video apps, correct?                        the multicast stream flowing
ahh while multicasting              It also aids in priority by assigning the multicast streams
enables better use of the it will   into the Video QOS queue and further individually
which is where videostream comes            VideoStream has the Priority and the QOS value
in                                          addressed to put the stream into the right queue
What's the CPU impact of                    While we use the AP CPU to handle the packet
VideoStream on the APs and                  replication, we can still pump out wifi linerate". ie: the
When/Where will we see controller           Configuration used in the testing evaluation is shown in
configuration details published?            the test bed daigram
Does the report include                     Yes there is some of that additional information in the
screenshots? GUI/CLI commands?              reprot. If you wish screen shots and specifics on the

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