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					    Office Supplies
 Ref: PS/07/002/Office Supplies

      ITT Information
         2nd April 2008
Background to Procurement Scotland and CoE’s
Category A Definition

 •   Goods or services are standard or of a similar nature across the largely common requirements of
     users in the public sector in Scotland.

 •   Where the utilisation of contracts established by a single central organisation would offer:
     –  improved cost through consolidated procurement volumes and value
     –  optimised use of scarce procurement resources and skills and to concentrate market
        intelligence information

 •   Where a single contracting interface facilitates the efficiency and competitiveness of suppliers.
•   Procurement Scotland has Ministerial endorsement to manage the procurement of a specified
    range of common goods and services across all sectors

•   Established to deliver sustainable best economic value for money (VFM) solutions in line with
    national targets, through effective collaboration throughout the procurement cycle and
    compliance to national contracts.

•   An estimated £1 billion of the c£8 billion Public sector spend on goods and services across
    Scotland relates to ‘Category A’ goods and services.
    CoE Landscape

Steering         Joint           Steering
                                                       NSS            Board         ACPOS   CEFOA
 Group         Committee          Group                                                                         Leadership


                                     C                                                                                          ePS
                   E                 G                                   A           P
                                                                                     O       F                                      MI
                   X                                                     P
    P                                C                  N                            L       I
                   C                                                     U                             People & Skills
    S                                O                  P                            I       R
(Procurement       E                                   (National
                                                                         C                                Comp. Supply
                                     P               Procurement)
                                                                                     C       E
                   L                                                  (Advanced
                                     E                               Universities
                                                                      & Colleges)
                                                                                     E                     Best Practice
                              (Central Government
                             Centre of Procurement

                Local          Agencies                              HE/FE
CAT A                          & NDPBs
                Govt                                 Health         Education                               PPRB
                                                                                                    (Public Procurement Reform Board)
                                                                    Where a single interface with the
                                                                  public sector facilitates efficiency and
                                                                  competitiveness of suppliers. E.g. IT
                                                                   HW, Telecoms, Office Equipment &
         Category A                         Strategies
                                         & Contracts:
                                     Goods or services of a                          Where interface
                                    similar standard or nature                    coordinated via a sector
                                                                                  CoE. E.g. Wheelie bins,
                                                                                    Medical Equipment
                                  Sector Specific Strategies
     Category B                & Contracts: Commodities and
                            Services that tend to be unique to a
                         specific sector, yet common within that sector                   Where interface
                                                                                          coordinated via
                                                                                        regional hub or local
 Category C1        Local/Regional Strategies & Contracts: where it is
                appropriate to consolidate requirements on local/regional basis

Category C      General Strategies & Contracts: Commodities not categorised
                as A or B. Establishment of contracts will be conducted as the remit
             of a single organisation. e.g. niche IT applications.
    CoE Role

•    To deliver collaborative national/sector procurement strategies & contracts that deliver best value for
•    To enable and drive procurement capability & expertise
•    To facilitate and drive best practice:
      – Adherence to Legal, EU & Policy
      – Benchmarked & Consistent Strategic Procurement
          Processes (Toolkit)
      – Responsible Procurement
      – Process Efficiency & eEnablement
      – Performance Management
      – Supplier Engagement / SRM / Supply Chain Management
    Key Messages/Commitment to Suppliers
•    To deliver supply chains that represent best economic value to the public
     sector and which focus on total lifecycle costs and quality;

•    To stimulate the marketplace, and ensure an equal playing field, for all
     suppliers by:
      – engaging proactively with supplier community;
      – developing an environment that fosters competition, innovation &
          continuous improvement, with strategies aligned to supply markets;
      – working collaboratively on a cross-sectoral basis using best
          procurement practice techniques;
      – streamlining and simplifying interfaces and processes for potential
          suppliers throughout the procurement cycle;
      – advertising opportunities for contracts accessible to all Scottish
          public sector bodies on a National Supplier Portal;
      – leading the full strategic procurement cycle in a fair and transparent
          manner, complying at all times with relevant public sector procurement regulations;
Key Messages/Commitment to Suppliers (Cont’d)
  –   Defining requirements and specifications for goods and services that encourage creative solutions
      from suppliers;
  –   Championing opportunities for eEnablement such as those offered by the eProcurement Scotl@and
      programme (, including e-invoicing;
  –   Securing up-front volume commitment so that suppliers can be confident
      of minimum demand levels;
  –   Offering meaningful feedback to suppliers on the evaluation of their
      proposal at the end of the tendering process;
  –   Managing and monitoring transition and compliance to national contracts,
      via active promotion of agreements across the Scottish public sector; and
  –   Maximising value from these contracts via supplier relationship
      management and continuous improvement projects.
Office Supplies specifics
Process supported by the National Category Forum (NCF)

•   NCF is a dedicated cross sector group of individuals tasked with developing Category A
•   The NCF for Office Supplies consisted of representation from Excel, NHS National Procurement,
    Advanced Procurement for Universities & Colleges (APUC), Central Government Centre of
    Procurement Expertise (CGCoPE), Local Authorities and Scottish Local Government Procurement
    Forum (SLGPF)
•   The forum was developed in May 2007, bringing in cross sector experience and sector
    idiosyncrasies to ensure that standard and non-standard requirements are included within the

Office Supplies consists of:
•    General Stationery
•    IT Consumables
•    Paper

In this instance, Office Supplies does not include:
•    Office Equipment (Fax Machines, Photocopiers)
•    Catering Supplies
•    Cleaning Materials
•    Furniture; and
•    Electrical Equipment (including white and brown goods)

Contract Duration:
     – 3 years with an option to extend for a further year

         Each lot is evaluated on a separate basis, therefore each lot
             will have separate in/out of scope product groups

The Strategic Sourcing process is intended to address four key objectives:

•To leverage the £40+ million, spent annually, to realise improvements in the value for money
obtained in the sourcing of office supplies, including reductions in product prices, enhancements to
product quality and improvements in service levels, where appropriate;

•To increase the take up of leading processes and practices across the sector, including increases in
the efficiency of key transactional processes including order, delivery and payment;

•To release valuable ‘local’ and sector procurement resources to enable them to allow them address
other areas of spend, increasing the range and depth of third-party expenditure influenced by
procurement across the public sector; and

•To reduce the negative environmental and social impact of the use of office supplies.

•Development of Partnerships and/or consortia’s within the supply chain for office supplies focussing
on the SME agenda:

     • Indigenous suppliers have local knowledge; and
     • Relationships developed over a period of time; and
     • Regional geographical understanding and expertise
    What do we Expect from Suppliers?

In order to help us do business with you in a mutually beneficial manner suppliers can contribute by:

•     For both existing and new contracts, providing best value goods and services across the Scottish public
•     Sharing your plans for technology or service development and your ideas and opportunities for
      improvement in the way the public sector procures these requirements and manages supplier
•     Embracing e-technology opportunities such as those offered by eProcurement Scotl@nd (ePS);
•     Respecting the outcome of contract award decisions, by refraining from trying to bypass them via
      approaches to individual organisations;
•     Engaging in continuous improvement programmes, proactively;
•     Offering cost reduction and other efficiency and/or service initiatives that deliver best value to the
      Scottish public sector; and
•     If successful when bidding for Category A contracts, being fully engaged and supportive of our
      structured supplier management process that will be used to measure all suppliers on a periodic basis,
      including provision of relevant management information.
•     Providing feedback on tender processes and any perceived barriers to business;
•     Last but not least, ensuring that the best value offer for both parties is available

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