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					          Teaching Math in Culinary Contexts

November 19, 2009                                             ACTE Convention, Nashville

Presenter: Cathy Scruggs, Director of Product Development, American Technical Publishers

                                             Learn How and Why
                                              Math Is Used in the
                                             Professional Kitchen
                Session Objectives

1. Demonstrate how the math skills required by all
   foodservice professionals are essential to a
   successful culinary arts program.

2. Demonstrate techniques for highlighting relevant
   math skills that are required in the culinary arts.

3. Demonstrate the use of electronic and print media
   to achieve student success when teaching math in
   a culinary context.
                Math Is Often…

Taught and Learned:

• Under protest or with a great deal of anxiety

• More easily when there is meaning / application

• When learners use their own learning styles
               Contextual Learning

1. Learners need to be shown a math skill and then
   asked to engage it in several contexts in order to
   understand it (over time)

2. Learners experience success when they believe
   that they can be successful

3. Contexts differ from learner to learner
   …Whole dish learners
   …Ingredient learners
             Teaching in Context

     (Do not teach math the way you were taught*)
1. Ask yourself why the math skill needs to be learned
2. Emphasize what learners need to be able to do
3. Teach how and when to use the math skill
4. Use math skills in several contexts
5. Teach math as problem solving
6. Use hands-on activities
7. Teach through patterns
8. Deliver both the content and the contexts
Instructional Plans

• Objectives
• Resources: Book and CD-ROM
• Instructional Points for each
  section include figure numbers
  for Interactive Illustrations and
  denote Section Checkpoints
• Review includes use of CD-ROM
  learning tools and Master Math®
• Evaluation: Math Exercises and
Foodservice Math Skills

   1.    Adding
   2.    Subtracting
   3.    Multiplying
   4.    Dividing
   5.    Fractions
   6.    Rounding
   7.    Estimating
   8.    Ratios
   9.    Percentages
   10.   Conversions
Foodservice Math Tools

1.    Money
2.    Calculator
3.    Point-of-Sale System
4.    Par Stock
5.    Large Equipment
6.    Small Equipment
7.    Knives
8.    Tableware
9.    Furniture
10.   People
How is Math Used in Food Service?

 1. Pricing menu items
 2. Ordering food and supplies
 3. Measuring ingredients
 4. Preparing food
 5. Serving food
 6. Storing food and supplies
 7. Processing money
 8. Scheduling and payroll
 9. Tracking income and expenses
Pricing Menu Items
Ordering Food and Supplies
Ordering Food and Supplies
 …Data Tables and Graphs
Ordering Food and Supplies
…Calculating Scaling Factors
          Measuring Ingredients
         …Ounces vs. Fluid Ounces

What is density?

                       Media Clip
     Measuring Ingredients
…Volume Measurement Equivalents

            Media Clip
Measuring Ingredients
 …Measuring Weight

       Media Clip
    Measuring Ingredients
…Volume-to-Weight Equivalents

           Media Clip
    Preparing Food
…Calculating Percentages
            Preparing Food
…Raw Yield (AP vs. EP) and Cooking Loss
  Preparing Food
…Accounting for Waste

        Media Clip
 Preparing Food
…Yield Percentages
 Preparing Food
…Converting Ratios
Preparing and Serving Food
      …Using Angles

                  Media Clip
Storing Food and Supplies
   …Adding Quantities
Storing Food and Supplies
   …Subtracting Waste
   Processing Money
…Calculating Guest Checks
Processing Money
…Making Change
Scheduling and Payroll
 …Gross vs. Net Pay
  Scheduling and Payroll
…Calculating Payroll Expenses
Tracking Income and Expenses
…Overall Food Cost Percentages
Tracking Income and Expenses
   …Turning Loss into Profit
Tracking Income and Expenses
     …Catering Estimates
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