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									Corporate Services
Charter of Operation

    Revision 1
    July 2005

The Corporate Services sub-committee shall promote opportunities whereby the club can benefit and
prosper from a well-considered marketing and corporate strategy that includes;
• Promotion of the club image through use of a uniform logo that all members, associates and sponsors
    can identify with
• A targeted revenue stream through sponsorship approaches to businesses that interact with the club
    and/or its members
• Product lines that increase revenue and awareness of the Club image.
• A coordinated external and internal publicity, marketing and media structure
• Convening events and promotional activities aimed at generating revenue as well as providing a social
    platform for the members and sponsors

This is seen as an essential development of the club’s management structure to ensure that the club
remains on a sound commercial platform now and in the future through planned and coordinated
corporate activities.

The Director of Corporate Services position was ratified and elected at the Semaphore SLSC AGM on 26
June 2005.

The following constitutional changes were also ratified.

Constitutional Changes

Clause 9 & 10
Delete        “Director Social & Fundraising Activities”
              “Director Media & Communications”

                Delete reference to Director Social & Fundraising from 3rd paragraph in clause 9.

Add             “Director Corporate Services”

Clause 13
Delete          “to elect a Social & Fundraising sub-committee in accordance with Bylaw 3.3.”

Bylaw 3.3
Delete          whole of bylaw 3.3 and replace with the following;

Add             “3.3 Corporate Services

                A Corporate Services sub-committee shall establish an appropriate structure to support
                activities that aim at promotion of the club and delivering increased services to members
                from revenue raised under various income generating streams. It shall make
                recommendations to the Board of Management where opportunities exist for the club to
                promote itself as a vibrant progressive organization.

                The sub-committee shall be chaired by the Director, Corporate Services.

                Responsibilities shall include the following activities;
                   • Attract new sponsors and liaise with existing sponsors in delivering structured
                      packages aimed at providing sponsorship revenue to the club.
                      Appointment of at least one Sponsorship Officer
                   • Supervise and organise promotions and events within club’s membership and
                      within the local community to provide income and raise the club’s profile
                      Appointment of at least one Promotions/Fundraising Officer
                   • Responsibility for Media & Communications to disseminate information to
                      members via media such as Club Web Site, Newsletters, Information Bulletins
                      and Policy Documents. Review and develop club communications strategies;
                      Develop and implement a media strategy to publicise the club’s positive
                      Appointment of at least one Media/Communications Officer
                   • Responsibility for Club Apparel and merchandise including appropriate branding
                      and marketing of all products that bear Club logo/insignia
                      Appointment of at least one Merchandise Officer
                 The sub-committee shall have the power to expend such funds to ensure its viable
                 operation subject to the approval of the Board of Management.

Bylaw 3.8
Delete           Whole of Bylaw 3.8

Bylaw 4.4
Delete           Whole of Bylaw 4.4

Bylaw 4.9
Delete           Whole of Bylaw 4.9 and replace with;

Add              “4.9 Director, Corporate Services

                    • Overall responsibility for the delivery of Corporate Services for the club including;
                      Sponsorship, Promotions and Fundraising, Media and Communications,
                      Merchandising and Marketing
                    • Chair and convene the Corporate Services sub-committee detailed in Clause 3.3;
                      appoint officers to the committee
                    • Make recommendations to the Board of Management where opportunities exist
                      for the club to promote itself as a vibrant progressive organization.
                    • Facilitate provision of income streams to the Club through various corporate

                   • Must be a financial member of the Club
                   • Must have a high level of understanding of marketing and promotional structures
                   • Must have a good knowledge of the Club’s management operations

                    • Be involved and have knowledge in business/commercial operations
                    • Have good management and communication skills
                    • Have a good knowledge of meeting procedure

                    • To act in the best interest of the club
                    • To keep register of all club sponsors
                    • To keep minutes of all sub-committee meetings and provide same to Board of
                    • To report all activities to Board of Management in a timely manner.”

Bylaw 4.21

Delete           “The Bar Manager, Catering Manager and Canteen Manager shall be members of the
                 social and fundraising committee.”

Sub-Committee Structure

Director: Corporate Services - Chairperson

Corporate Services Sub-Committee Port Folios

At least one officer shall be appointed to each of the following port-folio areas.
These areas have the following broad terms of reference in their operation.

Sponsorship –            Attracting new sponsors and liaison with existing sponsors in delivering them a
                         structured package aimed at doubling sponsorship revenue to the club

Promotions -             Coordination of fundraising for major raffles and promotions

Events -                 Arrangement and organisation social events within club’s social
                        activities to provide a target income

Media/Communications – Responsibility for Web Site, Club Newsletter and liaison with external
                         media sources including publicity/marketing for the club and its activities.
                         Income generated through media related products – photos, CDs, videos etc

Merchandising –         Responsibility for Club Apparel and merchandise (that incorporates sponsor
                        Promotion). Possibilities for other product lines eg Club Wine branding


Club Logo
A single uniform logo incorporating the name for use on all club products, promotes a sharp progressive
image. A logo is essentially designed to advertise the club.
This is important regarding attracting sponsors and makes anyone dealing with the club or its members
aware that they are proud to be associated with it.

A logo used in this manner not only reinforces the name, but just as importantly for sporting clubs - their

The Corporate Services Sub-committee shall make recommendations to the Board of Management from
time to time in regard to review, use and amendment to the club logo.

The Board of Management shall confirm or otherwise, such recommendations for implementation.

The Corporate Services sub-committee shall establish a hierarchical structure of sponsorship packages
that aim at a target revenue income. It shall;
    • Review and amend this structure based on club needs and in consideration of the Club budget
    • make a recommendation to the Board of Management for ratification of the sponsorship structure
    • The Sponsorship officer(s) shall as soon as is practicable after the Annual General Meeting
        commence the process of identification of potential sponsors for the upcoming season and
        compile these businesses into the various package categories available to be offered.
    • Prepare a listing of sponsors, their contact details, previous financial contributions and their
        current status. This list will then form the basis for each year’s review.

Responsibility for liaison with these businesses could be shared amongst the Corporate Services sub-

Negotiations with the various businesses should logically take place in the off-season so that
arrangements would be in place for the start of the following active surf-lifesaving season.

Business Card Notice Board
This is aimed at achieving 2 things;
• An avenue for members to promote their products and services within the club to other members with
    a view to generating business
• A target list for the Sponsorship sub-committee to offer the structured sponsorship packages

Facilities Hiring
With the imminent completion of the new kitchen, there may be scope to further promote the Club building
as a Function Hall for hire to small - medium sized events with greater opportunity to provide wider
catering options. This is of course subject to Club requirements.

Advertising of Function packages could be more actively promoted without significant cost (web /
brochures etc)

The sub-committee shall liase with the Director of Facilities and the Bar & Catering Manager in promotion
of this.

Media & Communications

Web Site
The Media & Communications Officer has the responsibility for the development of the web site into a tool
that members could use on a regular basis.
Future development should focus on consolidating the site as an information centre that members
regularly use to access up to date events, activities and results.

The Corporate Services sub-committee shall prepare, review and make recommendation to the Board of
Management to adopt a Privacy Statement for the club. The Privacy Statement shall be available to all
members and should be included on the club web site.

Part of this includes promotion of a media & communications policy regarding the publishing of
photographs on club documents. Refer to the policy incorporated into the membership application form
and featured on the web site. The Media Officer(s) shall abide my SLSSA rules and policies in the taking
and publishing of photographs.

Parental permission shall be sought before such photographs are published via electronic or printed

The Media Officer shall maintain the club letterhead and be responsible for changes from time to time.
This role shall incorporate preparation and release of club Statements, Brochures, Business Cards and
Membership Cards.

Club Membership Card
A club membership card has been proposed by the Board of management as an essential requirement for
the 2005-2006 season. Most clubs have such a card that also serves to reinforce participation in the club’s
activities and social fabric.

The Corporate Services sub-committee shall be responsible to produce membership cards each season.
This shall include membership numbers. Membership numbers can be used in various club promotions,
raffles and member draws etc.


The Merchandising Officer shall be responsible for the arrangement of club merchandise.
The Corporate Services sub-committee shall discuss opportunities where sponsors’ logos can be
incorporated onto club apparel and all merchandise shall be approved by the Sub-Committee.

Any member may propose a new item of merchandise, however, the before approval it must conform to
the following requirements;
    • Incorporation of club colours and logo where possible
    • Incorporation of sponsors’ logos in accordance with Sponsors packages where possible
    • Generally represent the image of the Club in a positive manner

It is considered that every item of merchandise should where possible, carry some form of sponsorship
advertising. These visual forms of advertising provide sponsors with a large degree of public exposure.

It is of the utmost importance that such apparel and merchandise is in place for the start of each new surf
lifesaving season.


The Promotions officer shall be responsible to coordinate major raffles and other promotions proposed
during the season. The Corporate Services sub-Committee shall determine a target revenue to be
generated through these activities.

Suggested major raffle events are;
   • Season opening raffle (say #1 ticket holder – free membership + other benefits?)
   • Christmas raffle
   • End of Season
   • Mid-season (eg AFL Football Guernsey)

The Events Officer shall coordinate special club events that aim at raising a target income and providing
appropriate social functions for members.

4-5 major events during the course of the season could take the form of;
    • Season opening dinners
    • Band Nights at the club
    • Mid Season dinners at other venues
    • Quiz Nights

The Events Officer shall co-opt the services of other members to assist with the arrangements.
Opportunities for advertising sponsors should be given foremost consideration. This could include naming
rights for events.

This charter shall be reviewed periodically to ensure that the ongoing Corporate needs of the club are

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