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									                            SECURITY DEPOSIT AGREEMENT
                               Apartment No.                Move-in-Date
1. Tenant
Co-Tenant                      Complex Name

The tenant hereby acknowledges that a total deposit is due in the amount indicated below. The tenant
further understands that failure to comply with the deposit payment schedule constitutes violation of
the lease and is grounds for eviction. The tenant agrees to pay their rent each month in accordance
with their lease agreement including the last full or partial month without consideration of the security
deposit. This agreement does not constitute an abridgment of requirements set forth in the lease

Total Deposit Charges                   Payment Schedule

Security Deposit       $_________       Check One

Pet Deposit             $_________      (    ) Deposit(s) has been paid in full prior to move-in.

Total                   $_________      ( ) An initial payment of $_________ has been paid and _________
                                        monthly payment(s) of $__________ will be due on the first of each
                                        consecutive month after move-in in addition to the monthly rental
                                        payment until the entire deposit is paid in full.

The deposit will be returned to the tenant thirty (30) days after vacating the apartment subject to the
provisions listed in the Lease.

The costs of labor and materials for cleaning and repairs, and outstanding balances owed, and costs
associated with re-rental of the unit will be deducted from Security Deposit if the eleven provisions
are not complied with. Any amount due to the lessor in excess of the security deposit will be due
thirty (30) days from receipt of the final bill. Failure to pay amounts due after move-out will result in
unpaid amounts being turned over to a collection agency, court action and/or notification to the credit
bureau. Tenant acknowledges that he/she has read the provisions on the back and agrees to the terms
and conditions.

I understand that my apartment was completely painted on ______________(date).

I understand that my apartment had new carpet-installed on______________(date).

I understand that my apartment had new floor tile installed on____________(date).

Signature of Tenant              Date

Signature of Co-Tenant           Date          Signature of Manager         Date

                           SECURITY DEPOSIT AGREEMENT                                               L8


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