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Technology and Management

  1.      Information System for Farm Accounting                                                      1
           Gurunath Fagare
  2.      Role of Computers in Pharmaceutical Company                                                 6
           J. A. B. Miranda, N. Kiran Kumar
  3.      Management Challenges for Business in the Changing Technological & Globalized               14
           Debjani Banerjee
  4.      Business Intelligence as a Technology in Management                                         17
           P. Sai Rani, Martina Rani
  5.      Industrial Engineering: A Neglected Discipline in Management Literature                     21
           K. V. S. S. Narayana Rao
  6.      Impact of Technology on HR and Challenges Faced by Management                               26
           Seema Sant
  7.      Technology Management in SMEs                                                               30
           Neeta Baporikar
  8.      High Technology & Effective Management: Necessary Tools for Successful Global               35
           Shubhasheesh Bhattacharya
  9.      Managing Global Organizations through Integrated HR Systems using Technology                39
           Rajalakshmi Shreenath, Santhanalakshmi Nagaraj
  10.     Computerized Decision Support System: A Managerial Decision Making Technology               45
           Sudhakar Bhoite
  11.     Technology Interventions in the Non-Farm Sector: Some Lessons                               48
           Santanu Roy, Avinash Kumar Mathur
  12.     Value Based Management of Technologies                                                      58
           Radhakrishna Pillai
  13.     Internet Technologies and Intelligent Data Management- Effect on the World Economic Graph   61
           Gouri Patil
  14.     Technology and Management Issues in Outsourcing                                             65
           Deepak Kapur
  15.     Technology and Management Issues in Urban Renewal                                           69
           Deepak Kapur


  16.     Need of the Hour - Green Shoe Option and/or Reverse Green Shoe Option                       72
           Saigopal Santhanam, Preethy Balasubramanian
  17.     Risk Management in Infrastructure Project Financing                                         75
           Santanu Ray, Joy Chakraborty
  18.     Role of Accredited Loan Providers (ALPs) for Financial Inclusion in India                   82
           Pankaj Trivedi
  19.     A Study on the Performance of New Mutual Fund Schemes                                       84
           Mihir Dash, K. M. Deepa, Deepali Shirodkar, V. Kavitha, S. Sindhu

  20.   A Study on the Effect of Portfolio Allocation on Mutual Funds                                  92
         Mihir Dash, Deepali Shirodkar, K. M. Deepa, V. Kavitha, S. Sindhu
  21.   Asset Liability Management: Tools, Techniques & Technology                                    103
         Sireesha Nanduri
  22.   Private Equity Funding in India – Issues and Challenges                                       112
         Chowdari Prasad, K S Srinivasa Rao
  23.   Poverty Eradication through Micro Finance                                                     122
         B. Jagdeesh, A. Raghurama

Human Resource Management

  24.   The Study of Online Recruitment and Selection in Sri Lanka                                    127
         A. C. De Alwis, K. M. S. D. De Silva
  25.   Sustenance of Indian Women Professionals in the IT Sector                                     135
         Rashmi Sharma
  26.   Planning Annualised Hours with Partially Individualised Holiday Weeks                         147
         M. R. Sureshkumar, Madhusudanan Pillai
  27.   A Study on Correlation between Emotional Intelligence and Career Success in Knowledge         154
        Based Industry
         Uma Warrier, Aisha Sheriff
  28.   Leveraging IT Investment: Going Beyond Automating Transactional HR Activities                 158
         Beena Prakash
  29.   Role of Industrial Engineers in Technology Commercialization                                  162
         K. V. S. S. Narayana Rao
  30.   Young Seniors, Old Jumiors                                                                    167
         Rashmi Sharma, Nidhi Ashani, Anand Sodha
  31.   Attrition Problem in ITES-BPO Sector: Through Employee Satisfaction Survey                    176
         Shweta Dixit, Mrinalini Shah
  32.   HR Transformation: Can Technology Help?                                                       182
         C. K. Singh, Anshu Dawer

Indian Industries

  33.   Content Analysis of Intellectual Capital Disclosure of IT Firms in India                      188
         G. Bharathi Kamath
  34.   Analysing Performance of AEZ’s in India: An Empirical Examination                             196
         Anita Patil, Biraj Kholkumbe
  35.   Linguistic Differences and Expatriate Communication Patterns in IT and ITES Corporations      206
        Operating in India
         Surinder Pal Singh
  36.   Labour Markets and Working Conditions: A Study of Old Economy Firms in India                  214
         Mandeep Singh, Prashant Kulkarni, Tushma Singh, Ankisha Rastogi, Anantha Murthy N. K.
  37.   Financial Leverage and its Impact on Shareholders’ Return: A Study of Indian Steel Industry   221
         Nateson Chinnasamy
  38.   5 ‘S’ Survey in the Indian Industries                                                         226
         Vinod Kumar Khanna
  39.   Raymond Apparel Ltd- A Product Life Cycle Analysis                                            236
         Selvarasu Appasamy, Abhishek Agarwal, Saurabh Arora, Ahmad Nadeem


  40.   Marketing with New Technology –Innovative Perspectives                                     243
         Smita Chavan, Manisha Kumbhar
  41.   Marketing by Banks with Corporate Social Responsibility                                    249
         K. Ravi Chandran, R. Muruganandham, R. Raamanujan, Mohana Krishna.V, Hari Prasad.S,
        Sasi Siddharth.M
  42.   E-marketing: Changing Face of Business                                                     255
         Mousumi S. Bhattcharya, Priyanka Manohar, Linus Rozario
  43.   New Age Marketing- Is Ethenic Marketing a Myth or Reality?                                 260
         R. Venkatesh, A. H. Sequeira
  44.   Franchising in Marketing of Telecommunication                                              265
         Subrat Sahu
  45.   Internal Branding: Key to Proven Market Performance                                        276
         Vandana Sonwaney
  46.   Indian Consumers with its Newfound Luxury Culture: An Empirical Study                      282
         Bernadette D'Silva, Stephen D'Silva
  47.   Measuring Consumers’ Satisfaction in Using ATM                                             294
         Parimal Vyas, Priti Nigam
  48.   Saree Segment: A Product Analysis                                                          302
         Gayathri Sampath, Abhishek Agarwal

Operations Management

  49.   An Integrated Production-Distribution Model for a Deteriorating Inventory Item             316
         Yan Changyuan, Avijit Banerjee, Yang Liangbin
  50.   Measuring Formative Constructs in Management Research –A PLS Approach                      324
         Subhadip Roy
  51.   A New Software Model for Effective Spare Part Management                                   336
         K. Ravi Chandran, R. Muruganandham, R. Raamanujan, P. Nandkumar, R.G. Prasannakumar
  52.   Measuring CNC Machines Process Capability                                                  342
         R. Chandrasekaran, R. Palanisamy
  53.   Lean Manufacturing: The Real Picture                                                       351
         V. Sundarrajan, R. Hariharan, R. Raamanujan
  54.   A New AHP Based Heuristic Approach to Solve Multi-objective Facility Layout Problem        356
         V.K. Singh, A. Kushwaha
  55.   Determination of Economic Order Quantity for a Stock Dependent Demand under a Just-in-     367
        Time Approach
         A. Aparna

Organization Behavior

  56.   Adding Relation between Two Members in the Same Level of a Linking Pin Organization        371
         Kiyoshi Sawada
  57.   The Relationship between Charismatic Leadership and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors   376
        for Managers of the Firms in Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP)
         Yuan-Duen Lee, Pi-Ching Chen, Shih-Hao Chen, Shu-Hua Chiang

  58.   Managing Conflict in Cross-Functional Teams                                                    383
         Donnie (Don) Smith
  59.   How Gender and Governance Affect Quality Manufacturer-Supplier Relationships in Business       389
         Tishangi Bennett
  60.   Quality of Life and Job Involvement of Indian Managers -The Relationship and Implications      398
         Pankaj Handa, Naveen Gupta
  61.   The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Organisational Leadership                                407
         Sajitha Nair, Madhan Balasubramanian, M. Habeeb Ghatala
  62.   Training Interventions, Organisational Learning and Value Chain Progression in Business        414
        Process Outsourcing Organizations: A Conceptual Model
         T. M. Srithika, Sanghamitra Bhattacharyya


  63.   E-Retailing in India and its Future                                                            423
         Priyanshu Goyal
  64.   Information Technology for Management in Retail and Services Sectors in India                  430
         Nilay Yajnik
  65.   Perceptual Image Study of Apparel Retail Stores and Apparel Brands                             432
         Selvarasu Appasamy, E. Ratnam
  66.   Indian Retail Industry: Strategies, Trends and Opportunities 2007 (A Case Study of Pantaloon   444
        India Ltd.)
         S. L. Gupta

Service Industry

  67.   Managing Conflicts in Romanian Tourism and Hospitality Industry – between ‘Global’ and         457
         Cezar Scarlat, Cornelia Maxim
  68.   Perceived Differences in Service Quality of Private versus Public Sector Banks: A Study on     465
        Demographic Variables
         Tarun Kushwaha, Neelam Jain
  69.   Absenteeism in Hospitals –A Case Study                                                         470
         Deepti Lele
  70.   Semantic Web Services for E-governanc                                                          475
         Manisha Kumbhar, Vibhavari Pandit, Anil Kumbhar
  71.   Regional Differences in Factors Affecting Passenger Satisfaction Levels – An Application of    486
        Principal Component Analysis
         Vishnuprasad Nagadevara, T. V. Ramanayya
  72.   Healthcare Services in India: A Strategic Perspective                                          495
         Preshth Bhardwaj, Jayraj Jadeja


  73.   Co-operative Values: The Critical Driving Mechanism for Co-operative Management                504
         Chamaru De Alwis, W. P. G. De Alwis
  74.   Entrepreneurial Success and Technological Innovation                                           513
         Sunanda Asuti

  75.   Business Strategy and Business Intelligence                                           522
         Prakash Jagdale
  76.   Is Dominant Logic the Missing Linkage between Diversity and Performance?              527
         Subir Sen
  77.   Globalization and Agribusiness Sector: Strategic Management Issues                    536
         Manesh Choubey
  78.   Holistic Transformation of Organizations                                              540
         Radhakrishna Pillai
  79.   Glittering Role of Top Management Commitment in Sustaining Quality                    546
         Unnikrishna Kartha
  80.   Women Entrepreneurship in India-Trends, Lacunae and Potential                         547
         Shalini Sinha

Supply Chain Management

  81.   A Model of Logistics Performance Measurement: A SEM Approach                          552
         Susana Azevedo, Joao Ferreira
  82.   A Supply Chain Co-ordination Model with Shifting Demand in a JIT Environment          567
         Yi Liao, Avijit Banerjee
  83.   Pune as a Prospective Design Engineering Outsourcing Hub                              577
         Kavita Ingale
  84.   Management and Technology: Symbiotic Relationship in the Supply Chain and Logistics   590
        Domain and their Status in the Indian Realm
         Arpit Bhandari, S. G. Deshmukh
  85.   Supply Chain Management Practices in Indian Engineering Industry                      601
         B. Rajashekhar, P. Uma Maheswari Devi
  86.   Emerging Issues in Agri Supply Chain Performance in India                             605
         G. V. R. K. Acharyulu, Sudhakar Madhavedi
  87.   Effective Inventory Management in Supply Chain-Using Radio Frequency Identification   610
        (RFID) Technology
         Praveen Gali, G. V. R. K. Acharyulu

Teaching and Learning

  88.   Transition from Classroom Learning to E-learning                                      615
         Siddharth Agarwalla, Nilanjan Sengupta
  89.   Teacher-Student Relationship: College Teacher’s Perspective                           625
         Shilpa Sankpal, Abhishek Saxena
  90.   Implementing Integrated System in a B-School Knowledge Center                         635
         Malathi Sriram, M V Sunil, Rajesh Haldipur
  91.   Importance of Work-Experience for a Professional Course                               643
         Mrinalini Shah, Shweta Dixit
  92.   TQM Practices in Technical Education in India                                         646
         P K Mishra, B. Rajashekhar


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