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					                         European Apparel and Textile Organisation
                                  24 rue Montoyer – B – 1000 Brussels
                                                                                           June 13th 2005

                                   PRESS RELEASE


EURATEX and its members have carefully assessed the content of the Memorandum of
Understanding between the European Commission and China reached on June 10th 2005, full details of
which became available on June 12th. It is a matter of record that in those categories for which
EURATEX had requested safeguard action early in March, the volumes now agreed would have been
calculated from a lower base point and had a lower % growth rate than is the case, had the
Commission reacted more promptly and used the safeguard clause.

Speaking today, EURATEX President Filiep LIBEERT stressed that what might appear on first sight
“a good deal” for industry was less so in the light of the methodology used to calculate the volumes for
the rest of 2005, for 2006 and 2007, which in itself resulted in quantities for those periods much in
excess of what the industry would have wished. He also expressed the concern of the industry at the
use of the expression “restraint” in respect of the possible use of the textile specific safeguard clause in
the agreement. “We wish to be very clear at industry level that we reserve the right to request
safeguard action, should the need arise, in other product categories and beyond the end of 2007. In
addition it is essential that the current customs monitoring continue until the end of 2008 and the
quantities involved be correctly policed and transhipment and circumvention be prevented” he stated.

EURATEX also notes that two cases (socks, stockings and tights and flax fabrics) massively in excess
of the alert levels published by the Commission in its guidelines of April 6th 2005 were not included in
the agreement.

EURATEX would also wish to underline that the conclusion of this agreement does not in itself
resolve Chinese unfair trade practises and EURATEX requests that the Commission and China
continue to work jointly to overcome this serious difficulty.

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