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					                                    Apartment Worksheet
Please attach the ad or copy of ad of the apartment you are considering renting. If the ad does not
answer all questions, you need to call to find out.

1. Address of the apartment (including city) ___________________________________________

2. How did you hear about this apartment? ___________________________________________

3. Number of bedrooms ________ Number of bathrooms_________ Covered parking? ________

4. Will you have neighbors above or below you? _______________________________________

5. Is there a storage unit along with the apartment? ____________________________________

6. Is there a washer/dryer? ______ Laundry in building? ________ Price per load_____________

7. What is and is not included (water, utilities, garbage, etc.)

    Included: ___________________________________________________________________

    Not included: _______________________________________________________________

8. What is the monthly rent? ______________________________________________________

9. Do you have to pay first & last months' rent? A deposit? ______________________________

6. How long is the lease for? _______________________________________________________

7. What extras does the apartment have/allow (pets, security, pool, recycling, etc.)

8. How many roommates will they allow you to have? _______ How many do you want? _______

10. How do you go about getting things repaired? What does the landlord expect you to pay for in

    terms of repairs/upkeep (carpets, plumber, etc.)? ___________________________________


11. Are pets allowed? What kinds? Extra deposit required? ______________________________

12. What do you like about this apartment?

13. What do you not like about this apartment?

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