Letter to Our Executors and Other Key Contacts SANITIZED SAMPLE Dec 2009 We regret the obstacles you will face in resolving our estate I have made a conscious effort to make it as painless as po

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					Letter to Our Executors and Other Key Contacts [SANITIZED SAMPLE] Dec, 2009
We regret the obstacles you will face in resolving our estate. I have made a conscious effort to make it as
painless as possible while knowing there is no such animal as a ―no pain‖ settlement. Joan and I are
―accountability partners‖ in the preparation of this document. Our final act of living our legacy and being
accountable is to provide you as smooth an adventure as our brains and hearts can make possible. Know
we are with the Lord and a lot of folks that we‘ve loved along the way. May God bless you in this
endeavor. We thank you for your special gift of service for our loved ones.
Vital Statistics:
Name:                    Joan Smith Dunn                     C. Hilton ―Stretch‖ Dunn Jr.
Place of Birth:          Auburn, AL (Lee County)             Moline, IL (Rock Island County)
Date of Birth:           March 21, 1948                      September 11, 1943
SSN:                     xxx-xx-xxxx                         xxx-xx-xxxx
Medical Insurance:       Blue Cross/Blue Shield &            Medicare & TRICARE for Life
                         TRICARE Standard
       Notify Family and Close Friends—see Key Contacts Notifiers below
       Use Regions checking account for emergency travel funds for family members to memorial
        and/or funeral.
       Request 20 Death Certificates.
       CONTACT Armed Forces Services Corporation (AFSC)—see below for #’s. They contact
        applicable government agencies (DFAS, Veterans Affairs, CRSC, Social Security, etc.)
Key Contacts:
        Executor (our lawyer)                       Susan D. Daughton          (205) xxx-xxxx
        Successor Executors                         Edgar and Donna Harris (662) xxx-xxxx
        Successor Co-Executor (if Susan can‘t serve) Partner in Dominick, Fletcher,etc. law firm
        Accountant                                  Ray Hester                 (205) xxx-xxxx
        Arlington Cemetery                                                     (703) xxx-xxxx
        Alabama National Cemetery                   Bob Barefield              (205) xxx-xxxx
        Bluff Park United Methodist Church          Reid Crotty (Pastor)       (205) xxx-xxxx
        Regions Bank Personal Representative        Brenda Griffith            (205) xxx-xxxx
        AFSC Survivor Services                                                 (888) xxx-xxxx
        Def.Fin.Acct. Ctr.-Mil Retired Pay          SSNxxx-xx-xxxx             (800) xxx-xxxx
        CRSC (Combat Related Pay)                   SSNxxx-xx-xxx-62-6178 (800) xxx-xxxx
        Veterans Administration (60% disabled)              (540)-857-2430 or (800) xxx-xxxx
        Casualty and Memorial Affairs (Ft Meyer)-DD Form 1300                  (703) xxx-xxxx
        Insurance-AAFMAA Whole Life                 Cert # xxxxxx-xx           (800) xxx-xxxx
        Insurance-Group Accidental Death            Cert # xxx-xxxxxxx         (800) xxx-xxxx
        Insurance-Mass Mutual (for Rita)            Laura Hinton               (205) xxx-xxxx
        Insurance-Lg Term Care Unum                 Pol # xxxxxx               (800) xxx-xxxx
        Insurance-Automobiles USAA                  Member #xx-xx-xx           (800) xxx-xxxx
        Financial Mgr-Merrill Lynch (Stretch)       Jim Thiher                 (800) xxx-xxxx
        Doctor-Dr. Fred Herndon [prove S‘s mental competency]                  (205) xxx-xxxx
        Doctor-Dr. Laurie Hall [[prove J‘s mental competency]                  (205) xxx-xxxx
        Dentist-Dr. Mike Mahan [dental records identification]                 (205) xxx-xxxx
        Family Notifier-Steve Dunn                  Stretch‘s Son              (865) xxx-xxxx
        Family Notifier-Donna Harris                Joan‘s Sister              (662) xxx-xxxx
        Friends Notifier-Lynn Jackson               Close Friend               (205) xxx-xxxx
        Life Leaders Notifier-David Dyson           Close Friend               (205) xxx-xxxx
        USMA Cl’66 Notifier Norm Cooney             Classmate                  (352) xxx-xxxx
        NORTON Board Notifier-Ed LaMonte            Angela Thomas              (205) xxx-xxxx
        Greenbrier Furniture (Joan‘s Wk)            Gary Hughes                (205) xxx-xxxx
        BE&K (Stretch‘s former employer)            Renee Jefferson            (205) xxx-xxxx
        Computer Guru for PC                        Brandon Lee                (205) xxx-xxxx

Key Documents:
Contents of Regions Safety Deposit Box (SDB) [Hoover Branch on Hwy 31] follow:
   WILLS/POWERS OF ATTORNEY                       NOTE: Original ―Letter to Executor‖
     Will (Stretch) –August, 2007                               w/ attachments is in SDB
     Will (Joan)-August, 2007
     Advance Directive for Health Care(Stretch)—March 2005
     Advance Directive for Health Care(Joan)—March 2005
     Durable (General)Power of Attorney (Stretch)—August 2007
     Durable (General)Power of Attorney (Joan)—August 2007
     CPR and DNR Orders (Stretch and Joan)—August 2007
     Organ and Tissue Donations (Stretch and Joan)—August 2007
     AL EMS Do Not Attempt Resuscitation Orders—August 2007
    Joan/Stretch Marriage Certificate
    Stretch/Rita Marriage Certificate
    Stretch/Rita Divorce Decree
   Home Inventory (Pics of home and jewelry + CD)
   Home Deeds and Settlement Agreement
   Navarre Condo Paid in Full Mortgage and Sublease Agreement
   Birth Certificates—Joan, Stretch, Steve, Cheryl, Rita
   Car Title—Lexus and CTS
   PE Registration—Virginia
   Copies of Credit cards, Military ID, Driver’s license, etc carried in wallets
   Stock Certificate-IntraMicron
   Termite control contract (Mr. Bugg’s)
   Cheryl’s and Steve’s Families’ legal papers (Wills, etc.) [These are my kids.]
     DD214- Certificate of Release From Active Duty (in SDB)
     Retirement Orders effective June 30, 1992 and Awards
     Retiree Account Statement and Certification Letter for Military Retired Pay DA3713
     Combat Related Disability pay (CRSC Pay statement)
     VA Disability and Certificate of Eligibility

Locations of KEYS and Relevant Files: [Note: locations in this example are not actual.]
      Key-to Regions Safety Deposit Box (SDB) #XXX—key in small blue box MBR (not actual)
      Key-to grey Sentry safety lock box and cars are in phony can in guest bathroom (not actual location)
      Key-to home—in fake groundhog on fireplace mantle (not actual location)
      Files-Desk—Left side = financial , current year TAX, insurance, and CHD Consulting LLC
                     Right side= recurring activities/monthly bills (phone, club, Visa, Address List, etc.)
                     Basement closet (under stairs) = Past year taxes in marked brown Bankers‘ boxes
      File Boxes in basement back bedroom—my sympathies! This is 90% BE&K, CHD Consulting stuff and
       ‘06-‗07 VA disability records.
      See Family Websites/Facebook pages for most up to data personal and relevant historical data/stories.
      User ID for my PC is Dunnstretch (not actual) and Password is GOARMY (not actual). User ID for Joan‘s
       PC &laptop is Wareagle (not actual) and password is Beatflorida (not actual). Call Brandon Lee 910-7955
       to scrub hard drives so computer set ups can be used by Jessie, Lauren, and Alyssa (oldest grandchildren).
Obituary Input:           Joan (see Bio @ Atch two)             Stretch (see Bio at Attachment two)
Education:       Auburn (1 yr)                                  Duke University (1 yr)
                 Alabama: BS in Interior Design                 West Point (USMA) BS
                                                                Univ. of Illinois MS in Civil Engr
Profession:      Interior Designer                              Coach/Teacher/Mentor/Protégée
                 Greenbrier Furniture                           ―A player in life‖

Funeral Service Instructions:
These instructions are based on both of us passing at the same time or either or both of us being
mentally incapacitated. In any other scenario, the surviving partner will designate funeral instructions.
Therefore, if both of us are dead or incapacitated, we want the funeral arrangements to be carried out with
minimal inconvenience to our family and friends. We empower Cheryl, Steve, Beth, and Donna to make
any decisions they deem necessary based on the circumstances of our death. Following is our general
guidance to be followed to the extent possible (within reason):
     Memorial Service at Bluff Park United Methodist Church, Birmingham, AL. If choir is willing,
        use bequeathed music program funds to hire instrumentalists and sing Mansions of The Lord.
     Buried together at Arlington National Cemetery. This form is completed as if there is only a
        Gravesite ceremony; request Section 66. (Attachment six—documents that assist in making
        Arlington arrangements.)
     Funeral home: If need one in DC area, use Everly Wheatly in Alexandria, VA; 703-998-9200.
        (They assisted with both Stretch‘s parents funerals.)
     Caskets: As provided by military or least expensive; whatever Cheryl, Steve, Beth, and Donna are
        comfortable with. Vault should be provided by Arlington Cemetery. [Note: You do not need to
        spend $4000/casket—remember, we aren‘t there!]
     Clothing Instructions: Joan—her blue outfit/Stretch—Mess Dress (in foyer closet).
     Clergyman: Reid Crotty (Bluff Park) Note: In addition to the memorial service, he has agreed to
        participate in service at Arlington Cemetery along with whatever military Chaplain is designated.
        (Pay all Reid‘s expenses from estate plus $500 honorarium.)
     (Optional: Note: not needed if do memorial service in Birmingham) Arlington Chapel Service
        Program: Attachment six has a sample program (Stretch‘s Dad) to assist.
     Memorial Service Program: Attachment six has sample programs (Joan‘s & Stretch‘s Dads).
     Music Selections: The Mansions of the Lord (Randall Wallace), You Raise Me Up (Lonnie
        Parsons solo), West Point Alma Mater, The Lord’s Prayer.
     Arlington Honorary Pallbearers: Mo Faber, Joe Oberle, Rita Oberle, Janet Foster, Lynn Jackson,
        Sandra and Fred Stephens, Betty and Dan Carpenter, Carol Cagle, David Dyson, and Bob
        Barefield. (We assume Joan‘s immediate family with spouses will be together and include Carol
        Ruth Dunn—Stretch‘s only surviving cousin.)
     Appreciation Letter: Request that a letter similar to the one Stretch wrote (see Attachment six) be
        sent to the Commander of ―The Old Guard‖ (or whatever Honor Guard is used) in appreciation to
        the troops that participated in the full military honors ceremony.
       In lieu of Flowers, donations to: Bluff Park United Methodist Church, 733 Valley St, Hoover, AL 35226
     Flowers for Memorial Service or Arlington Ceremony: For those that want to send flowers in lieu
        of church donation, a good DC area florist is Plantation Florist at 703-360-2500 (but we really
        would prefer donations to our church).
     Newspapers for Obituary/Funeral arrangements: Birmingham News
     Funeral Video: We obviously don‘t need or want one but if someone feels they have to a list of
        providers is in Attachment six. [We can‘t imagine this but one never knows.]
     Funeral Expenses We have sought to have sufficient funds available in our checking accounts to
        cover family travel to memorial service in Birmingham and Arlington services and funeral. If I
        have underestimated the amount needed, reimburse (including interest) whoever makes up the
        difference out of ML Beyond Banking Account as soon as practical.
Know we are with the Lord, cherish the memories and look forward to being with you again in Paradise.
Personal Property Inventory: Pictures of property including jewelry and CD are in Safety Deposit Box.
Special Bequests: See Attachment three (for property bequests) and Will (for cash bequests).

Other Good Stuff to Know:
      Regions Account and SDB—Acct. No. (Stretch) xxxxxxxx; (Joan) Acct No. xxxxxxxx.
       Stretch‘s PFS Account manager is located at the Hoover branch on Hwy 31. Mo Faber, Lynn
       Jackson, and my son, Steve Dunn, are on Stretch‘s checking account and they plus Lynn, Sandra,
       Edgar and Donna have authorized access to Safety Deposit Box.
      Beach Condo—Emerald Surf Unit 201, Navarre Beach, FL. Jointly owned by Joan with Sandra
       Stephens and Lynn Jackson. If Joan dies, her intent is to give her share to Steve Dunn (50%) and
       Donna Harris (50%). We desire that Cheryl and Joan‘s sister Beth (and their families) have rights
       to use until sale.
      IntraMicron and Cal Ripkin investments. File in left desk drawer. IntraMicron preferred stock
       contact John Stein, CEO, at xxx-xxxx or (cell) xxx-xxxx; Ripkin investment contact Steve Dunn.
      Investments—Both Stretch and Joan‘s financial Planner is Jim Thiher with Merrill Lynch. He
       can be reached at xxx-xxx-xxxx .The summary of portfolio assets as of 12/12/09 is in
       Attachment one (in Safety Deposit Box only).
      Military Pension Information—In blue folder in left drawer of desk.
      Social Security Information—In purple folder in left drawer of desk.
      Recent TAX Returns—Ray Hester, xxx-xxxx, does our joint return and CHD Consulting return.
       Past returns are in brown bankers‘ boxes marked ―Taxes‖ in basement file closet under stairs.
      Real Estate—Home Deed and Navarre Beach Florida condo LEASE are in Safety Deposit Box.
       There is no other out-of-state real estate.
      Credit Cards—Stretch –Visas (Capital One, Merrill Lynch, Southwest,)–see yellow folders in
       right desk drawer]. Joan—Visa (Capital One) and Sam‘s.
      Passports—In grey locked Sentry box in Stretch‘s closet in MBR.
      Weapons—Dad‘s General Officer .32 caliber pistol, Joan‘s Smith and Wesson revolver and
       Bersa pistol along with Randal knife are in grey Sentry locked box in Stretch‘s closet in MBR.
      Sharing the best of my lessons learned and my Soul: Stretch has shared in books he co-
       authored Entitled: Professionalism Under Stress: Lessons in Professionalism, Stress, and
       Gunfighting in Military and Civilian Life and Patriotism and Professionalism in Action:
       Remembrances and Roots of Honor. [Ken’s “HereinAfter” book in another example of this.]
   [Note: I encourage you to have some way to share who you are, what you believe... your soul. Too
   often we tough guys don’t go this deep but whatever form this takes for you it will be among your
   decedents most cherished treasures.]
      Skeletons in my (Stretch’s) closet: If I had them, I long sense forgot them. I do have three black
       journals in brown lock box prepared while District Commander in Mobile in case of any legal
       fallout from decisions I made in that capacity. They should be destroyed upon my death. Key is in
       box in file drawer in Joan‘s office (not actual location). As for Joan, she is an open book that
       everyone loves; remember her with the love and grace she richly deserves.

Signed by both
Dated                                                                   File Name: Ltr to Executor (Sample)

   (Completed with information not contained in Letter)

[Note: This type form is available from estate lawyers and contains detailed family
information, data on citizenship, prior marriages, special bequests, anticipated inheritances,
taxable gifts, other bequests, physical/mental limitations, trustees, asset summary, life
insurance,…basically the data estate lawyers need to settle the estate.]

2. BIOs—Stretch and Joan                  [omitted; this is what obituary draws from]

3. Special Bequests                       [Sample shown to illustrate]

4. Charitable Pledges/Gifts               [Sample shown to illustrate]

5. Vital Documents Locator                [omitted—this is available from any estate lawyer]

6. Funeral Service/Arrangement Documents          [omitted—in Original only in SDB]

7. Friends Address Listing (Christmas Card List ‘09) [Sample shown to illustrate]

C.H. “Stretch” Dunn, Jr., P.E.

Joan S. Dunn

[Place your bios here]

Attachment Two

SPECIAL Personal Effects BEQUESTS (under Article V) Current as of: December, 2009

FAMILY                                                                     Note: Curio Cabinets = CC

[I include this excerpt from our effects as a sample; The intent is to align material items of
sentimental value with those who will appreciate them. A listing like this takes a lot of time
and discussion with each person to discern what matters and work out any contested items
before settlement. I left out many items, specifically most (not all) of the awards/plaques as
few folks have any place to keep this stuff and, with some exceptions, most retain little long-
term value.]

Cheryl Faber: Jasmine (if she wants her—or find her a wonderful home). Stuben eagle (CC); Waterford
sherbet glasses; Joan‘s sapphire engagement/wedding ring; Swarovski crystal animals (CC); 30‖ diamond
cut solid rope chain; blue & white Japanese charger; Johnny Johnson Loyalty Award (in study).
Darrell Faber: Globe; Stretch‘s vehicle; Dad‘s Resistol western hat;
Cameron Faber: M&M Collection; West Point tar bucket; Crystal Eagle (Chief of Engineers award);
Fodder‘s black Stanford chair; Stretch‘s original Teddy Bear; Lionel train (in green wooden box in
Steve Dunn: West Point and wedding Rings; General Officer pistol; Randal knife; Fodder‘s 3 star flag
and U.S. Flag; West Point Cadet saber (in study); Fodder‘s dress sword (in study); Retirement flag in
display box (in study); Stretch‘s Silver Star citation; CII Carroll Dunn Award (CC); Medals in curio
cabinet; EIB plaque, Coach K basketball; LTG Hal Moore 1st Edition We Were Soldiers; Civil War
pistol; large, antique Family Bible with stand; 1st rights to books; USMA ‗66 40th Reunion DVD/CD Set.
Karen Dunn: Joan‘s West Point miniature w/wedding band; Eight day wall clock; Joan‘s Rolex watch;
Joan‘s $20 gold piece; Imari bowl; Cross collection, glass encased 5‖x 9‖ music box; Joan‘s vehicle.
Jessica Dunn: Stretch‘s computer set up once scrubbed by Brandon Lee.
Lauren Dunn: Joan‘s computer set up once scrubbed; Dad‘s branding iron (in red box in basement).
Alyssa Dunn: Beanie Baby collection (in back left bedroom in basement).
Donna Harris: Swavorski crystal (except animals) (CC); oriental rugs; black oriental liquor cabinet and
contained glassware; gold mesh bracelet with sapphire clasp.
Beth Smith: Herron animals (CC); Waterford crystal glassware (except sherbet); Zebra rug; crystal vases
(some in CC); silver chest with silver serving fork, spoon, etc.; silver flatware & Wedgwood dishes.
Leslie Jones: Yellow and white gold link bracelet; all Nao and Lladro collectables (3); antique Thonet
bentwood hall tree. Mobe pearl and large gold loop earrings.
Jennifer Kunnath: Two Queen Anne dining room chairs; bracelet & necklace joined to make 30‖ string
of pearls for Barrett (gift from Gus).
Robert Caldwell: 2 ½‖ T x 2‖ W Stuben glass panda (Mama‘s); pewter Vietnam vet mug.
Michael Caldwell: Civil War canteen; Fodder‘s captured Nazi napkins; Antique oriental men (CC).
Brian Caldwell: Soldier statue; hand carved wooden cowboy by BG Dodge; Mom‘s pitcher collection.
Carol Ruth Dunn: Mom and Dad‘s Germany oil painting; any family pictures she desires.
Rita Dunn: Horse oil painting.
                                                                       Authenticated by: ____ ____
Attachment Three

SPECIAL BEQUESTS (CONTINUED)                                              Current as of: December, 2009

Sandra Stephens: Two Waterford Champaign flutes (CC); antique zebra stool; any pottery.
Fred Stephens: All wine remaining in wine cellar (just make a toast to the many wonderful times
Lynn Jackson: Cybis chickens, rabbits, and ground squirrel (CC).
Carol Cagle: Waterford angel (CC); Goto birds (CC).
Betty Carpenter: Three Crystal bowls (CC).
Dan Carpenter: Four Antique hollow-stem Champaign glasses (CC); booze in cabinet shared with Joe.
Dee Pihakis: Two Lenox white & gold trimmed pieces (CC); Belik cream & sugar, Greek ashtray.
Dr, Rita Oberle: Galway crystal cross (CC); ten Stieff pewter water goblets.
Joe Oberle: Waterford flag paper weight; all booze in cabinet shared with Dan.
Mo Faber: Backarack decanter and inlaid galley trey; ten Stieff pewter Jefferson cups.
Karen Williams: West Point ―hat toss‖ graduation picture and companion poem.
Janet Foster: Lemoges chair and cat boxes (CC).
Dave Dyson: All rights to books we co-authored; Leadership type books not taken by Steve; Johnny
Johnson Loyalty award citation and picture.
Bib and Nancy Barefield: Military mementoes not otherwise designated that they want.
Toby Warren: Independence Bowl watch given to Lt. Gen. Hal Moore.
1.   Any items belonging to Stretch‘s parents remaining in the basement storage area should be distributed to the
     five grandchildren per their wishes.
2.   Chopping block, piano, and French bench in foyer to Joan‘s family.
3.   See back of pictures and mirrors for designated benefactors. If not marked, then available to whoever wants
4.   Beth, Donna, Karen, and Cheryl distribute items to their children as they see fit.
5.   Electronics except PCs (TVs, DVD receivers, etc. in foyer closet) divided between Darrell and Steve.
6.   Jewelry, rungs, pictures, and furniture other than that pre-designated above distributed by choice: (1st) Steve and
     Cheryl; (2nd) Beth and Donna; (3rd) Carol Ruth; all remaining unclaimed can be sold with proceeds split 4 ways,
     ¼ each to Beth, Donna, Cheryl, and Steve.
7.   We continue to work on specific items and will make up velvet pouches labeled for each person with
     miscellaneous items not currently displayed or used. I trust we will put them where they are easy to find.
We ask all to know that we have sought to be sensitive to each one’s desires. Where we have
errored, we meant no offense. If folks want to trade, that’s fine. We simply want our legacy of
love for you to remain with you.

      …Continue as needed…this gives you the idea                Authenticated by: ____ ____
      Have each page authenticated with your and spouse initials
Attachment Three (continued)


[This is a Sample only]

Charitable gift contribution to Bluff Park United Methodist Church operating budget of $ xxxxx.

Charitable gift contribution to Bluff Park United Methodist Church building fund of $ xxxxxx.

Charitable designated gift contribution to Bluff Park United Methodist church music ministry
of $ xxxxx.

Charitable gift contribution to Life Leaders of $ xxxxx.

Charitable gift contribution to Wounded Warriors of $xxxxx.

Charitable gift contribution to American Citizenship Trust of $xxxxx.

Charitable gift contribution to United States Military Academy of $ xxxxx.

Charitable gift contribution to Auburn University of $ xxxxx.

Attachment Four

Christmas Card Addresses Dec 2009          101509
Joyce and Trip Alford
209 Ledge Circle
Birmingham, AL 35242
Tim and Ashley Ames
156 Appleford Rd.
Helena, AL 35080

Vickie Ames
3058 Arbor Bend
Birmingham, AL 35224
Bonnie and George Alvey, Jr.
9532 Abel Ln
River Ridge, LA 70123-2011

1917 29th Ave S.
Homewood, AL 35209
Bill and Janie Badger
11005 East Chestnut Drive
Sun Lakes, AZ 85248
Sara and Richard Bannister
2812 Pinecrest Drive
Gainesville, GA 30504
Gloria and Lori Banes
4748 Circle Lane
Gardendale, AL 35071
Jim and Linda Balkcom
78 Lindbergh Dr. NE
50 The Parkside
Atlanta GA 30305
Banner Press (The Brunson Clan)
490 Wildwood North Circle
Birmingham, AL 35209
Bob and Nancy Barefield
7145 Lazy Brooke Drive
Pinson, AL 35126-6009
Ellen Barker
PO Box27926
Panama City, FL 32411
Wendell L."Buddy" and Mary Barnes
55 Waugh Drive, Suite 300
Houston, TX 77007-5833
Charlie Brown
10908 E. Prospect Point Drive
Scottsdale, AZ 85262
Jo and Bob Baum
174 Springhouse Lane
Spring Grove, PA 17362
Stan and Dee Blunt
PO Box 313
Howey-in-the-Hills, FL 34737
Ted and Karen Borek
1550 E. Placito Abejeja
Tucson, AZ 85718
Jeff, Jennifer, Barrett & Harper Bowling
4179 Old Cahaba Parkway
Helena, AL 35080
205.706.0306                                        Attachment Seven

                                        Attachment Seven


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