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									        SPECIFICATIONS FOR

         TENDER #2009-2631


CLOSING DATE:    Thursday, April 2, 2009

CLOSING TIME:    3:00 p.m. (Newfoundland Time)
                 Purchasing Boardroom
                 Mount Pearl Square
                 760 Topsail Road
                       Table of Contents
1.0   Introduction
2.0   General Specifications
3.0   Equipment Specifications
      3.1   C-arm and Table
      3.2   Generator
      3.3   Fluoroscopy
      3.4   X-ray Tube, Collimators, and Dose Management
      3.5   FPD and Display
      3.6   Digital Acquisition and Workstations
      3.7   Systems and Networking
      3.8   Ancillary Equipment
            a) Contrast Media Injectors
            b) Surgical Lights
            c) Radiation Protection
            d) Ceiling Mounts/Suspensions
            e) Projector
4.0   Removal/Disposal of Existing Equipment
5.0   Delivery and Installation
6.0   Clinical Training and Support
7.0   Warranty, Servicing and Parts Supply

Appendix A: Room Layout
Tender #2009-2631
     Page 1

1.0    Introduction

Eastern Health invites tenders for replacement /new purchase of Radiology and related
equipment for the Cardiac Cath Lab at the Health Sciences Site, St. John’s NL.

The Cardiac Cath Lab is the referral unit for invasive Cardiology for the province of
Newfoundland and Labrador. The unit currently houses two procedure rooms
performing a variety of invasive cardiac procedures including diagnostic Cardiac
Catheterization, Coronary Angioplasty, Cardiac Biopsy, Electrophysiology
Studies/Ablation Therapy, and Device Implant (Pacemakers and ICD’s). Approximately
4200 cases are performed annually.

Eastern Health will replace the equipment in Room 1 (installed in 1996). Plans are also
underway to re-develop the clinic section of the lab to house an additional procedure
space (Room 3).
Vendors will provide bids for:
           • Replacement of equipment in Room 1
           • New equipment installation for Room 3

The vendor will work closely with Eastern Health Staff from Facilities, Biomedical and IT
divisions and the Cardiac Cath Lab; as well as the firm assigned the architectural /
structural work for this project.
The project will be completed in two phases:
            • Phase 1 – Replacement of Room 1(Spring/Summer 2009)
            • Phase 2 – Installation of Room 3 (estimated Spring 2011, however, time
               to be confirmed by Infrastructure Support at a later date)

Eastern Health will require price protection for equipment ordered until completion of
both phases of the project.

Vendors may bid on particular items or on the tender as a whole and must clearly state
prices for each item.

Vendors are invited to make a site visit to discuss questions that may arise from the
tender documents or to discuss installation issues.

For inquires regarding the tender or to arrange a site visit, please contact:
                                        Carol Tilley
                                   Division Manager
                             Cardiac/Critical Care Program
                                   Tel: 709-777-7760
                                   Fax: 709-777-8444
Tender #2009-2631
     Page 2

2.0   General Specifications

      Vendors must bid on latest release state-of-the-art system.             Yes   No

      2 Floor mounted systems are required.                                   Yes   No

      All specifications noted in this tender apply to each of the two Cath   Yes   No
      lab systems, unless otherwise specified.

      Vendor must provide remote connectivity for all applicable              Yes   No

      Vendors must agree to price protection for equipment ordered until      Yes   No
      completion of both phases of the project.

      It must be understood by vendors that the                               Yes   No
      implementation/installation of Room 3 will not be immediate;
      however, Eastern Health requires latest technology
      (hardware/software and all X-ray equipment) when this phase is

      Vendors must complete each applicable section in full, identifying      Yes   No
      cost per item on a separate bid price list. Options (including cost)
      which may be of interest to Eastern Health should be included in a
      separate section. All warranty costs must be itemized on a
      separate list.

      Vendors are invited to offer options which they feel would add          Yes   No
      significantly to quality of information and produce cost savings.

      Vendors are invited to state cost of upgrade for Room 2 (currently
      Toshiba Infinix CS). Please attach as an Appendix.

      State how long this equipment has been on the market?
      _________________ Years ______________Months.

      State number of Canadian hospitals with this equipment currently
      in use: _____________________________

                  Institution                Name and Title of User
Tender #2009-2631
     Page 3

     Eastern Health has included room layout diagrams with this tender       Yes   No
     (see Appendix A). The vendor must note that the room
     measurements are approximate. The vendor is expected to make
     a site visit to assess room layout and make exact measurements.

     State minimum space requirements for patient area of Room 1 to
     accommodate the vendors quoted system:

     The vendor is invited to suggest alternate layout for patient area of   Yes   No
     Room 1 within existing boundaries. Please attach as an Appendix.

     Vendors should note that the layout of control booth/equipment          Yes   No
     closet for Room 1 may be changed. Vendors should make
     recommendations for alternate layout within current boundaries.

     State space required for equipment closet: Room 1:

     Vendors should note that exact location and space shown for             Yes   No
     future Room 3 is approximate. The vendor is invited to suggest
     possible equipment layouts, including location of equipment
     closet. Please attach as an Appendix.

     State space required for equipment closet Room 3 (labeled Comp.
     Room on the diagram):

     AutoCad drawings are available by contacting:
                            Wayne Stokes
                 Infrastructure Support Coordinator
                            (709) 777-5712

     Vendor will be required to sign confidentiality agreement with          Yes   No
     Eastern Health.

     Vendors must agree to the following payment schedule per                Yes   No
        - 10% of the cost to be paid to the vendor on issuance of the
           purchase order.
         - 60% of the cost to be paid to the vendor on receipt of the
           equipment by Eastern Health.
        - 30% of the cost (remainder of payment) pending
           installation and clinical acceptance.
Tender #2009-2631
     Page 4

      Vendor must supply three copies of the tender documents plus              Yes    No
      one electronic copy of the tender responses.

      Upon closing of this tender, Eastern Health will “short list” the bids    Yes    No
      and may require site visits to existing installations at the expense
      of the vendor for up to three staff/physicians.

3.0    Equipment Specifications

       3.1    C-arm and Table

The required multidirectional C-arm/Table System will be state of the art.
The intended function includes the entire spectrum of cardiac angiography, including
coronary and chamber angiography, pulmonary angiography, examination of the aorta
and the entire spectrum of interventional procedures. The unit must provide
unobstructed patient access. High efficiency and optimum working conditions are

a)    Controls

      All major system controls must be provided at the table side, in an       Yes    No
      ergonomically sound manner with ability to operate from either

      Vendor must provide table side stand for mounting all table side          Yes    No
      controls. The stand must have wheels/castors for ease of

      Control console must be stand alone and easily moved by the               Yes    No
      operator from one side of the table to the other (right or left of pt.)

      Control console must include:                                             Yes    No
         - Table height motorized adjustment control
         - Tabletop brake release control
         - Image intensifier motorized vertical control
         - C-arm motorized angulation/rotation movement control
         - Quantitative analysis.

      Operator console within control booth for all major functions             Yes    No
      including quantitative analysis.

      Foot pedal controls must be provided. These will allow control of         Yes    No
      fluoroscopy and acquisition. Foot controls will be “spill proof” and
      have cable long enough to allow use on either side of the table.
Tender #2009-2631
     Page 5

     Is there provision for high definition fluoroscopy using foot pedal?    Yes   No

     Is there provision for wireless foot pedal control?                     Yes   No
     State additional cost, if any: ______________________________
     Vendor to describe any other features/specifications not asked for:

b)   C-Arm

     High quality floor mounted C-arm system for multidirectional            Yes   No
     cardiac procedures.

     State “Trade Name” of quoted C-arm. _____________________

     State first year of release:________________________________

     Unit to be suitable for use (in conjunction with a catheterization      Yes   No
     table) all type of examinations allowing for:
     a) Cranio/caudal angulation
        State maximum cranio/caudal angles:

     b) Specify maximum LAO, RAO angles:

     State range of motion for the floor mounted AP gantry:
     Rotational: ___________________________________________
     Height: ______________________________________________

     State maximum speed in degrees/sec. for C-arm movement:
     a) Cranio/caudal angulation: ____________________________
     b) LAO/RAO angulation: _______________________________

     All C-arm angulations must be manual control via ‘joy-stick’, etc for   Yes   No
     “fine-tuning” of angles through the entire range of motion of the C-

     Is “auto parking” of the gantry system provided?                        Yes   No

     System must allow adequate patient coverage so that fluoroscopy         Yes   No
     can be performed from head to mid-femoral region without moving
     or reversing patient on table, as well as side to side without
     manually moving the C-arm.

     Patient’s head must be easily and freely accessed by anesthetist        Yes   No
     during procedures.
Tender #2009-2631
     Page 6

     The system must allow clear access for staff during all cardiac        Yes   No
     procedures and access points (femoral, brachial, radial, jugular
     approaches) and for airway management.

     Is isocentre height adjustable?                                        Yes   No
     State range of motion:___________________________________

     Are there other configurations available, e.g. 3 axis, 5 axis, etc?    Yes   No
     Include any additional pricing with bid summary sheet.

     Specify height of the isocentre C-arm system if not adjustable:

     The gantry shall be aware of relative position and the position of     Yes   No
     the table at all times.
         - Motion is be controlled so as to prevent collisions
         - The flat panel detector will include collision protection with
             respect to the patient
     Describe collision avoidance system:

     The system must provide an acoustic warning when the system is         Yes   No
     in a collision risk with the patient.

     Provide the following information:
        - F.P.D. lift excursion: ______________________________
        - Isocentre height related F.P.D. ______________________

     The C-arm /gantry must have capability to store programmed             Yes   No
     angles as determined by the operators. State number of programs
     available: ____________________________________________

     Exam room monitor to display:                                          Yes   No
        - Patient name & ID # (MCP)
        - Date
        - Run # & total # runs
        - Technical parameters (e.g. kV, mA, mS)
        - Cranio/caudal angulation
        - RAO/LAO angulation
        - SID
        - F.P.D field size selected
        - Disc availability
     State any other parameters available not identified above:

     Is there provision for manual movement for all angles of the C-arm     Yes   No
     in the event of electrical or mechanical failure?
Tender #2009-2631
     Page 7

     Vendor to describe any other features/specifications not asked for:

c)   Procedure Table and Accessories

     State “Trade Name” of quoted table.

     State year of first release. _____________________

     The procedure table must be floor mounted.                            Yes   No

     Dimensions defining the maximum table movements shall be              Yes   No
     provided (in x, y, and z axis).
     x (lat): ___________________________
     y (long): __________________________
     z (height): _________________________

     The table height must be adjustable using a motorized control.        Yes   No

     State complete range of table angulation (head down/head up):



     Table height display must be easily visible.                          Yes   No

     Table top to have flat surface with low absorption material. State    Yes   No
     the following:
         - Width of table: __________________________________
         - Length of table: _________________________________
         - Table rotation: __________________________________

     State maximum load limit for the table.__________________kg

     The table must be quickly and easily cleared from the C-arm           Yes   No
     system in case of an emergency.

     Table must move for additional imaging capabilities and easy          Yes   No
     transfer of patient on/off table.

     The table position must be known to the gantry controller so as to    Yes   No
     prevent collisions between the table and gantry.
Tender #2009-2631
     Page 8

      Is there auto centering (“parking position”) of the tabletop?           Yes        No

      Does the host processor store and indicate faulty operation to          Yes        No
      facilitate speedy service if required?

      Table must be “free-floating” in level position.                        Yes        No

      Table must have “motor assist” when table is angled.                    Yes        No

      The table shall incorporate 110V outlets in accordance with             Yes        No
      appropriate electrical codes. State rating:

      Accessories must include the following:                                 Yes        No
         - Removable right and left arm boards
         - Movable IV pole to mount on table rails
         - Patient immobilization devices for abdomen, legs and head
         - Patient hand grips
         - Provision for operator to control room lighting
         - Foot switch for fluoroscopy and foot switch for digital
         - Radiolucent mattress must be supplied with each system.
            Must be of sufficient quality to ensure patient comfort for
            up to four hours
         -   Must include one additional mattress with Room 1
         - Portable/movable stand for table/ C-arm imaging controls.

      Cables for table side controls “must” be long enough to allow           Yes        No
      controls to be placed on stand at foot of table for operator control.

      Vendor to describe any other features/specifications not asked for:

       3.2 Generator

X-ray generator must be state of the art. Functions, technical concept and design must
be dedicated for cardiac diagnosis and interventional procedures.

      State trade name and quoted system:

      State date of first release: _______________________________

      State dates and details of most recent upgrades:
Tender #2009-2631
     Page 9

     State generator type:

     State power supply required (phase, voltage, and line resistance):
     *Note: Available power supply : 380 V
     Generator rating must be minimum 100 KW.                                 Yes   No

     Please provide complete generator specs. Including, but not be           Yes   No
     limited to, the following: (values in brackets indicate requirements).
         - Generator regulation under no-load and full-load conditions
         - High voltage ripple at 100 kV as a function of MA
         - Self-check diagnostics and fault indication
         - Interaction heat unit calculator characteristics
         - Accuracy of kV and mAs settings (+/- 5% or better)
         - Effect upon accuracy of technique settings (kV, mA) with
             line variations (no effect within +/- 10% during exposure)
         - Available kV increments and range
         - Available mA increments and range
         - Available mAs increments and range
         - Weight and dimensions of generator
         - Facility requirements, including electrical, mechanical and

     What is the maximum kVp available?

     Does choice of radiographic values selection include:                    Yes   No
        - kV, mA, time
        - kV, mAs
        - kV with automatic exposure time

     The minimum kVp must be 125 KVP.                                         Yes   No

     State maximum output (mA) at:
        - 150 kVp _____________________________________
        - 125 kVp _____________________________________
        - 100 kVp _____________________________________
        - 80 kVp ______________________________________

     There must be automatic kVp and mA stabilization during                  Yes   No

     What method is used to determine X-ray exposure?
Tender #2009-2631
     Page 10

     Does generator automatically select the correct focal spot size      Yes   No
     based on the mA selected?

     Does generator display a post-indication of exposure time?           Yes   No

     Does generator display other technical factors, e.g. kVp, mA,        Yes   No

     Does generator include pre-indication of exposure time with 3-       Yes   No
     point technique (kVp, mA, time)?
     Is generator equipped with computerized overload tube                Yes   No

     Is generator equipped with anatomical programming for                Yes   No

     Specify number of distinct anatomical programs provided and
     provide a description of each:

     Program choice must be indicated in unambiguous English.             Yes   No

     Does each distinct anatomical program selection include kV, focal    Yes   No
     spot, mAs, photocell pick-up and density setting?

     Does generator provide post readout of average fluoroscopic kV       Yes   No
     and mA values?

     Control console must be fully integrated and compatible with         Yes   No
     generator for all modes of operation.

     The generator panel must include controls for F.P.D. size            Yes   No
     selection, image reversal, collimator and cardiac filters in the
     control room.
     State other features included on generator panel:



     Microprocessor must store and/or indicate faulty operation for all   Yes   No

     Must include remote diagnostic capabilities.                         Yes   No
     Specify: _____________________________________________
Tender #2009-2631
     Page 11

      State all functions available for table side control.

      Vendor to describe any other features/specifications not asked for:

3.3 Fluoroscopy

The required pulsed fluoroscopy system must be state of the art and shall incorporate
dose reduction techniques in addition to providing image enhancement capabilities
especially for lengthy interventional procedures where visualization of catheters, stents,
and other devices is critical.
The system will be fully integrated with the digital imaging and archiving system to
provide flicker-free operation and further dose saving.

      State method of pulsed fluoroscopy:

      State fluoroscopy at frame rates (e.g. 7.5, 15, and 30 frames per
      second and continuous).

      Are all pulse rates available for all dose levels?                        Yes      No

      What is the minimum pulse width available for the quoted system?

      Are all pulse rates available for selection at tableside?                 Yes      No

      State kVp range of fluoroscopy.

      Is dose rate for fluoroscopy selectable at tableside?                     Yes      No

      Is fluoroscopy time reset available at tableside?                         Yes      No

      What are the mA ranges (minimum and maximum) for pulsed

      Is the system fully integrated with the digital system?                   Yes      No
Tender #2009-2631
     Page 12

      Can pulsed fluoroscopy be stored by the digital system for replay?    Yes      No

      Are digital enhancement techniques such as edge enhancement           Yes      No
      and noise reduction available on line for pulsed fluoroscopy?

      Techniques for interframe processing with the objective of            Yes      No
      reducing patient dose shall be described.
      Pixel resolution for fluoroscopy images minimum 512 x 512.            Yes      No
      State matrix size: _____________________________________

      What other dose reduction measures are available for
      implementation with the proposed equipment?

      Vendor to describe any other features/specifications not asked for:

3.4 X-ray Tube, Collimators, and Dose Management

The equipment must be current technology and extremely heavy-duty design, suitable
for high volume and high heat-load usage.

      State trade name of quoted system: _______________________

      State date of first release: _______________________________

      State KW rating for all focal spots:

      What is the anode angle (o) of proposed tube? ______________

      State heat storage capacity in heat units:

      State heat dissipation rate in HU/min:

      X-ray tube must be liquid cooled.                                     Yes      No

      State cost of tube replacement: ___________________________
Tender #2009-2631
     Page 13

     Complete X-ray tube specifications will be provided. These will        Yes   No
     include at a minimum the following (values in brackets indicate
         - Focal spot sizes
         - X-ray operating curves for the proposed X-ray tube
         - Operating envelopes for the tube for both acquisition and
            fluoroscopy at the specified spot sizes
         - Means of protection against loading
         - Maximum heat capacity in heat units (minimum 1.8 million
            heat units)
         - KV and mAs waveforms for typical grid pulsing sequences.

     State typical cool-down time of tube, if overloaded, to allow for
     resumption of exam:

     Automatic iris (circular) collimation system (positive beam            Yes   No
     limitation) with manual remote-controlled override for smaller field

     Are manually driven rectangular shutters also supplied with            Yes   No

     Is automatic collimation system equipped with rectangular coning?      Yes   No

     Must have semi-transparent heart contour shutters included.            Yes   No

     Heart contour shutters must be operator controlled for moving          Yes   No
     independently and for off-center positioning.

     Are collimator controls duplicated in the control room?                Yes   No

     Does the system provide standard beam hardening filters?               Yes   No

     What is the material of the beam hardening filters?

     What levels of filtration are available?

     Is the beam hardening filter thickness selectable at the tableside?    Yes   No

     Is there provision for additional X-ray beam filtration?               Yes   No
     Specify filtering materials with appropriate rationale:
Tender #2009-2631
     Page 14

      Is it possible to adjust the collimators and filters and view their      Yes      No
      position without radiation exposure?

      State delay between foot-switch activation and X-ray exposure.

      Projected tube lifetime under typical cardiac angio operating
      conditions shall be specified, i.e. state projected cases per year.

      Is there provision for a removable grid?                                 Yes      No
      The dose minimization strategies incorporated into the system            Yes      No
      shall be described in detail with provision of the following:
           - Operating envelopes for kV and mA, including any
              automatic control strategies and waveforms, including
              pulse widths for pulsed fluoroscopy.
           - F.P.D. entrance doses typically set within the system for
              both acquisition and fluoroscopy.

      The system must display total radiation dose to the patient.             Yes      No
      How is the dose calculated?

      The system must meet all federal and provincial requirements             Yes      No
      pertaining to X-ray radiation emitting devices.

      Vendor to describe any other features/specifications not asked for:

3.5 FPD and Display

Vendors are to bid only on systems equipped with the latest Flat Panel Detector
technology. The required display will be state of the art, providing high-resolution
images utilizing the latest technology. The required system should compensate for
blooming burnout and have low-lag characteristics. The image quality obtained must be
of superior quality and be suitable for all examination techniques outlined including all
interventional procedures.

      State trade name of quoted system.

      State date of first release.
Tender #2009-2631
     Page 15

     State size of Flat Panel Detector__________________________

     State all specifications for FPD, including DQE, resolution, etc.

     The video system will be functionally integrated with the               Yes   No
     acquisition system.

     The vendor must only bid on and supply flat panel displays (eg.         Yes   No
     LCD) for exam rooms, control room, and workstation displays.
     CRT monitors will not be accepted.

     All displays must be medical flat panel and include calibration and     Yes   No
     QA software (with report) with integrated hardware.

     Provide complete display monitor specifications. Where                  Yes   No
     applicable, IEC testing methodology will be specified.
     Specifications shall include the following.
        - Frame rate of and scan protocol
        - Display technology and screen size
        - Ranges available for digital zoom
        - Distortion
        - Refresh rate
        - Band width of display

     It will be possible to display all required information on one          Yes   No
     monitor per plane.

     Expected service life: _________________________________

     There must be two examination room displays (minimum 21”                Yes   No

     There must be two control room displays (minimum 19” screen).           Yes   No

     Are displays equipped with antiglare surface to facilitate viewing in   Yes   No
     fully illuminated examination rooms during interventional

     Displays must be “flicker-free”.                                        Yes   No
     State refresh rate: ___________________________________
Tender #2009-2631
     Page 16

      Available display modes shall be specified and will include the          Yes         No
           - Last image hold
           - Split screen
           - Picture in a picture
           - Simultaneous display of two sequences
           - Road mapping
           - Subtraction
           - Image recall
      List any other modes not specified:

      It will be possible to select what is displayed on the monitors from     Yes         No
      the tableside.

      It will be possible to display previously acquired data in the           Yes         No
      procedure room, including recall from the archive.

      Vendor to provide any additional features/specifications not asked

3.6 Digital Acquisition and Workstations

a)     Acquisition

The digital system must be state-of-the-art” technology, user friendly in operation, and
provide unsurpassed image quality. Fluoro image quality must provide visualization of
small guide wires, catheters, and stents.

The system must support all modes of fluoroscopy and acquisition including Digital
Cardiac Angiography and Digital Spot Imaging, as well as providing high resolution
multiple reference imaging for interventional procedures.

The quoted system must have capability of multiple reference imaging.

      State trade name of quoted system: _____________________
      State date of first release: _____________________________
      State date (s) of most recent software upgrades:

      The digital system must have the capability for full integration with
      the department/hospital network (CPACS, PACS and HIS, RIS
      interface). Describe any limitations:
Tender #2009-2631
     Page 17

     Does the proposed system employ any innovative technical                Yes   No
     features to optimize image quality with respect to resolution and
     contrast while, at the same time, minimizing dose to patients?
     Specify ____________________________________________

     Specify what features of your proposed system have been
     implemented to provide superior contrast resolution:

     The system must allow for immediate review of the angios when           Yes   No
     each individual angiogram is completed.

     There must be provision for variable speed playback on acquired         Yes   No
     angios in the exam/control rooms.

     Does the system allow acquisition, storage, and display in              Yes   No
     512x512 and 1024x1024 matrix?
     What are acquisition frame rates:

     State pixel matrix size and bit depth:

     It will be possible to print selected frames to an approved printer     Yes   No
     providing appropriate image quality at the resolution of acquisition.

     State capacity on local machine in ‘frames’ with respect to matrix
     size and bit depth: _____________________________________

     The systems must include “disaster recovery” solution in the event      Yes   No
     of storage media failure. State method, e.g. type of RAID
     configuration, data mirroring, etc.
Tender #2009-2631
     Page 18

     Identify image display capabilities:                                    Yes   No
        - Window/level
        - Pan/zoom
        - Edge enhancement
        - Noise reduction (smoothing and filtering)
        - Automatic electronic filters
        - R/L marker
        - Image save capability
        - Validated automatic quantitative coronary analysis.
             Physician must be able to size vessel in exam room. State
             validation process (include data):

        -   Validated automatic ejection fraction. State validation
            process (include data):
        -   State any other display capabilities available:

     Vendor must supply the most current “stent enhancement”                 Yes   No
     technology. Specify: ____________________________________

     Can vendor provide “rotational angio” feature with respect to C-        Yes   No
     arm/software/hardware? Is this cost factored in bid?

     Can these features be accessed /used in the exam room as well           Yes   No
     as the workstation?
     Evidence supporting the clinical validation of quantitative analysis    Yes   No
     techniques employed must be provided.

     There will be provision for the generation of a printed report          Yes   No
     detailing the results of the quantitative analysis, providing
     numerical values, scores, and graphical representations.

     Is it possible to store the results of quantitative analysis together   Yes   No
     with the angio data in the archive?

     Is real time edge enhancement available on fluoro for viewing of        Yes   No
     small guide wires, catheters, stents, etc?

     Is real time edge enhancement available on acquired images for          Yes   No
     viewing of small vascular structures, stenosis, or stents?
Tender #2009-2631
     Page 19

     Indicate if image processing includes:                                 Yes   No
         - Static image zoom
         - Dynamic image zoom
         - Image loop review
         - Real time edge enhancement
         - Real time noise reduction

     Specify what quantitative software functions are being provided
     for: ________________________________________________

     Can all quantitative evaluations be done at the examination table      Yes   No
     to make quick decisions and lower examination time?

     Does the system provide for a roadmap image library to assist the      Yes   No
     cardiologist in interventional procedures?

     State maximum number of roadmap images which can be stored             Yes   No
     and referenced for any particular exam.

     Is the C-arm integrated with the digital system to provide a display   Yes   No
     of the exact C-arm angulation on the roadmap image?

     If the C-arm is moved to the desired angulation, will the system       Yes   No
     automatically recall the display roadmap image with the similar

     Is the roadmap image display located directly beside the fluoro        Yes   No
     monitor for image comparison?

     Is it possible to display the roadmap images next to fluoroscopy on    Yes   No
     the same display for ease of viewing and direct comparison of
     imaging during interventional procedures?

     State number of reference images which can be stored and
     recalled immediately per case: __________________________

     Are advanced display modes such as picture-in-picture and split        Yes   No
     screening available on the proposed system?

     Does the system provide an in-room ‘catalogue’ display of all          Yes   No
     angios for easy selection?

     Can the imaging displays show physiological parameters in              Yes   No
     addition to fluoro, acquisition and reference images?
Tender #2009-2631
     Page 20

     How many physiological parameters can be displayed at once?

     Can all quantitative evaluations be done outside the examination     Yes   No
     room on the operator’s console as well?

     State operating system and host processor type:

     It will be possible to Dicom query/retrieve from McKesson CPACS      Yes   No
     so that previous exams may be viewed in examination room
     during procedure. There must be exam room control for this
     State how this is achieved and configuration of displays.

     It will be possible to “stop frame” for any angulation so that       Yes   No
     comparison can be made during procedure.

     Vendor to provide any additional features/specifications not asked

b)   Workstations

     Vendors are to supply one workstation with each machine.             Yes   No

     Workstations will provide image processing with at least the         Yes   No
     following functions:
          - Window and leveling
          - Image inversion
          - Image room
          - Edge enhancement
Tender #2009-2631
     Page 21

     Workstations will provide the following image viewing and                Yes   No
     manipulation functions:
       - Variable frame rate, defaulting to acquisition frame rate
       - Frame-by-frame display
       - Forward and reverse playback in real time
       - Accelerated playback
       - Multi-image display on a single monitor
       - On-line quantification of ventricular ejection fraction and
       - Straight-line length measurements
       - Image annotation
       - Thumbnails of sequences from a single patient
       - Real time cine
       - Digital zoom
       - Side-by-side comparison

     The workstations interfacing with angiography system and the             Yes   No
     archive providing for off-line image quantification must include at
     least the following tools must be provided:
             - Edge sensing and measuring tools
             - Provision to measure lengths for two segments which
               are either very close or very distant from one another
             - Quantitative measurement of vessel characteristics,
               including quantitative coronary arteriography
             - Visual indication of system calibration for vessel size
             - On-line quantification for ventricular ejection fraction and
                ventricular volumes corrected for various Image
                Intensifier positions.
             - Quantification of centerline wall motion in LV
             - State other features or limitations:

     Both machines are to have the latest 3D reconstruction software          Yes   No
     for fast and accurate assessment of coronary disease as well as
     to facilitate placement of wires, stents and balloons in tortuous
     difficult anatomy. State features of this software: ______________
     State name , developer and software version:________________

     Workstations shall provide the following DICOM 3.0 functionality:        Yes   No
       - DICOM verification services
       - DICOM query/retrieve service class user
       - DICOM storage class user
       - DICOM print class user
Tender #2009-2631
     Page 22

     Can the workstations be configured to retrieve images/angios from      Yes   No
     the archive and to allow the assembly and processing of these
     images for the purposes of presentation/publication/teaching.

     Workstations will provide diagnostic quality images, equivalent to     Yes   No
     those viewed in the procedure room during a procedure (with the
     exception of reduced resolution associated with the DICOM 3.0

     The workstation must be able to push a photo, sequence or exam         Yes   No
     to any DICOM destination.

     Workstation software shall run on an IBM compatible PC.                Yes   No
     Minimum PC requirements should be specified by the vendor.

     The workstation must be able to copy a single image to a               Yes   No
     Windows clipboard for use in other Windows applications.

     Workstations shall be capable of running other applications (e.g.      Yes   No
     PACS viewers). Any limitations in this respect shall be defined.

     The workstations must be able to load any DICOM compliant CD,          Yes   No
     display on any workstation and must automatically archive the
     patient study if required.

     Hard copy for still images from the workstation will be available.     Yes   No
     Specify recommended print technologies: ___________________

     Multiple patient studies from McKesson CPACS must be able to           Yes   No
     be queued for recall.

     Access to any images shall be available from any workstations          Yes   No
     meeting the specified response times without the need for routing

     It shall be possible to network workstation to the archive using the   Yes   No
     hospital TCP/IP network.

     The workstation/review station P.C.’s shall have capability to         Yes   No
     interface with the hospital Meditech System.

     The vendor server preference (manufacture/model number) shall          Yes   No
     be specified. State ‘OS” of workstation:

     Can images be shard between workstations?                              Yes   No
Tender #2009-2631
     Page 23

      Can new rooms be networked so they share images without                 Yes       No

      Any deviations from DICOM 3.0 within the system shall be                Yes       No
      Is it possible to display retrieved images on the monitor in the        Yes       No
      procedure room?

      State cost of software license per workstation:

      Vendor to provide updates, patches, fixes, service packs as they        Yes       No
      become available for all software/hardware on all applicable
      machines including workstations, image processing units, etc.

      The Cardiac Cath Lab currently uses a McKesson Medical                  Yes       No
      Imaging Solution (Horizon Cardiology 11.1) for storage and
      retrieval of radiology images. The vendor will describe a solution
      for seamless integration with this existing system.

      The vendor is responsible for all CPACS integration fees.               Yes       No

      All issues associated with integration will be identified by the        Yes       No
      vendor as well as a description of hardware/software required.

      Are there any wireless capabilities/connectivity with any aspect of
      this equipment? Specify:

      Vendor to provide any additional features/specification not asked
      for: ________________________________________________

3.7   Systems and Network Environment

Eastern Health city hospitals employ Medical Information Technology’s (Meditech)
Hospital Information System, Version 5.6.
The following are vendor requirements as they relate to the overall compatibility and
interoperability of software, with Eastern Health’s wide and local area networks.

      All systems that require connectivity to existing clinical networks     Yes       No
      must be fully TCP/IP compliant for communications and not
      depend on bridging protocols.

      All systems must operate within a Microsoft Windows Server 2003         Yes       No
      networked environment.
Tender #2009-2631
     Page 24

     All systems must be able to run in a 10BaseT and/or 100BaseT           Yes   No
     and/or a 1000BaseT switched Ethernet network environment.

     All systems must have HL7 v2x compliance and specify                   Yes   No
     installations that use this interface to the satisfaction of Eastern
     Health. _____________________________________________

     All wireless network components requiring connectivity to existing     Yes   No
     clinical networks must fully meet 802.11 specifications and utilize
     WPA2 security with minimum of AES/TKIP encryption.

     Provide the number and location of data drops required and the
     location of any applicable wireless access points (note: wireless
     AP location may interfere with existing Eastern Health
     infrastructure and will require the completion of a wireless site
     survey) ____________________________________________

     Indicate whether remote access is required to support                  Yes   No
     hardware/software. Two remote access options are available to
       1. Clientless SSL encrypted VPN and two-factor
     authentication tokens.
       2. Static Gateway IPSEC VPN request requiring 3DES
     encryption. (a Gateway VPN request form requiring technical
     information is necessary before approval of remote)

     Comment: ___________________________________________

3.8 Ancillary Equipment

a)   Contrast Media Injectors

     Vendor will supply and install two Contrast Media Injectors for        Yes   No
     Room 1 & Room 3.

     Vendor must supply ceiling mounted injectors. Standard of              Yes   No
     acceptance is AngiomatTM IllumenaTM Angio Contrast Delivery

     Vendors must bid on “current” models only.                             Yes   No
     State first year sold: _____________________________
Tender #2009-2631
     Page 25

     Vendor must provide a list of current users of the device in
     Canada. _______________________________________

     Floor model must include stable, wheeled pedestal mount with          Yes   No
     locking castors.

     Vendor must provide mounting brackets and hardware as needed.         Yes   No

     Installation is the responsibility of the vendor.                     Yes   No

     State electrical and environmental specifications:______________

     Are syringes/disposables “vendor specific?”                           Yes   No

     State syringe type required including volume capacity:

     State cost of syringes:___________________________________

     Successful vendor must supply a case of syringes at no charge         Yes   No
     with each unit.

     The injector must include programmable features such as volume,       Yes   No
     flow range delivery pressure range, ECG/X-ray synchronization,
     etc. Vendor must identify specific programmable features of the
     unit. ________________________________________________

     Unit must include safety features: pressure limiting, prevention of   Yes   No
     air injection, prevention of accidental triggering of the device,
     control of acceleration, etc. Vendor must identify safety features
     specific to the unit: _____________________________________

     Will the vendor provide full warranty for 5 years from date of        Yes   No
     delivery? State warranty options and costs:

     Vendor must provide two copies of the user manual.                    Yes   No

     Vendor must provide on-site operator training upon installation of    Yes   No
     the unit.

     Successful vendor must provide two sets of technical manuals.         Yes   No
Tender #2009-2631
     Page 26

     Any specialized test equipment and tools for preventive              Yes   No
     maintenance and repairs must be provided by the vendor.

     Identify preventive maintenance schedule required and any
     associated costs.

     Vendor is to ensure that parts and service for the system            Yes   No
     components are available for at least 9 years from purchase date.

     Factory training must be provided by the vendor, at no charge, for   Yes   No
     one Biomedical Technologist.
     All costs associated with the training, i.e. tuition, travel,
     accommodations, per diem, etc. must be covered by the vendor.

     Vendor must include descriptive literature with the bid.             Yes   No

     Vendor is to provide pricing separate from main equipment tender.    Yes   No

b)   Surgical Lights

     Vendor must supply and install two surgical lights for Room 1 &      Yes   No
     Room 3. Standard of acceptance is Dr. Mach - Model Mach 130 F
     (current light in Room 2).

     Units must be ceiling mounted in conjunction with Lead shield.       Yes   No

     Unit must have be height adjustable and include a handle easy        Yes   No

     Units must provide minimum intensity 50,000 Lux.                     Yes   No

c)   Radiation Protection

     Ceiling-mounted, movable, leaded-glass shields must be provided      Yes   No
     and installed for each room.

     State size of lead glass shields:

     The vendor must provide two (2) lead protection shields (above       Yes   No
     and below the table) per room. These shall be rail and/or table

     Table/rail mounted shields must be easily removed/repositioned       Yes   No
     for various exams/procedures.
Tender #2009-2631
     Page 27

     The vendor must be prepared to provide customized radiation         Yes   No
     shielding should suitable commercial products not be available.

d)   Ceiling Mounts/Suspensions

     Vendor must supply and install ceiling mounts/suspensions for       Yes   No
     Room 1 and Room 3.

     Ceiling suspension to provide range of motion for unobstructed      Yes   No
     view for cardiologist for all exams.

     State range of motion for lateral and longitudinal directions:

     Is there provision for vertical height adjustment? State range if   Yes   No

     It will be necessary to view archived angios in the exam room.
     State options with respect to display configuration. E.g. three
     displays side by side, split screen, or two on two, etc:

     There must be provision to add a third monitor (physiological       Yes   No
     monitor) to the ceiling suspension.

     State maximum weight capacity of ceiling suspension and display
     assembly: _________________________________________

     Can monitors be tilted to facilitate optimum visualization?         Yes   No

     State type of locking/braking to control movement of
     electrical/mechanical, etc.

e)   Projector

     Vendor must provide high quality projector to display angios for    Yes   No
     cardiovascular rounds, teaching, etc.

     Projector brightness must be minimum 5000 ANSI Lumens.              Yes   No

     Contrast ratio must be minimum 2500:1.                              Yes   No
Tender #2009-2631
     Page 28

      State type and provide specifications:_______________________        Yes   No

      Vendor must provide 1 replacement lamp.                              Yes   No

4.0   Removal/Disposal of Existing Equipment

      The vendor is required to remove/dispose of the existing Toshiba     Yes   No
      Radiology and related equipment at the expense of the vendor,
      including complete removal from the hospital site.

      With respect to removal and trade in, Eastern Health will retain     Yes   No
      hard drives on the devices to ensure they do not contain residual
      patient information. The vendor is also responsible for ensuring
      that devices do not contain confidential information. Please state
      your policy and procedure for ensuring confidential information is
      removed from the devices: ______________________________

      Identify time required for complete removal of this equipment:

      The removal of the existing Toshiba equipment must be done           Yes   No
      approximately 3 - 4 weeks prior to installation of the new lab (to
      allow the hospital sufficient time to upgrade electrical system in
      that area).

      The vendor must work closely Eastern Health’s Facilities             Yes   No
      Management and Technical Services Divisions in planning
      removal/disposal of equipment.
      Vendor to state “trade-in credit” towards the new purchases.
      (Eastern Health will provide equipment inventory if needed.)

      Please state trade-in credit _____________________________

5.0   Delivery and Installation

      The delivery time following issuing of the P.O. must be provided     Yes   No
      and will be a consideration in awarding of the tender.
      State delivery time: ____________________________________
Tender #2009-2631
     Page 29

     Pre-installation plans to prepare the site are to be made with           Yes   No
     Eastern Health. The vendor must support joint installation for this
     project. i.e. The vendor and Eastern Health (Facilities, Biomedical
     and IT Divisions) will work cooperatively.

     The vendor will indicate in the tender response if the existing          Yes   No
     space and electrical services will require any modifications.

     Equipment cooling and ventilation requirements of the room will be       Yes   No
     indicated in the tender response.

     The vendor must provide names and qualifications and experience
     of all personnel that will be involved with the implementation of this
     system. For each person, include his or her assigned
     responsibilities, and allotted time for this project.

     Indicate the number of personnel that will be required from
     Eastern Health to meet implementation expectations:
      - Facilities Staff _________________________________
      - Biomedical Staff _______________________________
      - IT __________________________________________
      - Cardiac Cath Lab Staff __________________________

     The vendor will provide an implementation timeline complete with         Yes   No
     detailed activities, milestones and responsibilities for both the
     Vendor and Eastern Health resources. This must be attached to
     the tender response as an appendix.
     Eastern Health will provide any necessary electrical/mechanical
     service to the site. Pulling of wires will be done by the hospital.

     C.S.A. requirements must be met in regard to electrical safety,          Yes   No
     micro-shock safety and fire safety.
     The system shall not suffer damage if power to the system fails          Yes   No
     during any operating mode.

     The vendor will ensure that use of “fluoroscopy only” will be            Yes   No
     maintained in the event of a power failure. State electrical load
     during “fluoroscopy only” mode:

     The vendor must supply all mounting brackets, and hardware,              Yes   No
     required for installation.
Tender #2009-2631
     Page 30

      The successful vendor will install, calibrate, and certify correct      Yes   No
      operation of all items according to the agreed schedule and will
      provide complete technical documentation such as wiring
      diagrams, schematics, service manuals, and blue prints to the

6.0 Clinical Teaching and Support

      The vendor must work with Eastern Health to establish an in-            Yes   No
      service and training schedule.

      The vendor is to provide operator training at the time of               Yes   No
      installation, as well as provide continuing education and support.
      Training/support must be available on-site for a minimum of five
      full clinical days at the time of installation. The clinical resource
      person shall remain on site and available to staff and physicians
      during this time.

      The vendor shall agree to a follow-up site clinical visit at the        Yes   No
      convenience of Eastern Health.

7.0   Warranty, Servicing and Parts Supply

      Warranty will commence only when all components are installed           Yes   No
      and electrical safety and performance/acceptance tests have been
      performed and passed and following completion of one week of
      normal clinical use.

      The vendor must provide a two-year warranty for parts and               Yes   No

      During the warranty and service contract, all parts will be factory     Yes   No
      OEM unless otherwise agreed to by Eastern Health.

      Equipment delivered will be inclusive of all latest release hardware    Yes   No
      and software.
      The vendor must confirm in writing that parts will be available for     Yes   No
      the quoted system for not less than nine (9) years after the one-
      year minimum warranty.

      All software upgrades and enhancements must be provided free            Yes   No
      of charge during the warranty period.
Tender #2009-2631
     Page 31

     Vendor must provide full and shared service contract options for        Yes   No
     four (4) years post warranty. Please attach these as an Appendix.
     Note: Service contract options and cost will be considered in the
     overall evaluation and awarding of this tender.

     Please indicate clearly if the system is upgradeable.                   Yes   No
     Comment: _______________________________________

     State warehouse location of all replacement parts/components            Yes   No
     and state shipping time to the hospital.

     All service work (corrective and preventive) performed will be
     itemized and documented and reports will be provided to the             Yes   No
     Cardiac Cath Lab Division Manager and Manager of Technical
     Services within two weeks of completion of work.

     Vendor must have local service representatives with on-site             Yes   No
     response time of 60 – 90 minutes for a system-down call during
     normal daily operations (0700 – 1700).

     Preventive maintenance must be scheduled at the convenience of          Yes   No
     the Cardiac Cath Lab. This will usually occur on Saturdays,
     Sundays, or evening shifts daily (1700 – 2400 hours).

     Overtime costs will not be billed to Eastern Health for routine         Yes   No
     scheduled P.M.’s.

     The vendor must provide remote diagnostic/upgrade and support.          Yes   No

     The vendor must provide ongoing 1-800 phone support. Hours of           Yes   No
     operation for this service must be specified.

     All equipment must comply with all applicable CSA                       Yes   No

     The vendor must provide equipment updates, service notes,               Yes   No
     technical bulletins, etc. at no charge for the life of the equipment.

     The vendor must provide all service manuals and parts manuals           Yes   No
     to service the equipment.
     All specialized test equipment and tools for preventive                 Yes   No
     maintenance and repairs to be provided by the vendor.

     All diagnostic software licenses and associated costs must be           Yes   No
     included in the bid for the life of the equipment while it is
     supported by the manufacturer.
Tender #2009-2631
     Page 32


Bidders must complete the Tender Form document and return it in its entirety.
Type or legibly print the information required on the Tender Form.

Prices quoted must be in Canadian currency, F.O.B. User Site(s) Eastern Health
NL, with H.S.T. exempt and all other duties and levies included.

Do not include H.S.T. in your total bid price but please specify amount of H.S.T.
to be invoiced as directed on the Tender Form.

Bidders must indicate the brand of products they are bidding on and include
product specification information.

Please see attached Terms & Conditions.

All enquires respecting this tender must be directed in writing to:
                                 Ms. Dana Baggs
                               Manager - Purchasing
                                  Eastern Health
                                Administrative Office
                Waterford Bridge Road, St. John’s, NL A1E 4Z4
                 Email address:

Tenders clearly marked with the Tender Name and Tender Number will be
received up to 3:00 p.m. (Newfoundland time), on Thursday, April 2, 2009,
2009 at the address below and will be publicly opened in the Purchasing
Boardroom, Mount Pearl Square immediately following the closing.
Tenders clearly marked with the Tender Name and Tender Number shall be
addressed and delivered to:

                               Manager of Purchasing
                                 Materiels Support
                                  Eastern Health
                                Mount Pearl Square
                                 760 Topsail Road
                                  Mount Pearl, NL
Tender #2009-2631
     Page 33



While Tender is Open:

   1. The names of individuals or companies who have picked up the tender
      documents will be released for construction tenders only.
   2. Individual Authorities may determine that this information will not be
      released in situations where it is not in the best interest of the Authority to
      do so.
   3. Upon request, this information may be released to designate(s) of the
      Newfoundland and Labrador Construction Association (NLCA) only. The
      designate(s) will be agreed upon by the Authorities and the NLCA.
   4. This information will be released upon request from the NLCA
      designate(s) at a maximum once per week.
   5. No information will be released in the seven calendar days preceding
      tender opening.

At Tender Opening:

   1. The names of the bidders, and overall bid price(s) will be read out.
   2. Where the overall bid price(s) cannot be readily determined, no pricing will
      be released.

After Tender Opening:

   1. Further information will not be released until after the contract is awarded.
   2. After award, only the name and bid price of the successful bidder will be
   3. Award information will be made available for 90 days after the award date

Standard statements for tender calls:

This tender call is subject to the Public Tender Act and Regulations enacted
thereunder and confidentiality of the contents of any bid cannot be guaranteed
after opening. Bidders are hereby informed that bid pricing may be released at
the public opening.

Prices released at time of tender opening are preliminary only and do not indicate
final price and/or compliance of bids.
Tender #2009-2631
     Page 34

      Please contact Judy Roche at for copies of
      Appendix A – Floor Plans.
      Please include descriptive literature with your bid.
      Please complete attached Vendor’s Checklist.
      Please complete the attached Privacy/Confidentiality Agreement as this is
      a condition of award.

Required Information (if applicable):
Please state the amount of H.S.T to be invoiced: $

Please confirm Price Protection Period:

Please state delivery time from date of purchase order:

Does your product contain latex?          Yes        No
If yes, please state amount of latex content and describe.

Does the medical device(s) you are quoting on comply with Health Canada’s
Licensing Regulations:   Yes           No           Not Applicable

Please state your Canadian Medical Device License Number for the devices
quoted on requiring licensing in Canada:

Please state Medical Devices Establishment License Number if you’re Company
is a dealer or distributor:

CSA #:
Tender #2009-2631
     Page 35

Required Signature:

Authorized Company Representative Signature   Date

Vendor Information:
Company Name and Address:

Telephone Number:

Fax Number:


Web Address:
Tender #2009-2631
     Page 36

Prices quoted on this tender must be made available to all health organizations
operating under Eastern Health for the stated contract period.

During the open tender period any required additions, deletions or alterations to
the tender requirements will be issued in the form of an addendum. All such
changes will become an integral part of the tender.

Tenders will be open for acceptance for at least ninety (90) days following the
tender closing date.

The lowest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted.

Eastern Health reserves the right to award the tender in whole or in part.

Successful Company name(s) and price(s) will be posted on the website when
tender is awarded.

All bids, other than those submitted by fax, must be sent in a sealed envelope
clearly marked with Tender Name and Tender Number. It is the sole
responsibility of the bidder to ensure that their bid is delivered at the correct
address before tender closing time.

Eastern Health will not be held responsible for any damages or liabilities incurred
by companies who submit their bids by fax. Companies submitting bids by fax
are doing so at their own risk since the prices and relevant information they
submit are visible to any person(s). Companies submitting fax bids are doing so
at their own risk since the fax bid must be at the public opening as specified in
the tender information. The time stated on the fax bid will become null and void
since it is the responsibility of the company placing the bid to have their bid at the
public opening. Therefore, Eastern Health will not be responsible for any
damages or liabilities.

Bids submitted by electronic transmission (e-mail) will not be accepted.

Where applicable, all equipment MUST be C.S.A. approved.

International Sale of Goods Act does not apply in this tender or any potential
future purchases applying to this tender. Only Canadian Business Laws and
Canadian Sales of Goods Act will apply.

It is illegal to supply incorrect information on Regulated Medical Devices.
Tender #2009-2631
     Page 37

Tender evaluation and award of contract for this item will be done in accordance
with the procedures outlined in the latest revised Public Tender Act and the
associated regulations.

Policy criteria application and procedures will be as established under related
legislation and guidelines.

In order to contribute to waste reduction and promote environmental protection,
Eastern Health will endeavor to acquire goods and services that support these
principles. Therefore, product(s) quoted should (without reducing the quality of
the product, without negatively affecting the intended use of the product, and
without significantly increasing the acquisition cost):

     -   Minimize the level of post-consumer waste and/or maximize recyclable
     -   Minimize packaging
     -   Maximize energy efficiency
     -   Maximize the potential for recycling
     -   Minimize disposal cost
     -   Minimize environmental hazards

                          Privacy/ Confidentiality Agreement
This Confidentiality Agreement (the “Agreement”) encompasses confidential and/or private
and/or personal information (the “Information”) concerning patients/clients/residents, staff or the
business of Eastern Health. As a contractor/vendor to Eastern Health for
______________________ (the “Contract”), I may be granted access to such Information. This
access will be gained through appropriate authorization and shall be used only for the purpose
for which the access was granted. I recognize that in the course of the provision of services
under the Contract, I may also inadvertently gain access to Information. All Information must be
protected to ensure maintenance of full confidentiality and privacy.
As part of my provision of services under the Contract, I acknowledge and agree:
        (a)    To read in its entirety and appreciate the content of Eastern Health’s policy on
               Privacy and Confidentiality, including responsibilities regarding confidential
               information obtained during the course of services provided to Eastern Health for
               the life of the Contract.

       (b)     To not at any time during service provision for the Contract divulge to any
               person(s) within or outside Eastern Health, any Information except as may be
               required in the course of the duties and responsibilities associated with the
               Contract, and then, any disclosure of Information will only be the minimal
               amount required in the particular situation. Further, I acknowledge and agree that
               any Information obtained during the life of the Contract shall not be divulged
               upon completion of the Contract.

       (c)     To communicate this Confidentiality Agreement to my employees, contractors,
               subcontractors or any other party that I may engage to assist me in any part of the
               completion of the Contract and to bind them to comply with the terms of this
               Confidentiality Agreement.

       (d)     To immediately notify Eastern Health if I become aware of a breach or possible
               breach of confidentiality, whether by myself, any of my employees, contractors,
               subcontractors or any other party that I may engage to assist me in any part of the
               completion of the Contract.

       (e)     To indemnify Eastern Health in respect of any loss, liability or expense which
               arises directly or indirectly from a breach of any of my obligations under this
Page 2

         (f)   Eastern Health agrees to indemnify ________________in respect of any loss,
               liability or expense which arises directly or indirectly from a breach of Eastern
               Health privacy-confidentiality obligations under this Agreement.

         (g)   At the expiration of the Contract, to provide documentation of the secure and safe
               destruction of any Information acquired through the Contract.

         (h)   That a breach of confidentiality could result in cancellation of the Contract by
               Eastern Health without penalty to Eastern Health.

SIGNED this ________________________             day of ______________________           by the
duly authorized representative of _______________________.

(A)                              (C)                              (E)
(B)_____________                 (D)_______                       (F)___________________
   Signature                         Title                          Name (please print)
(G)                              (I)                              (K)
(H)_____________                 (J)_______                       (L)___________________
   Witness                           Title                           Name (please print)
                                       EASTERN HEALTH


                  REQUEST TO TENDER #:               2009-2631

Note: This form will be referenced in any purchase order issued under this request for
proposal. Answer all applicable questions to the best of your ability.


      A.     Your price will remain firm for                  days.

      B.     What is the list price?

      C.     When do you expect your next price increase to occur?

      D.     What do you expect the increase to be?
                                                       (Amount or Percent)


      A.     Specify the warranty period and coverage.

      B.     The warranty must start when the hospital actually begins using the
             equipment. Yes

      C.     Guaranteed minimum time of response upon call for service must be no
             more than forty-eight (48) hours. Yes     No

      D.     Who will service this equipment during the warranty period?

      E.     Do you have service contracts on this equipment?
             Yes       No

             1.     Current annual cost?

             2.     What is the point of origin of service?

      F.     Is a board replacement program available and at what cost?
             Yes         No


       A.   Inservice for users: The supplier will provide on site, at a mutually
            agreed time prior to the equipment being put into service, appropriate
            training, in the operation and light maintenance of the equipment for users
            and Clinical Engineering staff.
            Yes           No

       B.   Clinical Engineering Requirements:

            Service Course for the in-house Clinical Engineering staff:

            Note: Vendors should respond to this section if the equipment or order is
            valued at $10,000.00 or more:

            a) Included in the bid must be a full factory level biomedical service
               course for one Biomedical Engineering Technologist. All costs
               associated with this must be included.
            b) All special tools to properly service the system must be included in the
            c) All diagnostic software licenses and associated costs must be included
               in the bid for the life of the equipment while it is supported by the

       C.   Does this equipment meet the current and applicable requirement or
            codes of the following:

            1.     Occupational Health & Safety Act              Yes       No
            2.     Canadian Standards Association                Yes       No
            3.     National Fire Protection Association          Yes       No


       A.   Will installation be the responsibility of: Vendor         Hospital

            Is there an additional cost involved? Yes            No

            If yes, state cost $

       B.   Upon receipt of equipment, will your personnel set up the equipment
            according to the manufacturer’s specifications? Yes        No

            If no, explain


      C.   Are there utility requirements:

           1.     Electrical Voltage:                          Amperage:

           2.     Drains: Yes

           3.     Water:    Yes

                  Other:    Yes


      D.   If the device contains a battery, state the battery type and typical life cycle
           (hours of operation and charging time). State additional systems or work
           required to maintain the battery.

      E.   State the voltage and current rating of the equipment and describe all
           electrical and mechanical services required to operate it.

      F.   The equipment (except if solely battery operated) must comply with C.S.A.
           standard No. C22.2-125 (Biomedical), or 114 (Radiology), or 151
           (Laboratory), or C22.2 No. 601.1 plus applicable particular standard(s)
           and be certified by an organization accredited by the Standards Council of
           Yes        No

      G.   The equipment must be labeled with C.S.A. 125 Risk Class or C.S.A.
           601.1 Equipment Type. Yes          No


      H.   Arrangements must be made for certification of equipment not meeting
           any C.S.A. standards. Certification must be done by an accredited testing
           organization. The cost of this must be covered by the supplier.
           Yes        No

      I.   Will this equipment have all necessary mechanical, electrical trim or other
           appurtenances for use upon its arrival? Yes       No

           If no, what needs to be done?

      J.   Will any site preparation be necessary? Yes             No

           If yes, explain

      K.   Are there supplies necessary for utilization of this equipment?
           Yes          No
           If yes, explain what, from whom, and suggest start-up supply.

      L.   Is a start-up supply included in the price of the equipment?
           Yes          No
           If so, what

      M.   Who uncrates the equipment and what must occur upon delivery?

      N.   Will this equipment require any unloading equipment to make safe receipt
           at time of delivery. Yes        No

      O.   If installation is involved, will you coordinate delivery and installation to
           take place on the same date as a term of the purchase order?
           Yes           No



     A.   Do you provide a unit for in-house demonstration or Trial and Evaluation?
          Yes       No

          If yes, specify and state any terms:

     B.   Will an upgrade be required/available in the foreseeable future?
          Yes        No

          If yes, explain

     C.   Will an inservice on the use of this equipment be required?
          Yes          No
          If yes, state full specifics:

     D.   How long has this equipment been on the market?
                       years                     months

          List the three (3) Canadian institutions, preferably in this area, who use
          this equipment:

                                                           NAME AND TITLE
                 INSTITUTION                               OF USER




     E.   Ease of ongoing maintenance is important. Explain how your equipment
          can be disassembled and assembled which will minimize service and this
          will be applied in awarding tender.


      A.   Two (2) copies of the operating manual and two (2) copies of the service
           manual must accompany the equipment when shipped.
           Yes        No

      B.   The service manual shall include the following and be equivalent to the
           manual used by company service representatives:

           (a)   Schematics                                Yes         No

           (b)   Circuit Descriptions                      Yes         No

           (c)   Maintenance and P.M. Procedures           Yes         No

           (d)   Parts List                                Yes         No

      C.   Provide the location and telephone numbers of service representatives.

      D.   Provide the location and telephone numbers of parts suppliers.

      E.   Use this section below to list any additional information which you feel
           would be of interest to use in making an award decision.

           Completed by:
                                   (Name & Title)                       (Date)

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