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					Trowbridge Community Area Future                              Key                   Rt     Retail             PAA PA Awaited
Economy & Transport Theme Group                                                       O    Offices            PA   Appn made
Updated to 24/5/2008                                                                  L    Leisure            PAR PA refused
If you wish to comment or come to our meetings please                               Res    Residential        PAD PA deferred
contact Doug Ross, Project Officer on 01225 765072 or                                FD    Future Dev.        PAG PA granted
01225 777940                                                                        Rest   Restaurants        OPAG OutlinePAG
Theme Champion/Spokesperson Bob Brice(temporarily)                                                            OPAR OutlinePAR
Sites with Development potential                                                                              PAGD PAG delay
                       Site Name and/or Description                                               Type of       Development   Estimated                                                                   Planning
                             (Planning Officer)                     Owner/Developer             Development        Stage      Start/Finish Dates                Developer      Funding Sources           Applications        Other info
1) Town Centre Sites with development potential
TC1            Former Peter Black site County Way             Parkridge                    Mixed Retail/Res PA                                                  Parkridge     Developer/Waitrose        08/00255/OUT         Joint- Foodstore, Cafes, bars & restaurants, hotel, residential apptmts, access and car
                                                                                                                                                                                                       (Meeting 28/5/2008)   parking, landscaping, & ecological enhancement of the Biss plus footbridge to park
TC2           Former Tesco Site, St Stephen's Place           Thyian                       Rt/L               PAGD                                               Thyian            Developer                                 Demolished the old building. Mixed retail & Leisure
                                                                                                                                                                                                        05/01001/FUL         development with car parking and extensive landscaping
TC3           Castle Place Market/Shopping Centre             Thyian                       Rt                 PAGD                                               Thyian            Developer            05/1002/LBC          Refurbishment/Extension of the Shopping Centre/Rebuild
                                                                                                                                                                                                        05/01620/FUL         of the Multi-storey car park and an additional 32 parking
TC4           Multi-storey car park St Stephen's Place        WWDC                         Rt & new           PAGD                                              Thyian???          Developer                                 spaces on the former Tesco redevelopment
                                                                                           car park                                                                                                                          WWDC to refurbish the Multi-storey car park .WWDC seeking compulsory purchase.
TC5           Civic Hall                                      TTC                          No plans           No plans            No plans                      No plans           No plans                  None            The Town Council took over this site to ensure that the service
              Lance Allan/TTC                                                                                                                                                                                                it provides would not be lost. Will only be replaced if better
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             facilities are provided on the site or elsewhere. Presently being improved
TC6           Former Treeman's Site Court Street              Prospect Land                Rt/O/Res           PA                  New application               Prospect                              07/01689(Refused) Demolish. Erect 1 4/5 & 1 2 storey buildings retail and office
              (Judith Dale??) Further discussions on design                                                                                                       Land                                07/01694/LBC CON Site is contaminated. Important site adjacent to the Waterside Project.
              have taken place with Modus                                                                                                                                                                               Appeal 08/00042/REF received 13/05/2008
TC7           Andil House Court Street                        Check with Planners          Res                PA withdrawn                                                                                              Visit WWDC to check on this site I think that it was subject to a PA
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        No current contact
TC8           Other properties on same side of Court Street                                FD                                                                                                                           No current contact
              Details to be agreed                            Check with Planners                                                                                                                           None
TC9           Car Park for Mill Street/Court St Properties    Check with Planners          FD                                                                                                               None        No current contact

TC10          Printers Property and parking, Court Street     Check with Planners          FD                                                                                                                None            No current contact

TC11          Knees Parking/Storage Area between Castle       Knees                                                                                                                                          None            No current contact
              Street and Court Street/Used Car Sales??                                     FD

TC12          The Toy Shop                                    Check with Planners          FD                                                                                                                None            No current contact

TC13          Wm.Hill Betting Shop, Castle Street             Check with Planners          FD                                                                                                                None            No current contact

TC14          Harpers Curtain Shop, Castle Street             Check with Planners          FD                                                                                                                None            No current contact

TC15          Court Street Car Park                           WWDC                         Library/O/Res      OPAG, subject to a S106 legal agreement            Modus                                   05/02884/OUT        Phase 1 approved for Library etc on the Court Street Car Park. Summer 08 start
              (Peter Westbury)                                                                                Waterside Project                                 Properties                                            Modus Properties is the developer.
                                                                                                                                                                                                        see new website
TC16          East Wing including Library/Social Services     WCC                          Cinema/10 Pin      OPAG, subject to a S106 legal agreement                                                     TransformingSWRDA granted Trowbridge the Civic Pride Funding for Wiltshire but
              and associated parking & the Riverside Walk                                  Bowling/Rests/     Waterside Project                                                                                       but now reduced. It is likely that this will be used for the Foot Bridge
              (Peter Westbury)                                                             O/Res.                                 Start July/August2008 with                                                          Riverside Walk, Castle Street and Street Art but there have
                                                                                                                                                                                                      by WWDC linking to
                                                                                                                                 Library                                                                              to be contributions from Developers etc as matched funding
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Modus' website
TC17          Record Office, Reference Library, Museum &                                   Res                                   All open by late 2010                                                      excellent The Waterside Project envisages a Multiplex Cinema, a 10
              Educational Stores, registrar, Club, offices                                                    OPAG, subject to a S106 legal agreement                                                    07/03734OUT  Pin Bowling complex, restaurants, some retail, residential and
              and associated parking                          WCC                                             Waterside Project                                                                           (29/11/2007)a 'state of the art' Library/Information Centre together with
TC18          Parking outside West Wing of County Hall                                     Res                OPAG, subject to a S106 legal agreement                                                 WCC/WWDC/Modus the necessary parking. Vue Cinemas 8 screens;60bedPremier Inn
              Bythesea Road                                   WCC                                             Waterside Project                                                                       Signed December 20 lane 10 Pin Bowlplex; Frankie&Bennys; RealChina; Pizza Express
              (Peter Westbury)                                                                                                                                                                                               WCC extra £500K capital £300K consultantsWWDC£100,000fees
TC19          Trowbridge Town Hall                            WCC                          Registrar/O/L      Feasibility Study                                               TTC/HLF/Other Funders          None            TTC now withdrawn but has asked to be kept informed of developments
TC20          Offices above Wetherspoons                      Thiyan                       O                  PA not required                                                                                None            No sign of movement at present. Could be linked to the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Town Hall redevelopment or Castle Place redevelopment.
TC21           Former Bargain Box site and car park behind              Knees/S K Fruits   Change A1 to A3 PAG 26/03/08           little work carried out                          S K Fruits           06/01920/FUL         Aesthetic improvements to the front and rear elevations, roof over-
               (Julia Evans)                                                                                                                                                                           SKF not proceeding?   cladding, change of use for part from A1 to A3. No walk through.
TC22           Land rear of the Guide Hut(Colborne Trophies) Garner Lord(Agents Dean                                              Started Jan 2007               Garner             Owners              05/00379/FUL         Conversion of first and second floors to 17 self contained flats.
               (Russell Brown)                                          Design)            Res                PAG(01.07.05)       Completed/occupied              Lord                                                       Completed by Westlea Housing Society to take off list
TC23           19 Silver Street, Retail unit unused offices(Kim Linden) E J Shanley Ltd    Rt & Res           PA                                                                                        07/03672/LBC         Application withdrawn
2. Close to the Town Centre                                                                                                                                                                             07/03671/FUL         Application withdrawn
CTC1           Wincanton Car Park and Garage Property Bythesea Rd       Parkridge &        Rt/Os              PAG, subject to S106 legal agreement              Parkridge                               07/00678/OUT         New App. Mixed use retail B1(office) residential with servicing & landscaping
               Bythesea Road - Shires Gateway (Peter Westbury)          Wincanton                             PA                                               (Nick Scott)                              07/03577/8/9        Signed up Next; New Look(ex The Shires);Brantano(shoes)
                                                                                                              PA                                                                                           07/03586          07/03586/REM app 29/02/08 Hope to start June 2008
CTC2a       Former Ushers Brewer Building off Manvers                                                         PAG                                               Betagold           Developer            06/01811/FUL         Work completed on 13 flats and 6 maisonettes. All now let To take off
            Street - Brewery Baroque(Rosie MacGregor)         Betagold Ltd                 Residential                           Completed/occupied                                                                          Spreadsheet
CTC2b       Former Ushers Brewery Site Back Street/           Newland Homes( part)         Mixed mainly       PAG                                               Newland            Developer            06/02896/FUL         87 apartments( 31/1bed, 56/2 bed) 21% Affordable and 4 retail units work continues
            Manvers Street(Rosie MacGregor)                                                retail                                                                Homes                                  08/00069/FUL         Additional 13 apartments in the roof - awaiting legal agreement
CTC3        Former Ushers Bottling Plant and Storage          Gallagher's?? Owners??       Supermarket/       OPAR                                             Barton Finch      Barton Finch                                Barton Finch propose Foodstore 5670sq.msRetail shops 1990s.m.119 dwellings
            Site, British Row, Conigre, Church Street         Barton Finch Ltd the         Residential        New PA                                                             & Sainsbury            07/01911/OUT     Public Car park 238cars Res130TTC suggest contribution for a Community
            Union Street(Kevin Fielding)                      potential developer                             PAA                                                                                     (Meeting 28/05/08) building elsewhere. Planners in discussions. Sainsbury for retail store
Trowbridge Community Area Future                              Key               Rt         Retail             PAA PAAwaited
Economy & Transport Theme Group                                                          O Offices            PA   Appn made
 ed05e953-b50f-4c8c-8e4e-a07f0ac7f88c.xls                                                                                                         1                                                                                                                                                      12/15/20101:30 PM
Updated to 24/5/2008                                                                                  L    Leisure                 PAR PA refused
If you wish to comment or come to our meetings please                                               Res    Residential             PAD PA deferred
contact Doug Ross, Project Officer on 01225 765072 or                                                FD    Future Dev.             PAG PA granted
01225 777940                                                                                        Rest   Restaurants             OPAG OutlinePAG
Theme Champion/Spokesperson Bob Brice(Temporarily)                                                                                 OPAR OutlinePAR
Sites with Development potential                                                                                                   PAGD PAG delay
                                                                                                                Type of              Development   Estimated                                                                     Planning
                        Site Name and/or Description                               Owner/Developer            Development               Stage      Start/Finish Dates               Developer          Funding Sources          Applications     Other info
2. Close to the Town Centre(continued)
CTC4           Shanley's' Yard, Shails Lane                                    E J Shanley Ltd         ???                         ?                                                                                                             Nothing happening presently. Ideally this site should be out of the Town Centre
CTC5           Trowbridge Railway Station                                      FG Western/Network Rail Improvements                                                                                                                              Additional & increased Waiting Rooms, Toilet, Ticket Sales, upgrade
                                                                               WCC                     Interchange                                                                                                                               car parks and access to Stallard Street. Work on buildings completed Parking area to be upgraded
CTC6           Back Street, including Taxi Office & Motor                      Duff & Multon            Res & Offices                                                                                                          07/03403/FUL      22 Flats & Offices. PA agreed in principal but need to make contributions
               Repair workshop. Nos. 7, 8, 9(Rosie MacGregor)                                                                                                                                                                  07/03406/LBC      towards affordable housing and open space elsewhere(26/10/2007)
CTC7           Former Nightclub and Furniture Shop in                          T. Shanley                  Rt/O                    PAG                                                                                         06/02703/FUL      Being extensively and sympathetically refurbished
               Church Street                                                                                                                                                                                                                     A1 Restaurant Ground Floor/3 Flats above. Work complete, take off schedule
CTC8           Former Gateway Store adjacent to the Town                       Tam Developments/                                                                                                                                                 Check with Marco Polledri longer term project
               Bridge Connections/Pet Shop/Brewers Paints                      Courtsville Ltd             Rt/O/Res                Check with Marco
CTC9           Bellefield House(Rosie MacGregor)                               Betagold Ltd                Residential                                                                                  06/03243/FUL           06/03247/LBC      To form 9 Flats. Change of use re extension to D1(07/03731/FUL)Flats for sale to be removed
CTC10          Bowyers - sold by Northern Foods to Vision                      Vision Capital                                                                                                                                                    Wiltshire College interested in site excluding the listed buildings and houses on Stallard St. Agreement in
               Capital - downsized using only 2 of 3 buildings                                                                                                                                                                 08/01142/FUL      principal reached. Concern re arc Theatre. PA re Change of Use of car park to Public car park temporarily
CTC11          Former Lesters Showroom and Car park                            Aristo Holdings             Residential             PAG(5/04/2007)                                                                              05/00867/FUL      18 residential units, 3 commercial units and 16 parking
               opposite 5 - 9 Duke Street(Judith Dale)                                                                                                                                                                         08/00101/FUL      spaces. Minor changes in design. Work progressing well.
CTC12          Former GK Garage Town Bridge(R MacGregor)                       GK Group                    Res/Rt(small)           PA                                            URA Ventures                                  07/02324/FUL      1 Retail Unit & 19 residential units. Officers say contrary to D. Plan
3. Sites within Trowbridge, not close to the Town Centre
NCTC 1         Site off Bradford Road & Brook Road                             Cabot Trustees Ltd          Business Park           PAR(13/03/2007)                                    Cabot               Developer            06/01257/OUT      Previous applications refused for Environmental & Access
               Roundabout (Peter Westbury)                                                                 B1 + B8 Uses                                                              Trustees                                                    reasons. Appeal successful 14/12/2007 No work on site check
NCTC 2         Margaret Stancomb School, amalgamating                          WCC                                                                                                                                                               This is now proceeding with a Children's Centre also being built.
               with Parochial School, to form Bellefield School                                                                                                                                                                                  School now closed site vacant, abuts with the hospital.
NCTC 3         Trowbridge Hospital/Charter House                               NHS                                                                                                                                                               This is now to be retained, need to check again with WPCT
NCTC 4         Hospital land presently leased to Trowbridge                    NHS                                                                                                                                                               Wiltshire PCT has now declared this as their preferred site for the new
               Cricket Club                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Primary Care Centre and relocation of Bradford Road Surgery. Alternative site needed
NCTC 5         Seymour Playing Field, area allocated for a Comm.Centre
NCTC 6         Land East of Southview Farm                                     Wainhomes(South West        140 Dwellings &         PA Pending                                      Wainhomes              Developer            04/01063/OUT      Residential, mini bank, open space, equipped children's' play area
               (Mike Muston)                                                   Holdings) Ltd               assoc. infrastructure                                                                                               07/01908/REM      landscaped, flood protection area.(appr 13/09/06)approved 8/01/2008
NCTC 7         Land at East Trowbridge, South of Paxcroft Mead                 Persimmon Homes and         550 Dwellings           PAG 30/08/06                                    Persimmon              Developer           04/02105/OUTES     550 dwellings 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 beds Primary School, Land for shop
           (Rosie MacGregor)                                                   Others                      plus facilities                                                                                                    05/00627/OUTES     Playing Fields with Changing Rooms and Foul water pumping station
NCTC 8 in  Construction of Hilperton Relief Road                               Persimmon Homes             Relief Road             PAG 30/08/06                                    Persimmon          Developers/WCC          04/01389/FULES     Link road between Hilperton Road Roundabout and the Wyke Road
Hilperton  (Peter Westbury)                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Roundabout. 5years from 22/08/2005 i.e. 22/08/11
NCTC 9     Redevelopment of Rugby Club site Green Lane                         Trowbridge RFC and          Residential             PAA                  Planning applications       Caldecote                                  05/00821/FUL      69 res units 8 1bed: 27 2 bed; 14 3 bed; 20 4 bed plus
           to enable the development of a larger site in                       Caldecote                                                                now granted subject        Consultants            Developer                              21 affordable res units 9 1 bed; 9 2 bed; 3 3 bed units
           Hilperton for TRFC and possibly other clubs                                                                                                  to conditions but prog                                                                   garaging, pump station open space, new access, landscaping
NCTC 10 in New Rugby Club Site opposite Paxcroft Farm                          Trowbridge RFC and          Rugby complex           PAA                  ress at long last           Caldecote          Proceeds of the         05/00822/FUL      1 full size rugby pitch; 2 reduced size rugby pitches 1 alternative
Hilperton  Hilperton (both Judith Dale)                                        Caldecote                                                                                           Consultants        sale of existing site                      sports pitch; 1 training pitch; I junior pitch; I clubhouse Etc
NCTC 11    Trowbridge College possible relocation                              Wiltshire College           Residential????         Nothing at present                                                      Site /Dfe                             No application received.
           Di Dale(see also CTC10)                                                                                                                                                                                                               Concern for the Arc Theatre
NCTC 12 WA West Ashton Road - Employment Land                                  Persimmon Homes          Employment ???             Nothing at present
NCTC 13 in Land adjacent to Virgin Mobile with entrance                        S K Brown                Football Stadium           PA                 No recent contact with        S K Brown               Various           07/01620/FULES     Full Plans Stadium with seating for 626 and standing room for 600
North      proposed off Woodmarsh (site which the Town                                                  2 indoor pitches                              Highways                                                                                   Parking for 290 cars and 6 coaches, access from Woodmarsh.
Bradley    Council bid for at Public Auction some years ago                                             soft play area &                                                                                                                         2 covered all weather pitches open 8am to 11pm,8 changing rooms
               (Peter Westbury)                                                                         a café/bar                                                                                                                               Soft playarea, Small bar for matches, Social club room for 160.
NCTC 14        Warehouse opposite Airsprung Canal Road                         Doric Construction       Motor Vehicle              PAG                                                 Doric                 Doric             07/01240/FUL      Conversion for Motor Dealership with related offices for Islington Motors
               (Peter Westbury)                                                                         Dealership                                                                     ???                                                       Work completed and Islington Motors has moved in. Take off schedule.
NCTC 15        Islington Motors site bottom of Cockhill( Michael Kilminster)   Islington Motors/Doric            ??                Nothing at present                                                                          08/00762/FUL      14 3 Bed Town houses and 6 2 bed apartments
NCTC 16        Trowbridge Retail Park 235 Bradley Road                         Standard Life            100 Seater Pizza           PA under                                         Standard              Developer            07/02048/FUL      Application withdrawn 100 seater Pizza Hut Restaurant
               (Peter Westbury)                                                                         Hut Restaurant             consideration                                       Life                                      Withdrawn
NCTC 17        Harcourt Business Park Canal Road(PWestbury)                    Blue Max Group Ltd       Warehouse etc              Granted 5.10.07                                Blue Max Gp.                                 07/02820/FUL      Warehouse with sheltered loading bay & separate toilet block
NCTC 18        112 Mortimer Street(Tyre Depot)( Julia Evans )                  Best Western Enterprises Res & O                    PA                                                 BWE                                      07/03480/FUL      10 Residential Flats and Offices B1(7/11/2007)More info required from applicant
NCTC 19        Land @ Staverton Triangle(Rosie MacGregor)                      Persimmon Homes          Reserved Matters                                                                                                       07/03733/REM      74 Dwellings reserved matters only Approval 29/4/08
NCTC 20   St A Land North of Green Lane Farm(R MacGregor)                      Gallagher/Heron          Res                        Outline PA                                     Gallagher/Heron         Developer           07/03864/OUTES     190 dwellings, children's play area not equipped , recycling unit O/S

4. Town Centre & Close to Town Centre Roadways and
Pavements to be refurbished
R&P1         Castle Street Market Street-Fore Street                           WCC                         Paved pavements                2007          March to July 2007             WCC              WCC/TTC                                  TTC, WCC(LTP), 5Ti funding work started May for 12 weeks
R&P2         Town Bridge Gateway Project close to the                          WWDC/TTC                    Gateway to both Town    PA not required                                                    TTC/5Ti(WWDC)                              Work completed before Christmas, only one street lamp to be provided
               Blind House(John Fellows WWDC project manager)                  WCC/TTC                     Centre & Riverside                                                                                                                    Appearance of the area greatly enhanced.
R&P3           Wicker Hill                                                     WCC                         Pave pavements                                                                               S106/LTP??                               WCC(LTP), S 106 Ushers Bottling Plant site Developers?
R&P4           Manvers Street                                                  WCC                         Pave pavements                                                                               S106/LTP??                               WCC(LTP), S 106 Ushers Bottling Plant site Developers?
R&P5           Stallard street to the Railway Station                          WCC                         Upgrade blacktop                                                                             S106/LTP??                               WCC(LTP), S 106 Wincanton Site, Parkridge?
R&P6           Church Street                                                   WCC                         Pave pavements                                                                             S106/LTP/TTC??                             WCC(LTP), S 106 Ushers Bottling Plant site Developers/TTC???Check out
R&P7           Roundstone Street from Lovemead Car Park                        WCC                         Upgrade blacktop                                                                                                                      ????
R&P8           Riversides from Broadcloth East to Cock Hill                    Various                     Upgrading Civic Pride   Consultants' Brief   March to July 2007       Halcrow Consulting   SWRDA£160,000             Report awaited   Transforming Trowbridge project to become Supplementary Planning Guidance

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                     Trowbridge Community Area Future
                     Economy & Transport Theme Group

                     Sites redeveloped in the last 3 Years
                                                                                                      Type of           Development
                                           Site Name and/or Description       Owner?/Developer      Development            Stage    Date finished   Funding Sources
                     Town Centre

                     Close to Town Centre
                     No number    County Gate Office Block on the         Doric Developments     High Quality Offices
                                  Longfield Roundabout

                     New Businesses attracted in the last 3 Years in existing premises
                                 Monsoon in Fore Street
                                 M & S Shires

ed05e953-b50f-4c8c-8e4e-a07f0ac7f88c.xls                                                                     3                                                        12/15/20101:30 PM

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