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November 15, 2008

Dr. Jane Goodall
Director of Primate Research
University of Houston Downtown
One Main Street
Houston, Texas 77002

Re: Position number 10577, Marketing Intern, Houston Chronicle dated 11/12/08

Dear Dr. Goodall,

I am writing in response to your request that I send a resume to you during our telephone
conversation last Tuesday. Please consider this resume as an application for your
marketing intern position referenced above. In addition, I spoke with your colleague, Dr.
Monkey, and we talked about your position, and he encouraged me to apply. You may
recall that I reported to Dr. Monkey when we worked together at Foley’s Department

I am particularly attracted to your position because it involves marketing a varied group
of programs all focused on one very interesting topic—primate research. You will see
more detail from the attached resume, but highlights of my qualifications for your
marketing intern position include—

        ■ A previous internship with extensive use of desktop publishing and database

        ■ Election to President of the American Marketing Association, with a record of
        increasing the size of the group and its funding;

        ■ Completion of twelve semester hours of marketing classes in addition to
        courses in professional writing, public relations, and graphic design; and

        ■ Maintaining a 3.1 GPA while attending school full-time and working part-time
        in a position with extensive customer service demands.

Please consider me for your marketing intern position. It would be a pleasure to work
with both you and Dr. Monkey as we market your program. You may reach me at the
above telephone numbers.


Pat Smith
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                         COMMENTS FOR COVER LETTERS
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▪The heading is the same as the resume and resembles letterhead. The cover letter should
be on the same kind of paper as the resume.
▪The name, title, and address of the receiver are all complete, even if the letter is sent via
▪Always include the date the letter is sent and a reference to the job title, job code (if
any), and name of the publication and date for the job ad.
▪If there is no addressee you start the letter with the first paragraph without a salutation.

Introductory paragraph
▪Tell the reader exactly why you are sending the letter. You may reference the heading in
order to avoid repetition.
▪If you have had contact with anyone in the organization, including the addressee,
reference that contact specifically.
▪Note how the words “you” or “your “ are liberally used and “I” and “me” are limited.

Second paragraph
▪Explain briefly why the job interests you.
▪Introduce an indented, bulleted list of the 3-5 key things the reader needs to know to see
that you qualify. Use key terms in the job posting as your guide. It is very likely you
will include items already documented on your resume.
▪Stick to facts, things you have done. Do not give a list of skills. Here, as on your
resume, the reader must surmise your skill set from what you have accomplished.

Closing paragraph
▪Concisely ask for an interview, express a positive interest in the job, and state how you
can be reached.

▪Do not use long sentences and phrases that are not used in speech like “per our telecon.”
▪Use standard English but do not try to impress with highbrow usage.
▪Focus on what you offer not what you will get. Do not tell them how much you will
learn doing the job.
▪Do not try to flatter the reader or their organization. If there is something factual about
the organization that you find significant, then you may discuss that issue.
▪Count the number of times “you” and “yours” appear versus “me” and “I” and “my.”
“You” and “yours” should appear equally or more often
▪Again, do not offer a list of skills, instead, prove them by detailing action or


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