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					                                        Russell C Tempero
Present Address                                                                  Permanent Address
8250 Huffine Lane                                                                  2901 Hibbard Creek Road
Bozeman, MT 59718                                                                Worden, MT 59088
(406) 600-1243                                                                   (406) 947-5801

Objective           Computer Software Developer / Software Engineer

Education           College - Montana State University, Bozeman, MT                        Fall 2004 - Present
                      • Major: Computer Science
                      • GPA: 3.92
                    High School - Huntley Project High School, Worden, MT              Fall 2000 - Spring 2004
                      • GPA: 4.00

Technical Skills     Languages     Java, C++, C, C#/Mono, x86 Assembly, SmallTalk,
                                   LISP/Scheme, PHP, Python, JavaScript, HTML/XML, CSS
                     Platforms     Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
                     Software      Eclipse IDE, Visual Studio IDE, CVS, Subversion, vi, gdb, LaTeX
                     Advanced      CCNA, Network Programming, Computer Architecture, Theoreti-
                                   cal Computer Science, Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms,
                                   Software Engineering, Programming Paradigms, Compilers, Arti-
                                   ficial Intelligence, Databases, Operating Systems

Work Experience RightNow Technologies - Bozeman, MT                                    October 2006 - Present
                   • Current Engineering Intern (Code Maintenance)
                    Fairbanks Truss Company - Fairbanks, AK                               Summer 2005, 2006
                       • Construction Work
                    MSU ResNet - Bozeman, MT                                                      Spring 2006
                      • Computer Tech / Customer Support
                    University Food Service - Bozeman, MT                                           Fall 2005
                      • Dish Washing / General Cleaning
                    Huntley Project Schools - Worden, MT                         Summer 2002, 2003, 2004
                      • Computer Tech
                    T. W. Enterprises - Billings, MT                                      Summer 2002, 2004
                       • Network Administration
                    Parents’ Ranch - Worden, MT                                                   1998 - 2004
                      • General Ranch Work

Activities             • Officer for the MSU chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery
                       • Active member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars
                       • High School Business Professionals of America

Academic               •   President’s List of Distinguished Students - one semester
Honors                 •   Dean’s List of Distinguished Students - six semesters
                       •   RightNow Technologies Scholarship
                       •   High School Honors Tuition Scholarship
                       •   USAA National Leadership Merit Award
                       •   BPA - multiple computer related awards
References   Tim Wittman
             Business Owner
             T. W. Enterprises
             636 Logan Lane
             Billings, MT 59105
             (406) 245-4600
             Sheila Crowe
             Director of ResNet
             Montana State University
             P.O. Box 172080
             Bozeman, MT 59715
             (406) 994-4230
             Jay Williams
             Business Owner
             Fairbanks Truss Company
             2660 Phillips Field Road
             Fairbanks, AK 99709
             (907) 479-4346

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