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									                 SUGGESTIONS FOR FILLING-UP NEW A.P.A.R FORMS
    Following are only broad suggestions and must not be construed as an exhaustive account or
    standard format, which alone can be written. Officers will do good to write in their own words
    and style, such as to bring out their special traits and understanding, about their perceptions
    with regard to their duties and performance, which is the main purpose of writing A.P.A.R

                                       FIRST PAGE OF FORM - 1

While filling up the above columns, the following aspect may be borne in mind :
   a. If an officer has worked in a charge or under a controlling officer for a period which is less than 3
         months, then for such period, there is no Reporting Officer.
   b. If an officer is on a long leave, for more than 3 months (based on the logic mentioned at ‘a’),
         either on medical ground or Child Care Leave etc., then for such period also, there can no
         Reporting Officer.
   The periods covered at ‘a’ & ‘b’ above, must be mentioned in the above columns of APAR.

In the above columns, Name and designation of Reporting Officer and Reviewing Officer, under whom
the officer has worked in the relevant year, for more than 3 months period, needs to be mentioned.
                             (To be filled in by the Cadre Controlling Authority)
Note :
Although this section is required to be filled by O/o CCIT (CCA), but filling up these columns correctly,
will be in the interest of officers, for avoiding any sort of confusion or likely objections in future,
especially at the time of promotion.

2. Service : For ITO/TRO - Group ‘B’ and For ACIT & above - I.R.S
3. Year of recruitment : The year of promotion as ITO or ACIT
4. Year of allotment    : Recruitment Year against which the promotion as ITO/ACIT has been given
                          i.e.The year represented by first two digit of Civil List Code No.
8. Present Grade : ITO: PB-2 with GP of 4800/5400; ACIT: PB-3 with GP of 5400 ; DCIT: PB-3 with 6600
9. Post held            : ITO 8(2)-3, Mumbai or ACIT/DCIT-6(3), Mumbai
                           ITO (Tech.) - 9, Mumbai or DCIT/ACIT (HQ) - 10, Mumbai
10. Date of appointment to present post : Date oftaking over the above post (as mentioned in col. 9)
11. Reporting and Reviewing Authority : As mentioned in first page of APAR Form, only those under
                                       whom, officer/official has worked for more than 3 months.
17. Date of medical examination : For F.Y. 200-10 this Column will be Blank and for next year onwards
                                  It will depend on relevant Instruction/Notification.
18. Position of Staff posted with the officer as on 31st December, of the year :
    Sanctioned Strength (As per Cadre Restructuring-2001) is as under ;
 Designation ITO (Asstt.)       ITO (Tech)          TRO       DC/AC (Asstt) DC/AC (HQ)       DD/AD (Inv)
Admn. Offr.           --             --              --             --           1               --
Inspector             1              --              3              2            1              3½
Office Supdt.         --             1               --             --           1               --
Sr. T.A.              1              2               2              2            2               --
T.A.                 1½              --              --             2            --              --
Steno                 ½              1               --             ½            1               ½
N.S.                  ½              --              --             1            --              --
D.B.                  ½              --              --             1            --              --
Peon                  --             --              --             --           --              --

Note : There was no sanctioned post of ITO (Inv) in the cadre restructuring proposal, hence no staff is
mentioned for that category of officer. But, whereever there is ITO (Inv) then the sanctioned srength
of staff will be 2 Inspector & in such case the number of Inspectors for DD/AD (Inv) will reduce to 3.

19. Has the officer completed APARs of Group ‘B’ and ‘C’ officials working under him/her …… :
   This Column is very Important and should not be left blank, as it is an importanst aspect of one’s
   Duties. The column must invariably have ‘YES’ and officers must comply, both in letter & spirit.
                                    SECTION II – SELF APPRAISAL


      Collect Taxes out of Current & Arrear demand as per the Action Plan issued by CBDT and ensure
      budget collection by close monitoring of Advance Tax/Self Assessment Tax.

      a. SUMMARY U/s 143(1) :
         Process all Returns, before Time Barring date and timely Issue of Refund/Notice of Demand,
         as applicable.
      b. SCRUTINY U/s 143(3) :
         Complete scrutiny assessments by properly verifying facts vis-à-vis Return of Income & A.I.R
         data and position of law, as laid down in I.T.Act/Rules, Instructions/Circulars/Notification of
         CBDT & Judicial Pronouncements of ITAT/High Court/Supreme Court. Also, attending to
         consequential work like levy of penalty, launching prosecution, Audit queries, on priority.

      Taking appropriate action against Non/Stop filers.

      Issue of Refund, Disposal of rectification & RTI applications, Giving effect to appellate orders,
      Settlement of grievances, Migration of PAN, etc. in time-bound manner.

      Timely submission of various reports like CAP-I, II & III, Quarterly Reports, Dossier Reports,
      Scrutiny Reports on Appellate Orders of CIT(A)/ITAT/High Courts, Answers to parliament
      questions etc.

 (No. of words is around 160, whereas the stipulation is 100 words. Officers may adapt accordingly)


      Effecting recovery of arrear tax from the assesses pertaining to the charge, by adopting different
      coercive measures, as provided in the second schedule to the I.T. Act, 1961 i.e. ITCP-2
      Attachment of movable properties, ITCP-3 Attachment of rent, ITCP-16 & 17 Distraint & Sale of
      Immovable Properties, ITCP-21 Appointing receiver for assessee’s business, Arrest & Detention
      of the defaulter and conducting recovery surveys.

      Timely submission of Dossier & Quarterly Reports, Answer to parliament questions, etc.

  (No. of words is around 75 as against a maximum of 100. Officers can make some more additions)
FOR ITO (TECH.) in the O/o CIT
      Collation of various statistical reports like CAP-I, II & III, Answers to parliament questions, etc.
      received from the Ranges and preparing consolidated report for the CIT’s charge. Assisting the
      CIT in giving comments on dossier reports.
      Processing proposals, seeking CIT’s approval for issue of refunds, adjustment of amount lying in
      P.D. A/cs, release of jewellery, conduct enquiry u/s. 133(6) where no proceedings are pending,
      Re-opening of case u/s. 147, Remedial action in cases with Audit Objections, Special Audit, etc.
   3. OTHERS :
      Assisting CIT, in forwarding proposals to CCIT, for retention of Books of A/cs or documents
      impounded u/s. 131 or 133A and overall monitoring & control of work in the CIT’s charge
      towards achieving the targets in all areas and any other specific work assigned.

   1. JUDICIAL :
      Assist CIT/CCIT in proper analysis of appellate orders of CIT(A), ITAT & High Courts and the
      recommendations of Assessing Officer & Range head, for deciding on future course of appeals
      u/s 254 to ITAT, u/s. 260A to High Court and SLP to Supreme Court, forwarding of proposals to
      C.O.D, liaisoning with senior standing counsels, etc.
      Assist CIT in cases u/s. 263/264 of I.T. Act, 1961, Review of Assessments as per Action Plan,
      Disposing RTI applications pertaining to the office of CIT, etc.
      Establishment functions like Transfer & Posting, Leave matters, Maintenance of personal files,
      relating to the officials working in the CIT’s office.
      Assisting CIT/CCIT in sanctioning of bills under the heads office expenses, professional fees,
      Submitting budget estimates for expenditure on a regular basis, etc.

   1. SEARCH :
      a. Process cases for Search & Seizure action u/s. 132, by conducting discreet pre-search
         enquiries, analysing market information, cultivating informants.
      b. Actual conduct of search action, in the cases developed by self and assisting in cases
         developed by colleague ADIT/DDITs.
      c. Post search work like operation of prohibitory orders on Bank Lockers etc., preparing a
         detailed appraisal report within the time period allowed and obtaining permission for
         retention of Books/documents etc. as per the Act.
   2. SURVEY : Conduct of Survey u/s. 133A relating to search cases of the directorate and also in
      respect of out-station cases and timely submission of MIS Reports.
      Conducting open/discreet enquiries on TEPs and preparing detailed report for the Board.
2. (a) Annual work allocated, completed and achievements (for assessment posts only)

     NOTE : Initial & Mid-year deliverables will be Budget Targets - original & revised and Divergence
            can be ‘as per column 3, which is factors hindering performance.

2. (b) Annual work allocated, completed and achievements (for Non-assessment posts)

     NOTE : Achievement or performance relating to work as HQ or Technical, with quantitative
            details like number of appeals authorized to ITAT/HIGH Court and C.O.D & SLP proposals.

3. What are the factors, if any, that hindered your performance ?

  NOTE : All shortcomings or constraints with regard to manpower, infrastructure, economic trends
   in the market, etc. must be mentioned for affording a correct appreciation of efforts and its result.

NOTE : Elaborate account of quality assessment/work done, novel ideas implemented for increased
office efficiency or effectiveness in assessment or recovery, etc. must be mentioned here, for
affording correct evaluation of one’s performance.

Out-of-the box thinking / Initiative for improving work environment / Innovation for public service :

   a. To overcome the connectivity problem for Processing & Online Reporting – Motivating the staff
      to work either before or after office hours, when connectivity is relatively faster & smoother.
   b. Innovation for checking TDS Credits – Anything mentionable.
   c. Verification of Loans/Credits/Purchases or Field Enquiry – Any new idea or instruction to staff
   d. Any improvement brought out in Office layout, Working pattern of staff, etc.
   e. Using internet for collecting information about the assessee’s financial transactions or assets for
      effecting recovery of arrear taxes, etc.
   f. Any unique or effective technique for record management.

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