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Caylee Marie Anthony Death Certificate by dgt21189

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Caylee Marie Anthony Death Certificate document sample

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									                            Robert Janner, Psy.D.
                               Licensed Psychologist (PY 7585)
                              2737 W. Fairbanks Avenue
                              Winter Park, Florida 32789
                          (407) 740-6838 fax: (407) 740-0902


Psy.D., Clinical Psychology
September 9th, 2006
Florida Institute of Technology, College of Psychology and Liberal Arts
Melbourne, Florida
American Psychological Association- approved program
GPA: 3.91

M.S., Psychology
December 18th, 2004
Florida Institute of Technology, College of Psychology and Liberal Arts

B.A., Psychology, University of Toledo
Attended January 2000- December 2001
Toledo, OH
Graduated Cum Laude

Lorain County Community College
Attended January 1997- December 1999
Elyria, OH

Clinical Experience:

Guardianship Examining Committee Member for Orange County, April 2008-

Guardianship Examining Committee Member for Seminole County, February 2008-

Licensed Psychologist at Psychological Affiliates, October 2007- current
Conducted forensic and non-forensic evaluations:
       Referrals were received from attorneys, private sources, and numerous social
       agencies and residential facilities.
       Evaluations addressed child custody/parental rights, competence to
       proceed/mental status at the time of an alleged offense, guardianship/incapacity,
       psychosexual issues and other psycholegal concepts, as well as general
       psychological health and intelligence (e.g. mental retardation, learning

       Testing and interview were conducted with minors, adults and the elderly in
       residential, correctional and outpatient settings.
Conducted individual and couple’s therapy with adolescents and adults
Supervised a master’s level intern (non-clinical work)

Postdoctoral Resident at Psychological Affiliates, August 2006- October 2007
Psychology Resident
Participated in forensic evaluations (e.g. child custody, competence to proceed,
psychosexual and other psycholegal issues)
Attended Department of Children and Families (DCF) Child Protection Team (CPT)
multidisciplinary staffings, and participated in evaluations for the team
Conducted individual and couple’s therapy
Conducted Divided Loyalties divorce psychoeducation training
Conducted Competency Restoration training
Received supervision/consultation from 8 licensed psychologists in the practice

Supervisor: Deborah Day, Psy.D., LMHC, Certified Family Mediator

Psychology Intern at New Lifestyles Inc., August 2005- July 2006
Conducted individual therapy
Created syllabi for, and facilitated therapy groups dealing with: process, narcissism,
social skills, borderline personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder, substance
abuse, men’s issues, cohabitation/ conflict, and sex education
Conducted intake evaluations and testing of potential clients
Administered psychological and cognitive test batteries, wrote comprehensive reports and
integrated the data into therapeutic intervention
Consulted with educational consultants, as well as occupational, medical and mental
health professionals
Assisted with intern selection and the APPIC match and clearinghouse processes
Researched therapist development and added structure to the intern training process
Supervised program staff members in dealing with clients ethically and therapeutically
Created, managed and analyzed a database of client variables and program efficacy
Created client behavior tracking and analysis systems

Supervisors: Kenneth Cuave, Psy.D., Pamela Throckmorton, Ph.D. & Carrie Nowell,

Outreach Worker for Project H.O.P.E., March 2005- July 2005
Conducted at- home social work referrals and counseling for hurricane victims
Facilitated regular group therapy sessions in communities with significant hurricane
Manned a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Disaster Recovery Center
Created and carried out initiatives addressing the mental health needs of hurricane


Supervisor: Dan Sanz

Student Therapist on the Carol L. Philpot Marital & Sex Therapy Team, May 2004-
July 2005
Conducted assessment-driven couple’s, marital and sex therapy with several co-therapists

Supervisor: Richard T. Elmore Jr., Ph.D.

Graduate Assistant for the Florida Institute of Technology School of Psychology
Office of Clinical Training, August 2003- May 2005
Graduate Student Assistantship
Networked with other colleges
Gave presentations and participated in other recruitment efforts
Interviewed potential faculty and reviewed student applications

Supervisor: Radhika Krishnamurthy, Psy.D.

Student Reviewer for Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, May 2004-
May 2005
Reviewed and rated submissions to the journal

Supervisor: Mary Beth Kenkel, Ph.D.

Psychometrist at the East Central Florida Memory Disorder Clinic (ECFMDC),
August 2002- April 2005
Practicum/ Supervised Clinical Experience
Assessed the cognitive functioning of elderly individuals
Presented the results to a multi-disciplinary team in weekly triage meetings
Provided feedback to the individuals
Conducted a psycho-educational group for care-givers of the demented

Supervisor: Thomas Peake, Ph.D., ABPP

Counselor for the Coalition for the Hungry and Homeless of Brevard County, May
2004- January, 2005
Conducted weekly group and individual therapies focusing on combat readjustment,
homelessness, unemployment and vocational rehabilitation

Supervisor: Richard T. Elmore, Ph.D.

Student Therapist at Circles of Care, January 2004- July 2004

Facilitated group therapy at 2 inpatient units
Conducted individual therapy
Administered the Rorschach to children

Supervisor: Wiliam Eyring, Psy.D.

Research Assistant, August 2003- May 2004
Graduate Student Assistantship
Conducted literature searches
Prepared course materials
Graded assignments
Taught the objective personality assessment course in the instructor’s absence

Supervisor: Radhika Krishnamurthy, Psy.D.

Participant in the Mental Health Court, August 2003- April 2004
Supervised Clinical Experience
Assessed and diagnosed incarcerated individuals
Wrote evaluative reports for the court system

Supervisor: Robert Paulillo, Psy.D.

Student Therapist at the Community Psychological Services center, May 2003-
December 2003
Provided individual outpatient psychotherapy
Conducted social security, forensic and other forms of psychological evaluations
Maintained client charts and paperwork

Supervisors: Thomas H. Harrell, Ph.D. & Richard T. Elmore, Ph.D.

Activities Coordinator at the Hadley Home for Assisted Living, 2001
Planned weekly social events for the residents

Supervisor: Robert Elliot, Ph.D.

Professional Memberships

Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA), since 2010
Member of the Society for Personality Assessment (SPA), since 2003
Member of the American Psychological Association (APA), since 2001

Professional Development:

Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA) Annual Convention,
September- October 2009
12-hour Adolescent Sex Offender Treatment Track
Plenary Sessions Attended Include the Following Topics:
       Public Policy
       Prevention of Sexual Violence
       Pornography Offenders

Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) 46th Annual Conference-
Children, Courts, & Custody: Back To The Future or Full Steam Ahead, May 2009
Workshops Attended:
       Divorce Financial Questions You Are Afraid to Ask
       Presented by Stephen Able, J.D. and Darryll Bouchert, MBA
       Advanced Issues in Relocation I and II
       Presented by Jeff Adkinson

Society for Personality Assessment annual meeting, March 2009
Hosted by the SPA with numerous presenters
Workshops Attended:
       The Application of Attachment Related Research to Child Centered Evaluations
       Presented by Ginger Calloway, Ph.D.;
       Interpersonal Assessment for Clinical Practice
       Presented by Steven Strack, Ph.D., Aaron Pincud, Ph.D., and Kenneth Critchfield,

Interdisciplinary Collaborative Law Training, October 2008
Presented by Lone Star Collaborative Law Trainers

Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA) 27th Annual Research and
Treatment Conference , October 2008
12-Hour Adult Assessment Track

Advanced Abel Assessment for Sexual Interest- Second Edition (AASI-2) Training,
October 2008

Assessments in Contested Parenting Time and Access Matters, March 2008
American Academy of Forensic Psychology Workshop
Presented by Marsha Hedrick, Ph.D., A.B.P.P.

Florida Guardianship Examining Committee Training, December 2007
Presented by Randy Otto, Ph.D. and Ed Boyer, Attorney at Law

Florida Forensic Examiner Training, October 2007
Presented by Randy Otto, Ph.D. and Chris Slobogin, J.D., L.L.M

Society for Personality Assessment annual meeting, March 2007
Hosted by the SPA with numerous presenters
Presentation attended:
       The Rorschach in Psychoanalysis

Clinical Decision-Making Using the AASI-2 and the ABID Training, June 2006

Society for Personality Assessment annual meeting, March 2006
Hosted by the SPA with numerous presenters
Workshop Attended:
       Using the Rorschach with Personality Disorders
       Presented by Philip Erdberg, Ph.D.
Presentation attended:
       MMPI Investigations
Lecture Attended:
       Therapeutic Assessment: Definitions, Distinctions and Current Developments
       Presented by Steven Finn, Ph.D.

Southeastern Psychological Association annual convention, March 2006
Hosted by SEPA with numerous presenters
Presented master’s degree research
Seminars Attended:
       Sex Lies and Serial Killers
       Death, Loss and Bereavement.
Presentations attended:
       Traumacanes: Coping and natural disasters;
       Coping & Trauma.

Cognitive Therapy for Patients with Personality Disorders, January 2006
Presented by Judith Beck, Ph.D.

ADHD: New Understandings, November/ December 2005
Presented by Marie L. Majarow, Ph.D.

Childhood Hearing Deficits, November 2005
Presented by Marie L. Majarow, Ph.D.

Neuropsychological Assessment, September 2005
Presented by John D. Lewis, Psy.D.

Bimonthly Colloquia, August 2002- May 2005

Hosted by the Florida Institute of Technology School of Psychology, with numerous
Topics included:
       Private practice
       The Florida State Hospital
       Psychiatric consultation
       Religion and psychology
       Billing and insurance
       Suicide bombings
       Administration in an inpatient clinic

Hurricane Outreach Disaster Coping, April 2005
Presented by Project H.O.P.E./ FEMA

Advanced Forensic Assessment, February 2005
Presented by: Deborah Day, Psy.D.

Neuroimaging, IQ, Autism and Child Traumatic Brain Imaging, February 2005
Presented by Erin Bigler, Ph.D.

Florida Psychological Association annual convention, July 2004
Hosted by the FPA with numerous presenters
Workshops attended:
       Gambling Addiction
       Seeing Red: Anger, alexithymia and aggression in domestic violence
       Using Stories in Therapy

Society for Personality Assessment annual convention, March 2004
Hosted by SPA with numerous presenters
Workshop attended:
       The 16PF Fifth Edition Questionnaire and the New PsychEval Personality
       Questionnaire (PEPQ): Understanding scale meanings and interpreting profiles
       for clinical applications
       Presented by Leslie Morey

Fundamentals in Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy, May 2004
Hosted by the Albert Ellis Institute

Working with Hispanic Clients: Recognizing cultural factors that can affect
treatment success, April 2004
Presented by Luis Anez, Psy.D. & Manuel Paris, Psy.D.

Treatment of Addictions, April 2003
Presented by Florence Kaslow, Ph.D.


Janner, R. (February 2009). On Coaching and Informed Consent in the Society for
Personality Assessment Newsletter SPA Exchange. Winter 2010.

Research paper
Krishnamurthy, R., Goodwin, K.J., Day, D. O., & Janner, R. (March, 2008). A Rorschach
profile of Munchausen by Proxy: Preliminary findings. In R. Krishnamurthy (Chair),
Studying abnormal states with the Rorschach. Paper presented at the annual meeting of
the Society for Personality Assessment, New Orleans, LA.

Media Coverage

Get Fit Club weekly tips: Depression, Make an Educated Decision, Winter 2009
Local 6

The Psychology of Luck, August 8, 2008
Fox 35 News

Commentary on the Caylee Anthony Case, August 8, 2008
Fox 35 News

Financial and Gender Issues in Divorce, November 9, 2006
Fox 35 News

Research Experience:

Master’s thesis, May 2003- December 2004
Title: Coping resources of ROTC Cadets: PTSD Risk Factors for Combat Deployment
Presented March 16th, 2006 at the annual SEPA convention
Committee chairperson: Richard T. Elmore Jr., Ph.D.
Committee members: Thomas H. Harrell, Ph.D., Richard Enstice, Ph.D.
Thesis proposal defense: March 2004
Thesis defense: December 2004

Numerous other projects for the Office of Clinical Training and New Lifestyles


Dean’s Lists
Repeatedly featured on both National and Collegiate lists

Scholarships/ Funds
       Presidential Scholarship
       Schering Fund Scholarship
       Rocket Transfer Award

Included in:
       2009 Madison Who’s Who Among Professionals
       Who’s Who Among American College Students
       Who’s Who Among American High School Students

Prior Memberships
Central Florida Collaborative Law Group
International Society of the Rorschach and Projective Methods
American Psychoanalytic Association (APsaA)
Florida Psychological Association (FPA)
Golden Key National Honor Society
Psi Chi

Former President-Elect, President and Past-President of the Society for Personality
Assessment for Graduate Students (SPAGS), 2006, 2007, 2008
Chair of the Steering Committee for the creation of the SPA Graduate Student
Association, 2005-2006
Peer reviewer for poster submissions to the 2006 SEPA conference
ECFMDC Psychometrist of the Month, October 2004
University of Toledo Presidential Honor Award, 2001
Ohio State Board of Education Certificate of Honors Recognition for Achievement in
Citizenship and Science, 1998

Volunteer Work:
Florida Tech Volunteer Coordinator for the Traveling Vietnam Wall, spring 2004
Assistant for the Traveling Vietnam Wall, spring 2003
Florida Tech School of Psychology Student Mentor, 2003
ECFMDC Psychometrist Mentor, 2003
Testing assistant for a Neuropsychology master’s thesis, spring 2003
Confederate for a Social Psychology master’s thesis experiment, fall 2000
Data Entry Assistant for an outpatient psychological clinic, fall 2000
Instructor, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and First Aid, 1998-2001

Continuing Education:
Florida Laws and Rules examination, Sept. 2007
Prevention of Medical Errors training, Sept 2007

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