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New Social Platform for Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Patients

Chinese medicine goes back many, many years
as a lot of people will already be aware of.
Practices such as acupuncture etc. are still
used to this day by registered doctors and
physiotherapists in order to relieve such things
as chronic back pain. However, as helpful as Chinese medicine can be for
relieving back pain and other injuries there are still many people out there
that do not know exactly how to get in touch with a medical professional
that practices Chinese medicine and how to obtain a consultation with
them. TCM Directory (.com) is a website that has launched in order to
help those people looking for this type of service and assistance with
recovery from any injuries that they may have.

This website was designed and set up by Elie Goldschmidt, who practises
Chinese medicine and has done for many years. Elie worked in Chine
alongside other practitioners that offer services such as acupuncture to
their patients. This gave him a much better idea of life practising Chinese
medicine as a “first port of call” rather than a secondary option. After this,
he decided that setting up the TCM Directory was the best way in which
to help those struggling Chinese medicine practitioners to generate some
more clients and help the people looking for new medical experts to find
those too.

From the view of the medical professional, the TCM Directory (.com) can
be a great help with business. More and more Chinese medicine
practitioners are finding new work and new patients from this website in
a way that they never thought was possible. In the same way as social
media portals such as Facebook and Twitter, users can create their own
profiles on the website which are available to view by any potential
patients. These “profile pages” can include contact information,
Chinese Medicine

photographs and any relevant details about the practise. Therefore, more
and more patients are now contacting practitioners about Chinese
medicine and how they can get it.

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