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									   THANK YOU FOR                                    Yearbook
                                                   A d vertising
     SCHOOL.                                            A student publication

                                                       of Har-Ber High School

Important Note…
Please return this contract to the HBHS
Yearbook no later than October 1, 2010. Attach
artwork or a sketch of your ad. HBHS Yearbook
accepts hard copy, CD, floppy, or zip disks. You    HAR-BER HIGH SCHOOL
may also submit the ad via email to the address        300 JONES ROAD
on the cover. If you have any questions
regarding your ad or payment, please contact        SPRINGDALE, AR 72762
Karla Sprague @ (479) 750-8777 or                                     (479) 750-8777
                                                      (479) 306-4250 FAX
                                                                                           2011 HBHS Yearbook Ad Contract

                                                                                           Sales Date:
The 2011 Wildcat yearbook staff invites you to          AD SIZES, OPTIONS &
place an ad in the book.
                                                        PRICES FOR 2010-11                 Contact Name:

The yearbook offers a variety of ad sizes to suit
your needs, and special designs can be made             Black & White             Color
upon your request. Parents have the option to           1/8 page ------- $45      $50
include graphics and/or pictures in the ad.             1/4 page ------- $90      $100
                                                        1/2 page -------$175      $200
Be a part of Wildcat history!                                                              City                   State, Zip
                                                        Full page ------$350      $400

Advertisers may also purchase the yearbook at a
reduced price of $50 when purchasing an ad.                                                Phone Number
                                                        Book purchase is $50 with any ad
                                                        purchase, and the book is
Reserve your space now and pay later. An                                                   Ad size
                                                        complimentary with full-page ad
additional $5 charge will be added for those who
wish to be billed later. Any ad purchased by Oct.                                          Cash
1, 2010 will not incur this charge. Billing will take                                      Check
place in March 2011. Please make check                                                     Bill                                 Y             N
payable to HBHS Yearbook.
                                                                                                     Black & White                            Color
The deadline for payment and artwork is October
1, 2010. Artwork may be submitted in hard copy
                                                                                           Ad cost
form or CD. Artwork may also be submitted via
email to Karla Sprague at
                                                                   Ad Dimensions           Yearbook
By advertising in the HBHS Yearbook, you are
                                                                                           Total Due                                                     _
showing your proud support of Har-Ber High                      1/8 page-- 4” x 2 3/4”
School programs.                                               1/4 page --- 4” x 5 1/2”
Books will be distributed in Spring 2011.                      1/2 page --- 8” x 5 1/2”
                                                                 Full page- 8” x 11”
If you have any questions concerning your
advertising, please call (479) 750-8777.                                                   Customer Signature                                     Date

Thank you for your support,

Karla Sprague, HBHS Yearbook Adviser                                                       Salesperson Signature                                    Date
                                                                                                     Please make check payable to Har-Ber High School.

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