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United Way Worldwide

Date    November 29, 2010
To:     United Way Worldwide Vanguard Chapters
From:   Blue State Digital
Re:     End of Year Fundraising Campaign

The calendar below outlines the outgoing email strategy for United Way Worldwide Vanguard’s end of year fundraising campaign. To make the
transition from the Common Good campaign to fundraising as seamless as possible, the calendar also builds off the education messaging of
Teachers Rock by focusing on impact stories. Then, as the fundraising campaign comes to an end, the calendar transitions back to focusing on
the Campaign for the Common Good.

The variation in language, tone, sender, and content will help to keep our lists engaged throughout the fundraising campaign. Donation asks
that focus on timeliness are much different than donation asks that highlight impact stories. One is about the practicality in making a donation
at a particular moment and the other pulls on the heartstrings of recipients. Through this variation we hope to maximize donations from a wider
range of email recipients.

The campaign will close out with a ‘last chance to donate’ email on the 31st, emphasizing the benefit of tax-deductible donations. It’s important
to keep in mind that although there are suggested dates written, none of this is set in stone. The calendar is meant to simply act as a guideline
for the Vanguard chapters to be implemented at a time found suitable.

We have also included complimentary recommendations for social networking outreach in this document. We recommend that your social
networking outreach focus on amplifying your message, reaching and engaging more people, and building your communities. The
recommendations we include are designed with these objectives in mind, and will provide message alignment between your email and social
networking program, and serve as a good introduction to new members of your community that we bring in via our Twitter follow program.
            EMAIL CALENDAR
     Date         Title        Suggested         Action/Landing Page/                                         Summary
                                Sender                Segmentation
Wednesday Primary              United Way    Ask users to donate. Send         To highlight the direct impact that United Way has on the lives of
12/08/2010 responder           Volunteer     email links to a fundraising      students, parents and teachers, this email will tell the story of a grant
           donation ask #1.    or United     page.                             recipient. (This can come from a UWW vanguard staffer, but we’d
                               Way Staffer                                     prefer if we could write it in the first person, from a primary
Or                                                                             responder.)
           Note: it would be                 Sample donation
           ideal if the                      page: https://give.liveunited.o
           sender could be                   rg/page/contribute/donateno       Here is a first person narrative example (from Ruth Rusie, a retired
           someone “in the                   w                                 teacher and devoted United Way reading volunteer):
           field”, e.g. an                                                     I’m writing to you from Central Indiana where I am a volunteer with
           individual who                                                      United Way Success By 6, a program that works to make sure
           benefitted from                                                     children are on a path to succeed in school early on. Please
                                             Test Option: This email should
           work done by                                                        contribute $XX to help us continue to make a difference in the
                                             also test donation amounts.
           United Way.                                                         education of our children.
                                             Often, email recipients can be
                                             compelled to take action
                                             when a dollar amount is           You may be surprised to learn only 1 in 3 fourth graders are proficient
                                             inserted into the text because    in reading. As a retired teacher, I can tell you those children who
                                             they know exactly what is         don’t read well often fall behind and end up dropping out of school.
                                             being asked of them. For this     It’s a quiet crisis happening right now in communities across America.
                                             send there could be a test of
                                             $10, $25, and $50 in the email
                                             or on the landing page.           Programs like Success By 6 help children develop a love of reading by
                                                                               giving them access to books and caring adults who love to read and
                                                                               spend time with them. And we couldn’t do it without your help.
                                                                               Make a contribution today and help build the foundation for a better
                                                                               life for all.
                                                                               Here is a Vanguard staffer option: Our work at [[Vanguard name]]
                                                                               touches so many lives. Today, I want to share a story with you about
                                                                               someone in our community who has been helped by [[Vanguard
                                                                               name’s++ efforts.

                                                                               Insert a personal story witnessed by a Vanguard staffer. EX: I’ve been
                                                                               tutoring at the local elementary for 3 years and on Tuesday one of my
                                                                               students came up and gave me a big hug. When I asked “what was
                                                                               that for?” She replied, “For helping me get my first A on a spelling

                                                                               This work is only possible with your support. Please contribute now
                                                                               to help us continue to make a difference for people like [[name]].
Tuesday    Forward of          United Way    Donate Kicker. This email         This email will be modeled like a forward send to ensure that
12/21/2010 primary             Staffer       should be a forward of the last   recipients had a chance to see the previous email and have another
           responder                         send, and should include          opportunity to make a donation. The forward would ideally come
           donation ask.                     additional text at the top of     from a UWW vanguard staffer, thereby providing a summary and
           This email should                 the message from a Vanguard       reminder of why programs like these are so valuable to the
           emulate a                         staffer.                          community. If the previous send also came from a vanguard staffer,
           Forward style                     Send email links to a             make sure this forward message comes from a different person. The
           message.                          fundraising page.                 shift in sender names can help to reach new audiences.

                                             Sample donation                   Message: Last week I received an email from **name++, I’m sure you
                                             page: https://give.liveunited.o   did too. It really spoke to me and I wanted to bring it to the top of
                                             rg/page/contribute/donateno       your inbox in case you meant to make the donation but got
                                             w                                 distracted. People like [[name]] need support, and a donation made
                                                                               to [[Vanguard name]] will help make more stories like these a reality.
Monday     Abandoned           New United    This email is designed to go to   Message: Do you have five minutes to change a life? That’s all it
12/27/2010 shopping cart       Way Staffer   people who clicked the links      takes and you can get started right now by making a donation to
                                       on previous messages but          [[Vanguard Name]]. Your donation will go towards improving the life
                                       failed to complete the            of a child by providing them with the building blocks needed to
                                       donation. That means this         succeed: education, health and income. Make a donation today.
                                       email is only intended to go to
                                       a small, targeted universe of
Friday     Donation ask   Same         End of year donation appeal.      Short simple message to capitalize on end of the year tax-deductible
12/31/2010                staffer from Send email links to a             donations.
                          12/21        fundraising page.                 Message: There are 24 hours until 2011. That means you still have a
                                                                         chance to make a tax-deductible donation to [[Vanguard Name]]
                                                                         before the New Year. Every dollar donated will go towards helping to
                                       Sample donation
                                                                         improve the income, health and education of people right here in
                                       page: https://give.liveunited.o
                                                                         [[location]]. Thanks for your support.
                                       This email should go to
                                       everyone but those who
                                       donated in December.
Tuesday        Transition email    Same         Overview of the impact of the      This message is intended to summarize the success of the fundraising
1/4/2011                           staffer from fundraising campaign and           campaign and carry the momentum into the next initiative for the
                                   12/21        transition into CFCG.              Campaign for the Common Good.
                                                Landing page is still to be
                                                determined.                        Message: Thank you for all of your incredible support throughout the
                                                                                   holiday season. Because of you, [[Vanguard name]] will be able to
                                                                                   continue our efforts to create a better life for all. I hope you will
                                                                                   continue playing an integral role as we move into the next steps for
                                                                                   the Campaign for the Common Good. [[Insert specifics about the next
                                                                                   call to action]].

           Non-openers engagement strategy
           Despite the compelling content included in the email calendar, there will always be subscribers who don’t take action (or even open) a single
           email. For those recipients we suggest implementing a few tests (such as testing more creative subject lines) and maximizing the Blue State
           Digital toolset to draw them into the campaign. This is especially important given the nature of the End of Year Campaign. Being primarily
           fundraising focused, it’s crucial to remind recipients that the Vanguard Chapters value other, non-monetary types of support as well, and
           perhaps offer these non-action takers involvement opportunities that are not donation related.

           Below are a few ways to push engagement of those who haven’t engaged, or to tweak the calendar execution as you go.

           Those who are unable to make financial investments can instead pledge to make a personal one. Use the Blue State Digital sign up tool to create
           a Volunteer Pledge so that recipients can commit to dedicate time to United Way in 2011. These “Pledgers” can then be directly messaged as
           volunteer opportunities arise. This tactic might be especially effective if planned around the end of the year, when many subscribers will be
           thinking of New Years’ resolutions.

Including more people in United Way’s efforts is just as important as having the money to make the efforts possible. Encourage recipients to tell
their friends, family and neighbors to get involved. Newer supporters are much more likely to take an active role in the ongoing campaign.

Sometimes the first step to getting users involved is as simple as creating a compelling subject line. But there is no ‘right’ subject line for a
particular list. There is only what works and what doesn’t. The Blue State Digital tools will enable Chapters to test different approaches on their
list. An email can include the same content but the subject line can vary. Try testing a question, a subject that evokes emotion, or something
that makes people want to know more. Then use the most successful subject line on sends to follow.

Facebook & Twitter
Email is still the primary driver of online donations. However, you should still be engaging constituents within the social media space to reach
new people and bring in new constituents. This social media outreach should be aligned with your email program. The following lays out how
you can engage your Facebook and Twitter followers.

The main goal remains the same: to let your community know what you've been doing over the last year as the New Year approaches.

General Tweeting:
    Start by coming up with a list of ten specific successes that you can Tweet about, e.g. "We supported XYZ and helped feed 100 families in
       #CITY". While we're following local users for you, it's important to show off work being done in the community to retain these new users
       and get them up-to-speed on United Way as quickly as possible.

12/08 – Primary Responder Ask
    Twitter: Our work at United Way touches lives. Read about what your support has made possible: LINK
    Facebook: Our work at United Way touches so many lives. Today, I want to share a story with you about someone who has been helped
       by United Way Worldwide this year. This work is only possible with your support. LINK
           o Both messages should be filled in with specifics that match the content of the email you send.

12/21 – Primary Responder Donation Kicker
    Twitter: Last week we told you a story about how United Way changes lives. You can still help here: LINK
      Facebook: Last week we told you a story about how United Way changes lives. Remember a donation made to United Way Worldwide
       will help make more stories like these a reality. LINK

12/31 - EOY Donation Ask
    Twitter: There are just XX hours left in 2010. Still time to give your tax-deductible donation to United Way before the New Year. LINK
            o What's your New Years resolution? Help make a difference in 2011, sign up to volunteer in your community. LINK
    Facebook: There are 24 hours until 2011. That means you still have a chance to make a tax-deductible donation to United Way before
        the New Year. Every dollar donated will go towards helping to improve the income, health and education of people across the country.
        Thanks for your support. LINK
            o What’s your New Years resolution? My goal this year, and every year, is to make a difference. And right now you can do
                something big in 2010 with the help of United Way. Sign up now to volunteer in your local community. LINK

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