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Canada Road Safety Week


									Canada Road Safety Week — May 17 to 24

Canada Road Safety Week will take place from
noon May 17 to midnight, May 23. It is an
enforcement-driven initiative designed to increase
public compliance with safe driving measures and
ultimately, to save lives. Activities will involve
targeted enforcement in the areas of impaired driving,
occupant restraint use, and intersection safety. The other part is an education campaign to address the
importance of safe driver behaviour.

What is Canada Road Safety Week?

        It is a special week to focus on safe driving practices, and is timed in conjunction with Canada's first
         holiday weekend of the summer, when the traveling public will be out in great numbers. The 2005
         dates are May 17 to 23.
        It is a co-ordinated effort between police agencies across the country to work toward the goal of
         Road Safety Vision 2010 - making Canada's roads the safest in the world.
        It is a time to remind drivers and passengers across Canada to consciously consider safety
         whenever they get behind the wheel. Buckle seat belts and ensure youngsters are properly
         restrained in vehicles according to their age and size. Refrain from drinking and driving. Pay
         attention to the road at all times.

These are the key messages targeted during Canada Road Safety Week?

        Don't drink and drive. Ever.
        Use seat belts and child restraints every time you travel in a car, no matter how short the trip.
        Pay attention at all times, and be even more cautious at intersections.
        These issues are important every day of the year; not just during this special week.

What is Road Safety Vision 2010?

Road Safety Vision 2010 is a national effort at making Canada's roads the safest in the world by 2010.
The vision provides the road safety community with benchmarks against which to develop new
strategies and measure intervention efforts. The vision focuses on users, road networks and vehicles
and is specifically aimed to:

        raise public awareness of road safety issues
        improve communication, cooperation and collaboration among road safety agencies
        enhance enforcement measures
        improve national road safety data quality and collection

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