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    Content Report on Products & Services In Ex-Im Bank Transactions*

                                                                                   Date: ___________

Name and Address of Supplier: ______________________________________________



Representative of Supplier (Name and Title): ___________________________________

RE: Ex-Im Bank Credit/Guarantee/Insurance Policy Number: ______________________

Supply Contract Reference Number: __________________________________________

Purchaser: _______________________________________________________________

The Export-Import Bank of the United States (“Ex-Im Bank”) has issued a
Credit/Guarantee/Insurance Policy to support Products and Services, as listed in the
attached report, that were provided to the purchaser by the undersigned.

To the best of our knowledge the above information is true and accurate, and represents
the identifiable Products and Services (U.S. & non-U.S. content) supplied by us and
covered under the above referenced Credit/Guarantee/Insurance Policy Number. If
requested by Ex-Im Bank, we agree to reasonably provide supplemental information to
the content information described above. Ex-Im Bank will use the information reported
herein to create an aggregate report to illustrate broad trends and patterns. Ex-Im Bank
will treat all case-specific information as business confidential.

 Complete a Content Report for transactions supported by Medium- and Long-Term Loans, Guarantees, and
Medium-Term Export Credit Insurance. For informational and reporting purposes only, Ex-Im Bank requests
that Exporters submit a Content Report with the application for Medium-Term transactions, and with the
initial Exporter’s Certificate for Long-Term transactions. If at the completion of the work performed under
a Supply Contract/Purchase Order(s), the foreign content amount changed by one percentage point or more
of the value of the Net Contract Price, Exporters should submit a final revised Content Report within 60
days. Ex-Im Bank may contact Exporters to reconfirm the information provided in the Content Report.
         Content Report on Goods & Services In Ex-Im Bank Transactions

              Column A                                            Column B

Description of Goods & Services including    Identify the foreign content (may include
manufacturer, model, and number of units     multiple components) included in
financed under the Ex-Im Bank financing –    good/service shown in column “A”, including
Include SIC or NAICS code                    the manufacturer and the country of origin.
                                             (See note 1 below)
Description                      Value ($US) Description                       Value ($US)
1.                                           i.



Description                      Value ($US) Description                          Value ($US)
2.                                           i.



Description                      Value ($US) Description                          Value ($US)
3.                                           i



Note 1– For this purpose, foreign content may apply to either the whole good/service or any
part(s) of the good/service identified in Column “A”. The foreign content must be listed in
Column “B” if the foreign content in the good/service or part(s) of the good/service identified in
Column “A” is valued at more than $500,000.00 or is more than 10% of the value of the
good/service, whichever is less.

EIB-01-02                                                          OMB 3048-0012
000.00 or is more than 10% of the value of the
good/service, whichever is less.

EIB-01-02                                                          OMB 3048-0012

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