Application for Master Guarantee Agreement

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                                                                                     Appendix 10-A

Export-Import Bank Of The United States
Application For Master Guarantee Agreement And Political Risk Supplement
Note: A separate application must be submitted by each subsidiary or affiliate of the Applicant
that is a separate legal entity under the laws of the Applicant’s home jurisdiction.

Date: __________

Legal Name of Applicant: __________________________________________

Address: __________________________________

Phone Number: _____________

Fax Number: ______________

This application is for the following agreement(s):

_____ Master Guarantee Agreement (“MGA”)

_____ Master Guarantee Agreement Supplement (Political Risk Guarantees) (“MGA Political 

Risk Supplement”). This agreement can only be applied for if the Applicant has an MGA in 

place, or has concurrently applied for an MGA. This agreement is not available for lenders that 

are owned 50% or more by a government.

Please include the following information in English.

1. 	 A brief description of your organization, including type of lending institution (commercial
     bank, finance company, etc.), organization structure (corporation, partnership, etc.), business
     activities, and ownership.
2. 	 A brief description of your organization’s international lending experience, including
     biographies of senior international management and the key individuals who will be
     responsible for the Ex-Im Bank relationship.
3. 	 Names of authorities with regulatory oversight.
4. 	 A copy of the applicant’s charter or article of incorporation.
5. 	 A copy of the evidence of the authority (including specimen signature) of each person who,
     on behalf of the Applicant, will sign the MGA or the MGA Political Risk Supplement (if
     applicable) or other documents required by either agreement, and will otherwise act as the
     Applicant’s representative in the performance of either agreement.

Signature: _______________
Name: ___________________
Title: ____________________

Please provide alternative information if notices under the MGA or MGA Political Risk
Supplement should not be sent to the address above. Send application and information to:
Export-Import Bank of the US
MGA Application
811 Vermont Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20571

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