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									10 Health Benefits of Grapes
Some people like red grapes, some like white, but one thing
about all the different kinds of grapes is that they are
beneficial to the human body in many ways. Read on to
find out about 10 of the health benefits you can receive
from grapes.

Heart attacks: According to, a study
showed that 20 volunteers who drank grape juice
afterwards had more nitric oxide in their bloodstream. This
might not seem important to the uninitiated, but the truth is
that nitric oxide helps to prevent the chance of blood clots
building up in one’s arteries, and blood clots are one of the
major causes of heart attacks.
Good cholesterol: Believe it or not, not all cholesterol is
bad for you. High-density lipoprotein is one form of good
cholesterol, and according to Dr. Martha Grogan with the
Mayo Clinic, red wine and grape juice contain antioxidants
in the form of flavonoids that help to increase the amount
of this good cholesterol within the body. So, drink up, but
do so reponsively.
Blood pressure: The National Grape Cooperative has
reported the result of a study in which men with high blood
pressure were given Concord grape juice to drink. After
they drank the juice, there was reported a “significant drop”
in the blood pressure levels of the test subject. This means
that if you have high blood pressure, you should probably
talk to your doctor about adding grapes or grape juice to
your diet.
Breast cancer: A study done by Dr. Keith Singletary
showed that lab animals given Concord grape juice had
fewer tumors and experienced reductions in the size of
tumors. More testing on humans obviously needs to be
done, but this is a good sign.
Lung cancer: Some grapes are known to contain
resveratrol, a natural element found in some plants,
including red grapes. According to a study done at the
University of Santiago de Compostela in Spain, a daily
glass of red wine helped to lower the risks of lung cancer
by 13 percent. Unfortunately, a daily glass of white wine
was reported to raise the risks of lung cancer by 20 percent.
I guess you know which one you should be drinking.
Anti-aging: All that resveratrol found in red grapes also
helps combat the aging process, specifically by limiting the
natural cell damage that occurs to the body through the
aging process.
Strokes: A study released by the Journal of Agricultural
and Food Chemistry, the skin on grapes has lots of
resveratrol, and that resveratrol is also known to limit the
brain damage often associated with strokes and stroke
Constipation: Like many fruits and vegetables, grapes
contain plenty of fiber. And all that fiber is good for
helping you with constipation, diarrhea, and other stomach
problems, at least according to Dr. Prakash Kumar.
Diuretic: Has your doctor proscribed a diuretic pill for you?
If you are one of these people who does not like to take
medicine, you might ask your doctor about natural
diuretics. Such as grapes and grape juice. Grapes have high
levels of potassium and potassium salts, which are a natural
diuretic for the human body.
Arthritis: Grape seed oil is known to help with the
inflammation of arthritis. If you fear the onset of arthritis,
consider cooking with grape seed oil or drinking a little
grape seed oil. If you already suffer from arthritis, talk to
you physician about the possible benefits of adding grape
seed oil to your regular diet, because even if you already
have arthritis, grape seed oil is supposed to help with the
inflammation and pain.

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