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The Guide You Need To Read..

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This guide should have been downloaded from FBNC/ – If you
downloaded this guide from a different website or you got it from elsewhere,
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I see a lot of people on forums posting and asking how to get accepted into CPA
networks. It isn’t hard at all. Below you will find some very basic information on
what you can do to improve your chances of getting accepted by CPA networks.
These are the key points you should focus on if you want to get in as many CPA
networks as you can without a website.

Let’s Go There…
Like I wrote earlier, most CPA Networks frown at Nigerians and some residents of
other countries. So, don’t waste your time trying to try luck with them. Go ahead
and work with these ones provided below. I have worked with them and can
authoritatively tell you that they are good if you know what you’re doing:

   - (Great and works with Payoneer!)

The major reasons many applications into CPA Networks are rejected is that
applicants go for the big names in CPA networks whereas there are minors that
are as good as the BIG MOUTHED ones.
In this short guide, I’ll show you a straight to the point method of getting
accepted into most CPA networks and be sure that your account will be approved.

Though some CPA Networks require you own a website before you can work with
them, there are other handful of them that are not too keen on owning a website
before you apply with them. requires you own a website and an email attached to your site like You can be lucky with others without a website.

However, as newbies, I would suggest you don’t go cracking your brain and trying
to put up a site just for CPA application. If you follow the step by step instructions
in this report keenly, you can successfully apply to every other CPA network up
there apart from

In this guide, I am going to walk you through a dummy application where I will
attempt to apply to a CPA Affiliate Network that does not require you to own a
website before you can apply to them.

We shall be using CPA Affiliate Network as a case study.

The SIGN UP button might read different thing in the various CPA network,
whichever what, just look for a link that says SIGN UP, REGISTER, JOIN NOW etc
and click on it.
Note that we’ve filled ‘’ in the space for website. This sends a
message to the CPA network managers that we shall be promoting their offers to
our email list. If you have got a website or a free blog from, you can
use it here in place of the

Once you have filled in your details, you click on sign up and you’ll be taken to the
next page acknowledging your application:

You’ll also receive a confirmation email:

At this point, what you do is to wait for about 48 working hours or so for your
application to be reviewed and approved.

Once it’s approved, you can then log in your account to continue with other
choosing and promoting offers to make money. and has almost the same application procedures
with So, I suggest you replicate the above process and sign
up with them so as to have more chances of approval. That means, if after
applying to 3 of them and 2 is approved, you’re still as good as go. is another good CPA network that has a provision for those that do
not have a website. Just register and choose the option of “I have no website.”

The next step…
At the next step, do not fill any website details, simply tick the box against “I don’t
have a website” …
At the last step, you need to be very careful with answering the questions, as your
answers here determine if you’ll be approved or not.

Let’s take the question one by one…

Referral: Here, they would want to know how you came across CPALead. Don’t go
tell them you bumped into CPALead while searching on Google. Just give them
something like this: “A friend that has been working with CPALead told me about
Surveys: Here, they want to know how you would drive traffic/users to your CPA
offers. They want to hear that you will be spending some good money in driving
traffic to them, so why not tell them what they want to hear. Give them
something like:

“I will mostly use email leads which I have built over time. I have a large database
of high responsive emails gotten from my various freebie giveaways.

I am also good in PPC with Adwords and Yahoo. I intend using them greatly to
promote offers if approved.

I will also use article marketing. I've had some luck with using article marketing in
other affiliate and CPA networks. I have about 5 full time article writers who write
excellent unique articles for me

I also do a lot of video marketing. I am good in creating Youtube videos that gets
lots of views in a short time. I’ll also be using videos to push my offers if approved.

I’ll also buy banner ad spaces in some high traffic forums”

Security Question and Answer: Anything goes here!

Once you present your application in the format above, you’ll have more chances
of been approved.
Another point worthy of mention is that, with and, you don’t need to bother about receiving your earnings via
check and waiting endlessly for it to clear, since you can always get your earnings
into your Payoneer MasterCard and then withdraw from your local ATM

As for CPA networks that are strict and requires a website (example
and others not mentioned in this report), I’ll detail the tricks and techniques to
getting accepted into them in a separate report.

Stay tuned!




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