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					                   Google Android Application Development

Google Android is an Open Source Platform combining an operating system, middleware and key
applications developed by Google and Open Handset Alliance. Google Android OS allows
developers to write code on Java based language that could use Google-developed Java libraries
for amazing Android Application Development.

Google's Android Mobile Operating System offers a lot of advantages when it comes to developing
applications for the Android Mobile Phone. First of all, Android being a Google Open Source
Platform, it provides Android app developers the liberty to do whatever they want with the
Operating System for Android Application Development. Unlike other Smart phone platforms, the
Google Android platform offers greater amount of freedom for custom apps development. This
kind of freedom to Android App developers leads to a score of innovative applications leaving
them nothing less than exciting and engaging.

The Android SDK for the Android OS provided by Google for all Android App developers to create
applications for Android and then also testing them on an Android simulator prior to loading them
onto an actual Android device. Custom Android Apps integrated in your Android Mobile handset
increases its functionality and productivity. Expert Google Android App Developers at Hidden
Brains use the Android SDK for developing creative Android apps, exclusively for you.

The future of Google Android OS and custom Android Application Development looks very
promising for Android application developers with the kind of flexibility this platform offers. The
Android Mobile phone is very popular for its intuitive design and its capacity for game-changing
applications and there is a very high demand for Android apps as it works on multiple networks.
We extend to provide wide range of Android development services including design &
implementation of utility applications, web-based applications, Multimedia mobile solutions, Java
mobile applications, and many more.

Popular Android Application categories that our experts Android Application Developers have
worked upon are:
   Security Applications
   Multimedia Applications
   Travel Applications
   Business Applications
   Utility Applications
   Fun Applications
   Communication Applications
   Internet Applications

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