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					   The $500 Per Day

                By Chris Freville
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              TABLE OF CONTENTS

1. THE QUICKEST WAY TO $500 ................................. 4
 THE QUICKEST ROUTE TO SUCCESS .............................................. 5
 CHOOSE YOUR NICHE ................................................................... 6
 IS YOUR NICHE A PROFITABLE NICHE?....................................... 11
 WHY YOU MUST OWN YOUR OWN WEBSITE ................................ 14
 TESTING YOUR AFFILIATE CAMPAIGN FAST!............................... 18
 SUCCESSFUL AFFILIATE MARKETING .......................................... 19
 USING YOUR AFFILIATE LINK..................................................... 19
 EMAIL MARKETING TO YOUR LIST .............................................. 22
2 BUILDING ON YOUR SUCCESS ............................... 29

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Let’s get straight to the point… The main reason you downloaded this
blueprint is that you want to make money quickly…


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Well, I have good news and bad news…

First the good news… I am going to home-in, right now, on the quickest,
most effective methods to make money online so you can see the power of
Internet Marketing and how it can make you very rich, very quickly.

But, please heed my warning… and this is the bad news! It does take some
work on your behalf. You cannot simply read an ebook, watch some videos
and expect to make money without ever implementing anything
yourself. You must take action and follow through on what you learn.

There – I’ve said it! But, believe me it needed saying. I’ve coached hundreds
of students in how to make money online and its plain to see from the outset
which of my students will be successful and actually fulfil their dreams and
those that are far too lazy to get off their backsides!

Now, I ask you… which side of the fence do you want to be on? The “excuse
makers” or the “achievers”? Remember, there are only two outcomes…
Results or Excuses.

The Quickest Route To Success

Making money from Affiliate marketing is easy. Its something I’m very
passionate about and I want to teach you how to do the same. You can make
mega bucks from selling other people’s products and taking a 50% or more
cut in commission.

The great thing about Affiliate marketing is that anyone, and I mean literally
anyone can do it. It’s the best way to get started because you don’t need to
create any products yourself. You simply leverage off other people’s labour
and reap the rewards yourself.

Here’s a real blueprint on how you can make a great income from Affiliate
marketing… Fast!

Treat this guide as your shortcut to online profits. It’s where we get you up
and running quickly. Once you’ve learnt the basics then you can get into the
rest of the course which goes into many other aspects of Internet Marketing
at a much deeper level including how to build your own Internet Marketing

Affiliate marketing is great because you get paid for promoting other people’s
products! With Clickbank products, when you make a sale you typically get a
commission of 50% or even more. Sometimes it can be as high as 75%
depending on what the product vendor has set as the commission.

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You can set up a campaign and be making money the same day. In
fact, if you took everything away from me and I had to start again I would
buy myself a laptop and do affiliate marketing to get money in quickly!

Add to that affiliate marketing has no support issues - The vendor has to deal
with it all.

You can create multiple streams of income. Set up your first campaign, and
once that starts making you money, you move onto the second campaign
and set that up. And once that’s making money you then move onto your
next campaign, and so on and so forth. You are building your own Internet
Marketing Empire!

There are plenty of vendors out there that can’t get all the traffic themselves
so they want people like you doing it for them! Affiliate marketing truly is a
win-win scenario for both the product vendor and you, as the affiliate

Here’s your Blueprint to making money very quickly indeed…

(just follow along step by step)

Choose Your Niche

This is where we have a bit of fun and carry out a bit of detective work. Find
out first what your market is interested in. Find out where they meet, what
are their needs and desires, what are their hot buttons, what do they want to
spend their money on?

In order to answer these questions we need to find out whether our chosen
niche is a hot market. If you go to Google and type in some keywords related
to your market and add the word “forum” to your search term.

Eg. classic cars forum

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Are you finding any forums and/or web 2.0 communities where people
interested in that niche hang out?

Are there any magazines for this niche? Go to and take
a look at what’s available.

Publishers will not go to the huge expense of creating a printed magazine if
there wasn’t money to be made in that niche. Publishers will not publish their
magazines unless they’re getting paid advertisers every single month.
Therefore if you find a magazine related to your niche then you can be sure
it’s a hot market. Plus, if there are multiple magazines on the same subject
then you can be really sure you’ve found a hot market.

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Are there are any advertisers on spending money on Google? Go to Google
and type in some keywords related to your market and analyze the results.
Do you see any advertisers down the right hand side of Sponsored links?
These are paid links (aka Google Adwords) which means if you see
advertisers spending money then there’s a good chance there’s money to be
made in this market (otherwise they wouldn’t be wasting their money on the
sponsored links).

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The big advantage of using Clickbank is that you can promote information
products such as ebooks, videos, audio, software, templates etc. All these
have zero production and shipping costs, therefore the product vendors are
able to offer huge commissions of 50% or more (even as high as 75%).

Don’t just go after your own hobbies and interests, but look for other
markets. Think laterally and think money... Your role is the marketer, not the
product creator! For example, some niches I’ve been involved include the
paper crafts, Japanese puzzles, classic cars, hill walking and make money

With all these niches you can have many sub-niches which can result in you
making good money for a long time to com. For example, in the make money
online niche I know that my prospects aren’t just interested in one topic such

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as affiliate marketing but they’re also interested in other topics such as info-
product creation, list building, traffic and email marketing.

Choose a niche and find existing vendors already selling products. Opt in to
their mailing list and read everything they’re doing – learn from them. You
may even consider buying their product just so you can spy on what they’re

In the Clickbank marketplace look for products which have a minimum
payout of $30 and a gravity of at least 50 meaning the product is already
selling very well by other affiliates. Other affiliates wouldn’t continue to
promote a product which wasn’t converting well, so you know you already
that with a gravity of 50 or more it is definitely converting well.

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Is your niche a Profitable niche?

Are there real life buyers in the niche or is it full of people looking for free

Is there any competition in your chosen niche? Listen, if there’s no
competition then I would seriously consider not progressing any further with
your niche. If you’re not seeing any competitors its highly unlikely you’ve
uncovered a niche topic that no one else is aware of – its far more likely
there is no money to be made in that market.

For example, jokes – there may be a lot of people searching for jokes online
but how many people are actually spending money on jokes type products?

Another one is paranormal – again, there may be lots of people searching for
paranormal related information, but how many of them are actual buyers and
would spend their hard earned cash on an information product? If you do a
search in Google you’ll find just a small handful of paranormal info-products
but when you compare it to how much information is out there for free, you
can soon appreciate that there aren’t enough buyers in this market.

WARNING: Here is where most Affiliates Fail

Most affiliates send their traffic directly to the offer. i.e. directly to the sales
page via their affiliate link. In this case they’re just relying on the strength of
the sales copy on the Vendor’s page to convert their traffic into a sale. Even
if a vendor’s sales page had a very good conversion ratio of say 5% (which
by the way is an outstanding conversion rate) it still means that 95 out of
every 100 visitors they send to the vendor’s page are simply lost forever. As
you’ll soon realise when you go through the rest of this course, we have a
far more effective strategy for Affiliate marketing...

It’s a simple fact that most people don’t buy straight away. They often need
to see a relevant sales message several times before they decide to
purchase. So, the way we do Affiliate marketing different from most other
affiliates is we’re going to send all our targeted traffic to our own web page
which has an opt-in form on it so we can build our list. Our strategy includes
creating a simple, but targeted web page that is offering something relevant
for free in exchange for the visitor giving their name and email address.

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Once you start building a list then you have a massive asset. You can follow
up with your subscribers by email and send them further marketing emails
talking about the benefits of the vendor’s product you are promoting and
basically you’ve got far more chances to make a sale.

I recommend you use either Aweber, 1ShoppingCart or GetResponse to host
your List. We cover list building in great detail in the separate module “List
Empire”, but for now just understand that you need to build your own list of
subscribers that you can market to over and over again.

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Your list truly is a massive asset because once you have built a list (even if
just 100 subscribers) then you can send them emails about other related
products in your niche. Therefore it is important you choose a niche that has
the potential to make money with multiple products (and not just one with a
single product).

The advantage of an autoresponder is that you can set it up so that it sends
out an email welcoming your subscriber and giving them the free report as
soon as they’ve opted in. You can then automatically follow up with then on
set days and times. Another big advantage of using a service such as Aweber
is that you can track how many people open your emails and how many click
on the links contained within them. Having this type of information at your
fingertips is invaluable as you’re able to focus on what’s working well for you
and what can be improved.

Start off by sending emails that are not too pushy in trying to sell – that may
sound like a contradiction, but it is better to give them more good content
and then casually add the email link at the bottom of your email.

Continue like this for another 3-4 days by sending out more valuable content,
then later down the line, start making your messages more sales like. If you
hit them too hard to begin with, you will frighten them away!

Most buyers are repeat buyers. By this I mean, that 9 out of 10 buyers will
buy more than one product in the same niche. Think about it, take the golf
niche for example, how many golfers do you know that not only buy clubs,
clothing, shoes but they also buy books, magazines, DVD’s and other training

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material. Finding a niche like this is a true goldmine as you can follow up
with your subscribers and make multiple sales of many different, but related

What are you actually selling? Don’t just think in terms of products but think
more like providing solutions to problems. For example, if you have a niche
on “how to get your ex back” then that is a niche where your buyers are
experiencing pain and they’re looking for a solution. The alternative is finding
a market which has great passion about something, such as golf where they
are so passionate about golf they will buy multiple products on the subject.

Why you must Own Your Own Website

In order to be really successful as an affiliate marketer you must own your
own website. When you get traffic for your affiliate campaigns you want to
send them to your own website where you can do 3 things:

   1. Offer an unbiased review of the product you are promoting

   2. Pre-selling the prospect on why they should buy the product

   3. Giveaway a valuable free report in exchange for their name and email

We will go into the detail of what you put on your web page in a moment,
but first you must consider your overall strategy.

I recommend you have a central website which you can as your name or
your brand.

For example, I’ve got my Blog at and I also
have another web page for my brand at

(You don’t need to use your real name if you don’t want to. Many marketers
use pen names or other brand names, but the point is you need to have
something generic that you can use to build your brand and reputation).

Then, I recommend you have a separate website for each niche you are
going to participate in as an Affiliate. If you’re just getting going then you
may want to just go for the one website for now, but as you build your
Internet Marketing Empire you’ll definitely want to have websites for multiple
niches as well as a more generic one for your own brand.

If you look in the Getting Started module there are some videos which walk
you through every step of getting your domain name and hosting set up as
well as using FTP software for uploading your website to your hosting

   Copyright © Chris Freville All rights reserved                             14
I recommend you use to register your domains
and to host your domains. Don’t worry if you’re
completely new to all this and are not familiar with domains and hosting. The
videos walk you through getting set up each step of the way.

The main reasons I recommend these services is because they’re inexpensive
but extremely reliable. You can have unlimited domains hosted at Hostgator
all for the same low cost monthly price, so as you grow your Internet
Marketing Empire you add on further domains for no extra cost.
Furthermore, Namecheap and Hostgator both come with 24 hour support so
if you have any questions at all, they are very quick to respond.

When choosing a domain name I recommend you base it around keywords
related to either the niche market or actual product you are promoting.

For example, in the “get your ex back” relationships niche, you could try:


Think laterally and try and include the keyword somewhere in the domain
name. You can even use hyphens (-) if the domain you want is already
taken. E.g.

When choosing a domain, just choose one of the following extensions:


Other extensions such as .info are not worth bothering with because you get
very little credit from Google and therefore your site is less likely to rank
highly in the search engines.

I recommend you make use of the following tools in order to help you find
related keywords and available domain names.

WordTracker -

Google Keywords -

Google Wonderwheel -

Clickbank Marketplace -

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Once you have your domain registered, then you’ll need to create your
landing page (aka squeeze page). If you’re not familiar with creating your
own squeeze page then we cover this in great detail in the List Empire
module where we show many different examples. Here’s one example of a
squeeze page where I’m giving away a short video in exchange for their
email address. It has all the key elements of what you need to include:

   •   A headline
   •   A sub-headline
   •   Some bullet point benefits
   •   An image of the free report or free video they’ll be receiving
   •   A call to action
   •   The opt-in form

Your squeeze page must be offering something of value. You could either
write a free report of about 6-10 pages that answers the questions your

   Copyright © Chris Freville All rights reserved                            16
prospects are typically going to ask, or you can even record a short video like
I did in the example above. People love video so your opt-in rates will be
high. Just make sure that you give something of high quality. If you just
giveaway some junk type report, even though it’s being given away for free,
think about what your subscribers are going to think of you if its not to a
very high standard… Your reputation is everything so don’t lose it by being

You may want to also add links for a privacy page, contact page, about us
page. If you’re going to advertise on Google Adwords for getting traffic then
these pages are essential as Google has specific guidelines about how the
landing page should be presented. If you’ve never created a web page before
then there are many tools out there you can use such as Microsoft
Frontpage, Dreamweaver, NVU, Kompozer or even XSitePro.

All these web editing tools are fairly similar and if you search in Google you’ll
find plenty of video tutorials that teach you how to use the tools. Kompozer
is free to download and use. Another recommended program is XSitePro as it
makes creating a website a breeze because you don’t need to have any
technical skills or programming knowledge. You can easily add your own
graphics, links and even upload it your hosting account all from within the
XSitePro tool at

Once you have your squeeze page uploaded, you’re ready to send traffic to
it. The quickest way to get traffic is from Google Adwords, but if you’ve never
used Adwords before then you’ll want to make sure you set yourself a daily
budget you can afford. It is without doubt, one of the quickest ways to get
targeted traffic fast to your websites, but you need to be careful you don’t
blow your whole budget in one go.

You’ll definitely want to send lots of targeted traffic to your squeeze page so
you can start building your list.

   Copyright © Chris Freville All rights reserved                             17
In the Traffic Empire module we cover many different techniques for getting
both paid and free traffic, but for the purposes of explaining the process in
this Blueprint, you can use whichever traffic method you’re comfortable with.
Using free traffic will just take that bit longer but in the long term you
definitely want to be getting visitors from as many different traffic sources as
you can. Remember, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

You could get free traffic from a Blog, you could write articles, you could
distribute the articles by syndicating on many article syndication sites. You
could create videos which you show on YouTube, Google Video and many
other video directory sites. You could do Forum marketing and add your web
link to all the posts you make in a forum specific to your niche. You could add
content to various Web 2.0 sites and communities such as,,, and many other social networking
sites. The more content you add to your Blog and these other sites the more
traffic you’ll get. If you don’t want to write your own content you can always
hire an inexpensive writer at places like or

When you check out the rest of your Internet Marketing Empire course you’ll
see the entire training course is split over 60 videos and blueprints
covering every module in step by step detail. It’s like watching over my
shoulder as I show you inside my online business… all laid out in easy to
follow screen capture videos.

Testing Your Affiliate Campaign FAST!

Do a small Google Adwords campaign – spending $50 or so, just to see if
you’re getting traffic and whether people are interested in your free report.
Can do it with other traffic but it will take a bit longer. Need to see if we can
build a list of at least 100 people. If we can, then we know we can sell
something to them from Clickbank. Look at your numbers and evaluate
whether you’re breaking even or even making a profit. Eg. if you’ve spent
$50 and built a list of 100 people and then sold them 3 products at $67 each
where you got approximately 50% commission at $30 each, then your total
income is $90. Therefore you made a profit of $40.

Note, you’re not looking to make big profits with this test, but instead just
evaluate whether you can at least break even or make a small profit. If you
can, then you have a winner as now its just a case of tweaking the numbers
and then rolling it out to greater numbers of both paid and free traffic. If,
however, you made a loss then don’t dwell on it any longer, but instead just
move on to test another niche until you find one which does at least break

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Successful Affiliate Marketing

When you analyze the difference between an average affiliate marketer
who’s just making a few hundred dollars here and there, and a successful
super affiliate who’s making tens of thousands per month you soon realize
why the super affiliate is far more successful…

The super affiliate is building their own Internet Marketing Empire by creating
their own assets:

   1. Their own List of subscribers
   2. Their own Websites

You need a website for many reasons. Firstly, for all the hard work you put
into getting traffic to your offers, you want to get reward for your hard work
by actually building your own list. You don’t just want the traffic to go
straight to the product vendor’s site where they’ll build the full benefit of the
incoming traffic.

Secondly, if you’re going to use any Google Adwords for getting traffic, then
Google won’t actually allow you to send your visitors directly to the product
vendor’s site (via your affiliate link) as they have a rule that there can only
be one advertiser per website (and the product vendor will most certainly be
using Adwords to do some advertising).

Using Your Affiliate Link

Once you have your web page ready with your opt-in form you are ready to
start making money from affiliate marketing. You can do this in two ways.
Firstly you can create an affiliate link and add it to the re-direct path for
when somebody presses the “submit” button when opting in on your web
page. i.e. when someone signs up for a free report that you’re giving away,
you set it up so they are automatically redirected via your affiliate link to the
product vendor’s page. You also set it up so that the visitor receives the free
report via the broadcast email sent out from List server eg. Aweber,
1shoppingcart or GetResponse.

The second way to make money, which you’ll soon realize is the more
lucrative way is to set up your autoresponder so that it sends out emails
discussing the benefits of the product you’re promoting and in each email
you include your affiliate link.

In order to look professional and to safeguard your earnings, you will want to
set up a redirect on your affiliate link (aka cloaking your affiliate link) before
adding it your email message.

   Copyright © Chris Freville All rights reserved                              19
For example, if you went to the Clickbank marketplace and chose a product
to promote – in our example we’ve picked Rapid Mass Traffic. We click on the
“Promote” button and up pops the following window:

We then enter our Clickbank ID (aka your CB account nickname eg.
“domniche”) and an optional tracking id (in this example I’ve typed in
“squeeze1” so I know that if a sale is made I can see from my sales reports
in Clickbank that it was the email number 1 from my squeeze page that was
responsible for the opt-in.

When I press the “Create” button, Clickbank creates a long affiliate link as
shown below:

To be honest, giving out a link such as:

   Copyright © Chris Freville All rights reserved                              20

is not very pleasing to the eye and even if your reader doesn’t realize its an
affiliate link its not exactly encouraging them to want to click on it. So, we’re
going to cloak our link.
If you go to your server’s control panel which can be found at and click on the Redirects button (within
the Domains section) you’ll get to a page like the one below.

We can then set up a redirect link (aka 301 redirect link) by filling in the

For example, my website and folder and folder
/traffic i.e. redirects to

Therefore in your emails you can simply use something like: instead of the horrible looking affiliate link,
but it will still work exactly the same way and you will still get credit for any
affiliate sales you make.

   Copyright © Chris Freville All rights reserved                              21
Email marketing to your list

So, to re-cap you build your list by driving traffic to your squeeze page, and
then you send out promotional emails to your subscribers for affiliate offers
where you’ve added your cloaked affiliate link to the broadcast email.

Here is a real life example of the email I used to promote Rapid Mass Traffic:

Subject: Underground: How to get 95,237 visitors in a DAY...


Let me ask you something...

What if I told you to STOP working day and night writing
articles, posting blogs, setting up PPC campaigns, searching high
and low for joint venture partners, creating videos ... and all
the other back breaking and boring stuff?

Would you think I'm crazy? I mean, how else is anyone going to
find your website online? How else are you going to get traffic?

Well not so long ago, a close friend of mine, Mo Latif did just
that. He walked away and dropped everything.

He stopped article marketing, blogging, SEO, link building,
press releases, social bookmarking ... all the old 'traditional'
marketing techniques everyone is talking about to this day.

He stepped away from these tired and 'old' traffic generation
methods, as he was sick of spending all his time at the keyboard.
I'm sure you would rather travel, relax and enjoy your life ...

   Copyright © Chris Freville All rights reserved                            22
wouldn't you?

So why did he suddenly drop the ball? Why didn't he carry on
doing what everybody else was doing?

He found the truth, it's mind-blowing to be honest ...

Let me explain...

In the past he was generating around 250 visitors on a bad day.
The problem was, no matter how hard he tried, the traffic was

He wanted more, a lot more...

The traffic levels would never go beyond a certain point. He
used every trick in the book over the years, and even had staff
working for him. But still, the traffic always hit a peak and
just stayed there.

It got worse too... Google would change their search engine
algorithms *once again* and did you know they even started
banning Adwords accounts for no apparent reason and without

This left him no choice but to start all over again ... however
this time, it would be much harder, thanks to all the *NEW*
hurdles and hoops Google is going to make us jump through.

But did you know Google only accounts for 20% of the online
traffic? What happened to the other 80%?

For years, he spent all his time serving Google. Playing by
their rules, not to forget Yahoo and Bing. A complete search
engine puppet ... moulding his lame income around their greedy

Hiring SEO experts, writers, paying for backlinks, social
bookmarking, the works, just to keep up with their ever demanding
and changing requirements ...

... in all this time, life passed him by, locked away in his
home office, busting his back trying to get (and keep) traffic
dribbling to websites.

But NOT anymore as those days are over.

He walked away being a traffic slave and developed a 3 step

   Copyright © Chris Freville All rights reserved                   23
system which taps into that remaining 80% of online traffic that
no one knows about. A traffic goldmine you absolutely must see
for yourself if you want to survive online...

= = > >

(And no, it's not Facebook, Twitter or Myspace ... it's NOT
about wasting your time trying to make friends with people so you
can sell to them one day)

And get this...

He checked his traffic stats the other day and to my amazement
this *NEW* unknown traffic source had generated 95,237 visitors
in a single day ... and it didn't involve ANY of those tired old
traffic methods you've been drowning in for so long.

He did encounter a problem though ... he was sending TOO MUCH
traffic to websites using nothing but an affiliate link! That's
right ... NO website and guess what else ... ?

The fulfilment people called him up and said stop whatever he
was doing because they couldn't process the orders fast enough!

Read more about this in an exclusive report which shows you how
he did it ...

= = > >

But that's not all...

Some people might say ANYONE can get a lot of traffic, but
targeted traffic is what pays the bills...right? Well, let me
reassure you ... this secret traffic source helped generate
$184,195 in ONE MONTH, just as an affiliate.

Is that targeted enough for you? :)

Listen ... forget hiring SEO experts, paying for overpriced
Adword ads and giving huge chunks of each sale away to affiliates
and JV partners...

... this system makes money so easily, it uses nothing but 3
steps in any niche or market.

= = > >

   Copyright © Chris Freville All rights reserved                   24
Other people might say you need to be an expert, or have special
connections. Honestly, they couldn't be further from the

You see, this was done without any partner traffic, without
affiliates, without using existing traffic sources, without
calling in any favours and without buying a website which already
had traffic.

And for the record, these 95,237 visitors didn't come from some
SEO fluke, some expensive media buys, ad swaps or link building.
It was like flipping on a switch, and almost as easy.

Plus it's NOT complicated, NOT blackhat, NOT hard work and
certainly NOT *ILLEGAL*.

Anyway the traffic from Dec 16th 2009 to Jan 15th 2010 was as
low as, a pathetic 251 visits a day...

... and after pushing the button on the new traffic source, from
Jan 16th to Feb 15th 2010 the visitors skyrocketed up to 95,237
in a DAY! Make no mistake... that is a DAY. The proof is on the

= = > >

No Google. No Yahoo. No Bing. No slaps, no red tape, no SEO, no
article writing ... none of the usual crap you've been fed in the

So if you want the *underground* shortcut to getting TRUE server
crushing traffic, then I strongly suggest you learn it from this
f.ree report before he takes it down:

= = > >

And here's something else you should know...

A guy doing 'adhoc jobs' on a FARM used the 3 step system and
guess what ... ?

He went on to generate $1.2 million AND create a list of over
66,000 subscribers.

Crazy? Yes. Impossible? Heck no...

Consider this ... if a total newbie, a farm boy with no
experience or skill sets can make that kind of money and success

   Copyright © Chris Freville All rights reserved                   25
with this, then so can you. In fact, I'm already guessing you're
more experienced and smarter than he is.

There's a reason why the 'usual' traffic methods don't work
anymore ... because every man and his dog is hammering it all day
long. Everyone is undercutting the competition, working longer
hours, hiring more staff ... it's a blood bath out there.

So my advice is simple...

Walk away from it all, before you get sucked dry to the bone and
go mentally insane. Don't get caught up in their vicious cycle
and spend the next 5 years hoping things will get better ...
because the truth is, it's only going to get tougher and tougher
if you stand still and follow the sheep.

Download this f.ree report, click the link below and get ready
for a *new* future ... a future with no rules, hardly *any*
competition and without spending years stuck in front of the
screen trying to figure it out ...


This one email made me thousands of dollars in affiliate
commissions! It really is that simple, but you’ve got to write emails which
are compelling for your reader to read and they encourage them to take
action. There are a number of videos which go into great detail about email
marketing including some clever tricks which subtly seduce your reader into
taking action in the Email Empire module. Make sure you check it out!

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Affiliate Underground – The Unfair Advantage

Normally, when choosing a product to promote you would typically select one
where the gravity is at least 50 meaning that the sales page is converting
very well. i.e. the sales copy on the vendor’s website is very compelling and
does a good job of persuading the web visitor to make a purchase.

However, what about if the product you’re promoting doesn’t have a very
good sales page? It may actually be a very good product, but the product
owner is not skilled at writing strong sales copy. I love these types of affiliate
campaigns because I have very little competition as other affiliates don’t
believe it’s worth promoting and I know can make a lot more sales using my
“Affiliate Cheat” unfair advantage.

Affiliate Underground – Affiliate Cloning


With the Affiliate Cheat software shown above you can send someone directly
to the order page thereby bypassing the vendor’s sales page. However, a
word of warning, you must get permission from the product vendor first.

Create a link that cookies the prospect with your affiliate link but also then
sends them directly to the product vendor’s order page thereby bypassing
the vendor’s own sales page.

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This technique massively increases the chances of making an immediate
sale, but just make sure you get permission from the product vendor first. In
most cases they will be delighted because they know you’re going to be
making a whole load of sales for them that they would never otherwise have
made. This is the real power of Affiliate marketing! Find out more by
watching the videos in the Affiliate Empire module…

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The main intention of this Blueprint is to get you up and running making fast
cash today. Of course, many of you will be at varying levels of experience –
from complete beginners to long-time, but struggling affiliates and even
those of you who have your own product but you’re not seeing the rewards
you deserve.

Therefore I’ve had to get the balance right in keeping this guide as short as
possible and walking you through each of the steps to finally make affiliate
marketing work for you but without all the clutter of including things you
may already know.

We will re-cap the steps below, but if there are any steps that you’re
unfamiliar with then your next step is to get into the “meat” of my
Internet Marketing Empire course.

When you check out the rest of your Internet Marketing Empire course you’ll
see the entire training course is split over 60 videos and blueprints
covering every module in step by step detail. It’s like watching over my
shoulder as I show you inside my online business… all laid out in easy to
follow screen capture videos.

I’ll see you on the inside…

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The Master Classes and Modules are split up in such a way that you don’t
have to follow this course from start to finish in a regimental way. Its all laid
out in a way that you can jump straight into the sections that are most
relevant to you at any particular point and get everything you need on that
particular topic all in one place!

So, to re-cap…

The 10 high level steps are:

#1. Find your niche market
#2. Find an existing product to promote
#3. Create a squeeze page offering a free report about the niche
#4. Drive fast test traffic to your squeeze page using Adwords ($50 - $100)
#5. Build your list fast
#6. Promote the product by sending emails to your list
#7. Analyze the results of the fast traffic test
#8. If profitable, send more free traffic in place of the Adwords traffic
#9. If not profitable, try promoting another product to your list
Note: your list is your asset and the money spent in acquiring the list is not
wasted. You just need to find another product to promote that converts
#10. (optional step) – Use the Affiliate Cloning technique at to really ramp your earnings per visitor.

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These are the high level steps in a nutshell as outlined in this Blueprint. As I
said, if you’re unfamiliar with any of the steps such as using Google Adwords
or setting up your Autoresponder then make sure you watch the relevant
training videos for the specific modules you’re interested in. In order to help
you further, here is a more detailed breakdown of the steps including each

#1. Find your niche market
#2. Research your niche to see if it’s a profitable niche
#3. Find a product in the Clickbank marketplace relevant to your niche
#4. Create your affiliate link for promoting the product
#5. Cloak your affiliate link using the 301 redirect in your Cpanel
#6. Use keywords to find a suitable domain name
#7. Write a 6-10 page report on something relevant about your chosen niche
#8. Register your domain and set up your hosting
#9. Set up an account with an Autoresponder service such as Aweber
#10. Create a simple squeeze page offering your free report via an opt-in
#11. Set the opt-in form to redirect to the vendor’s page via your affiliate
#12. Drive fast test traffic to your squeeze page using Adwords ($50 - $100)
#13. Build your list of subscribers fast

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#14. Send out valuable content emails via your Autoresponder
#15. Send out more sales-like emails via your Autoresponder
#16. Measure the response you’re getting from your Adwords campaign
#17. If the numbers are favourable then drive lots more free traffic
#18. If not profitable, try promoting another product to your list
Note: your list is your asset and the money spent in acquiring the list is not
wasted. You just need to find another product to promote that converts
#19. Move on to your next niche and start building your Empire
#20. (optional step) – Use the Affiliate Cloning technique at to really ramp your earnings per visitor.

Creating Your Own Internet Marketing Empire

So there’s just one technique you can use to start making money fast from
affiliate marketing.

When you check out the rest of your Internet Marketing Empire course you’ll
see the entire training course is split over 60 videos and blueprints
covering every module in step by step detail. It’s like watching over my
shoulder as I show you inside my online business… all laid out in easy to
follow screen capture videos.

I’ll see you on the inside…


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