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                      Who are Taliban ?
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Table of Contents:

   The Movement of Taliban

   Interview with the Ameer ul M'umineen

   Who are Taliban ? & their Goal

   The dynamic address of Mulla Ameer Khan Muttaqi

   What is the Shara'ee Status of the Taliban?

   Taliban's Afghanistan

   Taliban working to redevelop Afghanistan

   The Lions Of Allah

   Faith in the Taliban

   Purdah, the law of Taliban or the law of Allah?

   Why Women Should stay in Their Houses.

   A letter from an Arab Muslim Woman
                  The Movement of Taliban.
Afghanistan occupies a very important geographical position in
the Asian sub-continent from here Pakistan, India, China, Sri
Lanka, the Gulf states and Arabian Peninsula are at an
accessible distance.

When Russia launched its programme of colonization and
expansion, it established its government over many small
countries. The governing force behind this move was the
Russian ideology. The countries Russia Seized through
aggression and blood-shed, it implemented its beliefs over them
at once. Thus they forcibly converted innumerable millions into

Mean while, material and ideological links brought Russia and
India closer to each other. Thus potentially, India became a
headache for China and Pakistan. Russia drew over to its side
Afghanistan too, in order to gain direct advantages as well as to
create problems for Pakistan.

History is a witness therefore, of Afghanistan's negative attitude
towards Pakistan. Afghanistan was always at the forefront in
generating anti-Pakistan propaganda too.
Another thing which deeply troubled Russia was the non-
availability of hot water in its region. It was constantly on the
look-out for ways to reach the hot waters of the Arabian Sea,
which would establish its supremacy over the entire world. For
this end it had its eyes upon Pakistan. For, its port of Gawader
was best suited for its purpose. Karachi and its sea was of a
considerable strategic advantage to it. Russian-controlled Thus
in the initial stages of the programme, Russian agents were
created from Afghan schools and colleges. Next a movement
was born. During one of the Movement's rallies, Russia had one
of its own secret agent, Akbar Khyber, killed. President Dawood
Shah was held responsible for the murder, there was a military
uprising against him, and Dawood Shah was killed. Russia then
gave the control of Afghanistan into the hands of one of its own
agents Noor Muhammad Taraki. After he had rendered the
required services, he was disposed off and HafeezulLah Ameen
was given charge. When HafeezulLah ceased to be useful he
was killed too and now the leadership was given into the hands
of Babrak Karmal. Now when the stage had been set Russian
troops invaded Afghanistan. And then the atrocities perpetrated
by Russia against the Afghan people can hardly be put in words.
Masajid and Madaris were laid waste, `Ulema, Talabah and thee
pious people were mercilessly killed or imprisoned. Khanqahs'
and reformatory centres were bulldozed. Houses were
demolished, burying people alive. Tanks wrecked havoc and
destruction upon the defenceless Afghan people. Islam was
made fun of, the Holy Quraan desecrated and burned. Women
children were kidnapped and dishonoured.

On the border of Pakistan, the Russian troops gathered
information from the people on how best to reach Karachi and
Gawadar. The Communists in Pakistan were gleefully awaiting
the Russian advance, prophesying that the Red Revolution had
become the destiny of the Pakistani people. I remember well that
a Russian Communist had said to me that we have reached the
borders of Pakistan. In no time now our braves will be landing
in Karachi.

Nearly all the Muslims fled from Afghanistan. They had not the
least inkling that the Red Revolution would totally fail and the
Russian troops would withdraw from Afghanistan. Near
Meeranshah, from the mountains of Khost and Zawar where the
Russian troops had taken up positions, Bannu and other areas of
Pakistan could easily be targeted.

In short, when the system of Kufa and cruelty reached its peak,
Allah Ta`ala decided to annihilate it. To confront this Super
Power He created a small band of people. With just a few
`Ulema and Talabah of Islamic Madaris declared Jihaad against
the Russian army.

The first 'Fatwa', concerning the Jihaad of Afghanistan was
given by Sheikh-ul-Hadeeth, Pakistan, Maulana `Abdul Haq and
Maulana Mufti Mahmood sahib Raheema-hulLahu Ta`ala. On
the basis of this 'Fatwa' the proud `Ulema of Afghanistan,
Talabah of Deeni Madaris, and pious people of different areas,
challenged the Russian forces and thus began the war for

Armed resistance against Karmal's troops started. Babrak
Karmal used all the force at his command, but failed to stop the
wave of 'Jihaad'. Russia called upon its allies. From every
country contingents upon contingents expert of in guerilla
warfare started arriving in Afghanistan. But Afghanistan became
a grave-yard for them. Allah Ta`ala's assistance was with the
Mujahideen. Different countries helped them in different ways.
Filled with religious fervour, with 'Imaan', devoted Muslims
from different countries arrived to sacrifice their lives; to help
the Mujahideen. Mujahideen from Egypt, Syria, Kuwait,
Palestine, Sudan, Saudi Arabia etc. took part in the Jihaad on the
pure basis of 'Imaan'. Asian countries such as Bangladesh,
Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan took part in the 'Jihaad' against
the Russians too. Momentous battles were fought; renowned
pillars of Kufr came razing to the ground. Leaders of Kufr were
defeated on every front.

Meanwhile Brezhnev died with unfulfilled dreams. He was
succeeded by Andropov. Andropov died and Cherenkov took
his place as leader of the soviet Union. At his death Gorbachov
took command. Gorbachov announced the withdrawal of the
Russian troops from Afghanistan. Russian economy had broken
down to such an extent that Russia found it difficult to exist as a
United Soviet Republic. Eventually Gorbachov announced
independence and consequently the end of the Soviet Union.
Thus did 'Jihaad' succeed in breaking up a large Communist
block of the world.

Gorbachov established a puppet government in Afghanistan,
giving its control to NajeebulLah. Babrak Karmal was disposed
off. Under instructions of the Russian forces, Najeeb persecuted
the Muslims mercilessly but found it impossible to stand against
the Mujahideen. He was sure that they would enter Kabul at any

Now began political machination. America saw that the Soviet
Union had come to and end so it imposed restrictions upon
many facilities of the Mujahideen of These created innumerable
problems for them. At the merest sign from America some
Muslim countries too turned away. The pious Mujahideen of
yesterday now became 'fundamentalists', 'terrorists'. The
countries in favour of the Mujahideen suddenly became the
well-wishers of NajeebulLah. But in spite of everything Najeeb
could not save his government The Mujahideen started their
advance towards Kabul.

The Mujahideen's first error: When the Communists realized
that armed strength would no longer work, they changed their
strategy. They came running to the Mujahideen assuring them of
their fidelity. They invited the Mujahideen to enter Kabul.
Mazar-i-Shareef and Jalalabad were first handed over the
Mujahideen. Then they were allowed to enter Kabul
triumphantly. And so instead of winning Kabul through war, it
was made over to them unconsciously, under a secret
conspiracy. A Condition off truce prevailed. The Mujahideen
took over residential areas, and areas of military importance,
While the cunning and crafty Communists retained hold of all,
fortresses, and military airports. The Communists gained two
immediate advantages. Firstly they acquired peace and through
the secret agreement many privileges too (Dostum's control over
six provinces around Mazar was a part of this conspiracy), and
secondly they still retained military control of Kabul.

Mistake of the Friendly Muslim States
All these machinations culminated in the fall of Kabul. When
the time for forming a government arrived, the efforts of all the
anti-Islamic states such as America, Britain, France etc. were
directed at preventing a purely Islamic government from being
established in Afghanistan. For the achievement of this aim they
used some Islamic governments. The greatest enemy of the
Muslims, the U.N.O and the Security Council directly took part
in this plan. At their instigation the Muslim countries proposed a
plan for the formation of a government in Afghanistan. They
suggested that Professor Mujaddidi should be made President
for two months. After that the post should be given to Professor
Burhanuddin Rabbani for six months. Elections were scheduled
after that. If this proposal would have been put before a child
even he would have laughed at it, for, the formation of a
government is such an important and critical task that even a
day's delay can prove fatal. Specially so in an Islamic form of
government, where precedence is given to the formation of a
new Khilafat over the burial of the Khalifah. This is so because
the entire worldly system and the Islamic system depends upon
the new Khalifa.

Recalling history, the Khilafah of Siddique-e-Akbar
RadhialLahu-`anhu , had been given more priority than the
burial of Hudhoor-e-Akram SallalLahu Alayhi Wasallam. The
Khilafah of Hadhrat `Umar Farooqi RadhialLahu `anhu had not
been revealed upon anyone. Instead, it was announced that the
person whose name was written in the sealed paper would be the
next Khalifah of the Muslims. There was unanimous agreement
and thus Hadhrat `Umar Farooqi had already been chosen as a
Khalifah even before his name on the sealed paper was revealed.
Then when Hadhrat `Umar Farooqi was wounded he ordered a
six-member Shura to deliberate behind closed doors, and not to
come out before deciding upon his successor, the next Khalifah.
Hadhrat `Umar RadhialLahu-`anhu posted guards outside the
room so that no one could come out before selecting the next
Khalifah. Thus the selection of a Khalifa, the formation of a
government was extremely sensitive and important in even those
blessed days of long ago, and here in the present times the
Mujahideen were asked to form a government in instalments!
This was the biggest mistake, as it provided an opportunity for
creating disturbances to every enemy of Islam. Another greater
mistake was that Khalifah was not purposely mentioned
anywhere, Faithfulness to the shuhada's blood had demanded the
use of terms Khalifa and Khilafat instead of President and prime
minister. A Khilafat should have been established based upon
the golden rules of Sharee`ah, but this was not so.

Beginning of the Taliban Islamic Movement in Afghanistan
This weakness in the government structure gave rise to conflicts
and dissension. Internally a powerful enemy armed to the teeth
was already in possession of key military posts and sensitive
areas, so this newborn, weak government was left at its mercy.

The Communists took advantage of this opportunity. When they
realized that they could create conflicts among the Mujahideen,
they infiltrated different groups to create dissension there. They
acted upon their policy of accepting every kind of circumstances
and turning them to their own advantage. Thus, very cleverly,
having joined different factions they put into effect their plan to
defame Jihad and the Mujahideen. Countries which were the
enemies of Islam, and Muslim countries which were afraid of
the establishment of purely Islamic government and Khilafat
took an active part in this conspiracy. All these countries readily
agreed to provide financial aid to the different factions, while
internally the Communists redoubled their efforts of creating
dissension and discord. For now every conflict, robbery,
obscenity, disturbance could be laid at the myalideen's door.
Internationally, the Mujahideen government was taunted with
every infamy, every conflict which took place in the country.
The trouble was caused by the troublemakers but the myabideen
were blamed for it. The Communists took advantage of this
opportunity. When they realized that they could create conflicts
among the Mujahideen, they infiltrated different groups to create
dissension there. They acted upon their policy of accepting
every kind of circumstances and turning them to their own
advantage. Thus, very cleverly, having joined different factions
they put into effect their plan to defame Jihad and the
Mujahideen. Countries which were the enemies of Islam, and
Muslim countries which were afraid of the establishment of
purely Islamic government and Khilafat took an active part in
this conspiracy. All these countries readily agreed to provide
financial aid to the different factions, while internally the
Communists redoubled their efforts of creating dissension and
discord. For now every conflict, robbery, obscenity, disturbance
could be laid at the myalideen's door. Internationally, the
Mujahideen government was taunted with every infamy, every
conflict which took place in the country. The trouble was caused
by the troublemakers but the myabideen were blamed for it.

Conditions deteriorated to such an extent that the people cried
out in anguish. They were now even for Russia or a power even
much worse to take command of their country. They only asked
to be delivered from their sufferings. Their misery know
bounds. No one's wealth, life or honour was safe anymore.

Cities became deserted after Asr prayers, before the sun had
even set. People did not dare to venture outside their homes.
Tired after the day's work, they had yet to keep awake to quard
their homes. Even then they were not safe. During the daytime
too no one dared to venture out with their wives, daughters or
sisters, out of fear for their honour and safety.

People had sent their handsome, teenage sons to Pakistan as it
had become extremely dangerous for them to venture out in the
streets. Homosexuality, adultery had become so common that it
is said a boy married another boy in Kandahar. Many people
joyously celebrated the wedding, ringing the death-knell of all
decency, all that is good and honourable.

As far as the administration was concerned every large city was
governed by a different ruler, who was considered to be the sole
authority of his areas. If any of the Communists (who had turned
a blind eye, because the crime had been committed by their own
party-member. Roadblocks had been set up by the agents of the
commanders. No car or vehicle could pass by without paying
exorbitant amounts demanded by the agents. Sometimes the
travellers were deprived of their watches, gold rings and other
valuables too. If these agents saw a beautiful woman in a car
they used to forcefully pull her out saying that she was one of
their own women who had run away. In many such ways did
they play with the lives and honour, wealth of the travellers.
People's entreaties, wails and cries had no effect upon these
tyrants at all. Instead, their cries only served to incite them

This incident has been related by reliable sources. At a picket on
the Kandahar road when these tyrants demanded money from a
poor traveller he said, "Do Allah Ta`ala and his Rasool
SallalLahu Alayhi Wasallam allow you to extort money from
the people in this way?"

"Come let us ask Allah and His Rasool", the Satan at the gate
said. He then took the traveller inside a room wherein an ugly
beardless man was sitting. Beside him was another person just
like him. The picket-keeper addressed one of these repulsive
men and asked,

"O Allah, we are demanding so much money from this man. Do
we have your permission?"

"Yes, you have our permission", was the reply.

The picket-keeper turned to the other wicked character and

"O Rasool, do we have your permission too?" "Yes, you have
my permission too", he said.

The Satan in human form told the traveller, "see Allah and
Rasool have both given us their permission. Now hand over the
money if you know what is good for you."

My respected Muslim brothers, these acts cannot be those of
even a fasiq, fajir, Muslim sinner. These words are those of a
pure die-hard Communist. For it depicts the Communists's
attitude towards Allah Ta`ala and His Rasool SallalLahu Alayhi

When conditions reached this extent, when the Communists and
the irreligious gained such power in Afghanistan, Allah Ta`ala's
patience came to an end. The time arrived for "Truly strong is
the grisp and power of thy Lord", (85-12) the stage was set for
"Allah Almighty, Lord of Retribution", the blood of 16 lac
shuhada started having an effect. The prayers of the `Ulama,
Sulha, the learned and the pious were at last heard. From the city
of Kandahar Allah Ta`ala raised His army, the Taliban. Thus did
Allah Ta`ala prove His words, "and if ye turn back from His
path, He will substitute in your stead another people; then they
would not be like you!" (47-38).

Characteristics of the Taliban bold in speaking the truth, their
justice grant privileges to none; shy and modest are they in
nature, brave and courageous beyond imagining; every Muslim
is a sword for Batil, everyone's history resplendent with good

Who are the Taliban, where have they come from?

Allah Ta`ala blessed the Taliban with innumerable magnificent
victories in a very short period of time. The world asked in
amazement as to how could these fistful of unarmed Taliban
have done such deeds. This amazement gave birth to doubts in
their minds. People suspected that there must be some foreign
power backing them. They conjectured that the foreign power,
using the Taliban would break the strength of the former
Mujahideen. Then it would destroy the Taliban too, thus wiping
out the advantages of Jihad from Afghanistan. People began
questionning too as to where were the Taliban weapons coming
from. They raised the question, where had the Taliban acquired
military training. Another question which troubled their minds
was, who was bearing the exorbitant expenses of the Taliban's
war. I would like to give a short, concise answer to all these

Question 1: "Who are the Taliban? How did the Taliban
Movement originate? How did it gain such momentum?

Answer:- Taliban are the blessing of Allah Ta`ala which He in
His graciousness has bestowed upon the people of Afghanistan
in lieu of the innumerable sacrifices they have made. They are a
source of honour and liberation to all the oppressed Muslims of
the world.

The Taliban are those trained people of Deeni Madaris, or
Madaris-e-Islamiyyah who studied pure Islam, Islamic juris
prudence, laws of Shari`at under the expert guidance of
distinguished, learned Ulama-e-Kiraam. Some of these Talabah
have completed their education while some have yet to finish
their studies. In other words they hold the "Degree of Trust" of
the Deeni Madaris, and it is an undeniable fact that the Talabah
and Ulama of Deeni Madaris are true leaders, sincere devotees
and hold fearless fighters.

For the assurance of the Muslims it is enough to say that these
Talabah are students who have completed their studies in Deeni
Madaris and who have acquired training there. The present
governor of Jalalabad is a former student of Jami`ah Haqqaniah,
Akora Khattak Peshawar. His deputy too completed his studies
in the same Madarassah. The present judge of Jalalabad High
Court and its Qazi are scholars of another Madrasah in
Peshawar. The Qazi of Khost is an `Alim of a Deeni Madrasah
but the governor is not. Taliban representative to the U.N
Maulana Abdul Hakim is a Fazil of Binnori Town, Karachi and
is this writer's companion of Daurah-e-Hadith too.

Taliban ambassador in Islamabad, Muhammad M`asoom
Afghani is a Fazil of Dar-ul-`Uloom Karachi. He is also a Mufti,
having studied the course of Fatwa from Hazrat-e-Aqdas Mufti
Rasheed Ahmad Damat-Barakatu-Hum.

The Afghan envoy in Karachi acquired religious education from
Jami`ah Hammadiah.

Thus the Taliban rulers all over Afghanistan are `Ulama-e-Deen.

The Taliban are not extra-terrestrial beings who suddenly
descended from the sky or emerged from the caves and
mountains of Afghanistan. They are well-known people.

The Taliban are not extra-terrestrial beings who suddenly
descended from the sky or emerged from the caves and
mountains of Afghanistan. They are well-known people. Who
comes from which area, which family, the old residents of
Afghanistan the `Ulama, know them well. Their opponents are
fully aware too that the Taliban are in fact the `Ulama and
Talabah of Deeni Madaris, but when these Taliban defeated
their great leaders, instead of admitting the fact that these are
none but Talabah, and with them is but the assistance of Allah,
the opponents started accusing them of being American agents,
of belonging to the Pakistan army and militia. The basic reason
for this allegation was that the opposition leaders were actually
extremely proud of their power, of having defeated the Russian
forces. Firmly-rooted in their minds too was the belief that the
`Ulama and Talabah are the weakest and most helpless of
Allah's creatures. Outwardly these leaders professed to respect
and honour the Talabah and `Ulama but their minds rejected
their superiority. They in fact, considered them to be far inferior
to themselves. So when they were defeated by these very
Talabah and `Ulama, in order to hide their humiliation they
started saying that these poor and helpless people could never
defeat us. We were not defeated by them but it was the
Americans and the Pakistani militia who defeated us.

Recalling history, in the Ghazwah-e-Badr, Abu Jahl said to
Hazrat Ibn-e-Masoud RadhialLahu-`anhu, "O shepherd, be
proud for you are now in a position of pride." Abu Jahl then,
added "Would that I had been killed by someone else than a
farmer, a shepherd!"

See, Abu Jahl wished to attribute his defeat, his death to
someone else, instead of Ibne-Masoud RadhialLahu-`anhu so
that people would so that in the face of such a strong enemy he
was truly helpless, instead of saying that he was defeated by
someone far weaker than himself. The same is the case of the
Afghan commanders.

Their attitude towards the Taliban is the same, but these vain
leaders should not forget Allah Ta`ala law. "And We wished to
be gracious to those who were being depressed on the land, to
make them leaders in faith and make them heirs. To establish a
firm place for them in the land, and to show Firown, Haman and
their hosts, at their hands, the very things against which they
were taking precautions." (28-5: 6)
Allah Ta`ala says, We wanted to confer a favour upon those
who were thought to be weak. We wanted to make them leaders
and custodians of the land, and to make Firown and his army
suffer the very calamities against which they were so
confidently taking precautions.

The people who were thought to be weak were not actually
weak at all. It was the Pharoalis of the world, the proud ones
who considered them weak. In my opinion it is an insult to the
Afghan people to say that they were defeated by America or a
foreign power. The poor Taliban themselves are asking, "O
Muslims can you see nothing but America with whom you are
associating us? Cannot you behold the power of Allah? Allah
who is the Lord and Master, the Creator of America too. Justice
demands that you should frankly admit that you were defeated
by the Taliban, the Taliban with whom is the Divine assistance
of Allah. The nation which defeated the Russian savages, can it
be defeated by mere white-skinned Americans?

I will go further and ask those who accuse the Taliban of being
Americans or Pakistanis, where did the long, flowing beards
come from? Did the Americans sprout these beards as soon as
they set foot in the battle-field? Beards which have never ever
been shaven even once? I would also like to ask that if the
Taliban were Americans or Pakistanis where did they learn the
books of Nahv, Kafia Sharah-e-Jami? Books of Ilm-e-Ma`ani
Mukhtasir-ul-Ma`ani, Daroos-ul-Balagha, Miftah-ul-`Uloom?
Where did the Americans learn Arabic grammar? To top it all
how did these Americans manage to learn the Holy Qur'an by
heart, its Tafseer and explanation, details of the Ahadeeth,
lengthy articles of the Hanafi Fiqah? How did they learn all this
and why? My dear people, the Taliban are neither Pakistanis,
nor Americans. They are the Talib-e-`ilm who acquired Islamic
education in Madaris-e-Islamiyyah, from notable `Ulama-e-
Keraam. To call them Americans would mean that these
religiously educated Talabah and `Ulama were Na`oozu-BilLah
Jews, Christians and Kufaar. As far as the question remains that
how did this movement gain such momentum in such a short
time, the answer should be asked of the opponents. The
opposition should be asked why in spite of using their full force
against the Taliban, did they retreat so quickly?

My own opinion is that the Taliban movement spread so rapidly
because Allah Ta`ala's help and assistance is with them.
Secondly it is the Afghan people themselves, who are
welcoming the Taliban with open arms.

Then there is the world communication media. They let no
opportunity slip by without slinging mud at the Taliban. The
common people start believing them too. Thus when the Taliban
advance rapidly and gain victory, the entire world media starts
hinting that they have the support and backing of America or the
Pakistan militia. And when these very Taliban face defeat these
people start saying that these are but inexperienced people;
Talabah who have just left their Madaris. They have no
experience of warfare.

I say it clearly that the majority among the Taliban are those
Mujahideen who took part in the 14-year Jihaad. They are
veteran soldiers who successfully fought against the Russian
soldiers. After driving Russia out of Afghanistan these sincere
people had gone back to their studies, but selfish leaders of
Afghanistan forced then back into the battle-field, to fight for
the implementation of Islam.

Question 2: How did the Taliban Movement begin? What is its

Answer: The Taliban Movement was the result of the cries of
the oppressed Afghan people, the lamentations of the widows
and the weak. Cries of help are promptly heard by Allah Ta`ala.
Thus from the historic city of Kandahar emerged the present 33
year old Ameer-ul-M'umineen Mulla Muhammad `Umar
Mujahid. Along with him were fifteen to thirty Talabah too. As
a first step they destroyed some of the tall-gates set up by the
oppressors in Kandahar. Having thus gained control over an area
of a few miles the movement started spreading. A few more
sincere Talabah joined them. Boarding a truck all of them
headed for Spain Buldak which is an important border point
near Chaman, between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Hiding in the
covered truck, these armed Taliban reached Buldak. On the way
they kept telling the border-guards that the truck was carrying
live-stock and some other goods. Thus cleverly camoflaged they
arrived at Buldak where they launched an arrived attack. The
Mulhideen there were put to rout. Kandahar was laid a siege to.
Slowly fighting with one commander after another they gained
full control of the city. The people of Kandahar leaved a deep
sight of relief and offered heart felt thanks to Allah Ta`ala for
having delivered them from the oppressors. The Taliban putting
into force all Islamic rules and laws, then headed for the other
provinces. And now Al-Alhamdulillah when these words are
being written in, Losaha, Zambia, the Taliban control 23
provinces, along with the capital Kabul. The Islamic system is
fully in force in all the provinces.

The basis structure of this organization rests on the system of
Islamic Khilafah. Mulla Muhammad `Umar Mujahid is the
leader or Ameer-ul-M'umineen. The Muslims are performing
Bait on his hand. There are governors in every province,
Talabah and `Ulama in every department. They are running the
government smoothly and efficiently. Every department,
concerned with religious affairs or worldly matters is
functioning smoothly. Decisions are made in accordance with
the rules of Sharee`ah. Court decisions are made in the light of
Islamic laws, and justice is being provided to the people free of
bribery or partiality. There are two courts, the city or the lower
court and the provincial or the High Court which deal with all
judicial cases. The decisions of these two courts are further on
sent to the Supreme Court for further investigation and
verification. The final verdict is therefore based upon extensive
proof and is thus unalterable. If a lower court is unable to decide
a case, it is sent to the higher court where it is deliberated upon
by eminent, highly educated judges, `Ulama and Fuqaha.
Alhamdulillah, cases of the people are thus being solved
promptly, without any delay.

A department of Amar-bil-Ma`roof Wa Nahi Anil-Munkar
(enjoining good and forbidding evil) has been established. The
enforcement of Hudood and Qisaas by this department has
virtually wiped out all crimes from the provinces.

Taliban have made all the departments under their control
operative. The press has started working again; radio stations
have started broad casting, but strictly in accordance with the
laws of Sharee`ah. All television stations, being against Shari`at,
have been closed down. Factories have started production,
though to a limited extent; the agricultural department has been
very successful; trade incentives have been provided on the
establishment of peace. Numerous mosques have been built and
are now thronged with people. Extensive Islamic Madaris have
been established, where thousands of children are acquiring
education. To establish peace, teams of Taliban police patrol the
areas day and night. Every new-comer to the city is respected
and honoured; every local person or foreigner is provided full
justice. Public health facilities have been made available, many
hospitals have been constructed. All drugs and things harmful
for health have been banned. Women have been given the status
ordained for them by Sharee`ah; they have been stopped from
indulging in activities not allowed by Islam. Photography has
been banned, songs and music have been wiped out. In short, all
Islamic injunctions, characteristics, modes of worship, codes of
social behaviour are the order of the day. All things irreligious,
all Munkarat, dissension and strife have been wiped out clean.
All the goods manufactured in the country are extremely cheap,
but those imported from Pakistan etc. are a bit expensive. Due to
the Taliban government the value of Afghan currency has
increased. Business and trade is brisk and is being carried out on
the principles of what is Halaal in Islam.

Question 3:- Taliban are simple students of Deeni Madaris, are
they capable of running a government? They do not even know

Answer: This question was asked too by an anxious man of his
wife. "How will these Taliban be able to run a governmentt
when they do not even know English?"

His wife sweetly answered, "My dear husband, first tell me
which law will they implementt in Afghanistan?"

"They say they will implement the Islamic, Shara`ee laws all in
accordance with the Holy Quran"

"Then why should we worry? These Talaba and Ulama are tthe
greatest experts of Quran, Hadeeth and Sharaee laws. It will be
extremely easy for them to run the country on Sharaee
principles. Butt yes, the difficulty would have risen had they
been tryning to enforce the English legal system, without any
knowledge of English. There is no need for you to worry at all,
for these Taliban are experts in the laws according to which the
country will be governed."

I am all praise for the woman who said this. I would further like
to say that there is no government in the entire world as
exemplary, as ideal as the Taliban's. The Taliban government is
engaged in war on many fronts and yet at the same time it has
successfully implemented the system of Sharee`ah over the
entire area under its control. As soon as the Taliban control over
an area law and order is strictly enforced, peace reigns supreme.
All dissension and strife are put to rout, all evil practices
banished. The war ravaged Afghanistan is being reconstructed
and set on the road to progress and prosperity. Not only that but
the Taliban government is effectively counter acting propaganda
of the world media too. The Taliban government is winning
over the respect and love of the Afghan people also. Handling
all these problems simultaneously is, in my opinion, a miracle of
the Taliban government indeed. The world can boast of no
parallel at all.

Question 4: When did the Taliban acquire such quantities of
arms and ammunition? How did the Taliban learn to use such
sophisticated weapons?

Answer: As a matter of fact the Russians had supplied
unimaginably vast quantities of weapons to Afghanistan. During
the Jihaad, different commanders seized these weapons from the
Soviet army. But instead of depositing them in the Bait-ul-Maal,
these commanders retained them, considering them to be their
own personal property. When the Taliban defeated these
commanders, they took all the imunition into their own custody.
These were no ordinary weapons. I myself am a witness to the
fact that when Jalalabad fell to the Taliban, 250 tanks of
excellent Russiann make fell into the hands of the Islamic
militia too. My student invited me to step into one of these
tanks, and at a high speed he raced it for a couple of miles on the
wide thorough-fare of Jalalabad. "No tank in the world can go
beyond 40 miles an hour, but the speed of this tank is a 100
miles per hour," he told me. "Another unique quality is that
other have ten jumpers while this one has twenty."

This is only one instance I have related to you. Otherwise the
fact is that the weapons of all Afghan commanders are lying in
the Bait -ul-Maal of the Taliban.

Another answer to the question where did such huge quantities
of weapons come from, is that it came from the same place from
where it came to the other commanders.

As far as the question is concerned as to where the Taliban
acquired training to use these weapons, it does not deserve an
answer. For, in Afghanistan it is a Fardh upon every grown up
man to undergo a two-year military training course. The Taliban
were no exceptions. Furthermore these Taliban are the same
people who waged Jihaad against the Russians for fourteen
years. Would it be difficult for such people to use the
sophisticated weapons?

As far as those Talabah are concerned who did not acquire
military training nor took part in the Jihaad, their expertise is
self-acquired. They learn to use all sorts of weapons within a
few days. In the grounds of a military post in Kandahar a Talib-
e-`Ilm a-top a tank told me that he had learnt to drive it in only
seven days. Then he drove off leaving us standing astonished.
On the other hand the pilots of war planes are decidedly those
who were in service during the days of Zahir Shah. But they
were not Communists. Now in Islamic looks and dress they are
flying the Taliban planes.

Question 5: Who is funding the Taliban? In war-time every
commodity becomes extremely expansion. It seems there is
some secret donor.

Answer: The Taliban have two types of expenses. Firstly war
expenses or the purchase of weapons. The answer has already
been given. The weapons are seized from the enemy and then
used upon them. There is no great need of purchasing it from
outside. Secondly as far as the daily expenses of the Mujahideen
are concerned I myself asked them this question skeptically.
Who provided them with money for food etc.? The Mujahideen
answered that we are Talib-e-`Ilm, and it is a custom in
Afghanistan that students ask Muslim house-holds for food,
called Wazifah. the food collected is then shared by all. Our
governor does the same, as well as the common Talib--e-`Ilm.
This statement was verified when I met the governor of Logar
Province, Maulvi Abdul Kabir. "When we came here, last year",
he said, "we had nothing to eat on Eid-ul-Azha. We solicited for
food and ate the day-old dry bread we got. But Al-hamdu-lilLah,
now that the Taliban have gained control of Herat we receive
some money from the Centre."

What the governor said was completely true, as was borne out
by another incident. Once in the form of a delegation we w2ent
to Farah Province. The honourable father of Maulana Mufti
Nizamuddin and Mufti Abdur-Rahim was with the delegation.
The Province, as well as the airport of Sheendand, was under
Taliban control. At night we were served dry crusts of bread
from a sack by the Taliban. They were hard as stone and seemed
to be at least eight or ten days old. We allowed them with great
difficulty. The next day we had the same dry bread with a xup of
milkless tea, for lunch. Some Talaba do not even get these days-
old pieces of bread. As our car was a new one they used to come
and ask us for some bread saying that they had not eaten for
days. These starving and hungry Taliban then began to get some
money in the form of duties imposed trade goods. Trade
consignments for the Gulf states cross the border of Herat. Then
freight planes of Dubai started landing at Kandahar airport. The
duties levied on these trade goods were a god-send for the
Taliban. Now al-hamdu-lilLah the Taliban's condition is much

In short, the answer to the question is that the daily expenses of
the Taliban amount to this that if they get something, they eat it
gratefully thanking Allah Ta`ala and if they don't get anything
they bear their hunger with patience. Fighting, without any pay
these Mujahideen are an example of Salf Sauliheen, their
virtuous ancestors.

In my personal opinion is the objection is just a flight of the
imagination or a part of the psychological war against the

Question 6: Some ignorant people allege that there has been no
war. The Taliban are not capable of fighting. It was the
commanders who surrendered to them and gave up their
territories without fighting.

Answer: It is quite true that the Taliban have everywhere been
welcomed with open arms. The people of Kabul, Jabl-us-Siraj
and Panjsher were the only ones who turned traitors. Except
these cities, the people everywhere joyously greeted the Taliban,
showering flowers upon them. But this only happened when the
Taliban fought and defeated the rival local commanders. Except
in a few cities, the commanders of all other areas fought the
Taliban till their last breath. Allah Ta`ala defeated them.

In Kandahar, Hikmatyar and his commanders put up a great
resistance, yet were they defeated. Re-grouping, they attacked
the Taliban once again but were made to suffer another
shameful defeat. The Taliban fought them bravely, many were
wounded, many attained Shahadah.

Commander `Abdul Qadeer fought with all his strength on the
Hisarak front of Jalalabad. Badly defeated he fled the country
and took refuge in Islamabad, Pakistan. From there, his fear
made him escape to his masters in Germany.

Hikmatyar entrenched himself in Sarobi, Hizb-e-Wahdat fought
the Taliban in its own stronghold but they could not survive the
Taliban onslaught. Hikmatyar patched up once again with his
old enemy Ahmad Shah Masoud, both launching a combined
attack upon the Taliban Islamic militia. Allah Ta`ala
dishonoured them both and Sarobi fell into the bands of the

To save Kabul, Iran, India and Tajikistan used all the power at
their command. But Ahmad Shah Masoud, Sayyaf, Burhanuddin
Rabbani, Hikmatyar all, could not with stand the Islamic
militia's invasion and Kabul came under Taliban control. Their
white banner waved over Kabul.
Now tell me, what would you call all this? Was it not war? If it
was not, then why did the enemies form an alliance and confront
the Taliban? Having run away from Kabul why are they
attacking the city again? Why is the opposition coalition
begging their former enemy Dostum for help? Why is Rabbani
airing his grievances before Iran, Russia and India? Iran's
foreign minister is trying to muster international support against
the Taliban, why? Why are thousands of enemy troops being
killed? Why are countless innocent Taliban embracing
Shahadah? Didn't such illustrious Taliban generals as Mulla
Boer Jan, Mulla Mashar and Mulla Muhammad Hassan attain
Shahadah in the battle-field? Of a certainty there have been
momentous battles unforgettable wars. But Allah Ta`ala blessed
the Taliban Islamic militia with victory in all of them. General
Isma`eel Kahn escaped from Helmund to Dil Adam, from there
to Farah and then to Herat, and in the end took refuge in Iran.
There he is busy in hatching conspiracies against the Taliban.
Was this not a confrontation? Of a surety the Taliban fought
with these enemies, defeated them and implemented Islam
everywhere. The entire Afghan They received full public
support and co-operation at every step.

Question 7: Why did Taliban waged war with the former
Mujahideen commanders? Is it right to fight like this with
people who are Muslims?

Answer: The Taliban tried their best to save the outcome and
advantages of the holy Jihaad from going to waste in
Afghanistan. The Mujahideen who had sacrificed sixteen
hundred thousand lives, had not done so to bring a certain
person or party to power. Nor had they sacrificed so many lives
to make Hikmatyar, Burhanuddin, Masoud or Mujaddidi their
ruler. They had sacrificed their lives to banish Kufr from their
land, to implement the Islamic Sharee`ah upon it.

When the Taliban saw that such monumental sacrifices were
going to waste, that Burhanuddin and Hikmatyar's wars with
each other were breeding a hatred for Jihaad in the hearts of the
people, when they saw that Communism again gaining ground,
that the influence of India and Russia was again gaining
ascendency over Afghanistan they decided to take action. They
started the movement with an invitation to implement Islam, to
establish peace and order.

Even now the Taliban follow the same practice. They first of all
send a delegation of `Ulama to the local commanders, who
invite them to implement Islam, and establish peace by handing
over their arms and ammunition as it belonged to the Bait-ul-
Maal and it is necessary to deposit it back in the Bait-ul-Maal
under the rule of a single government. If the local commander
agree, there is no fighting. In case they refuse the invitation of
the `Ulama, the Taliban send a second delegation to them
comprising of the elderly pious people of the area and a
representative of their own. There is no fighting if the local
commanders listen to these people but if they do not then the
Taliban take up arms in the name of Allah to implement
Sharee`ah and overcome cruelty and oppression. As it often
happens the local commanders take the initiative and attack the
Taliban first. The Taliban thus fight a defensive war and of the
battle is soon decided.

As far as the question is concerned that the opponents are
Muslims and at that, former Mujahideen, the answer is that it
takes no time for a person to change. A person in the morning is
a Muslim, by evening he something else. In the evening he is a
Muslim, comes the morning he is a changed man. For worldly
aims and gains he sells his Deen, his religion. For, verily the
greed for power is an evil thing. It has destroyed many a man,
led him astray. Thus, Ahmad Shah Masoud, Hikmatyar,
Burhanuddin are no doubt Muslims but they are Muslims the
likes of Yazeed, Hujjaj bin Yousuf, Abu Muslim Khurasani, and
Khilafah Mansoor. The disregarded the Sharee`ah and killed
innocent Muslims, Qaris, `Ulama and Huffaaz to gain their
selfish ends. To save their rule they called the Kuffar for help to
fight against the Muslims.

Is there still any intelligent person left in the whole world who
does not know that these so-called leaders asked India to
intercede on their behalf and fight against the Taliban, destroy
them completely? Not only India but they invited Russia,
Tajikistan, the irreligious troops of Turkey to put down the
Taliban Islamic militia. This is not just a verbal allegation but
there are undeniable proofs of it. Russia's arms-carrying plane
which had been forced to land by the Taliban, was it not proof
that these leaders had invited Kufr to fight against Islam? And
what about Indian pilots, Indian troops and military equipment
which the Taliban have taken possession of in Kabul? Are the
captured Iranian troops and missiles not a part of a deep
conspiracy against Islam? Did the Russian president Yeltsin not
proclaim openly in Parliament that Rabbani's rule was in their
national interest, that Russia had provided Rabbani with moral
support in the past and would do so in the future too? Similarly
India too has confessed to its fighter planes landing on Kabul
airport. BBC has disclosed too that arms-laden Iranian jets land
at Bagram air port every day.

After all this evidence it is extremely difficult to call the
government of these people, a correct, a true government of the

Furthermore when the armed conflict of Hadhrat Husain
RadhialLahu `Anhu, for the implementation of Islam was a
correct, justifiable one then why not the Taliban's Jihaad against
these Mufsideen? If the war Hadhrat `AbdulLah Bin Zubair
RadhialLahu `Anhu fought against Hujjaj Bin Yousuf was a
'Jaiz' a correct one then why would the Taliban's war against a
tyrant, be wrong? In the same way when the war of Ibraheem
Nafs Marziah and Muhammad Nafs Zakiyah against the `Abbasi
Khalifah Mansoor was a 'Jaiz' one then why isn't the Taliban's
pure Islamic movement so? In fact a deep study would reveal
the fact that Imaam Abu Hanifah RahimahulLahu Ta`ala had
openly sided with Muhammad Nafs Zakiyah against Khalifah
Mansoor. He had called it a Jihaad and had gone on to say that a
person killed by the troops of Mansoor in this war, would be a
greater Shaheed than the one attaining Shahadah on the borders
of Rome. For further details, Manazir Ahsan Gilani's book
"Political Status of Imaam Abu Hanifah", is recommended. A
study of the book would be enough to open everyone's eyes.

I would also like to ask notable `Ulama-e-Kiraam, international
journalists, politicians, intellectuals and jurists a question. I
would like to put a case before them. Mujaddidi became the
president of Afghanistan for two months. When his term ended,
in accordance with the agreement and pre-planed programme of
the Muslim and non-Muslims governments. Burhanuddin
Rabbani was made the president for a period of six months.
When this period ended wasn't it morally, legally, religiously
and categorically incumbent upon him to step down? According
to which law, what reason did he continue to cling to power,
rule the country? This is the basic question whose rational
answer can never be supplied by him till Qiyamah.

Moreover, with all respect I would like to say that when a ruler
becomes so weak that he is unable to enforce even a single law
in his own capital, when he is so powerless that he cannot do
except make rhetorical speeches, when he does not control even
one fourth of the country, not even the capital, and when he is
on the run, seeking refuge in caves and mountains then does it
behove such a man, morally, ethically, legally, and honourably
to call himself 'President' or 'Saddar' of a country? (This person
during his rule was derogatorialy called 'saddary', and later the
public refused to call him even that). According to the rules of
Sharee`ah, the principles of 'Fiqh-e-Hanafiyah', such a person is
a 'deposed' ruler, a president no longer.

The order of Sharee`ah as regards the marriage between a man
and woman is that if a husband becomes impotent he is given a
grace period of one year. It is seen whether with the passing of
summer, winter, spring and autumn be regains his vitality or not.
If he does the marriage will remain intact otherwise it will stand
annulled and he will no linger retain his position as a husband.

When Islam has gone to such lengths to explain such minute
details of personal relationship then how can it tolerate such a
useless powerless president, as mentioned before to run an entire
country, to lead its population along the right path?

Thus, in short, Burhanuddin Rabbani by clinging to his chair has
ignored principles of Islam itself. It is he who is solely
responsible for the resultant killings and murder rampant in the

Question 8: The Taliban use force in the enforcement of Islamic
laws. Their haste in implementing Sharee`ah is discrediting
Islam in the eyes of the world-shouldn't they have implemented
it gradually, step by step?

Answer: As far as implementing Islam, gradually, degree by
degree, is concerned the Taliban say that we will give priority to
all work done for Allah, over everything else. We admit to no
delay in enforcing His orders. They say that Islam came to the
world 1400 years ago.

All its orders have been irrevocably established, fixed. So now a
person who is a Muslim, who has no valid excuse will follow
his religion to the letter. We cannot be guilty of asking a person
to recite the Kalimah-e-Shahadah now and offer his Salat 13
years later; to pay Zakaah, to keep Saum. 15 years from to-day,
to perform Hajj 22 years in the future, to shun usury; for that is
the sequence in which these orders were sent down upon the
world. The Taliban also say that when two different matters
come up before us in our offices, one our own worldly matter
and other of religion, we do not and can not prefer our own
interest over that of religion. We postpone our own work in
order to carry out that which pertains to Allah Ta`ala's orders.

Furthermore the Taliban say that we have brought about an
Islamic Revolution in the country. No one can ask us why we
were in such haste for a revolution is like a storm over which no
one has any control. It wipes out the old order and brings in the

As far as the criticism is concerned that the Taliban resort to
force in the implementation of Sharee`ah, I would like to point
out that a person who understands Islam, and agrees to its
implementation, would never level this criticism against the
Taliban. In fact he would say that the Taliban have not done
anything as yet. For example the Taliban ask the local people to
offer their Salat. Now, has the world forgotten the Revolution in
Russia in France and revolutions in other countries?

Didn't those who brought about these revolutions make every
effort to impose their own Batil ideologies over their countries?
Didn't Mustafa Kamal Ataturk to quote one example, do so? The
world justified their actions by saying that it was their right. The
difference is only that those revolutions were revolutions of
Batil, whereas the Taliban is an Islamic one. Offering Salat, for
a Muslim, has been ordained by Allah Ta`ala, it is a Fardh upon
everyone. So the Taliban say that if a person purposely refuses
to offer his Salat we will put him in prison. People call this
using "force". About Salat, it is saying of Hudhoor-e-Akram
SallalLahu Alayhi Wasallam: "A person who purposely gives up
offering Salat has become a Kafir." Furthermore it is a Fatwa of
Imaam Ahmad Bin Hambal RahimahulLahu Ta`ala that the
punishment of a person who gives up offering his Salat is death,
because he has become a Murtadd by his act, and the
punishment of a Murtadd is death. According to Imaam
Shafa`ee and Imaam Malik RahimahulLahu Ta`ala too, a person
who gives up offering Salat is to be put to death. This person
remains a Muslim but his punishment is still death. Imaam Abu
Hanifah RahimahulLahu Ta`ala says that such a person is to be
kept in a prison till he repents his act sincerely and starts
offering his Salat again. Sultan Bahu RahimahulLahu Ta`ala
tells the people not to bury such a person in a graveyard for
Muslims, and Baba S`adi RahimahulLahu Ta`ala advises the
people not to give loans to a person who has given up offering
Salat. A person who does not pay back Allah Ta`ala's loan, he
says, will never pay you back your loan.

My dear friends you see how severe is the punishment for him
who refuses to offer his Salat? Now decide for yourself. The
treatment meted out to such a person by the Taliban can it be
termed as using force? Hudhoor-e-Akram SallalLahu Alayhi
Wasallam has himself said that if a child of ten does not offer
his Salat, beat him. He has also said that the person who does
not offer his Salat, on the Day of Judgement he will be judged
with people like Fir`oun, Hamaan, and Abi Bin Khalf.

If the Taliban have made the people act upon these holy orders,
these Fatawa then are they really guilty of cruelty? To make
people act upon an order of the Sharee`ah is an Islamic country's
duty, its responsibility. To call the enforcement of this duty a
cruelty, is in my opinion deviation from the right path. The laws
enforced by the Taliban are all orders of the Holy Qur'an and
Hadeeth. For example, they have implemented the Hudood laws
and are making the people act upon them. They have
implemented the laws of Qisaas; they have bound the Muslims
into paying Zakaah; into keeping Saum in the holy month of
Ramadhan; the Taliban have implemented the rules of `Ushr;
established the department of Amr Bil M`arouf Wa Nahi `Anil
Munkar; they have set up Islamic courts of justice; and enforced
the order of Hijaab as dictated by Sharee`ah; are all these not the
clear orders of the Holy Qur'an and Hadeeth? Of a certainty they
are. No one who is a true Muslim can criticize their
implementation. Only a pure Kafir or a Munafiq would do so.
Now let us look at the other side of the picture too. The Taliban
have put a ban on wine, on the immorality of TV, a complete
restriction on songs, photography or painting of living things.
Shaving off the beard or trimming it less than a fistful is
prohibited as too is adopting an English hair style. Gambling,
betting, pigeon-flying, dog-racing, sodomy are strictly
forbidden. Are all these not forbidden in Islam? When Islam has
forbidden them and the Taliban have banned them, would it be
called cruelty, use of force? To call it so would be criticizing
Islam, and criticizing Islam leads to going astray.

It pains me to say that there is a Maudoodi Jama`ah by the name
of Jama`at-e-Islami in Pakistan, which keeps announcing at the
top of its voice that it has brought Islam to Pakistan. When the
Taliban implemented Islam, one of its leaders, in an interview to
the BBC said that the Taliban-implemented Islam was not
correct, that the Taliban had implemented their own
interpretation of Islam. This shows that these people are
deceiving the people of Pakistan with their claims of bringing
Islam to the country, for when Islam was implemented they
denounced it for being wrong. Now who knows which kind of a
modern Islam they are advocating.

The modified version of Islam, presented by the Jama`at-e-
Islami reminds me of the man who asked a tattoo-maker to carve
a lion on his back as he wanted to scare people. When the
engraver's needle pricked his skin the man cried out in pain and
asked him what he was doing. 'I am carving the lion's tail', the
tattoo-maker replied. 'A lion can be without a tail', the man said,
'so let the tail be.' The artist again began his work. The man
cried out, 'what are you making now?' 'The lion's feet.' 'A lion
can exist without his feet. The feet are too painful, leave them
be', the man said. The artist started on something else. 'The pain
is killing me. What are you making now?' 'The lion's face'. 'My
dear friend, there is no need for a head. A lion without a head
will be just fine', the brave man replied. The tattoo-maker
angrily threw his instrument at the man's head and cried, 'Go
away. I can't draw a lion which doesn't have a tail, feet or a

By relating this tale I want to illustrate the fact that the Jama'at-
e-Islami, or the other people who criticize the Taliban-
implemented Islam actually want a religion which has no
substance, which is Islam in name only.

I regret to say too that the country most opposed to the Taliban
is Iran. The government of Iran has been claiming for these last
many years that it has brought an Islamic revolution in the
country; that it is the instigator, the forerunner of the said
revolution. It seems that these are all nothing but lies. For, were
it truly in favour of Islam it would never have opposed the
Taliban regime. The above-quoted tale fits them too. They also
want a headless, baseless Islam. But such a meaningless Islam is
not acceptable to Allah Ta`ala. Allah Ta`ala says:

"Then do you believe in a part of the Book and reject the rest."
(85 : 1)

"O Believers! Enter into Islam perfectly." (208 : 1)

After all these justifications can anyone still say that the Taliban
are severe, are hard upon the people? If anyone says so then he
is certainly not being fair.

Question 9: The UNO, America, Britain, in fact the entire
western media accuse the Taliban of violating the rights of
women; of banning them from jobs, of ordering them to observe
'Purdah'. The Taliban are also accused of depriving women of
their right to education.

Answer: The basic question here is what are the rights of
women and who will determine them.

If the women's rights have been determined and fixed by Allah
Ta`ala, if these rights have been given to the women by Allah
Ta`ala Himself, then what the Taliban are doing seems perfectly
right. The rights granted by then are fully in accordance with the
orders of Allah Ta`ala. On the other hand if women have been
given their rights by the West, if the right to determine what
these rights are lies with America, Europe, Britain, the United
Nations then admittedly the Taliban are in the wrong.

Now we are Muslims. The Taliban are Muslims. The people of
Afghanistan are Muslims. All of us firmly believe that neither
do we acknowledge the rights given to women by the West, nor
are we bound by them. People who agree to these rights are
welcome to respect them. But people who do not acknowledge
the western-bestowed rights at all, to force them into obeying
them, to complain against their attitude, to accuse them of not
giving these rights to their women, seems to be entirely absurd
and stupid. Either that or it would be coercion, oppression in its
basest form. It would be denial of their freedom denial of their
religious rights. And this is in itself against the principles of the

An explanation of the sum and substance of all these allegations
is that Islam has put all the responsibility of a woman's upkeep
upon the man. If a man is not capable of paying a woman's
'Mahr', (dower), of bearing her expenses then his marriage is not
valid. The course of his married life comes to an end. If the
husband dies, the women has a right to remarry so that the new
husband may bear her expenses, or she can go back to her
parents who are responsible for her livelihood. Along with it
Islam has made a woman heir of her parent's wealth, as well as
heir to the estate of her husband. She is the heir to her children's
property too. This has been done so to make ample provisions
for a woman. Contrary to this the men in the West have made
women an object of their lust and desires. They have used them
how soever they pleased. When these slaves-of their-desires had
to go to work, to offices and factories they dragged the women
along with them too. Women were made to work in offices,
restaurants, shops and factories for the gratification of their
desires. In this way did the western man destroy the personality,
position and identity of a woman.

In Thailand, Holland, Bangkok etc. women so unashamedly,
with such pride solicit made attention in markets, in open public
places, like men in Pakistan and Afghanistan sell their wares
sitting by the roadside. Then the ignominy of it all is that at
night these women ask each other how much they have "earned"
during the day or night. The poor, wretched western house-wife
is not sure whether her husband will return home to her or spend
the night in another woman's arms.

The women in the West are labouring under a double burden.
One, she is torn by anxiety as to who will look after her in case
she remains unmarried, for her culture has deprived her of her
right of a share in the property and wealth of her parents, nor is
anyone else willing to take on her responsibility. She is thus
forced to wander from door to door in search of security. Even
in the matter of dress she is exploited. Men wear trousers which
cover their ankles too while the women are forced to wear skirts
with their legs bare in every kind of weather. In the scantiest of
dresses-merely a sleeveless blouse and mini-skirt the western
woman can be seen roaming in shops, air-ports, stations etc. She
is an target for unscrupulous men who satisfy their lust with
them, wherever, whenever, howsoever they please. She has
become no less than a bitch, chased by a dozen dogs in heat. If
these are the rights of the western women then the West is
welcome to them.

What about the eastern or rather the Muslim woman? A Muslim
woman is the queen of her house, a princess of the society. Her
role is that of a mother, sister, daughter, grandmother and aunt.
A man with the sweat of his brow fulfils her needs of food and
shelter. He fiercely protects her honour, dignity and chastity. A
Muslim man firmly believes that a husband and wife's relation is
a one to one relationship. One who interferes in it does so at the
risk of his life, for he would be challenging the man's honour.
I ask the western people, specially the UN why, when their
women enjoy all kinds of rights, every kind of freedom, do they
stop them from going about in the nude in shopping places etc.?
Why have they made it necessary for them to cover the upper
and lower parts of their bodies with at least two pieces of cloth,
as human dignity and civilization demand? This means that the
West, the UN admit to code of at least one percent decency for
men and women. Now if a nation, as a nation, as a Muslim
nation believes in ninety-nine percent decency and honour of
women then what right does the West have to criticize it? After
all it admits to one percent decency too.

In the end I would like to make an entreaty to Europe too. I
would like to ask the Europeans why they are bent upon making
other people suffer from that which is the cause of their own
suffering? The thing which has destroyed them why are they
forcing it upon other people? Your Parliament passes a bill
which makes it legal for a man to marry another man, for a son-
in-law to marry his wife's mother, i.e. his mother-in-law. Why
do you compel us to do the same?

As far as the question is concerned that the women in Kabul
have been banned from jobs with no one to look after them, so
how will they survive, the answer is that the Taliban have made
provisions for them. They have told all women who were
working in offices etc. to stay at home and they will receive
their entire salary there. There is no need for them to work any
longer. Their salaries will be continued. Now if in-spite of this
someone creates an uproar that women's rights are being
violated, he is actually trying to spread immorality. He is not
concerned with the rights of women but wants to propagate
prostitution in fact.

Then, who really are these working women and where have they
come from? One must go and find out for, Afghani women do
work in their own homes but not in offices. And another thing,
an Afghani woman may belong to any area, Purdah is inherent
in her nature. Purdah is a vital part of Afghan culture; it is its
national identity. Now the woman who are demanding freedom
from Purdah, right to employment, the women for whose rights
the UNO is making such demand, they do not in fact belong to
Afghanistan at all but have come from somewhere else. They
belong to Tajikistan, Russia and Iran. They have some to
Afghanistan with the specific purpose of destroying its
environment. Under a well-thought out plan they are working
upon undermining the influence of Islamic values.

Then, who really are these working women and where have they
come from? One must go and find out for, Afghani women do
work in their own homes but not in offices. And another thing,
an Afghani woman may belong to any area, Purdah is inherent
in her nature. Purdah is a vital part of Afghan culture; it is its
national identity. Now the woman who are demanding freedom
from Purdah, right to employment, the women for whose rights
the UNO is making such demand, they do not in fact belong to
Afghanistan at all but have come from somewhere else. They
belong to Tajikistan, Russia and Iran. They have some to
Afghanistan with the specific purpose of destroying its
environment. Under a well-thought out plan they are working
upon undermining the influence of Islamic values.

Then among these women demanding rights of employment, are
those too who are linked with the Communists in Afghanistan.
They went to Moscow, learned all the vices there ad came back,
bent upon destroying the Islamic environment of Afghanistan.
They were officially appointed for this work. If this is not so,
then where are the widows of the 1.6 million Shuhada who died
in the Jihaad against Russia? Out of the 1.6 million there must
still be at least 0.3 million, alive. What happened to these
women? Who is looking after them? Why didn't the UN raise
its voice for their rights? Weren't they human beings? Or didn't
they need food to stay alive?
The fact is that these widows were Muslims and Muslim men
are taking care of them. Either they were given in second
marriages or their parents brothers or relatives are looking after
in accordance with the laws of Sharee`ah. Their lives are safe
and so is their honour.

The women who were living in Kabul mostly belonged to
Communists, Mulhideen, and heretics, who enjoyed the
patronage of the UN. The leaders sent their husbands to the
front, into the mouth of death. They then called these beautiful
women and appointed them as, sweepresses in their offices and
satisfied their lust with them. The fault thus lies with the UN
itself. The rights it gave these women were those of sweeping
the offices of lecherous officials. Their responsibility now
totally lies with the UN whose charter it is to protect the rights
of women in this degraded, shameful fashion.

As far as education is concerned, Islam has given women the
right to acquire education and we will certainly give them this
right. At present the Taliban are busy in fighting a war, a war
demanding all their energies and resources. As soon as they war
comes to an end they will make proper arrangements for the
education of women. But it must be kept in mind that the
Muslim girl will be educated in an Islamic Madrasah from
which she will emerge as an epitome of honour and decency,
grace and dignity personified.

The UN does not have the right to prescribe a course of studies
for our women. The western world is welcome to provide its
brand of education to its own women which casts their modesty
out of the window, which fosters sexual relationship between
men and women; an education in which are taught the etiquettes
of drinking and dancing, of merry-making; an education which
causes young girls to attain puberty well before their age, which
bestows upon them the status of unmarried mothers well before
they have completed their college education.
The saddest fact is that those professing to be highly civilized
have they never pondered upon the meaning of "civilization"?

The British Parliament passes a law according to which 'gays'
could marry each other, i.e. a man was allowed to marry another
man. Next, another law was passed which allowed a man to
marry his mother-in-law. He has in his marriage the daughter
and the mother both! Curses be on such animals, damned be
such swines. Whatever did happen to their humanity, to their
sense of shame?

Copulation with dogs has become common in England. It is a
usual custom to make dogs heirs to a legacy. It is said that the
Satan Pope John Paul II wedded a man to a frog. Such dirty evil
people then criticize the experts, the true followers of Islam-the

"Ashamed of yourself, you aren't!" as the saying in Urdu goes.

Copulation with dogs has become common in England. It is a
usual custom to make dogs heirs to a legacy. It is said that the
Satan Pope John Paul II wedded a man to a frog. Such dirty evil
people then criticize the experts, the true followers of Islam-the

"Ashamed of yourself, you aren't!" as the saying in Urdu goes.

Question 10:- Burhanuddin Rabbani is loudly claiming that
the world has not recognized the Taliban as they are not the
right people to govern Afghanistan.

Answer:- It is a fact which the entire world knows that
international governments are not according the Taliban formal
recognition only because they are the true followers of Islam
and are extremely sincere in implementing the Islamic system.
Had they been traitors like Burhanuddin Rabbani and Ahmad
Shah Masoud every government would have fallen over itself in
its haste to recognize them. America and UN would have been
too. They would have recognized them as they recognize the
government of deposed president Rabbani. What is so great
about that? Burhanuddin is firstly recognized by a Kafir
country, Russia; secondly by India, another country of the
Kuffar, thirdly by the Munafiq country Iran; fourthly by another
irreligious country, Turkey.

For your information the Salang Highway passes a mere
distance from Masoud's stronghold. For fourteen years the
Russian convoys used this highway to reach Khost and
Kandahar thousands of miles away and kill the Muslims there.
Masoud used to collect toll tax for use of this highway, from
Russia. Whenever the tax was not forthcoming Masoud put up
the barriers and closed it for all Russian military traffic. As
soon as he was paid, he allowed the convoys through. You
would be surprised to know that the Panjsher valley is situated
at a stone's throw from Kabul, yet the Russian troops never tried
to enter it. After all, there must have been some connivance
between Masoud and Russian for this to be so. The whole of
Afghanistan was burning and Masoud was serenely playing the
flute near Kabul!

Then a few days ago the Russian president Boris Yeltsin himself
announced that Russian had links with Burhanuddin Rabbani
and that these links would be maintained and support supplied to
his government. Who was this 'link' but Masoud himself?

The people of Afghanistan know very well that Masoud
belonged to the Communists' Shola Party. When the Parcham
Party came into power the Shola Party began to oppose it.

Masoud belongs to the Shola Party, or in other words he is the
leader    of     one    of    the      Communist     factions.
In Abottabad, Maulana Nazeer once said to me that he was very
keen on meeting Masoud as he had heard so much about him.
"So I started off from Jalalabad and reached Panjsher via
Kabul," he said. "I had with me a letter from one of Masoud's
special men. On my arrival when I showed him the letter,
Masoud put me up in his residence. For two three days I
watched the army generals who came to visit Masoud. All of
them were Communists.

They were all heretics and ugly sort of people. They came to
discuss war strategies with Ahmad Shah Masoud."
So you see. This is what Masoud is! Allah Ta`ala wanted, in
His divine Wisdom to expose him before the world and so he
took up arms against the Taliban. He first called his father,
Hikmatyar to his aid in fighting the Taliban. Next he asked his
grandfather Rasheed Dostum to join him. Then he begged his
great grandfathers, India, Iran and Tajikistan for help but no one
could save him. Dishonoured, disgraced and humiliated, he had
to flee from Kabul. Under a conspiracy the world had pushed
him to the forefront, elevated him to the position of an unelected
minister of defence but where is his army, his wide experience

Under a well-planned conspiracy he deceived the innocent
villagers and citizens of Jabl-us-Siraj into rebelling against the
Taliban and now he is sitting there well-satisfied with himself.

I think Masoud purposely let the Russian troops use the Salang
Highway so that they heat the Afghan Muslims into submission
and make them so weak that no one but Masoud would be left to
take command. But nothing of the sort happened. In the end
Masoud was left, a mere commander among the other
commanders of Rasheed Dostum.

Question 11: What will be the law of Afghnistan according to
the Maslak?

Answer: These are mere apprehensions, figments of the
imagination. Nearly ninety-eight per cent of the people in
Afghanistan are followers of Imaam Abu Hanifah i.e. they are
Hanafis. So naturally the laws of the country will be made in
accordance with the Maslak-e-Hanafi. This happens in every
country of the world. In Sa`udia Arabia itself the Islamic laws
are interpreted in accordance with the Maslak-e-Hambali. How
can this be prejudice?

There were people living in Afghanistan who did not believe in
following anyone, and there were the Shias, now under the
Taliban rule they are still living here without any religious
restraint whatsoever. In fact, if we were to look at it impartially
we will find that the rights of these people have become more
firmly established since the implementation of Islam. For Islam
is the religion of peace and brotherhood and teaches no to live in
harmony with all fellow creatures. You can visit Afghanistan
and see the non-Muslims there. They will tell you that they are
extremely happy living under the rule of the Taliban
government. In their area Kunar, ask the Ghair Muqallideen,
these unprejudiced people will sing praises of the Taliban
government to you. Thus the allegation in your question is
completely baseless. It is mere propaganda against the Taliban.

There remains the claim that the Taliban are 'grave-lovers'. This
is a blatant lie and falsehood too. The Taliban leadership, Al
hamdu-lilLah comprises of Saheeh-ul-Aqeedah Deobandi
Muslims. They proclaim themselves that they belong to the
Maslak-e-Deoband which admits to no excesses but is firmly
based upon moderation. We ourselves are a witness to the fact
that the common Taliban leaders are former students of famous
Doebandi Madaris of Pakistan. Jami`a Haqqaniyyah, Akhora
Khattak, Peshawar; Jami`at `Uloom-ul-Islamiyyah, Binnori
Town; Dar-ul-Uloom Karachi; Jamia Farooqiyyah; Jamia
Hammadiyyah; Dar-ul-Ifta-e-Wal Irshad, Nazimabad and other
Madaris of Pakistan and Afghanistan have been their seats of
learning. And yet if within the entire Islamic Taliban movement
there are some who are given to excesses and deficiencies
(ifraat-o-tafreet) then their presence in the entire population of a
country is an essential thing.
But these people are working shoulder to shoulder with the
Taliban, following to every letter Islamic laws upon which the
country is founded.

Question 12: Whey did the Taliban execute (hang?) Dr.
NajeebulLah? This has deeply hurt the feelings of the

Answer: The Taliban movement is an Islamic movement and
an Islamic revolution. The responsible people in it are the very
ones who, with sincerity took part in the 14-year Jihaad against
the Russians. So these Mujahideen know better than me or you
who was Russia's pet and enemy of the Afghan people. The
whole world knows that Dr. Najeeb was head of the Russian
secret service KGB. He had turned the Afghan people into
slaves of the Russians. He was behind the countless bomb
explosions in Pakistan which had killed hundreds of innocent
Muslims. And then he was responsible too for the arrest and
murder of eminent `Ulama and Talabah in Afghanistan.

Then, when he had become president after Babrak Karmel he
had, with scud missiles and severe bombardment, killed
thousands of Mujahideen the world over. There is a long list of
his crimes which neither you nor I am aware of but it is known
by those Mujahideen who had waged Jihaad against him. So, in
view of these atrocious crimes if the Taliban have executed him
is there any need to shed crocodile tears?

Furthermore if Dr. Najeeb was a Pukhtoon, were not the
thousands of people he killed Pukhtoons too?

But here we are not concerned with the Pakhtoon and Non-
Pukhtoon issue. This was a fight between Haq and Batil,
between 'Right' and 'Wrong'. There was no place in it for racial
prejudice. By executing Dr. Najeeb the Taliban made it clear
upon the world that their movement was not a national
movement nor a movement of the Pakhtoons or Kandaharis. It
is a clean and pure movement of the Islamic system decreed for
us by Allah Ta`ala and his Holy Prophet SallalLahu `Alayhi

The summary execution of Dr. Najeeb also proved that the
Taliban were a force and held unalterable opinions; that they
had the power to implement rules of Sharee`at without bias and
prejudice. It proved without a shadow of doubt that they give
priority to the rules of Allah over every other consideration. Dr.
Najeeb execution was evidence that they, the Taliban are only
afraid of their Creator, not of His creation.

Take the case in hand that of Dr. Najeeb. For fours years he had
been living in Kabul. The puppet government of Burhanuddin
Rabbani was in power then. But Burhanuddin Rabbani did not
charge him with a minor offence even. Even Masoud, the self-
acclaimed hero did not have the courage to ask Najeeb what had
happened and why and how it had happened. Hikmatyar and
Sayyaf too were silent bystanders. On the contrary the Taliban
put Najeeb on trial in a summary court, within hours, nay
minutes the verdict was passed and put into effect. Thus was an
important work concluded. According to some people
Burhanuddin Rabbani, to seek favours from Russian and India
used to ask Najeeb to intercede on his behalf. Besides all this I
would like to ask that when the UNO had taken Najeeb under its
protection why did it not taken him along when it fled the
country? Why was it so irresponsible as to leave him behind?
The revolution, like a flood was fast gaining upon Kabul, what
was the guarantee that the Taliban would respect Najeeb in such
circumstances? Then suppose, if Najeeb had escaped been killed
by one division, wouldn't he have been killed by another? And
then I would like to ask you why was Najeeb himself staying in
Kabul? For what reason was he there? He could see very well
that the Islamic revolution, advancing from Sarobi had reached
Pul Charkhi. Why didn't he then escape? It is obvious that he
had a plan. Furthermore it must be remembered that the
Taliban's entry into Kabul was in the vanguard of a revolution.
No one asks the revolutionaries why they did such a thing and
why they didn't. A revolution to is after all a revolution. And yet
the Taliban's revolution is an Islamic one, and as such they do
not target the innocent. Otherwise there was the revolution of
the Irani Rafdhi Khumaini who had hundreds of generals killed.
Not only hundreds but thousands of people disappeared without
any trace. The world kept silent. And yet the innocent Taliban
came under fire for hanging just one person.

Question 13: The Taliban movement is a movement of the
Pukhtoons and Kandaharis. The leadership is in the hands of the
Pushtoons. Non-Pushtoons are not given any representation in
the government?

Answer: As the other allegations against the Taliban are
baseless, likewise this accusation is completely false and
misleading too. The Taliban movement is a purely religious and
spiritual movement, and national prejudice, racial of
discrimination, racial or linguistic hatred are all contrary to the
spirit of Islam. When Islam does not permit these things, how
can the Taliban movement which is purely Islamic one allow
them? In Kandahar we ourselves witnessed that the general
control of the city was in the hands of young men who spoke
Persian. Even the security guard of the Governor House
comprised of these men. Persian-speaking Talabah were posted
at important military posts and they can be seen in the front lines
too. No one raised this objection in Afghanistan, but we on the
outside are levelling these imaginary hypothetical accusations.
Not only that but this objection is being widely aired so that the
evil which as yet had not entered this pious movement may do
so now. By drawing attention to a non-existent problem, the
problem will be created. I say that every sincere M'umin, every
Muslim is included in this Islamic movement, may he be a
Pushtoon, Uzbek, Tajik or Persian; may he belong to the North
or the South. All belong to this movement. Are you not aware
that Maulana `Abdul Ghani, who has held the post of governor
in the Taliban government, is Persian speaking? Maulvi
Ghiasuddin's mother tongue is Persian and he is a member of the
Taliban Shura. Maulvi `Abdur Raqeeb too speaks Persian and is
the minister of the affairs of Muhajireen. In the same way, in
every other department there are a large number of non-
Pushtoon Taliban.

There remains the claim that the leader of the Taliban is a
Kandahari then this is not such a basic question. After all an
emir of a people must belong to some area. It is senseless to say
why he belongs to Kandahar and not to Gulbahar or Takhar. It is
so as Allah Ta`ala desired.

There remains the claim that the leader of the Taliban is a
Kandahari then this is not such a basic question. After all an
emir of a people must belong to some area. It is senseless to say
why he belongs to Kandahar and not to Gulbahar or Takhar. It is
so as Allah Ta`ala desired. He raised the movement from
Kandahar and chose a Mujahid, Ameer-ul-M‟umineen Mulla
Muhammad `Umar, to lead it. Had He chosen someone else
from some other city, the Muslims would have readily followed
him. It is not a question of caste or tribe but of right and truth, of
valour and courage, of honesty and sincerity. A person
possessing all these qualities, whoever he is, to whichever city
he belongs, has been chosen by Islam as a leader. Islam
demands such a person to be followed.

Let me remind you of the Sahabah-e-Kiraam RadhialLahu
Ta`ala `Anhum. How holy and pious their leadership was! They
conquered the world and unfurled the banner of Islam over it.
Did they, to put an end to racial differences, include in their
governing body, a person from Persia, another from Rome, a
third from the East, and the fourth from the West? Oh no! For
you see what matters there is honesty and sincerity, right and
truthfulness, not language or race, caste a colour. So every
sincere Muslim is a guard, a protector of the movement.
Question 14: Why did the Taliban seize power of Kunar when
there was an Islamic government already there?

Answer: Kunar is a dominion and province like all other
provinces and dominions of Afghanistan. So Kunar will be
meted out the same treatment as the other provinces. When all
other provinces came under the control of the Taliban Islamic
Movement, Kunar came under their jurisdiction too. It is not
possible in Islam for two Khilafah to co-exist in one country. So
the Khilafah of Kunar was merged with the others. Then, some
people had, with undue haste set up a government in Kabul even
before the Russians had withdrawn from the country. This act of
theirs had caused displeasure amongst the common Mujahideen.
Here they were fighting a common enemy and one person had
already established his rule over a small part of the land. When
the Taliban movement in the form of Allah‟s blessing reached
Jalalabad, the people of Kunar should have handed their Islamic
government over to the Islamic movement. They should have
greeted the movement with open arms, as required by Islam,
logic and reason.

The influence of the Khilafat-e-Islamiyyah had already been
spread far and wide by the Taliban, even among tribes which
had never been under any government since the days of Nadir
Shah and Zakir Shah. It was a great mistake of the Kunar
leadership to dream of establishing their own separate
government within the greater Taliban administration. Thus the
outcome was but logical, and what happened was but natural. As
far as the claim is concerned that there was complete peace and
harmony in Kunar and that complete Sharee`ah had been
implemented there, these are merely empty words. They are far
removed from what the reality was.

Nevertheless the Taliban Islamic Khilafah, based on pure
Islamic principles, is now firmly established as a united force
under one single „emir‟. And Alhamdulillah it is making
progress day by day. Where the opposition forces of the Ahl-e-
Batil are, all the world can see. They are a coalition of
communists, Munafiqeen and the enemies of Islam who are far
removed from Haq, from Right. Moreover they are being backed
by such governments who are bent upon opposing Islam and the
believers of Islam. May Allah Ta`ala keep under his divine
protection Islam, and its followers. May He grant perseverance
to the Taliban. Aameen!

I have had the opportunity of writing these few lines during my
stay in Losaka, the capital of Zambia, with my students
Muhammad Ayub, Muhammad Idrees and Muhammad Yousuf.
As I had been travelling, some points may have been left out or
not explained comprehensively. Yet, I have tried my best to
remove people‟s doubts and misgivings about the Islamic
movement of Taliban, in Afghanistan. As far as is concerned the
manner in which the Taliban have enforced pure Sharee`ah,
established unparalleled peace and order, that demands a
persond visit to the country. Every `Alim-e-Deen should take
advantage of the opportunity, whereas every Muslim should
back and support this Islamic revolution, because through it the
foundation has been laid of an Islamic Khilafah or the face of
this earth. It is a Fardh upon every Muslim to protect and
safeguard it.

May Allah Ta`ala make this blessed movement a means a
guiding the entire world to the path of righteousness. May He
increase the Darajaat of the Shuhada, help the wounded. May
He protect this movement, Aameen.
          Interview with the Ameerul M'umineen
         By Nazeer Laghari and Mufti Jameel Khan

Question 1: What are the aims of the Taliban Movement?

Answer: The Taliban movement is that class of Afghan
Mujahideen, whose purpose right from the start has been to
enforce the commands of the Sharee`ah in the Country of
Afghanistan and to banish evil and atheism from this Country.
This is a party of sincere Mujahideen from many different
groups, who want the World to derive benefit from the purpose
and fruits of Afghanistan's Jihaad. They are not a formal group,
but upon the sincere Mujahideen's action of refuting the
mischievous forces, are a band and a troupe of reformists.

As you may well know, the purpose of Afghanistan's Jihaad was
to end the influence and occupation of Russia in Afghanistan
and to aid and assist the religion of the Muslims of Afghanistan.
For fourteen years the Afghan Mujahideen presented the gift of
hundred thousands lives, hundreds of thousands of men, women,
children and elderly were forced to do Hijrat and at long last,
after fourteen years of striving, and Islamic Country was
established in Afghanistan.

However it was unfortunate, that the interpretation of this dream
was not fulfilled and the Afghan leaders in particular,
Burhanuddin Rabbani, Hikmatyar and Ahmad Shah Masoud,
descended in civil war and Afghanistan became a symbol of
disgrace. It became difficult to save one's life, wealth, respect or
honour. This period of time had become one of lawlessness and
mischief and all efforts to correct this condition and bring about
an end to hostilities were unsuccessful and the paper upon which
the agreements were signed was ripped to shreds.

Upon this state of affairs a few `Ulama-e-Kiraam gathered in
Kandahar and took and oath that they would in the same manner
that they launched Jihaad with sincerity and reliance in Allah
against the Kuffar, against a super power such as Russia, they
would today, to end the mischief in the Country, to establish
peace and security, to protect life, wealth and honour and to
enforce the Sharee`ah, do Jihaad against the leaders who were
devotees of power and endeavour to make the land of
Afghanistan an exemplary State. To this movement was
prescribed the name "Taliban", as only the Talabah and `Ulama
of Deen can, with sincerity, after freeing themselves from self
interest accomplish the Islamic obligation of Jihaad and
Alhamdulillah, Allah Ta`ala accepted and honoured the beauty
of their intention and within a short period of time, Allah Ta`ala
bestowed His victory and Aid to the Taliban in fifteen provinces
and the Afghan people were liberated from the oppressive
commanders and rulers.

You yourselves can tour these provinces and examine them, you
will find people living their lives in serenity and peace of mind
and the roads and highways are safe. For the last month there
have been no thefts in the fifteen provinces, there have been no
incidents of robbery or crime whether large or small. The
mischievous forces have been subdued and with peace and
security the Taliban are running a system of government, based
on being subordinate to the rule of Sharee`ah, where the Taliban
rulers and the public in subjection to a system of Sharee`ah, are
accountable in front of a court of Law. Whether the crime is
committed by a ruler or his subjects, both are subjected to the
Islamic Penal Code and both are deserving of it's punishment
and it is for this reason that the lives and wealth of people today,
in this region will be seen to be safe and secure.
The mischievous forces have fled from this region and the good
commanders and Mujahideen of all the groups have become
participants in the Taliban journey. The public are content and
they at every place welcome the Taliban with warmth, because
the Taliban have not kept them in subjugation or enslavement,
but instead have protected their lives and wealth and given them
the right to live. This is why, not only from the provinces in
which the Taliban have control, but form all the provinces of
this Country, requests are being made in abundance for the
Taliban to step forward in their region and they will be
welcomed with open arms.

Question 2: The most common impression in the World is that
the Taliban have the complete backing of the I. S. I. and the
Pakistani army. This appears to indicate that the fighting under
the banner of Taliban is only a front in which America is in
complete control and providing the necessary aid. Is this true?

Answer: The both of the matter is that this is a very wicked plot
to degrade the purity of the Taliban and those Mujahideen who
are doing Jihaad with sincerity against the mischievous groups.
The Taliban movement have no connection with either the ISI or
America and neither are we anybody's tool, the truth is that the
previous organisations upon observing the unity of the Taliban,
upon observing their victory and enforcement of Sharee`ah have
left, manifesting this stench. Examine our poverty and then take
a look at the Western communication agencies propaganda
about us, you will yourself be able to ascertain the truth. We do
not allow such an individual to accompany us who we merely
suspect of having any external connections, I myself up to
today, have not even been acquainted with any of Pakistan's
great individuals or American officers and neither does anybody
know me. If we were the tools of the ISI. or America or for that
matter any other Country, we would have with us the abundance
of wealth, and hoards of weaponry and our establishment would
have been one of luxury and gaiety. But we in accordance with
the Sunnah of the Sahabah Kiraam RadhialLahu `Anhum
Ajmaeen, without any materialistic means and adorned only
with the weapon of Tawakkul in Allah's Sovereignty, are free
from any self interest and after ending the mischievous forces in
the Country, we want to enforce Islam's system of safety and
security and AlhamdulilLah we have enforced this, in fifteen
provinces with the blessings and grace of Allah Ta`ala, so how
can the ISI. or America support us? In any case this is a false
allegation and nothing more than slander.

Question 3: What is the Taliban's view with regards to Qazi
Ahmad bringing about a platform of unification between
Burhanuddin and Hikmatyar?

Answer: Burhanuddin Rabbani and Hikmatyar are most
responsible for the present state of affairs in Afghanistan. Their
aims are for power, as after the success of Afghanistan's Jihaad
these two forces together instead of implementing an Islamic
system, launched a civil war in acquisition of power. They
spilled the blood of many an innocent Afghan, spread mischief
in every street, made the lives of the people unbearable and
dishonoured the name of Jihaad throughout the whole World,
this being the reason why the Taliban were forced to do Jihaad
against mischief.

The whole of the Afghan nation has rejected them in such a
manner that at this moment in time, despite Burhanuddin being
the ruler of Afghanistan, his rule only stretches to five provinces
and Hikmatyar, despite being the Prime Minister, his sway is
restricted to only one province and then, in these provinces both
Burhanuddin and Hikmatyar cannot move around freely.

Burhanuddin whilst residing in his presidential palace at night
remains stricken with fer, as in Kabul and other areas his own
commanders have their own rule. Hikmatyar despite being the
Prime Minister has for the past four years not been able to enter
despite Kabul, these people up to this present day have been
fighting in acquisition of power and in pursuit of their own
personal interests and even now their alliance has not been made
on any principle except that of acquiring power and attaining
personal interests.

Insha Allah their alliance will not cause any damage to the
Taliban, but instead will work to our advantage, as the Afghan
nation will further ascertain the truth about them, that they
engaged in civil war in acquisition of power and they have now
united for the same purpose, which is power. Then Insha Allah,
the Taliban will with speed attain control in those areas where
Burhanuddin and Hikmatyar dominate and when in the whole of
Afghanistan an exemplary Islamic rule will be established, the
Taliban Insha Allah, in accordance with the Sunnah of the
Prophet SallalLahu `Alayhi Wasallam will form a specimen of
an exemplary rule and present it to the whole world as an

As it is, even if they do form an alliance, when the interests of
both sides clash they will once again enjoin in fighting, as the
agreement reached with Qazi Husain Ahmad is not more
honourable then the agreement reached in the BaitulLah and
neither is Qazi Husain Ahmad more efficacious, having more
power to produce the effect needed then the Khadim Al

Question 4: Why is the Islamic World not giving you full
support? Answer: The Islamic World either has no knowledge of
our methodology, are not happy with our conduct, or they still
do not have trust in us, but then the greatest point I feel is that
we are still busy with the Jihaad in Afghanistan and as yet, have
not established communication with the outside World. When
with Allah Ta`ala's blessings and grace we do stop the
mischievous forces and establish an Islamic Rule in
Afghanistan, we will establish contact with them and present our
theory and standing before them and when we put before them
our practical system of government, then Insha Allah the Islamic
World and the World's other countries will themselves give us
full support. When they observe our system of simplicity, peace
and security, the Islamic World will not only support us, but will
also introduce our methodology in their own countries. Of
course how can those countries who do not wish to implement a
complete Islamic system of Sharee`ah and have before them the
pleasure of large powers, instead of the pleasure of the Ruler of
the Worlds and obedience to the Sunnah, how can they support
our methodology and implementation of Sharee`ah. We do not
have any trust for such Countries and neither will we have any
trust for them in the future, positively our pleasant relations will
be established in light of Islamic Principles. Question 5: What
has the conduct of Hizb-e-Wahdat and Iran been towards you?

Answer: Iran right from the start has adopted a hostile behaviour
towards us and in certain places fully aided our adversaries and
even supplied a place of refuge for one of Burhanuddin's
important commanders. However when they were also
acquainted with the truth from us, that this was an internal affair
of Afghanistan and Iran's interference could initiate a series of
frontier disputes between them and us, they have adopted a
neutral capacity and promised to keep a better and appropriate
conduct with us. As for our connection with the Hizb-e-Wahdat
we have no treaty with them and as such, fighting has broken
out and they have offered to give up their areas and weapons,
which at present we are considering and when the need is
perceived, this will be acted upon, but in any case the Hizb-e-
Wahdat will not put obstacles in our path.

Question 6: On what foundations can reconciliation be reached
with Burhanuddin and Hikmatyar?

Answer: We have frequently offered to have negotiations with
Burhanuddin Rabbani and Hikmatyar and many a time we have
had agreements drawn between us, but in every case power has
been the greatest obstacle in our path and they have always
betrayed us, betrayed the nation, violated the agreements and
unjustly spilled the blood of the Muslims and now, we have no
trust in them and neither is the Afghan nation willing to trust
them. How can the Afghan nation forgive the unjust spilling of
their own blood, this is the reason why we cannot have trust in
them, they have but one way and that is if they desire peace in
Afghanistan and if their aim, is the well-being of the Afghan
people, then they should surrender their regions to the Taliban.
They should entrust their weaponry to the Taliban, so that
without any civil war the Taliban may establish the
implementation of Sharee`ah and form an Islamic government
and not make the Afghan nation and the whole World ashamed
of this interpretation of the Muslim's dream and they may
observe the fruits of the Afghanistan's Jihaad in the Country and
give strength to all the World's forces of Jihaad.

At this moment, the biggest obstacles in the path of this
endeavour for freedom in Afghanistan, in particular is the
conflicting forces of Burhanuddin Rabbani and Hikmatyar, they
should read and take heed to what the graffiti on the walls say
and abstain from bloodshed and mischief, this is the only way in
which there is security for them, otherwise the Taliban Insha
Allah, will remain committed with Jihaad to end mischief and
with the assistance of Allah Ta`ala, acquaint the nation with the
good news of the victory of Kabul.

Question 7: What is the conduct of Pakistan's `Ulama-e-Kiraam
towards the Taliban movement?

Answer: As of yet the `Ulama-e-Kiraam of Pakistan have not
given us open support, however even though all of Pakistan's
`Ulama-e-Kiraam's sympathy is with us, they have before them
the state of affairs of their own Country, upon which they have
to make decisions and so at this point in time, the greatest moral
support has been from `Ulama-e-Kiraam of Pakistan in
particular Balochistan, from those in charge of Balochistan's and
Pakistan's Madaris; the great Sheikhs and Mufti Kiraam. We are
confident that the way in which the days are progressing, our
standing and conduct is slowly becoming apparent to the people
and our support is also being enhance.

Question 8: The common perception is that all the Taliban are
Pushtu speaking and they want the domination and prevalence
of the Pushtu language in Afghanistan?

Answer: There is no bearing to this truth, as the Taliban consists
of Mujahideen from the whole of Afghanistan, people form
every region, and what ever the main language is of an area the
individuals in charge also speak the same language. It is not
incumbent upon the whole of the Taliban to speak pushtu just
because I do: this is one of the same propaganda being made
against us of being America's and ISI. Agents and us being
                       Who are Taliban ?

The Taliban leadership poses a major question to the leaders of
the world. The majority of the Taliban leaders have suffered
injuries in the Jihaad against Russia, Zarb-e-Mu`min takes an
analytic look at the situation. The Taliban, who have in a very
short time taken over most of Afghanistan and established
Islamic law, are facing criticism from all over the world. Some
consider them to be a foreign power while others class them as
American agents. These poisonous allegations are part of a
conspiracy to discredit the Taliban and cause a rift between
them and other Muslims. Anticipating the dangers of this
conspiracy our editor has decided to write a special report in the
light of which any honest person can decide for themselves
whether the Taliban are backed by some foreign power or by
innocent Mullas'. When our editor took a close look at the
Taliban leadership he found that out of the 20 members of the
Supreme Council 14 had lost parts of their body during the
Jihaad against Russia. In fact some had lost two limbs. Ameer-
ul-Mu,mineen Mulla Muhammad Umar is one of these fortunate
members who sacrificed a part of their body in the Path of
Allah. Others include the Foreign Minister, Interior Minister,
Minister of Defence, Governors of Kandhar, Nimruz and Khost
and the military leaders of Kabul and Herat. Other members of
the council although not disabled still support many injuries
which tell a story of a life spent in the Path of Allah. Our editor
asks all those who accuse the Taliban of being backed by
foreign powers whether this rag tag council in which almost
every member has been injured fighting the Communists
represents an image of those flourishing on aid and help from
foreign powers. Thus the Taliban Supreme Council poses a
serious question to all world leaders and a worrying thought to
those who think them to be backed by foreign powers. In light
of this analysis by Dha'rb-e-Mu,min the Islamic world can
clearly see that the Taliban are indeed true Muslims whose
injuries are ample proof of their participation in Jihaad and their
opponents are nothing but trouble makers. Therefore it is not a
case of the Taliban against the Mujahideen but a case of Taliban
against the trouble makers.

                       Who Are Taliban?

Answered by Maulana Fazhl Muhammad Sahib, Ustadh-e-
Hadeeth, Allama Binnori Town

Q. Who are the Taliban, how did this group emerge, how did
they Advance? A. Taliban is the mercy which Allah Ta„ala has
sent to the people of Afghanistan in exchange of their sacrifices.
Insha-Allah they will become the source of honour and dignity
for all the oppressed Muslims of the world and a mercy for the
religion of Islam. They are the trained students of the Madaris
(Islamic Universities) who have learnt pure Islam and Iman in
these Madaris. They learnt the laws of Sharee„ah under the
supervision of the 'Ulama-e-Kiraam. Some have finished their
course and some are yet studying. They have attained the
certificate of trustworthiness by the Islamic Madaris. Insha-
Allah this too is a well known fact that the trained students of
Islamic Madaris (universities) and „Ulama are the true guides
towards Islam and the true soldiers of Islam. The fact that the
Taliban are the students of the Madresa is sufficient for the
Muslims to place their trust in them. The Governor of Jalalabad
is a graduate of Darul-Uloom Haqqania, Akora Katak. The
judge of the high court is a graduate of another Madressa in
Peshawar. The judge of Khost is an „Alim graduated from a
Madressa. The representative of the Taliban for the U.N.
Maulana `Abdul Hakim is a graduate of Binnori Town, Karachi
and a class mate of mine. The Afghan Ambassador in Islamabad
Mufti Ma„soom is a graduate of Darul `Uloom, Karachi and has
attained his course of Mufti by Mufti Rasheed Ahmad Saheb.
The Ambassador in Karachi is a graduate of Jamia
Hammadiyah. All the leading figures of the Taliban are „Ulama
(religious scholars). The second point is that the Taliban are not
a creation which descended from the skies or came out of caves
and mountains reaching the battlefields of Afghanistan. These
are well known people. Their tribal background and their
residence area is well known by the „Ulama and people of
Afghanistan, in fact even their enemy know that the Taliban are
religious students and the group of „Ulama but when these
commanders were defeated by the Taliban, instead of admitting
that these people are the „Ulama and Allah‟s help is with them,
they started accusing them of being Americans and the militia of
Pakistan. The main reason for this accusation was that these
commanders were very proud that we have a lot of strength as
we have defeated Russia. The fact that the „Ulama and Talaba
(religious students) are the weakest group was also set in their
mind. Even though these people used to respect the „Ulama in
appearance but in reality they classed them as an inferior group.
This is why when they were defeated by the hands of the
Taliban they started saying after being ashamed of themselves
that, “how can this poor and ill equipped „Ulama defeat us? We
have been defeated by America and Pakistan”. The example of
this is that in the battle of Badr, Abu Jahl said to Hadhrat Ibne
Mas„ood Radhiallahu-anhu that “O shepherd be proud of
yourself as you are in a position of proudness”. Then Abu Jahl
exclaimed I wish that somebody other than this shepherd would
have killed me. Abu Jahl wanted to point his defeat and killing
towards someone other than Ibne Mas`ood Radhiallahu-anhu so
that people would say that he was defeated by someone of his
own calibre and not by a weak and poor person. The stand of the
Afghan, commanders towards the Taliban is the same. These
boastful people should not forget that the law of Allah is that,
“And we wished to favour those who were weak (and
oppressed) in the land, and to make them rulers and to make
them inheritors. And to establish them in the land, and we let
Pharaoh and Hamman and their hosts receive from them that
which they feared.” (28 - 6 Al Quraan.) In reality they were not
weak, but the pharaoh of the world thought weak of them. To
say that America or Pakistan have defeated the Afghans would
be a humiliation for themselves. The Taliban have announced
themselves, “O Muslims can you only see the power of
America? This is why you are allying us with them. Can you not
see the power of Allah? He is the creator of America. Justice is
that you declare openly that the aid of Allah is with the Taliban.
The nation which has defeated the barbaric Russians, how can
the Americans defeat them?”. Then I would like to ask the
accusers that if the Taliban are Americans or the Pakistani
militia then from where did these long beards come from? Did
these beards come from the Americans which have never been
shaven? Then I would like to question that where did these
Americans or Pakistanis study Kafia and Sharhe Jami (Arabic
grammar books). Where did they study the books of philosophy
such as Mukhtassarul ma,ani Duroosul Balagah, Miftah-ul-
‟Uloom? Where did they study the books of Mantik (logic) such
as Sullam-ul-„Uloom, Meerzahid Mulla Jalaal and Mulla Hasan
Qutbi and Sharhe Tahzeeb? Where did these Americans learn
these long rules of Sarf (syntax). Most of all where did these
Americans learn the Quraan by heart and learn the explanation
of the verses of Quraan and the Ahadeeth. Where did they learn
the Laws of the Hanafi Fiqh? Why did they learn all this? O‟
servants of Allah these people are the Taliban who have attained
the Islamic Knowledge from the Ulama. To say that they are
Americans is similar to saying that these Taliban and „Ulama are
Jews, Christians, and Kuffar (we seek refuge from Allah). The
question remains that how did this movement advance so
quickly? The answer to this question is to ask the opposition of
the Taliban that how were you defeated so quickly by the
Taliban? My answer is that the help of Allah is with the Taliban
which is advancing them forward. Then secondly the Afghan
public which is receiving them with a warm welcome. Let us
look at the media which is using it‟s propaganda machine and
the general public is becoming a victim that when the Taliban
advance rapidly, the media points that the Americans and
Pakistanis are supporting them. When they are defeated then the
media says they are the students of Islamic Universities, they
have no experience in warfare. I can say openly that the majority
of Taliban are those who have participated in the 14-year old
Jihaad, who have fought against the Russians tactfully. After
expelling Russia from Afghanistan, these sincere people
returned to their studies but the selfish rulers of Afghanistan
forced them once more to undergo the Jihaad.

                        Taliban's Goal!

“Every human has a goal and objective in his life. The Taliban
have chosen their goal, the implementation of Sharee„ah and the
Afghan public have accepted Islam as their religion.” This was
expressed by the Governor of Nangarhar Maulvi `Abdul Kabeer
on the occasion of „Eid-ul-Adha, addressing a gathering. He
further said, “When Russia tried to force its system upon the
Afghan public, it failed. In fact they had to face a humiliating
defeat. The people chose the path of bravery and made Jihaad
their aim in life”. He said, “Our opposition should remember the
defeat of their elders but it seems that they haven't learned their
  The dynamic address of Mulla Ameer Khan Muttaqi
(Recently in Quetta there was a magnificent public gathering.
Among the speakers was Afghan Minister of Information Mulla
                    Ameer khan Muttaqi.)

Today the enemies of Islam are spreading the propagation
against the Taliban, that they are violating human rights. My
assertion is that from Kabul is emanating the scent of Sharee`ah,
contrary to the days of yore when the foul smell of blood and
gunpowder used to come from Kabul. The news from Kabul
used to be that a Muslim girl had jumped from the sixth floor to
put an end to her miserable life. Today from the same city news
of the blessing of Islam, of the sanctity of human life are being
broadcast. Today can be heard the voice of unity and
cooperation from Kabul. I congratulate you on this magnificent

In the past the Afghan people were being murdered by the
Russians, today AlhumdulilLah Moscow is shaking with terror
of the Taliban; in the past the Afghan people were tyrannised,
today the tyrants wherever they are, are scared of the Afghan
people. This is due to our strength, due to the blessings of the
blood of the Shuhada. This too is because of the blessings of the
unity and selflessness of the `Ulema-e-keram. It is the living
history of the Afghan people that they do not tolerate being
ruled by the Kuffar. Therefore after the cruelty, savagery,
ferocity of the Russian occupation Afghanistan is once again a
land dominated by Islam. Afghanistan is a land of distinction,
the only land in the world where Islam has been implemented in
its purest form.

I would like to recount an incident of the past, of the days when
Rabbani used to call himself the president of the country. In
Kabul, Pul Muhammad Khan the so called Mujahideen stole a
welfare organisation's car. The head of the organisation
requested Rabbani for the recovery of the car. Rabbani answered
that I am not responsible for it. The people of Pul Muhammad
are guilty of the theft, you should go and ask them for your car!
The one who does not have any power, any jurisdiction over the
people of Pul Muhammad Khan what kind of president is he?
Today AlhumdulilLah a tiny letter of the Ameer-ul-M`umineen,
an inch long only, if sent from Kandhar is respected and revered
by every person form Turkham to Ghowrband, from Ghowrband
to Turghandi. Today people object that the Taliban have
admittedly restored peace and order but what about the
economic condition of the country? How will the problems of
the Afghan people be solved? I will tell you. In the past the
fruits and dry fruits of Afghanistan used to rot on the trees. One
province used to sell its fruit to the nearby province only. There
was no inter-trade between all the provinces. The price of the
yield of a single orchard used to be fifty-thousand only, whereas
the same orchard is four-hundred-thousand today. Now decide
for yourselves. Have the economic conditions become better or
not under the Taliban rule?

In the past the Afghan airline Ariana was only for the personal
use of Rabbani. Today AlhumdulilLah the airline is serving the
people of the country. It is transporting goods, it is being used
for Hajj pilgrims. So who has served the people, Rabbani or the
Taliban? There are many well-organised governments in the
world, ask them whose Hajj pilgrims were the most happy and
satisfied? Did the Hajj pilgrims belonging to Afghanistan return
home safe and sound or those belonging to India? The Hajj
pilgrims of the Taliban government arrive safely or did those of
Iran? Which steps for the betterment of the people have the
Taliban not taken? In the Rabbani era one single newspaper was
published from Kabul in fifteen or twenty and with difficulty at
that. Rabbani used to extort millions of rupees from the people
on that pretext. Now the Taliban have started from scratch work
on the ministries of information and broadcasting. They have
restarted the seventy-year-old newspaper 'Tuloo-e-Afghanistan'
from Kandhar. Newspapers are now being published from
Neemrowz and Ghazni; radio stations have been set up in
Ghazni, Neemrowz, Kandhar, Herat and farah. The main radio
station in Kabul was reconstructed and renovated on modern
lines. Now its services can be heard even in Delhi. So whose is
the better government, the Taliban's or that of Rabbani?

In the times of Rabbani and Mas`ood there was no
communication system between one province and another. Now
all the provinces are in constant contact with each other. I am
asking you is the Taliban government better than the Rabbani
government or not? Under Taliban rule there is peace and
security everywhere whereas in the Rabbani era women and
children were afraid to venture out of their homes even in broad
daylight. There was no education; not a single university was
open in any city whereas today AlhumdulilLah universities are
functioning in Kabul, Jalalabad, Kandhar and Herat. Even then
the people say that the Taliban are against education!!

Q. What do the ‘Ulama of Deen & Sharee'ah say about the
Islamic Movement of Taliban which started in Qandhar,
Afghanistan & quickly spread over the whole country? It
claims to be an Islamic Revolution. What say the ‘Ulama
about joining this Movement & giving monetary aid? If
someone joins it & is killed in the battle will he be a Shaheed?
Can a person join it even without the permission of his
parents? Some people call the people behind the Movement as

Please answer and oblige. Al-Mustafti, Sher Ali Participant,
Dawrah Hadeeth Jamia Islamia Imdadia Faisal Abad,
Pakistan 7, Jamadi-Thaani, 1416 H.

With the name of the Inspirer of All Truth.

A. The Taliban Movement has come into existence to put an
end to chaos, cruelty, murder, destruction, plundering &
robbing, adultery, wickedness, all things evil & its aim is the
implementation of the Laws of Islam. On the hands of the
Ameer of the Movement virtuous people from all the
Provinces of Afghanistan have offered a Shara‘ee Bai‘at.
Some weeks ago, in a special gathering, one thousand five
hundred ‘Ulama offered Bai‘at on the hands of the Ameer-
ul-Mu‘mineen. Thus the Ameer-ul-Mu‘mineen is the
Shara‘ee Ameer (leader) & under his aegis the war which is
being waged for the eradication of tyranny, adultery,
wickedness & for the implementation of Sharee`ah is
undoubtedly Shara‘ee Jihaad. In fact it is more important
and holy than all the other Jihaad going on in the world
today. For, as a result of this Jihaad, Islam is being promptly
implemented & the Kalima of Allah is being exalted. In the
areas under the Taliban Government every kind of
wickedness and immorality, cruelty, murder, robbery, songs
& music, TV, VCR, satellite dish, immodesty (be-purdagi),
travelling without a mehrum, shaving-off or trimming the
beard, pictures & photographs, interest, have all been totally
banned. Islam reigns supreme. As Shara‘ee Bai‘at has been
taken on the hands of the Leader of the Movement & he
holds absolute power of implementation too, so anyone who
opposes him will be called a rebel according to Sharee'ah. It
would then be a fardh to execute him. Whomsoever is called
for Jihaad by the Ameer it would also be a fardh upon him
to obey. But if his parents are old and sick & there is no one
else to look after them, then it would be a fardh upon him to
look after them only. And Allah Ta‘ala knows best.

  Written by: Muhammad Moosa Darul Ifta-e-Wal Irshad 7th
                    Moharram 1417.

   Certified by: Mufti-e-Azam Hazrat Mufti Rasheed Ahmad
                        Ludhyanvi Sahib
The Translation of the thought provoking speech by DOCTOR
MUFTI NIZAMUDIN SHAMZAI at the seminar organized by
         Daily Jang Newspaper 0n 9 October, 1996

Dear and respected brothers.

The objective of this gathering organized by the Daily Jang
newspaper is to acknowledge the implications of the Taliban
entering Kabul. As a result of this entry the general public at
large is enquirng about the Taliban's policies on, education,
economics, peace and security, and international diplomacy.

The very first point I would like to raise is that the Taliban are
purely the students, teachers and the scholars from Afghanistan's
religious institutions who participated in the Jihad of
Afghanistan from its beginning. However, at the time they were
divided into different groups. Some belonged to Hikmatyar's
group, some belonged to Sayyaf's group. some belonged to Nabi
Muhammadi's group. some belonged to Younus Khalis' group
and some belonged to Gilani's group. As you very well know
Afghanistan is a tribalistic state. where each tribe has a very
strong relationship with its religious scholar. When the forces of
the U.S.S.R invaded Afghanistan the religious scholars gave a
unanimous fatwa (religious verdict) that it was obligator upon
the scholars and the general public of Afghanistan to fight
against the invading enemy. As a result of this fatwa the
religious scholars. students and their religious companions
participated in Jihad (holy war) for 16 years. Consequently
approximately 1.6 million people became Shaheed (martyred in
the cause of Allah Ta'ala) including women and children. As a
result of this great sacrifice by the Afghani nation the U.S.S.R
realized its mistake and rapidly retreated from Afghanistan.
Irrespective of the fact whether U.S.S.R leaders acknowledged
their mistake publicly . however. in relative the end of U.S.S.R
was the evidence of their great mistake. Although at present it
exists as different countries the old super power by the name of
U.S.S.R does not exist on the face of the earth.

When the U.S.S.R forces retreated from Afghanistan the
religious scholars. students. and their religious companions who
fought solely for the pleasure of Allah Ta'ala believed their
objective was fulfilled and returned to their religious
institutions. However. the political leaders: Burhanuddin
Rabbani: Hikmatyar: Yunus Khalis: and Sayyaf met for
negotiations. but could not come to any peaceful solution. As
you may be aware Pakistan also made attempts for
reconciliation. but it was all to no avail. The political leaders
themselves met on several occasions with positive results
Unfortunately after the meetings their thoughts suddenly
changed as each individual leader envisaged the potential power
in possessing the control over Kabul. The situation deteriorated
to such an extent that the Saudi government intervened and gave
a formal invitation to all the political leaders in an attempt to
create a reconciliation. The cantering of the sacred house of
Allah within the blessed Ka‟aba. something ever Muslim desires
to achieve at least once in his life time was also provided for all
the political leaders by the Saudi government. Unfortunately. the
ink on the agreement document had not dried when the political
leaders recommenced the civil war in Afghanistan. In the midst
of this brutal warfare for the sole control over Kabul thousands
of Afghani Muslims became Shaheed. The fighting did not
achieve anything for the political leaders. Many Afghani
Muslims gave their lives to gain the sole pleasure of Allah
Ta'ala. however their objective of implementing the Islamic
Justice system was not achieved. Peace and security was to be
found nowhere in the whole of Afghanistan. You will be
surprised to hear that you can personally visit Afghanistan and
enquire from any stranger about the Conditions of peace and
security during this period. When one traveled from Jalalabad
towards Kabul. after Sairobi or near Sairobi you would Come
across a few Commandos belonging to Hikmatyar. One was
named Zardad once was named Kalam and once as named
Chaman Each one of these had their own kingdom They had
check posts on the roads and routes All small vehicles were
charged at least one million Afghani rupees or at times too
million and travelers were also robbed of their valuables Once
driver gave a sworn statement about an occasion when he was
traveling with a woman who was Scaring a golden ring The
officers at the check point wanted the ring However after facing
difficulties removing the ring from the finger the grants
amputated the finger from the Roman s hand Correspondingly if
the followers of Ahmad Shah Masood known as Panjsheris were
to put their hands on any vehicle in Kabul then no one possessed
the courage to enquire about the return of the vehicle if they put
their hands on any property then that property became their
belonging if they put their hands on anyone's daughter then the
parents were left helpless This as the state of Afghanistan from
the prospective of peace and security From an Islamic
prospective I can personally guarantee that the area governed by
Burhanuddin Rabbani did not implement one single command
of Allah Ta'ala This also applies to the area's governed by
Hikmatyar and the remaining political factions Today Europe is
also acknowledging the fact that the Taliban are sincere about
their objectives After entering a locality their first
announcement is that Allah Ta'ala's Islamic justice system is
now implemented The second stage is that all those weapons
normally used for terrorism murder theft robbery and other
criminal acts which ended peace and security were confiscated
by the Taliban. My eyes can personally bare witness to the
consequences of these actions The governor appointed by
Taliban for each area personally spends all night patrolling and
keeping guard The significance of this act is that if any offence
is committed then he personally will have to forward the
offender to the central Taliban authorities if for example he is
unable to present the offender then the governor himself w ill
take the punishment for the offense committed. The state of
peace and security in Taliban controlled area is such that today
neutral media bares Witness to the fact that crime in those areas
does not exist at all. The standard of peace and scour it is at such
a level that you will find it difficult to comprehend. Currently
accusations arc being propagated about the sources of Taliban's
military weapons. I would like to clarify that their military w
capons came from the same sources as those of Hikmatyar's.
Burhanuddin Rabbani's. Younus Khalis‟s. Sayyaf „s and Nabi
Muhammadi's. When these political leaders possessed the
military weapons the propagandist did not enquire about the
sources. However when the Islamic government possess military
weapons in the form of war booty the objections are excessively

In addition to this I would like to clarify about the questions
raised about Taliban's supporters and allies. I would like to
recite verses from the Holy Quran:

"O you who believe! Whoever from among you turns back
from his religion (Islam), Allah will bring a people whom He
will love and they }sill love Him; humble towards believers,
stern towards the disbelieves, Fighting in the Way of Allah,
and never afraid of the blame of blamers. That is the Grace
of Allah which He bestows on whom He wills. And Allah is
All-Sufficient for His creatures' needs, All-Knower." (5:54)

"of Allah helps you, none can overcome you; and if He
forsakes you, who is there after Him that can help you? And
in Allah (alone) let believers put their trust" (3:160)

Their protector and helper is Allah Ta'ala they arc also
supported by the Muslim Ummah. Pakistani Muslims religious
scholars and students. Some people claim that America is
facilitating the Taliban . I would like to ask if the same America
that is harassing religious and pious Muslims around the world.
by labeling them as Islamic fundamentalists. would support a
fundamentalist government in Afghanistan that is adamant on
following even single command oAllah Ta'ala'? Would America
facilitate such a government'? What American objectives are
being fulfilled there'! it has been said that the ISI (Pakistani
secret service) and the internal affairs minister of Pakistan are
assisting the Taliban. 1 would like to save that if indeed the
Pakistani forces have become very pious and religious that they
are assisting their neighbors in implementing Islamic Shariah
then who is preventing the same Pakistani forces implementing
Islamic Shariah in their own country. Why are they living under
a non Islamic and unjust system'? These criticisms labeled
against the Taliban arc such that if any human being was to use
their common sense the criticisms would clearly appear

In addition to this Taliban are also being criticized of
suspending the women of Afghanistan from duties, who
represent approximately fifty to sixty per cent of the population.
These are completely false and fabricated accusations being
propagated against the Taliban. Until present day no Taliban
representative has hinted at this policy. However. they have
certainly said that they would give the women the nights that
Allah Ta'ala and his messenger Muhammad Al-Mustafa (peace
be upon him) have given them. 1 would like to say that the
rights that Allah Ta'ala and his final Messenger have given to
women the followers of western culture can not contemplate.
What nights can the west or western systems offer'?

People have also expressed that the Taliban arc against the
education for women. This is completely false because they are
not against education. However. you must know that the Taliban
are a revolutionary government u ho has brought dear principles.
As long as the! cannot provide an educational syllabus based on
their principles neither male's nor female‟s Bill receive any form
of education. When they have prepared their syllabus then both
sexes will receive education

Whenever a revolution takes plane a person can perceive events
according to his personal viewpoints and from different angles.
For example when the revolution in Iran took place the
educational establishments remained closed for many years.
They remained closed until the Iranian revolutionaries formally
established an educational syllabus conforming to their own
principles. May1 also say that one of the many reasons of why
we are facing difficulties and hardships in Pakistan is that
although we are Pakistani's and Muslims. we have not yet
established an educational system based on our own principles.
Today we arc witnessing its repercussions that our universities
and colleges are providing us with students who know little
English and are not adequately educated. If there are any learned
people in this country it is because they have received their
education in the West. What benefits have you derived from this
Pakistani educational system'?

People have also enquired about the type of system the Taliban
Bill implement. The answer to this question is that they Bill
implement a pure Islamic system. A system that guarantees
rights for all the Children. adults. elderly. and the widows. As a
matter of fact they have already announced that all those women
who in the past due to their circumstances acre required to work
for their livelihood. have been told on a temporarily basis to stay
at home. However. during this temporary period they will be
provided with benefits from the Taliban authorities. The Taliban
arc well acquainted with the requirements of the society they
live in. We may think that the Taliban are not well acquainted
with the modern ways of thinking in the light of modern
education or the Current requirements. When you meet the
Taliban you will acknowledge that as Allah Ta'ala facilitated
them on the battle field. you may be surprised to know! the
Almighty has also facilitated them with immense wisdom and
knowledge. You will be pleasantly amazed after a conversation
with the Taliban.

The point I want to get across is that the situation in Afghanistan
was demanding a revolution. The last government leaders did
not the fulfill the objectives of the Jihad and did a great injustice
to the blood of 1.6 million people who became Shaheed.

People have also enquired about the validity of the killing of
NaJeeb-Ullah without a trial. It could possibly be that you might
disagree However. who was NaJeeb-Ullah? Najeeb-Ullah was
the leader of Khaad (Afghani Communist secret service) during
the government of Noor Muhammad Tarakae. After this. he was
also the leader of Khaad during the governments of Hafeez-
Ullah Ameen and Babrak Karmal. Later. he personally led the
government of Afghanistan. You may be surprised to hear that
approximately ten thousand eminent religious scholars of
Afghanistan completely disappeared. Today there is no sign
about what happened to them. This was the work of Khaad.
Apart from the battlefield many people were killed in Jails. This
was also the doing of Khaad. NaJeeb-Ullah's crimes were
committed openly and as a result the religious scholars gave
fatwa's (religious verdicts) against Najeeb Ullah openly in
public. Whether you accept it or not. the Islamic law declares
that if the crimes are committed openly and arc famous then
there is no need for a trial. I will provide some religious proof
for this. For example. it is stated in Sahih-Al-Bukhari that Ka'ab
bin Ashraf. a Jew . who was famous for committing crimes in
open. He was also wall known for his poetry against the honour
of Muslim women. He also posed a great threat for the Muslims
and because his crimes were famous and committed in open. the
holy Prophet (peace be upon him) announced who will kill
Ka'ab bin Ashraf '?". One companion of the Prophet (may peace
be upon him) asked for permission and killed Ka'ab bin Ashraf.
In addition to this at the time of the conquest of Makka every
resident of Makkah was pardoned except one person by the
name of Ibne-Khattal. Regarding him the holy Prophet (may
peace be upon him) declared that he should be instantly killed
even if he has wrapped himself with the cover of the holy
Ka'aba. There was no requirement for any trial at these
occasions because the crimes were famous and committed in the

Do you not know about what happened to Ali Abbaas Hawaida
and other great leaders during the Iranian revolution. Did the
Iranian revolutionaries provide fair trials in the darkness of the
night'! Why is it that no-one enquired about the need for fair
trials during the Iranian revolution'? in reality the truth is that in
Afghanistan an Islamic government has been established. Those
who oppose Islam cannot directly attack Islam within a Muslim
community. However, they use other means, for example at
times they use the occasions such an Najeeb-Ullah's death
without a trial to attack Islam. There is plenty more to say.
however due to constraints on time I must finish. May Allah
Ta'ala give us the ability to understand.

Translator s note:- we have attempted this translation to the best
of our ability. However, we acknowledge that we has not done
justice to Mufti Saheb's speech.
         Taliban working to redevelop Afghanistan

The Taliban Government, where on one hand, is working for the
implementation of Islam, de-arming the people to restore peace
and practically executing Hudood-o-Qisas and Pa`zirat (Shara'ee
punishment) to wipe out vice and evil from the society, is also,
on the other hand practising the golden principles of Islam to
give fillip to the country's economy and to place it on strong and
solid foundations. Several steps have been taken to ensure the
achievement of these aims. Ministers are working Fi-Sabeelillah
without pay; and are not using government resources for private
use; curtailing expenses, refraining from indulgence in
squandering and extravagance, are all steps taken in this
direction. Likewise, from time to time, suitable measures are
also announced to improve agriculture, to reorganise and revive
unproductive industrial units and to give vast concessions to
businessmen for the promotion of trade activities. Our special
correspondent has prepared a special report based on news
received from Afghanistan about the measures taken by the
government in this regard. Member of the Supreme Shura,
Maulvi Saif-ud-deen Farooqi, was paid a visit by a delegation of
Afghan businessmen last week. This meeting was prearranged
and its purpose was to boost trade and industry. At the end of
the meeting, the formation of a Shura was announced which
would work for improving and modernising agriculture, for the
revival of industrial activities and enforcement of the measures
taken to facilitate the businessmen for the promotion of trade
activities. On this occasion, a message from the Ameer-ul-
Mu,mineen was read out in which the Ameer had urged the
Afghan Businessmen and traders to work with the government
in reconstructing the war-ravaged country. He said that eighteen
years of war had ruined the economy, therefore the world-
businessmen, in general, and the Afghan businessmen in
particular, should invest in Afghanistan. He further added that
the first priority for Afghan businessmen should be the regular
supply of foodstuffs. In the meeting, Haji Shah Wali, the
president of the trade union told the Minister about the
difficulties and hurdles faced by the Afghan businessmen.
Similarly, a group of businessmen from Herat, met with the
Finance Minister, Maulvi Ehsan-ullah Ehsan and told him about
their troubles. The Finance Minister, while assuring them of his
full cooperation, stressed on them to make full use of the
cooperation of the government, because strengthening of
Taliban will be the strengthening of such a system will
guarantee the betterment of people belonging to different walks
of life. The report also mentions the meeting of Afghan
businessmen with the Interior Minister, Mulla Khairullah
Khairkhwah. The Minister stressed on the need of concrete
measures to overcome ill-plaguing the economy. Dha'rb-e-
Mu,min also printed the statement of the Afghan Ambassador,
Mufti Ma`soom Afghani, in its Urdu issue, in which the
ambassador has urged the Pakistani businessmen and business
community to invest in Afghanistan instead of Central Asian
Republics (CIRs) and the opening of the Tarkhum border is also
a step in this direction. According to our correspondent, the
steps taken by the Taliban Government for the economic reform
will have its beneficial effects on the people and trading
communities of Afghanistan and Pakistan. (Karachi).
                      The Lions Of Allah

Radio Sada-e-Sharee`ah The Lions of Allah countered the
onslaught of tanks, warplane, cannons, missiles and bombs with
swords, axes, T.T pistols and managed to annihilate an enemy
which was many times stronger than them. Allah Ta`ala
bestowed victory upon them in accordance with his promise:

"O you who believe! If you help (in the cause of) Allah, He
will help you, and make your foothold firm." (Al-Quraan,

Due to the blessings of Jihaad the states suffering from the
tyrannies of Russia, breathed a sigh of freedom too. The whole
Muslim Ummah in indebted to the Taliban for having cleansed
the pious land of Kabul, which was the host to many a Sahabah-
e-Keraam in the past, implemented a hundred percent pure Islam
in it. Kabul has been mentioned twice in 'Abu Dawood Sharif'.
About Afghanistan Hadhrat Hassan Basri Rahmattullahu-alayh
said that within a period of 5 years I met 500 Sahabah-e-Keraam
in Afghanistan. Before the visit of Hadhrat Hassan Basri
Rahmattullahu-alayh no one knows how many Sahabah-e-
Keraam came to Afghanistan. The pious blood of the
companions of the Holy Prophet Sallallahu-alayhi wasallam is
running in the veins of the Afghan people, so how could they
tolerate the presence of the Kuffar on their holy land? Thus they
banished the Kuffar and their laws from their country forever.
The Taliban by putting an end to civil war, nepotism and all
kinds of Munkiraat, have created a state reminiscent of our
forefathers. Due to Taliban, lives and property of the people are
now safe. Prior to their coming, banks were robbed in broad
daylight. Under the rule of Taliban no one can even dare to
glance at a car loaded with gold, left abandoned by the roadside
for a whole month. Taliban are the guards and protectors of not
only Afghanistan but of Islam too. For their help Allah Ta`ala
has opened the mouths of hidden treasures for them. Among
them are marble, petrol, copper and iron, the mines of which
have been lately discovered. It is Fardh upon every Muslim to
strengthen this movement. Taliban's justice, abstinence and self-
restraint have earned praise from even their enemies, so if the
Muslims of the world do not render support for the Taliban now,
it is feared that Allah Ta`ala's wrath will descend upon them, the
aftermath of which will last for centuries. Donning the guise of a
beautiful person Islam went to Hikmatyar and said to him,
"Protect me, save me." "I cannot protect my own-self, how can I
possibly protect you?" Answered Hikmatyar. Islam went to
Rabbani and asked to be protected, but he turned his face away.
Islam then went to Taliban and sought their protection. "The
reason for our existence is to guard and protect you. We will
willingly lay down our lives for you." Answered Taliban. "Then
because of me Allah Ta`ala shall raise you to the stars." Islam
said. The Taliban fulfilled their promise they had made to Islam
and as a result Allah Ta`ala raised them to unparalleled heights.
Allah Ta`ala blessed them with the wealth of stability and
perseverance. Kabul.

                   Faith in the Taliban
Sheikh-ul-Hadith Hadhrat Maulana Muhammad Moosa Rohani
                    Bazi's declaration of

The present Taliban Movement is certainly an Islamic
movement and its struggle an auspicious Jihaad. This struggle,
this war is in the category of Islamic Ghazwaat (Expeditions of
Jihaad). Thus, according to Sharee`ah the moral, economic,
material, financial aid and assistance of these Mujahideen is a
religious obligation, a Fardh upon every Muslim. It is
compulsory upon all Islamic countries, upon each and every
Muslim to assist these Taliban by hand by feet, by word by
deed. Every Muslim should contribute as much as possible to
this blessed Jihaad. At the very least the Muslims can implore
Allah Ta`ala fervently to grant success to these Ghazwaat-e-
Islam, to these Mujahideen-e-Islam. Every Muslim should offer
Du'a for them at auspicious times. The people who gave up their
lives in this Jihaad attained the glorious state of Shahadah; the
people who took their lives thus became rebels and Mulhideen
in the eyes of Islam. It is therefore a Fardh to kill these enemies
of the Shuhada. The Jihaad has revived the memories of the
glorious past of the Muslims. The Jihaad of the Taliban in
Afghanistan is an exemplary Jihaad in the history of Islam due
to many reasons.

The First Reason: This Jihaad is being carried on for he
implementation of the holy system of Islam. Observation and
experience, continuous reports and news have proven without
doubt that this Jihaad of the Taliban is only for the enforcement
of Islamic rites and customs, for execution of the Divine orders
of Allah Ta`ala, for the implementation of Hudood-e-Sharee`ah
(Punishments of Sharee`ah). This movement and Jihaad of the
Taliban is completely free of all desire for worldly power and
fame, apparent pomp and glory, free of the greed for rank and
high positions.

The Second Reason: The Jihaad is an ideal Jihaad because
thousands of `Ulema-e-Kiraam have bestowed upon the Ameer
of this Jihaad the exalted title of Ameer-ul-M'umineen. This is
an extremely auspicious title, one of the religious relics of our
holy ancestors. It is to be fully hoped that as an augury, and
because of its being an emulation of the Salf-Sualiheen (pious
predecessors) it will prove to be extremely beneficial and
blessed. The title's worldly and religious advantages and
blessings will become apparent. The choice and revival of this
title has restored to life our relation with the Holy Prophet.
Walil-lahil-Hamd. There is a Hadeeth: "The person who revives
any of my Sunnah in times of dissension and strife, he will be
given the reward of a hundred Shuhada." (Translation of
Hadeeth) The word 'Sunnati' in this Hadeeth includes the
Sunnah of the Khulafa too. For, another Hadeeth says: "It is
compulsory upon you to follow my Sunnah and that of my
Khulafa-e-Rashideen, the truly guided ones." (Translation of
Hadeeth) The title Ameer-ul-M'umineen is a Sunnah of the
Khulafa-e-Rashideen. For a very long time now the Muslims
had been deprived of the presence of an Ameer-ul-M'umineen. It
is a blessing of the present Jihaad that Allah Ta`ala has
bestowed upon the Muslims an Ameer-ul-M'umineen. Walil-
lahil-Hamd. The present Ameer-ul-M'umineen is the Shara`ee
Ameer as thousands of `Ulema have performed Shara`ee Bai`at
upon his hand, and have chosen him as their leader. Therefore it
is a Fardh upon every Muslim to obey his order unhesitatingly.
It is a heinous sin, a Gunah to refuse obeying any of his
legitimate commands.

The third reason: Due to the implementation of Islamic laws
and Hudood in Afghanistan, and due to the observation of their
success and blessings all the doubts and rumours pertaining to
the infeasibility of implementing Islamic laws, orders and
Hudood have been squashed completely. It has now become as
clear as daylight that only the Islamic laws, Shara`ee Hudood
and penalties can guarantee in the world - peace, prosperity,
safety, contentment, happiness and progress. The establishment
of peace in Afghanistan due to the blessing of the
implementation of Islam has astonished not only the Kuffar but
those weak-in-faith Muslims too who were in doubt as to the
advantages of enforcing Islamic laws and Hudood.

The fourth reason: Due to the long-continued war Afghanistan
had become a breeding ground of evils, Munkiraat, wickedness
and adultery, obscenity, cruelty and oppression, murder and
destruction, lawlessness and tyranny. All these evils were wiped
out by the Jihaad of the Talaba. Walil-lahil-Hamd.
The fifth reason: Due to the blessing of the Jihaad of the
Mujahideen Talaba women were ordered to observe Purdah
according to Sharee`ah and the men were bound to keep beards.
Sharee`ah Courts were set up everywhere. These things had
become rare and extinct for centuries. And except in
Afghanistan such example cannot be seen anywhere in any
country of the world. This accomplishment of the Talaba is
unique, one of its kind.

The sixth reason: The Movement was begun by just a handful
of courageous, religious Talaba of Deeni Madaaris (religious
universities). Allah Ta`ala blessed their pure intentions and
sincerity by giving them the command of a major part of
Afghanistan. In this regard too this movement is unique in the
world of Islam. In the history of Islam we are not aware of such
a movement which was begun by the courage and sacrifices of a
few Talaba and resulted in such exceptional success.

The seventh reason: Furthermore this Taliban movement is
unique and exceptional in this respect too that all its leaders are
`Ulema-e-Islam and the Talaba of Deeni Madaaris. After the
Khualafa-e-Rashideen such an example cannot be found in the
entire history of Islam.

May Allah Ta`ala accept their efforts, and may He guide and
protect them. Ameen!

       Purdah, the law of Taliban or the law of Allah?
Kandhar: Enemies of Islam through ... 'Rights of Women' want
to incite women-students against Taliban. Thirty-thousand
home-confined women being given salaries by us, say Taliban.
purdah not the injunction of Taliban but order of Allah.
Objection against it is point-blank Kufr (Minister of Finance). In
Kabul Taliban are giving monthly salaries to 30,000 job-free
women sitting at home. These are the women who were
associated with the anti-Islam mixed system of the Communist
and Rabbani era. They had been appointed in offices, colleges
and other institutions by the so-called Islamic Government of
Rabbani, and were working side by side with men without the
Sharee`ah-prescribed purdah (veil). This was disclosed by
Maulvi Ehsan-ullah Ehsan, Minister of Finance and Member of
Supreme Shura. He was giving an interview to the
Correspondent of Zarb-e-Mu`min at his Headquarters in
Kandhar. The representative of Taliban said that the Taliban's
act of giving monthly salaries to 30,000 job-free women, now
sitting comfortably at home, is a whiplash in the face of those
who are defaming Taliban with reference to the rights of
women. These people through baseless propaganda are trying to
incite the women of Kabul against Taliban. The Minister
claimed that the largest and most developed country in the world
has never helped women in such a way; has never on
humanitarian grounds only given salaries to such a vast number
of women who are not employed in any office or department but
are sitting at home. In answer to a question the Member of
Taliban Shura said that the question of women's rights in Kabul
has exposed the UNO, Amnesty International and other
international organisations for what they are. The world should
now know that the UNO and all the other foreign welfare
organisations in the name of women's rights are but destroying
the society, the culture of the Muslims. Under the veil of 'rights'
they want to take away their purdah, their veil, and thus
dishonour the Muslim women. Their intention is to destroy
completely all Islamic values. Maulvi Ehsan-ullah Ehsan
warned the women, and specially the female students of Kabul
to beware of the evil and dangerous intentions of the Christians
and Jews. He sad that as a matter of fact the enemies of Islam by
planting the seed of hatred in the hearts of brothers and sisters,
i.e. the Talibaat and the Taliban wanted to alienate us from a
pious, pure Muslims Ma`ashirah

In The Name Of Allah The Most Beneficent The Most Merciful
         Why Women Should Stay in Their Houses
     Below is the result of feedback form Abu Sulaymaan:

Bismillaahi-r-Rahmaani-r-Raheem, wa-s-Salaatu wa-s-Salaamu
'alaa Sayyidinaa Muhammada-r-Rasoolullaahi wa alaa 'Aalihee
wa Ashaabihee Ajma'een. Wa-s-Salaamu 'Alaykum wa
Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuh.

Jazakumallahu Khayrun, brother Abu Mujahid and Dharb-e-
Mu'min, for supplying this source of truth and information about
the heroes of the Muslims, the Mujahideen. I have been reading
your web page for nearly 10 months now, and rely on the
articles and news for inspiration and fortification. In this Daar-
al-Kufr, with our Deen and our brothers being assaulted and
derided constantly, it is important that we have authentic news
from the lands of Jihad and Islam to remind us and encourage
us. May Allaah give victory to the Taliban, to the Muslims and
to the Mujahideen in every land, and may He keep them all
steadfast on Deen, and may He cause the Mujahideen of the
Taliban and the Mujahideen of Amir Usama bin Ladin and the
Mujahideen of Harakat al-Ansar to liberate the lands of the
Muslims from the grip of the Kuffaar and Munafiqeen. Ameen,
Ya Rabbi-l-'Aalameen!

Also, I would like to mention to the people that the Taliban have
not violated Qur'an at all by confining women to the home. The
Ayaat of Hijab state that the women should "STAY IN YOUR
HOUSES, and do not display yourselves like that of the times of
ignorance." (33:33), and to the believers, it is commanded "And
when you ask (his wives) for anything you want, ask them from
behind a screen." (33:53) Here is what the Mufasireen said
about these ayat:

In regard to 33:33:

Mujahid and Qatadah say that the word Tabarruj in this verse
means walking in a lewd way. Muqatil states that Tabarruj is
when a woman only covers her head with her head with her
scarf without covering her neck and chest. Mubarrad says that
Tabarruj is when a woman reveals her physical attractiveness
which she is required to hide. Lais states that Tabarruj is when a
woman does not hide the beauty of her face and her physical
shape and considers it good to reveal it. Abu Ubaidah
(radiallahu anhu) says Tabarruj is when a woman exhibits her
beauty and her body in a way as to cause sexual excitement in
men. Allamah Ibn Jauzi, after quoting the above statements,
writes: I believe that coming out of her house and roaming about
the streets in itself is sufficient to cause trouble, let alone
exhibiting her beauty and her body. (Ahkaamun-Nisa') This
Verse provides a clear argument that women are required to stay
in their homes and it is forbidden for them to leave their
homes...And all the ettiquettes in this Verse were taught to the
Wives of the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) to safeguard
their chastity. All Muslim women are required to follow these
Commandments. (Imam Abu Bakr Jassaas, Jassaas, vol. 5,p.
230) These are the etiquettes Allah taught the Wives of the
Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and since all the women of
the Muslim Ummah are required to follow their example, these
commandments are applicable to all Muslim women. (Tafsir
Ibne Kathir, Vol. 3, p. 483)

In regard to 33:53:

Muslims were forbidden from entering the houses of the Prophet
(sallallahu alayhi wasallam), as they used to enter each others
houses without permission in the days before Islam. Allah chose
modesty and honour for this Ummah and commanded them to
observe Hijab. Undoubtedly, this commandment is in respect
and honour of this Ummah. (Tafsir Ibne Kathir) Although the
three Commandments in this Verse (33:53), i.e., entering the
house of the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) after
permission, not engaging in idle talk after the meal, and
observing Hijab between men and the wives of the Prophet,
sallallahu alayhi wasallam, were revealed specifically for the
houses of the Prophet and his Wives, these are binding for all
Muslims as we are required to follow the guidance and tradition
of the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Unless, of course, if
Allah Himself specifies that a particular rule is meant only for
the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and the Ummah is not
subjected to it, which is not the case here. (Ibn 'Arabi, Ahkaam-
ul-Qur'aan, vol. 5, p. 342) This Verse provides the permission to
ask, from behind a screen (Hijab), the Wives of the Prophet
(sallallahu alayhi wasallam) for any necessary thing, including
any matters of religion. And, all Muslim women would be
bound by the same rule. Beside this Verse, other principles of
the Islamic doctrine also tell us that a woman, for her honour)
deserves to be hidden - her body as well as her voice. (Tafsir-ul-
Qurtubi, vol. 14 , p. 227)
These texts were taken from "Hijab" by Dr. Mohammed Ismail
Memon Madani, which is a very good English language book on
the subject.

After these Ayaat of Hijaab, women were carried on camels in a
covered Haudaj. They only went out if their faces and bodies
were fully covered with a Jalbaab. They were not required or
encouraged to participate in Jihaad unless completely necessary.
They were forbidden to travel without a Mahram. A man who
does not apply these rules on his family is a Dayyouth, and a
government that does not enforce these regulations is throwing
the Shari'ah behind its' back. That women must be covered and
protected are Islamic facts, and anyone who denies these facts
has left the Jama'ah of the Muslims.

Wa-s-Salaamu 'Alaykum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakatuh.

In The Name Of Allah The Most Beneficent The Most Merciful
          A letter from an Arab Muslim Woman

I pay homage from the core of my heart to those dauntless
fighters of Islam: - Who have taught me by their practice that to
sacrifice their lives in the cause of Allah is much easier and even
tastier than all the delicacies of the world, - Who have reminded
me of the valour and longing for Paradise of Sahabah-e-Kiraam
RadhialLahu Ta`ala `Anhum (whose stories we read in history
and forgot) by their over whelming sacrifices, - Who scribed
with their pure blood, their bravery and passion for raising high
the name of Allah, - Upon hearing their martyrdom, I wish if my
life were breathed into them and they would be alive once again;
for they are the true champions of Islam and their mothers and
sisters, once they are lost where from we would get like them?!
Last Wish I am hopeful to Allah, that my „Last Wish‟ will be
fulfilled for which I pray daily, that May Allah Ta`ala keep me
with you in higher grades of Paradise for the martyrs and the

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